The file upload interface in Tiki is

Tiki should select a modern file upload lib, and proceed to appropriate integration throughout This page is to compare options. See also forum thread about File upload component choice

Library comparison chart

Feature / Library FileAPI jQuery File Upload Bootstrap File Input elFinder (already in Tiki, and a also a file/image browser) flow.js
Client-size resize of images. This is really important because phone nowadays will take huge pictures, and in some cases, there is no setting to reduce picture size. Yes Yes Via events (call any ext plugin)    
Upload many files at once (requires modern browser) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offer simple form based uploads as well as advanced ajax based uploads   Yes Yes    
Templates to control rendering of layout, preview and styles   Yes Yes    
Easily plug and play additional components   Yes Yes    
Inbuilt support to manage previously uploaded files on server.   Yes    (only DELETE) Yes    
Ability to preview files for many file types beyond images (e.g. image, text, html, video, audio. etc.)   Yes (images, audio and video, additional types can be realized via plugins) Yes     
Ability to show custom preview file type icons for each file thumbnail.   Yes (can simply be done via templates and CSS) Yes    
Get file from URL (to avoid download and re-upload)   No, but I've posted sample code here: On wishlist    
Enter caption with upload   Yes (see for howto)    Yes (via extraData)    
Preview image, audio or video before upload (to avoid accidents)   Yes Yes   Image
Progress bar   Yes Yes   Yes
Limit file types for upload   Yes Yes   Yes
Maximal file size or image dimensions (to block before upload)   Yes (max file size, image dimensions also possible via plugin) Yes   Manual validation
Chunked upload (to get around server limits) Yes Yes On wishlist   Yes
Cancelable uploads (Individual file uploads can be canceled)   Yes Yes    
Resumable uploads   Yes     Yes
Upload from webcam yes, via camanJS No, but has API to upload File or Blob      
Drag & Drop Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available via Packagist No Yes, but Packagist meta data not maintained by main dev Yes Not official Yes
License   MIT BSD 3-Clause   MIT
Features that would be nice not just at upload
Image crop Yes No, but possible via processing API Via events (call any ext plugin)    
Watermark Yes No, but possible via processing API      
Orientation from EXIF Yes Yes Via events (call any ext plugin)    
Other criteria
AngularJS Integration   Yes     Yes



Some options


jQuery File Upload

Bootstrap File Input


  • elFinder also does a lot so file picker from elFinder could perhaps be re-used.


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