This page is to document and brainstorm on what to use and improve Tiki in a federated context. Ex.: several Tiki instances need to work together somehow. (vs Workspaces within one Tiki). This includes SisterWiki, InterTiki and the Communication Center.

Xavier's thoughts

  • My wish:
    • Workspaces were mature enough for that (like course in Moodle, etc). (Power) End user creates a new space, and every thing works (like a jail) by default allowing full delegated perms inside but no extra perms outside.
    • However, I fear that Workspaces to be used in production by end users (not by experienced Tiki admins or power users) would need another effort of improvement, and probably, a Tiki Fest to gather and implement the ideas needed to be discussed and implemented in a common direction, etc.
  • My implementation if I had little time and/or budget and I needed something like this?:
    • federation (separated Tikis) and switch / enable / improve current features for search, login, links, etc., as indicated below. . And maybe reusing Multitiki if all the tikis require same version, and/or tweaks, design, maintenance, etc.

Existing features in Tiki


Sharing categories

  • Some categories can be shared between sites. Ex.: main site has category list and some sister sites should mirror it.

See also

Groups and permissions

  • Group names should be shared between Tikis (like we do for * federation) to permit proper access control.

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