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Here's a list started on tiki-devel which probably should be a poll (or quiz or a tracker or something...)

But for now - there's the list "the old way":

Features/libs that have been moved to Mods

August 2009 update at the Barcelona TikiFest

In the end, due to lack of resources and support for any of these features, they have been removed from trunk and not, so far, added to Mods.
These files still exist in the stable (3.0) branch if anyone needs them, or they could be rolled back from SVN if anything really has to be reinstated. (jonnyb)

  • Mirror Trackers
    • I once proposed removal but some people requested to keep. And now?
    • jonnybradley: I tried for some time and found it too buggy to use - real world examples please?
    • MatWho: they are not necessary, "fix" trackers instead

Features/libs that probably won't be moved to Mods

  • HTMLPages
    • ricks99: I use HTML pages as a way to "hide" pages/content from Tiki search and (multi)print features, but still make the content viewable.
    • jonnybradley: sounds like a new perm would be better?
      • Sure. How about a tiki_p_can_print, and tiki_p_can_search permission?
    • I made a change to the permissions a while ago and got very lost - too scary!
    • marclaporte: perhaps the new 4.0 workspaces would be a better way to do this.

Features/libs that will not be moved to Mods

  • Commcenter
    • Sylvie G: "uses and maintains"
  • ointegratelib
    • LPH: "veto - new and needed for webservices"
  • HawHaw
    • marclaporte: I maintain mobile.tiki.org and have a few users.
  • refererstats
    • marclaporte uses and thinks it should be improved
  • minical
    • need data migration path to real calendar
  • sheet (saved by examples)
  • graph-engine
    • Used by sheet
  • wiki3d
    • marclaporte uses sometimes. Need to ask Batawata for updates
    • jonnybradley uses it but it is broken (2.0+) - will try to fix one day
    • also (jb) : tiki-browse_freetags.php uses it and it works there
  • Webmail
    • Recently saved by GroupMail project so it won't be "just a mail client"

Features that have to stay but must be brought up to scratch

Features/libs that should be merged

  • File galleries (filegals)
    • Image galleries (filegals pretty well does this now, do the recent commits for thumbnail browsing work?) => yes ;)
    • Wiki images (wiki_up) - done?
    • Attachments (wiki/tracker/any more?) - coming soon...
  • Questionnaires (Trackers?)
    • Polls
    • Surveys
    • Quiz
  • Calendar
    • minical
    • Any others left?

Any more for any more?

  • pkdille: A "new one" that I just discovered : tikihelp (/lib/tikihelp). Seems to be broken. Last "real" commit (not a merge or a branching) is r2657 on 2003-11-23. It's probably time to remove this broken code...
    • marclaporte: I think it is WebHelp. I think you can remove. It's a good feature, but we can redo it later with much nicer interface (jQuery, etc)

Let's discussion continue on Endangered features