Things to do when we are not in the Semi-automatic merging period

Self closing tags

On the <br> vs <br />  issue, shall we do a mass search and replace for Tiki 10 after the automerge period is over? Should shave a few KB off? (and obviously any new edited or ones meanwhile we can lose the self-close)

In fact this similarly applies to <img>, <input> and in fact any tag (like an empty div used to be <div />) and these can all now be removed in html5 --Jonny

  • Replacing "<div />" with "<div>" is not valid.

I would be very careful about block type of tags like <div />. If you mass replace <div /> with <div> there can be mess left, panic and confusion for the HTML parser forcing it to think hard if you meant empty div or an unclosed div block and all of that resulting in unexpected results and layout breakage... —

Do a HTML5 friendly mass search and replace of self closing tags
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