SVN updates (for all versions of Tiki) will stop in January 2023. This coincides with when Tiki18 reaches end of life. However, even if you use another version (like Tiki 21x) from SVN, you will stop getting updates because the Git and SVN combined workflow will be retired. You should get your updates from Git. See also: Tiki Version control history.

Context: SAML support was added to Tiki17. It requires mCrypt but in parallel Tiki is Removing MCrypt as a dependency. If you don't install MCrypt, it blocks the installation of a Tiki 17.x via SVN when running Composer, which is especially annoying when you don't intend to use SAML. Previous versions of Tiki didn't have MCrypt as a requirement (it was suggested for certain optional features)

This is a temporary problem though as:

Below is a workaround until Tiki 17.x is retired.

Use the normal procedure with the following exceptions:

  1. Delete both lines which include the term php-saml from vendor_bundled/composer.json
  2. Update vendor_bundled/composer.lock
    php temp/composer.phar --prefer-dist --no-dev update -d vendor_bundled