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Tiki has historically been mostly an asynchronous collaborative tool, except for Live Support and Chat. Since Tiki5, for real-time collaboration, Tiki offers an integration with BigBlueButton (Audio/Video/Screensharing/WhiteBoard/Chat).

This page is to discuss options to make several features realtime:

Will be useful along with BigBlueButton collaborative sessions. Ideally for Tiki, it would be the same approach (ex.: library) for all four (and any future) features. And we could take this opportunity to revamp Live Support and Chat (which work OK but are not the most recent technology)



One possibility is to go the BigBlueButton route.

  • Already integrates with Tiki
  • it would be via Shared Notes which is part of Mconf


  • Add BigBlueButton as a requirement
  • Flash (HTML5 interface has replaced Flash.)
  • Likely less general interest than a JavaScript solution

Etherpad Lite

Another possibility is integrating with Etherpad Lite

Which uses NodeJS, more info at


  • Already active project


  • Adds Etherpad Lite as a requirement
  • Overlap with some of Tiki's wiki functionality
  • Will it be easy to port to Spreadsheet, Drawing and Docs?

A JavaScript library

Infinote & Jinfinote




Potential libraries and approaches

Projects similar to BigBlueButton


  • For realtime note taking (business, classroom,etc.)
  • For realtime brainstorming (business, classroom,etc.)
  • For realtime document revision (articles, minutes of meeting, protocols, etc.)
  • your ideas?


  • Marc Laporte
  • Régis Barondeau
  • you?


No set date, but as soon as possible. 2013-08 looked into WebRTC, still moving a bit too much for me - one of those "wait a few months and try again"

Features to be made realtime

Realtime Collaborative Wiki

This is to plan the addition of multiple concurrent editors to the wiki.

Realtime Collaborative Drawing

Same thing for the Draw feature, which is with SVG-edit

Realtime Collaborative Spreadsheet

This is to plan the addition of multiple concurrent editors to the spreadsheet, which is powered by (jQuery.sheet)

Realtime Collaborative Docs

Tiki bundles WebODF as Tiki Docs.

"pilot project to add real-time collaborative editing to WebODF":

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