Similar to links in the app to, plugin helper (added in Tiki3) and module helper (in Tiki7), we need various helpers. In upcoming versions, we will add more.

Update: After evaluating the different scripts below, we decided on Bootstrap Tour. The license was changed to MIT and the library was added to Tiki trunk, to be Tiki 15. There's a doc page at with preliminary information so far.

Help popups / On-page guidance / site tour

When in help mode, Tiki should have help popup

This is a nice example:

1.1.1. Joyride
License: MIT

1.1.2. Intro.JS

Intro.js A better way for new feature introduction and step-by-step users guide for your website and project.
License: MIT

1.1.3. pageguide.js
License: MIT

1.1.4. tourist -
License: MIT

1.1.5. Bootstrap Tour
License: Apache 2 (Not compatible) but moving to MIT
Lots of features, including multi-page

1.1.6. Bootstrap Tour (guild) (this is a different project, and dead)
License: MIT. No demo found.

1.1.7. Guiders.js
License: Apache 2 (Not compatible).

1.1.8. King_tour

License: Not declared (and broken demo)

1.1.9. Bootstro.js

1.1.10. trip.js

1.1.11. Bootstrap Application Wizard

1.1.12. Hopscotch

Page tour library URL License Mobile performance Selectors* Multipage
Intro.js MIT Not good
Pageguide.js MIT Not good Special classes needed in page. No
Tourist MIT IDs or classes No
Bootstrap Tour Apache 2.0 Good IDs yes (also multi subdomains)
Guiders.js Apache 2.0 ? Element No
King Tour ? ? ? ?
Bootstro.js MIT Good if side modals aren't used (xs displays) Needs custom selectors. No
Trip.js MIT Good, depending on e/w modals Any unique No
Bootstrap Application Wizard Free to use with attribution ? (no demo) Special ? No ?
Hopscotch Apache 2.0 Yes Any unique Yes
Joyride MIT Good Any unique No
Tourbus MIT Demo page isn't responsive (to sm size) Any unique No
MIT Good except side modals in xs screens. Any unique selector No
Faqtoid** MIT Yes Any unique No

Notes: *Selectors are the page elements that are the "tour stops". If they can be any element (id or unique class) then the tour can run on Tiki pages with no special markup, such as admin pages, etc. **Factoid is a package of website help components.
Regarding mobile performance, the scripts that are responsive all show the tour step popups clearly if the popups are positioned above or below their target elements, but if they pop up to the left or right, then some horizontal scrolling may be needed to see/access them on small screens, depending on the location of the target element on the screen.

1.2. Query builder

Project to integrate a nifty tool to query data in Trackers or in the Spreadsheet. See: Tracker Query

1.2.1. Chart editor

And create some charts from this info, like this one

1.3. Function helper

Point & click to using functions in the Spreadsheet

1.4. Mathematical equations helper

1.5. Theme designer CSS helper

auto-complete, drop-downs, etc.
Autocompletion is available from CodeMirror 2.x!

1.6. File and Image helper

1.7. Others

1.8. Wishlist


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(0) 13.x :: help doc links report "Page not found"Marc Laporte8864
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(0) Site customisation should be highlighted and All features enabled by default, empty header.tpl othman735
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nyloth-13 Aug 08
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(0) All help links should point to wishlist as well (only for admins)735
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(0) Advanced search help button in module search_box doesn't workConnor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod630
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(0) Blue Help Circle will not drop down in IE works in Firefoxroutedoctor25
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(0) Trackers:: field type helperMarc Laporte840
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Marc Laporte2008-10-290
(0) Add "help popup" for all lines/fields/configurable items when using Admin to set up your modules.Dumarest735
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marclaporte-15 Jan 10
(0) wiki help - plugin list sortinggezza525
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Jonny Bradley2013-06-050


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(0) Tips about tracker pluginsMarc Laporte910 easy90
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  • Less than 30-minutes fix
(0) On tiki-listpages.php the "?" icon links to not found page on doc.tiki.orgluciash d' being 🧙‍♂️910 easy90
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Benoit Roy2018-12-061
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(0) Help URL's built incorrectly on tiki_admin.php pagesdthacker840
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