All information for end users to be able to translate should be in a workspace on tiki.org

Low hanging Fruit


  • Dealing with variables. ie "A new version of Tiki, 6.0beta2, is available. You are currently running 6.0beta1. Please visit tiki.org/Download." shouldn't be offered like this
  • Sometimes when you click in a text, Interactive Translation box will appear with more than one string for translation. If you translate just a few of them, close Interactive Translation box and then open it again (clicking in the same text or in other related text) the strings that you just changed are displayed with their old values (although they have been correctly saved to the database). The problem is that if you hit save button you will override the new translations with the old ones (or with the string in English).


  • When translating the pop-up text for the wrench in Quick Admin from 'Modify look and feel' to the German 'Modifiziere das "Look and Feel"' (leaving in two double-quotes which work elsewhere) two things happened:
    • (1) the pop-up text now reads '"Modifiziere das "Look' (without the single quotes):


    • ... and (2) it is no longer possible to edit this field; instead what popped up was the text 'Wrench' which I duly translated:


      • This is not related with interactive translation and as far as I know it is not simple to fix. The problem in this case is that when the double quote is displayed it breaks the HTML since the string in question is inside the title parameter of a <img> tag. A possible workaround for this is to use the HTML entity that represents the double quote (quot).

Feature requests / limitations

  • Strings cannot be translated in some contexts (tooltips)
  • A link to translate all strings of the page (on blue bar on top, show all strings, show all strings in the center section)
  • Permit popups to be translatable
  • If you are not in UTF-8, you may have problems so the feature should warn you
  • Show me other translations with similar words. So say there is "Last topics", the system should show me all the other translations with the word "Last" or the word "topics"
    • This would help with consistency
  • A way to have a listing of translations added via Interactive translation
    • So I can review before sharing
    • So I can restore to default translation
  • Have a way to tag translations
    • To be shared vs just local for my project
    • To be shared even though it's not in language.php because it's a commonly translated string when building trackers Ex.: "Phone number"
    • When I make a translation, chose custom, fr-ca, or fr
  • Track who made the translation (grab email) so we can give credits and contact with questions
  • Use action log to record when a interactive translation session was started (or depending on action log interface, which I don't know, log each translation)
  • Edit / Export / Import languages feature (if there's better page for this, please move there)
    • Possibly there will have to be some "approval" feature for importing translations too so trusted Admins or Editors will have the possibility to review the contributed translations and approve or reject.
    • Users will also need to get suggestions if there will be already contributed translation by another user to take into consideration and avoid unnecessary work or contribute better translation. Every Registered (or Anonymous, anyway) user will have possibility then to vote for best translation if there will be more than one contribution to help the Admins/Editors decide which one to approve.
  • Record untranslated strings could record as well the file where the string is located. This would make possible for a user to browse a list of untranslated strings and click on a link to go the the page where the string is located and translate it in context using interactive translation. (if there's better page for this, please move there)
  • Stemming (Sylvie)
  • When translating some strings, length should be... 5000 pixels ; when in fullscreen only. Thus, we can see all the string. Easier to work, I do this manually with Firebug...
  • When translating complex strings, with tabulations and so on, it would be practical to have an Copy icon above the string to translate, and a Paste icon under the translation area, or an unique icon between them to copy original string->translated string. Thus, we can edit more easily and not forget some %0 or %s or else...
  • When the words are identical like Structure, Documentation, Point... (English-French), the string remains as unstranslated (but it seems to me that the translation is effectively recorded). It seems to be the same problem with that very long strings used to describe trackers fields params. It rapidly becomes not easy at all to remember what string is already translated or not... Because the string remains in the untranslated section on the screen.

Sharing back translations

This is an idea to perhaps resolve part of Translation branching strategy

  1. Interactive translation
    • Users take advantage on their own site, in context.
  2. Before editing, check for update for this string (or all strings) from trunk / i18n.tiki.org
    • accept
    • reject
  3. Add/modify term with two options:
    • "contribute to i18n.tiki.org" (which will need to keep all strings for all supported versions.
    • "keep this term in my local site" (useful if it's specific to one project/site)
  4. i18n.tiki.org accepts the translation with tiki.org credentials (via InterTiki), with OAuth
  5. SVN commit from i18n.tiki.org (weekly?)
    • Ideally a commit per contributor so we know who did what and we can follow-up with questions, and foster communities per language.

Related to Connect

New for Tiki 7

See http://doc.tiki.org/Tiki7#Interactive_translation_and_Edit_or_export_languages_page