This should be re-done with the Screen Capture API

This is done in Tiki10 via the integration of jCapture in Tiki.

Copy-Pasting an image is an interesting idea. But then, we need a tool to resize and crop. The user may have no idea of the size of the image. Also they need to open in an image editor and browser and do CTRL-C.

It would be simpler for the end user that the tool actually captures the relevant part of the screen, very much like Screencast tools...

What we want

  • In edit mode (wiki edit, forum post, bug report, etc), we have a new toolbar icon "capture an image" Done
  • This launches the java applet (We have picked jCapture ) Done
    • The 1st time, it needs to be approved (default security prevents java applets from being able to see/capture you desktop)
  • It will be the same applet for both Screenshots and short videos (ScreenCasts), but with two modes, so the users picks the mode Done
  • User selects the part of the screen which will be captured Done
    • Ideally, this zone can scroll down for long pages
    • There should be a button for "all my desktop"
    • Perhaps also a way to single out a window or part of window
  • After the capture, the user can cancel (to do another one instead) or upload the screencapture Done
  • The screencapture is uploaded and now is an image in the Tiki File Gallery Done
  • The embed code is added to the current edit area Done
    • In wiki (done) or WYSIWYG syntax
      • In WYSIWYG, the user can resize right there
  • User saves the page
  • From here, there is an icon to launch Tiki Draw (SVG-edit) where user can:
    • Resize image
    • Annotate
    • Add arrows, etc.


  • The above workflow is a good for wiki pages, but not for 1-way forms like in trackers or forum posts. So we could (in a future step) figure out a way handle this.
  • Ideally, this applet would also permit: Copy-pasting of a file
  • Easier File Upload

Interesting idea


NanoGong is an applet that can be used by someone to record, playback and save their voice, in a web page.