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Commit messages may start with one or more of the tags listed at the top of changelog.txt to distinguish changes.

Current tags table

Tag Description
[DB] For any changes in the database
[DOC] For improvements in the tips or contextual documentation provided to the user/admin/developers
[ENH] A enhancement does not really add any feature, but makes things work better (e.g. look and feel, performance...)
[FIX] For bug fixes of any sort
[KIL] For removals of unused or obsolete files.
[MOD] It is a change which may be disruptive. For example, changing the default value of an option.
[MRG] For branch merges, generally performed by the merge scripts
[NEW] For commits adding a new feature on Tiki
[REF] For refactoring; changes the structure of the code (to make it cleaner or clearer), without changing its actual behaviour.
[REL] For the release process
[REM] For feature removals
[SEC] For security fix operations. If you feel you have reason to put this tag, please first contact security at
[TRA] For translation
[UPD] For updates of third party/vendor libraries
[UX] For user experience improvements. It makes Tiki easier to use and understand (more details in )
[bp/rXXXX] Backport revision XXXX to current branch. Intended for committing a change already made in trunk to an earlier version. A backport reference should be added in front. For example, [bp/r61102][FIX] ... in a commit message to the branch branches/16x, means this fix is a backport of trunk revision 61102 to the next version of Tiki 16x. Depending on the period, backports are subject to an extra level of review so please read Quality Team and Where to commit first or ask on the mailing list or IRC if unsure.
[rb/rXXXXX] Revert changes made by revision XXXXX. For example, adding [rb/r61102] ... in a commit message to the branch branches/16x, means the change committed in revision 61102 are rolled back (removed, reverted) to the previous state, before r61102.