See also: File Gallery Revamp

Note: If a file is too big to upload via the web interface, site admin can upload manually, and then manage via Tiki (ex.: give it meta-data). Currently, the way to do this is Batch Upload.

We could enhance the File Gallery feature to have two modes per file gallery:

  • Abstraction (the default)
  • Direct mapping or pass-through / path preservation (a new mode to be added)

Essential features

  • We still need to be able to move files back and from the two file gallery types


  • How would Tiki know there has been some changes to the files (additions / removals)?
    • To update the meta data in the Tiki database and apply operations (ex.: Watch)
  • If a file is renamed, how does Tiki know it was renamed, and not a deletion, and addition (which would lose any meta data about the file)
  • How to deal with version history of files? (Perhaps use the same format as Syncthing)
  • What happens when a folder is created? It should not be possible to have an "Abstraction" file gallery as a child of a "Direct mapping" file gallery.
  • How is security handled? Permissions would have to be for whole folder? and folder should ideally be stored outside the web root.
  • How to deal file content indexing?




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