This page is for a new proposal: where to report bugs

These are regression bugs noticed while 8.x is stabilizing: It worked in 8.1 but is now broken in 8.2 or branches/8.x is a place to check Tiki 6.x

Date or revision number Reported by Description (ideally with a link to issue Regression from version number Status
39182 marclaporte anonymous should see history. 8.2 fixed in 8.4
SVN 2012-01-25 marclaporte wiki_comments_displayed_default is no longer respected 7?
SVN 2012-01-25 marclaporte links from tiki-list_comments.php to the comments don't work 7?
SVN 2012-01-25 marclaporte inline comments requires that comments be clicked before 7?
SVN 2012-01-25 marclaporte stray param for PluginTrackerList r39705 should add an default empty value for periodUnit on trunk, r39706 on branches/8.x and r39707 on branches/6.x
SVN 2012-01-25 marclaporte PluginTrackerList not filtering by open/pending/closed fixed for 8.4
SVN 2012-01-25 marclaporte Modifying a tracker doesn't affect the """"last modified by"""" field Still a problem in 9.x
SVN 2012-01-25 marclaporte on dev.t.o wish list: can't filter by category field such as "Feature"
SVN 2012-01-25 marclaporte Broken images on Watch Icon Could be related to data transfer?
SVN 2012-01-25 marclaporte tracker history is not working
SVN 2012-05-05 marclaporte PluginInclude no longer has a direct link to edit included page (which simulates section edit) This is also an issue in 6x proposals. Fixed in 9.x
SVN 2012-05-05 marclaporte "Plugin execution pending approval This plugin was recently added or modified. Until an editor of the site validates the parameters, execution will not be possible. You are allowed to"... preview doesn't work
SVN 2012-02-14 marclaporte PluginDraw is not creating link to newly created file works in latest 8.x
SVN 2012-03-01 marclaporte File is not an image.
SVN 2012-03-12 marclaporte doesn't redirect so pages aliases are not working There is a conflict with a page name containing "Forms" vs an alias "Forms"
SVN 2012-03-12 marclaporte Available templates: No records found works when you assign 128M RAM
SVN 2012-03-13 marclaporte "Carriage return inside field value" no longer possible to override carriage return in tracker export.
SVN 2012-03-16 geoff WYSIWYG tracker issue: Seems OK in Tiki9
SVN 2012-03-27 marclaporte broken as seen at
r41014 marclaporte IE9: can't click tabs when logged in

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