What name to give?

In Tiki, we try to have descriptive names for everything.

Ex.: Forums are called forums. It's clear, simpler and good for SEO. There will not be 2 discussion forum features so no need to have exotic names to distinguish them. Don't try to be fancy!

A feature

  • Try to use a descriptive, already recognized term.
    • Look on Wikipedia and at other software
  • Better one word than two
  • Try to avoid something that could be confused with another feature

A preference

and lib/prefs/* (where they are defined)
in lib/setup/pref.php (default value)

A permission

they all start with tiki_p_

So it could be tiki_p_view_history

Documentation and development pages

So, this feature should end up in the list of keywords

  • doc.tiki.org/XYZ What the feature does
  • dev.tiki.org/XYZ What we wish the feature did
  • tiki.org/XYZ if we are Dogfooding for the community or require a gateway page.

How to handle integration with others?

BigBlueButton, Kaltura, Google Analytics and all the Interactions


  • Should online services (ex.: Google Analytics) be treated differently than projects we bundle (ex.: Zend Framework) or integrate with? (ex.: BigBlueButton)

Arguments in favor of using generic term

  • Descriptive

Arguments in favor of using project name

  • Some people may search via these keywords (esp if project is well known)
  • It's a nice gesture to them

Related links

Suggested changes

Wiki plugins renamed to something else

Problem: people think that plugins are features that are not included in Tiki. Example, in Firefox, not bundled features are add-ons or plugins

So in reality, what we have is "bundled plugins" which is a mouthful...

 luci thinks:
Well, ideally, they should be always called "Wikiplugins", not just "Plugins", which would indicate they are being "plugged" add-ons to the wiki syntax. Or "Content Plugins" ? But actually I think it is not worth of the renaming. It didn't hurt anybody much so far and people just have to get used to it, imho. Cannot please everybody used to some other term.

What else could we use?