Previous meeting was in December 2011



Recording of the webinar (Go to 11 minutes 50 seconds)



  • Everyone is invited but it's especially important to have at least one person from each of these projects


  • John Rankin, of WikiPublisher
  • Marc Laporte
  • Ferdinand Harmsen, WritingTravellers
  • Rick Sapir, Tiki for Smarties
  • Xen
  • Bernd (Poiesis)
  • Carsten Aevermann
  • Daniel
  • Torsten Fabricius
  • Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem)
  • You?


  • Follow ups of last meeting
  • Demo by Bernd (Poiesis)
  • Presentation and discussion with John Rankin, of WikiPublisher
  • Report on trackers and WikiBook XML / WikiPublisher by Ferdinand (in context of his experience building WritingTravellers)
  • Image Handling (eg. via imagemagick & ufraw,dcraw)
  • Add your topic here


  • On Live (which is now running BigBlueButton 0.8)
    • If you can't access, use Skype and as a contact

Next meeting

We'll likely merge these meetings in the new monthly webinars to get more cross-pollination: February 2012 Webinar