This is brainstorming for a potential new feature (likely a wiki plugin)

Use case:

  • User gets email with another system or in Tiki Webmail)
  • User wants to archive an email in Tiki where it can be shared in a wiki page or tracker, ideally in a way where it's possible to reply
    • Save it in *.eml format to Tiki File Gallery and display it via the wiki-plugin?
  • Needs to be searchable

Perhaps a new plugin (or tracker field type?) "ShowMail" which is similar to PluginCode but specialized in emails so

  • it deals with indentation of messages
    • indentation? you mean monospace text only formatting or HTML message format?
      • I mean different levels of replies but you bring a good point about HTML mail support. Can be messy
  • permits to respond to the mail
    • This should start your desktop email client
      • mailto: should be able to handle that - you can add ?subject=... not sure about the body of the message though
    • Later, this could reply in Tiki Webmail
      • +1
  • permits searching on specific fields (if this code can read the mail, it can distinguish subject from to, etc.)
  • we could make a new Email message mode for Code Mirror
  • it could parse text-only email syntax like *bold*, /italics/, smileys, and different levels of replies: >>

We can parse mails with *

What should the name of this feature be?

  • ShowMail?
    • +1
  • ViewMail?
  • ReadMail?

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