Starting in Tiki8, look at the function get_raw_permissions in lib/userslib.php

The permission list in Tiki is stored in the database. To create a new permission requires the same steps as a Database Schema Upgrade.

Essentially, it requires to insert a new row in the users_permissions table. It must be done in both the db/tiki.sql file and in a database patch file.

Sample permission creation
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INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_wiki_view_source', 'Can view source of wiki pages', 'basic', 'wiki', NULL, 'feature_source');

The relevant fields are:

The permission name beginning with the tiki_p_ prefix
A short description of what the permission does
A group for the permission to be used by quick permission admin. Default available groups are basic, registered, editors and admin.
The section to which the permission applies. Used by the admin field to grant permission to child permissions.
If the permission grants rights to all other permissions of the same type.
Features on which the permission depends. If the features are not enabled, the permission will not be listed in the user interfaces.