Perspective is very related with workspaces

What is a Perspective?

A perspective actually is what the word means: a particular way of considering/seeing something.

We should have a center method in tiki that allows to say : I search theses kind of objects, with these caracteristics, that I am allowed to see in the context I am in.

More Ideas

  • Categories are already doing this. I read that by changing the theme from one category to the next it is possible to create visually distinct "zones" in a TikiWiki site, for example. How to integrate categories in the organic workspaces?
  • A perspective should introduce organic tags. It's like the tagging system you can find in flickr when you want to upload some images, e.g, suppose you want to create a the Chemistry Workspace, you could categorize this by adding some related tags: "chemical, morning group, university, martin fletcher" So suppose you want to search the list of workspaces that has my university about chemistry but the teacher isn't martin fletcher. This feature can be done with categories, in which there is a major category which defines the workspace itself, and then other categories used primarily for tagging.
    • Why not using doc:Tags for tagging (web 2.0 approach) instead of categories for tagging (web 1.0 approach)? (Xavi)
  • Being able to set perspective & URL in one link: tiki-index.php?page=OuterPage&switchperspId=2 or tiki-switch_perspective.php?perspective=2&url=tiki-index.php?page=OuterPage (need to show LPH the use case to find alternate solution)
  • Yours here ;-)

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  • User management
  • Categories
  • Groups
  • More? ...
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