Available in Tiki 23 and after.

Contextual translations are translations with added context in order to deal with situations when an english word has more than one translation depending on context.


1.1. Insert a new string or modify an existing string in the source or a template with context

Like this: tra("Edit_C(title)") or {tr}Edit_C(title){/tr} .

1.2. Then rebuild the language files

Rebuilding language files
php console.php  translation:englishupdate --scm=git
php console.php  translation:getstrings
php console.php c:c

1.3. See how it is reflected in language files

lang/en/language.php will be changed but that's just so the english translation keeps the old text.

"edit_C(verb)" => "edit",
"edit_C(noun)" => "edit",
"D_C(abbrev-day)" => "D",
"M_C(abbrev-month)" => "M",
"Location_C(map)" => "Location",
"Rent_C(verb)" => "Rent",

You language file will have new enties you will want to translate. For instance, in french:

"edit_C(verb)" => "modifier",
"edit_C(noun)" => "modification",
"D_C(abbrev-day)" => "J",
"M_C(abbrev-month)" => "M",
"Location_C(map)" => "Lieu",
"Rent_C(verb)" => "Location",

More info

This was discussed here : https://dev.tiki.org/Translations-Revamp
Also see Strings Format Convention.