SVN updates (for all versions of Tiki) will stop in January 2023. This coincides with when Tiki18 reaches end of life. However, even if you use another version (like Tiki 21x) from SVN, you will stop getting updates because the Git and SVN combined workflow will be retired. You should get your updates from Git. See also: Tiki Version control history.

See also: Convert a site installed via FTP to now use Git

  • With FTP, you upload / edit replace software files manually. If you edit a file, and later upgrade your site, you will lose your customization.
  • With SVN, each software file is tracked, including any edits to the files. And thus, your changes are merged into the update.

Context: you are taking over a Tiki site which was installed by FTP, and you now want to use SVN for easy future upgrades. You may also have some modified files, and via FTP, it's time consuming to manage this.


On this example we will upgrade from version 12.9 (which is tagged as such in SVN) to branch 15.x of branches/15.x.

We assume you are familiar with Get code.

  • website: http://tikiconvert.docker/
  • document root: /var/www/virtual/tikiconvert.docker/html

First of all backup your things

1. Create a folder to place your backups

cd /var/www/virtual/tikiconvert.docker/
mkdir backup

2. Backup your database

eval $(sed -n '/^\$/s/^\$//p' html/db/local.php)
mysqldump -u$user_tiki           \
          -p$pass_tiki           \
          -h$host_tiki $dbs_tiki \
    | gzip > backup/$dbversion_tiki.sql.gz

3. Backup you current folder

tar -czvf backup/html.tar.gz html

Checkout the same version as your current Tiki install

checkout Tiki 12.9 to folder newinstall
svn co newinstall

List of all tags

Copy your old site over the fresh SVN checkout

When you did the checkout, SVN actually made two copies of each file. One as a working copy and one as a reference. ex.: /changelog.txt and /.svn/text-base/changelog.txt.svn-base This is very useful to make rapid diffs.

So as you copy your old site over the new install, if there are any modified or new files, they will override the ones of your checkout (the working copy but not the reference files in .svn/ folders).

cp -a html/. newinstall/

Check for differences

svn st newinstall
svn diff newinstall

If svn shows modified files, you should solve that before continue.

Upgrade to Tiki 15.x

1. Update source code

cd newinstall
svn switch
composer install

2. Fix permissions

sudo chown -R http html

3. Update database

php console.php database:update

Launch new instance

cd /var/www/virtual/tikiconvert.docker
mv html tiki12 && mv newinstall html

Test and remove old folder

Browse your website and check features you use are ok, after that remove tiki12 folder, but stick with your backup!

rm -Rf tiki12