Some use cases

Simple: Customized messages from Newsletters

Tiki newsletter allows composing the message to recipients taken from the emails shown from a smarty template which is fed from a tracker. The idea is to extend the system to allow the newsletter body to be composed based on the smarty template itself, allowing to add values from fields in spefici parts of the message body.

In our work, we might be interested in helping to fund this development, if not too expensive, or if others are willing to collaborate to to co-fund the development.


Similar feature in desktop office solutions:

1.2. Medium: PDF generation of unique letters

  • Merge data from trackers with a wiki page template and convert to PDF

1.3. Advanced: Return books borrowed from a Library

This should be doable with PluginListExecute, new in Tiki11

We want to make a mail merge for the following scenario:

See also: Natural Language Generation

Delivery: Inter-User Messages, Newsletter or Daily Reports