Many Open Source web applications have a large number of features available as add-ons. They need to be installed separately and there are often several add-ons for the same purpose. Instead, the Tiki community uses an all-in-one Model. One of the consequences is that Tiki is the FOSS Web Application with the most built-in features. Not only has this been true for a quite a while now, but Tiki also has a much faster than average release schedule, with a major release every 6 to 8 months.

And some Tiki community members are active with which offers features way beyond the scope of a web application.

Even with all the features, there are still several hundred feature requests. But most of these are requests for enhancements to an existing feature. Once a feature is in the code base and is basically usable, it usually evolves naturally/organically. In each Tiki version, most features are refined at least a bit. Some like Webmail need a lot of work. But at least, it's a start.

But when a feature is totally absent, it takes a spark to make it happen and take it to the level where is starts evolving naturally/organically.

What does Tiki not do yet? (please base your answers on latest code). You can also check out the list of Use Cases for more ideas. See also: Interesting Features from other Web apps

Major features totally missing

  • Team Password Management
  • Naive Bayes classifier
  • WikiTrust
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Link checker (internal and external)
  • Animations
  • Repository Browser for Code Review
  • Web IDE
  • Translation option for user submitted comments/posts
  • Time Tracking
  • A well-defined API for building applications on top of, or integrating application into Tiki. People often say this but without a specific example, it's difficult to follow-up upon. Current plugins structure is very efficient to interface with 3rd party services. Can you give 2-3 specific examples of applications or types of applications you have in mind? Thanks! --marclaporte
    • Some apps offer 3rd party integration/hooks, like on Gitlab, we could have for example issues/merge requests/commits etc. reported via the API in the Activity Stream/Notifications

Major features missing from main code base, but available with 3rd party mods or workarounds

  • Online Help (not / marclaporte: can you explain a little more?
  • Have a calculator in the main code base. Either including Mod extcalculator, Mod calculator or another...

Doable via advanced configuration

And should be a lot easier. Ex.: via Profile

  • Online Store (out-of-the-box solution like PrestaShop)
  • Event Management system : while most of this can be done by using the wiki, calendar and user trackers, it's too difficult for someone new to Tiki. Added to Use Cases
  • E-democracy system (we have polls and such but it's not the same as a full-fledged voting/election system)
  • Learning Management features like Moodle (gradebook, class management, etc.) though Tiki does have some 3rd party mods for this

Incomplete features

Please Add to Wishlist instead

  • External Authentication
    • Interface with SiteMinder ( (similar to InterTiki, except yield to SiteMinder for authentication as an enterprise-wide intranet authenticator)
  • Debian and Ubuntu Packaging Team
  • VMware and Xen virtual appliances
  • Trackbacks in blogs

See also: Interesting Features from other Web apps

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