This should all be revisited with

Bootstrap and moved to themes:print. See also Typography.

Here we focus on using a global print method for any Tiki object/page, instead of having tiki-print.php, tiki-print_article.php, tiki-print_blog_post.php

It is similar to tell a friend why is replacing individual files like send_blog_post.php

This doesn't cover improving multi-print or structure print.

  • This is a real pity, since we are not helping ourselves to produce an updated .odt or .pdf handbook out of the current (Xavi frown )
    • Marc's reply: 1- Single page print is much simpler, yet still not good enough. Walk first, run later. 2- This is not the same problem we are addressing 3- Someone is sponsoring single page print improvement. I look forward to a sponsor for multipage
    • Xavi's follow up: Ok, I understand, Marc, thanks for the info. I'm also looking for a sponsor for the broken multi print feature, even if no enhancements are done; I hope I'll find somebody that can make it at least work as before: bug2840)

But it does include taking a look at tiki-slideshow.php and tiki-slideshow2.php for low-hanging fruit.

To do



Multiprint of structures or page

Wishes from devel list:

  • Ability to specify language (for multilingual structures)
  • Ability to specify VERSION (when VERSION plugin is used within the structure)
  • The problem of too many pages taking too long probably there needs to be a way to create multiple pdf files per chapter or something like that



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