This page serves as ideas brainstorming hub for Social Networking

What should be easily possible to do with SN in Tiki ?

  • Use Tiki to build a SN Community website
  • Use Tiki to connect with other SN websites and services
  • Job board
  • Dating site
  • Hospitality exchange
  • Car Pooling
  • Exchange market of offers and demands (objects, and knowledge; with no money): http://intercanvis.net
  • Connection between Tiki Forum and Social Network (Post new topics on wall with backlink, Inject owner comment/twetts into tiki forum)

Proposal for Social Network integration Workflow

  • Admin: Assign Social Network Permissions to Groups/Users.
  • Admin: Set site wide announcemnt preferences (eg. post new articles, post new forum topic @facebook only and comments @twitter.
  • Admin can restrict available Social Networks.

  • User: Can set/enter several Social Networking accounts from within MySocialNetworking->SocialNetworkAccountPrefs Tab.
  • User: Can define which submissions should be "autopromoted" via Social Networking from within MySocialNetworking->SocialNetworkChannels Tab.
  • When Submiting content, Portions can be marked as Social Network "Teaser". Alternetively something like some twitter msg. max. 140 chars {\twitter} could be used.
  • Additional summary/teaser field for eg. facebook & blog entries (or modified article header/wiki description) which may exceeds 140 chars.
  • Checkboxes/dropdown selector @ content submission form to define which Social networks should be used to promote/announce.
  • Shoutbox get an additional checkbox "shout to twitter too"
  • Shoutbox could also display the twitter reply for users-/site-twitter account.

What SN services should Tiki support (and how) ?

What do others have ?

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