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Treeview Library

Probably to be postponed until Tiki 19+ - needs more research (and probably it's own wiki page jQuery-UI Replacement )
We need a non-jquery-ui drag and drop / treeview library for this and to replace what we're using for various other features (perms admin (via smarty_function_treetable), tracker fields admin, structure edit etc)
Possible options are:

Proposal: Consolidate menu types for simplification in code and for users

Consolidate menu types as just Bootstrap menus. That is, remove suckerfish and legacy - neither Bootstrap nor suckerfish - menus. Then add Smartmenus (https://www.smartmenus.org/) to enhance/extend Bootstrap menus to regain features lost by the removal of suckerfish menus. This proposal is a wish here: https://dev.tiki.org/item6675.

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