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1.2. Roadmap

1.2.1. Tiki 12-16

Create wiki syntax embed content from

{h5p url= id=617  allowfullscreen=y frameborder=0, width="1090" height="674"}
would generate

Later on, this wiki syntax can be used to embed H5P objects that live in Tiki (by omitting any value in url)

1.2.2. Tiki 17 Desired fixes in 17.x branch

  • H5P objects don't take on look and feel of Tiki site (which is not surprising as H5P is not using Bootstrap) Fixes in 19.x branch 2019

  • Fixed most (all) of the known bugs on loading content types as documented here item6516-H5P-Content-Creation-Bug
  • Got the H5P Hub working (which means easier importing/installing of content types)
  • To be backported to 18.x when tested

1.2.3. Phases & Milestones

  1. Place files on svn
    • Get an experimental branch to play without fear of breaking too much things while learning, etc. done
  2. Tiki implements the 2 well-documented H5P interfaces
  3. Tiki explains to H5P how are users expected to use the system (=>where to place things, etc)
  4. Questions on which part of the code goes
    • (in which folders in Tiki, since Tiki has the code splitted among several folders, compared to Wordpress, where the whole filetree for H5P is inside the plugins directory)
  5. Replace H5P html purifier (GPL'd) with the one in Tiki (htmlpurifier library, which has a MIT-compatible license) so that there are no license issues to get H5P in Tiki.
  6. add basic feature: create, view upload
  7. add next step: edit content
  8. Tag system: reuse tiki freetags to expose/use h5p tags
  9. Document for end users
  10. Assess Project

1.2.4. Long term

1.2.5. Meetings

  • Periodicity of joint Tiki-H5P dev & follow up meetings?
    • Next: Dec Tue 20th, 2016. 10h UTC

1.3. FAQ

1.3.1. H5P Questions

  • Implement Interfaces, classes, databases (abstraction layer), system messages, etc.
    • Tiki: file Galleries + a few other cases:
    • Plugins: (shortcodes in wordpress; php class where you add some extra functionality and you can reuse anywhere in Tiki objects)

  • How or where H5P should appear: Pages, Nodes, etc.
    • Tiki:
      • Wiki pages, or any other Tiki object with text areas: forums, tracker fields, blog posts, comments, etc.
      • Important libs and folders:
        • headerlib: to include external js jq files to be used within Tiki.
        • lib/core/H5P/index.php
        • lib/mime/mimetypes.php
        • lib/wiki-plugins/wiki-plugin_h5p.php
        • installer/schema/*.sql *.php (for installation and upgrades - patches)
      • Composer autoloader (used by Tiki)
      • Reference pages:
      • Development Model (why some things in Tiki are how they are):

  • H5P will Package manager:
    • new way H5P will be working, to get libraries from h5p internet address.
    • and to reuse content, from a globally shared content repository
    • Maybe there should be an rsync from h5p content repository to or similar

1.3.2. Experimental Branch H5P (svn in


1.3.3. Git and SVN


1.3.4. Other Questions Do we implement create view + upload mode and edit mode

    • Yes, editing is essential H5P zip file uploaded to Tiki, that is uncompressed server side, and must be placed somewhere

    1. library
    2. content: json and multimedia
      • Tiki: temp/ folder for the content
        • temp/h5p/ ? so that H5P can write there the web-writable files? (libraries and content)
        • vendor_custom/h5p/ ? so that H5P can write there the non-web-writable files? (libraries)
        • file gallery (folder on disk or database): images and other media files and content.