PluginSwiper will be added to Tiki19 and is better than all the other plugins below

This is a comparison of the carousel and slider scripts available in Tiki trunk as of January 2016. From the developer standpoint, it might be good to consider if all of these should continue to be supported. This is especially because Anything Slider, Galleriffic and Infinite Carousel seem to no longer be in development. If their capabilities are matched by scripts still being actively developed and/or supported, it might be good to retire one or both of them.

Todo: Compare features, etc. to find redundancy and unique abilities.

Slider Bootstrap Carousel Anything Slider Infinite Carousel Galleriffic
Plugin List (wikiplugin_list)
Slider (wikiplugin_slider)
Carousel (wikiplugin_carousel)
Galleriffic (wikiplugin_galleriffic)
Author URL
Code repository
Development status Active. Support is active but latest code commit on February 18, 2014.
Issues being responded to (
Not active.
Latest commit: version 3.0.3 – January 24, 2013
Not active.
Latest commit: November 14, 2009%%%Code hosted at Google Code ("After January 2016 you will no longer be able to access source code from a version control client; however project data will still be available from the Google Code Archive.")
Pluses Works with List wiki plugin. Visual theme options
Interface options
Minuses No plugin help modal.
Sparse Tiki documentation.
Depends on Search, which adds a layer of complexity (for example, search set up and index rebuilding).
Doesn't work in a module zone.

After dev decisions about these scripts, this kind of comparison table or similar can be put on, if that would be useful to users and admins. For instance, somewhere in this page which already has information on the different alternatives for end users to produce slideshows within tiki: Slideshow