Code commenting

Help other developers to understand what your code is doing by commenting in the source files.

PHP comments

Single line comments

Single line v1
/** This is a single line PHP comment */

Single line v2
//This is also a single line PHP comment

Multiline comments

 * Description of what the function is supposed to do with multiline commenting. Place it before the code
 * @param [Type] [name] [<description>]
 * @return [Type] [<description>]
 * Minify multiple js files into one single file.
 * @param $files array of file paths
 * @param $external array ref to put unminifyable files into. i.e acts as return value
 * @return string path of minified js file
private function minifyJSFiles($files, & $external)

Smarty comments

Javascript comments

CSS comments