A lot of work has been done recently in Cypht and in Tiki (and more is coming), so you should get the latest 24.x from Daily Build. Yes, daily build is a little scary but we are fixing things both in Tiki, and in Cypht.

See also Email as a first-class citizen and How to upgrade Cypht within Tiki via Composer

Starting in Tiki20, Cypht will replace the traditional Webmail that has been in Tiki since 10+ years. Why? The Tiki Webmail has always been pretty basic and has not kept up with the times. We want to take email handling in Tiki to the next level and to support JMAP. Cypht is an awesome Free / Libre / Open Source webmail written in PHP and JavaScript : http://cypht.org

Community chat: https://gitter.im/cypht-org/community

How to contribute: https://github.com/jasonmunro/cypht/wiki/Contributing

We have officially passed 25k downloads! https://packagist.org/packages/jason-munro/cypht



  • Replace the Tiki Webmail by Cypht including the Groupmail feature. This will be bumpy. Some short term pain for long term gain. We will dogfood Groupmail for the various relevant tiki.org email addresses.

Preliminary integration


Tiki21 LTS

  • Better JMAP support, with Cyrus as the reference implementation. We expect Cyrus 3.x with JMAP to be stable by this time.
  • CalDAV Calendar support via SabreDAV done: CalDAV
  • CardDAV contacts via SabreDAV done: CardDAV


Black Duck Open Hub