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Dynamic preferences is a new feature of Tiki4, part of the Workspace project which

  • Makes it possible to have a Perspective admin interface (where each preference can be overridden per perspective
  • Makes management of current admin panels (tiki-admin.php) easier.
    • With Search/filter


Code name: "lesser magic"

Started in lesser-magic branch and later added to trunk for release in Tiki 4.0 Work is started to migrate all the 1000+ preferences from the old system to the new and is, with a few exceptions, completed in Tiki5.

Magic didn't succeed. It was probably too ambitious because it was trying to make all preferences dynamic (that's good), but to also automagically generate all admin panels (very hard because of exceptions)

For Workspaces / Perspectives, we need a way to set preferences in a workspace which are different than the global. We also want a way to provide workspace admins to set some of the prefs. But of course, not all 1000+ prefs! Only the ones that are relevant (turn wiki on/off, change theme, etc.)

So we need a dynamic admin panel per workspace. What is configurable by the workspace admin should be defined in the profile

Normal admin panels (tiki-admin.php) will remain so UX can have full control of how things are positioned, and to hide/show features depending on another setting. However, for the settings that are defined, the html can be generated dynamically (like a Smarty plugin)


  • Should add SEO and merge in tiki-admin.php?page=sefurl and tiki-admin.php?page=metatags
  • OSM maps and GoogleMaps in tiki-admin.php?page=maps
  • A button to rebuild index (useful after an upgrade)
    • Now rebuilds when unified index is rebuilt?
  • Tiki8: test pref levels with current profiles
    • If a profiles uses a pref, it could mean that it should be a basic pref.
  • Make prefs names as part of the index too (like feature_wiki)
  • Make some prefs that can run profiles in the background or otherwise
    • later (tricky and potentially dangerous)
  • Prefs: option to force clear cache upon modif of this pref
  • adding levels to each pref "Basic" "Advanced" and adding a drop-down toggle Basic, Regular and "Advanced" for tiki-admin.php Done in Tiki8
    • All prefs to be evaluated and a good chunk should become advanced Done in Tiki8
    • tabs with no options ideally don't appear. (if hard to do, just leave it) done
    • if an option is not of the default value, it should be shown in basic view, even if it's advanced. Done in Tiki8
    • in search results while in basic mode, advanced prefs can appear but should stand out (somehow)
    • In the future, get community ratings to preferences from Connect
  • add new param for prefs: ex.: urladmin=tiki-admin_trackers.php so when a feature is activated, we can easily find how to admin/use done
  • "My changes" admin panel: Show me diff than default. From here, link to
  • If search results are filtered by tag, have a note to say so and a link (search again throughout all prefs)
  • Add a way that we can give custom feedback (ex.: "You activated forums, now click here to assign permissions to forums" or "You activated forums, now click here to create a forum.") This was tricky to do and this info can be useful not just after activating so we added contextual links in Tiki8.
  • Update this documentation to indicate all potential attributes of prefs (ex.: keywords is missing) See Create a new preference
  • Add a pref for demo mode
  • Admin panels: False feedback to the admin when activating or deactivating prefs (phantom prefs).
  • bookmark prefs in a "my admin panel"
  • A list of recently modified prefs (who-when-what view on syslogs) Done in quick admin module


  • no pref modifications should be leftover in tiki-admin_include_*.php files
  • Convert remaining data from lib/setup/prefs.php to lib/prefs/
  • Review all templates/admin/*.tpl files and make sure there aren't leftovers of the old system (as of 2010-08-20, there are some)