→ Jyhem: If certain groups of registered users should not have a permission, you should not give this permission to Registered.

  1. In tiki-admingroups.php?group=Registered&cookietab=3, it's possible to remove someone from Registered but not via tiki-adminusers.php bug or feature? Fixed for Tiki10
      • Jyhem: I believe removing someone from Registered wouldn't work. Registered is pretty much hard coded in a lot of places. As are Anonymous and Admins.
    • Since Registered group is automatic, interface should say; "New user created with username test1 in the group Registered"
  2. Does Registered always get the rights of anonymous?
    • Jyhem: No. This is a design decision. It allows useful things to be done simply by unexperienced admins, like show a login module only for Anonymous.

Global vs categ/object permissions for not-yet created objects

  1. tiki_p_edit is required globally to be able to create a page, even if use is allowed in a cat
    • System should check if I am allowed anywhere and restrict creation to there
      • We can use "Default category assigned to uncategorized objects edited by a user with this default group
      • If tiki_p_edit for at least one categ, offer that list