Quality at Speed” is the new norm in software development

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See also: https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/.gitlab-ci.yml


Tiki releases every 6 months. However, the next release should ideally be "releasable at any time". Also, actual releases should be very easy (goal: 30 minutes for the technical part).

To get closer to these goals, the ideal would be community Continuous Integration server.

There are daily builds but if something breaks, there is no alert system to report the issue.

Wishlist for Tiki community

Pre-Dogfood Server

For humans to be able to see yesterday's data with tomorrow's code

Profiles demo server

  • Having a test server with main profiles applied regularly, for testing/demo.

Continuous build

For the daily pre-release zip file to be as close as possible to the final one

Continuous Testing Server

Machines testing code, according to a series of tests

  • Run all tests
    • Check PHP & Smarty Syntax, etc.
    • Check that all JavaScript can be safely minified with JSLint
    • Detect closing ?> tags from DevTips
  • Run the security tests regularly (monthly?) and report to Security Team about new potentially risky files
  • Ideas from How to improve the release process
  • php doc/devtools/translate.php englishupdate lag=10 audit --email=me@example.org to report if anyone breaks strings over the last 10 days
  • etc

Please see Continuous Testing Server


Database Compare

In order to run the script doc/devtools/check_schema_upgrade.php which will compare your current database with what it should be you need to install DBDiff with this command:
. php temp/composer.phar require "dbdiff/dbdiff:@dev"

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