NOTE: Roles (not necessarily as exactly described below but addressing the same use case) are being implemented in Tiki 21 as part of Addons Cleanup. See Roles for the new documentation.

An ever so often upcoming topic is how to extend Tiki's permission system form groups/category to roles/groups/category.

Here is an idea:

Currently we have

When I edit category permissions, I have the opportunity to copy the permission set of a group and simply paste it to another category, when I edit the category permissions of another category.

So copying a set of permissions work.

What I cannot do (currently), is to paste the very same set of permissions of the group which I copied from to another group.

The idea

The idea is, that I create a number of arbitrary groups as templates, which act as roles - let's call them "role templates".
Then I could create a category or use an arbitrary existing category to "store" those role templates, when I choose all the "role template" groups and apply the relevant permissions to those groups (to the "role templates") in that category.

So far so good - I can do that now.

But if I could here copy the set of permissions of each of them groups (for now one role template at a time) and then go to another browser tab where I open the permissions of another category and paste my copied set to another group there, then I would have given the group there the role permissions of the role template here.

A more detailed description of the idea

Any arbitrary category A acts as container for the role permissions.
I have created following groups:
And apply appropriate permissions for them groups in category A

I have a category B
And I have created the following groups:

How it is:

If I copy the permissions of the group UserRTPL from category A to category B, then the group UserRTPL will habe the same permissions in category A and B and the group UserB will have no permissions any each one of both categories.

How it shall be:

Given Devs added an option, maybe a tick box or what so ever, to optionally inject the set of permissions to another group:

I copy the permissions of the group UserRTPL from category A and go to category B.
There I inject the copied set of permissions to group UserB.

The effect:
1. Group UserRTPL (the role teplate) has still only permissions in category A, but none in category B
2. Groups UserB has no permissions in category A, but has in category B the exact same permissions as UserRTPL has in category A.
Thus I have given a group a set op role permissions based on a role template by simply copying the whole set from one category to another whilst defining the group that "get's the copy".

Depending on how deep to go into the code and how difficult changes might be, I can imagine that it could be possible to do some automatization to copy more than one at a time, for example to copy 5 sets of permissions of 5 role templates to 5 groups at a time.

Or it could maybe be possible to "teach" Tiki what a role template is and make it possible to apply the roles without the need to switch between categories.

Anyway having the opportunity to copy the set (as I can) and then inject to another group (as I cannot) would be a huge relieve in the context of permission management for any type of members areas or workspaces.