Goal: Have a simpler way to do: http://doc.tiki.org/PluginJq#Conditional_display_of_fields

You can now do with PluginTrackerIf or PluginTrackerToggle.

Future ideas:

  • There could be an if/ifelse/else statement
  • There could also be tests on things elsewhere (another tracker or in a spreadsheet)

Comments from Xavi:

  • If (as user) I have to type code in some smarty templates, I don't mind typing that code currently at http://doc.tiki.org/PluginJq#Conditional_display_of_fields
    it's longer, but it's pure jquery (and thus, we get used to jquery syntax).
  • What I think that it would make things easier for users is adding some new field in tracker field definition, where you can indicate the dependencies for the conditional display of that field, somehow, when creating or editing that field. But honestly, that looks like a very big task, that I wonder if it's needed. Maybe to be done as part of Trackers Revamp?

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