This page is to report regressions and bugs found in branches/10.x

To who find/report a bug:
1/ Test on your website, test on demo, test on different version (and log results).
2/ Give short BUT COMPLETE explanation about the problem. (keep the essential remove the rest) - (give way to reproduce).
3/ Retest regularly and for each test, confirm your input. Change date and improve explanation.
4/ Log any changes and mark as solved IF RESOLVED (pleassssseeeee).

To who is able/volonteer to fix:
1/ (Please) check from time to time the x.x page regression and bugs report.
2/ Choose in specific bugs within your skill and available time range (estimate).
3/ Be in touch with the person that reported so he can help/update/retest/mark as solved.
4/ If you need to ask another dev something do it (involving back to bug reporter is usually not working - make things worst).
5/ Be sure you comment the log report with step taken and bug fix completion (svn release, backporting, etc)

Regressions with risk of data loss or corruption

These must be resolved any Alpha release or dogfood upgrade

Regressions with security issues

Regressions which prevent the installation or upgrade

Regressions related to the installation or upgrade

General regressions

Not possible to import an exported tracker

Go to Trackers / Import from CSV
Paste the following

CSV raw data
itemId,status,created,lastModif,"the header field -- 1","the text field -- 2","numeric field -- 3","the text area field -- 4","static text -- 5",
1,o,1351363726,1351363726,"","the text","123","The text area","",

results in - Error: Invalid data provided

Note: I am importing the tracker back into the same Tiki installation as exported the tracker/CSV file. "Preserve tracker ID" is not checked.

  • Think you're in the wrong place there - that's for the tracker structure which is not CSV data. Looks like someone's changed the label, will fix. Import of data happens from the main tracker list and looks like this: Image (jb)

Yes, you are right. I was in the wrong place. The new title for the import is much better.
However, ..
Exported trunk tracker

Tracker import
itemId,status,created,lastModif,"Time -- 1","Messages -- 2",  
1,o,1355777366,1355777366,"1355777280","fra tiki trunk",

Imported in Tiki 10
2038-01-19 04:14 fra tiki trunk
The time is wrong.

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