On 2013-02-18, Arildb upgraded CKEditor to 4.0 in trunk

The target for the CkEditor 4 integration is to upgrade to the new version of CkEditor for Tiki 11 and move it out of "experimental". The current functionality should be supported "as is".

New features in CkEditor 4, e.g. inline editing, can be added once the core editor is upgraded. A new experimental branch ckeditor4 is established to integrate the new features.

The current CkEditor 4 integration is based on the "Standard" download package. See http://ckeditor.com/blog/Intro-to-Customizing-CKEditor-4 for more info. One important passage: "The Standard package doesn’t include plugins like Alignment, Font Size, Color and a few other typical buttons. Why? Because modern websites predefine those things in CSS to avoid low quality content. Users should not "play around" with formatting. Web standards are increasingly more focused on the semantic information of texts. The Standard CKEditor comes with all the necessary tools to create "good web content". The idea is teaching our users about the best way for a "better web", so we made Standard the default option."

2013-07-29 Inline Edit: False positives visible in wiki diff after edit

They are not false positives. Check the difference in length between the sections.
The problem is that an extra image is being inserted when inline editing .
Fixed in r47240

2013-07-29 Browser detection is required

With Firefox for Android, Opera for Android and the native Android browser, WYSIWYG editing just spins forever. When WYSIWYG-wiki, it should revert to wiki syntax in a regular text box. For HTML-WYSIWYG, either just error message or let user edit HTML in text mode.

Action items from 2013-02-21 conference call

  • get demo sites up (Pascal) Done
  • Revisit in 2-3 weeks to see if on track for Tiki11 with CKEditor4 CkEditor is integrated
  • Revisit the default tools to be cleaner (Geoff). toolbars have been updated
  • Prefs dependencies instead of profile A profile is no longer used
    • Layer 1

Where to test and demo issues

These are places to show off issues. We make more than one demo sites because the various modes are mutually exclusive and we need a place to show off issues for each.



  • Disabled BiDi functions, due to JS error
  • looks like the toolbar settings are not being observed ie missing icons etc
    • FIXED
    • The toolbars look ok to me now. Is it solved?
  • when editing a plugin, double clicking the grey box opens the plugin editor correctly, but a subsequent edit and Insert does not close the editor - had to click top right to do that - plus the plugin was not updated in place - instead it placed another version at the top of page (similar to bug mentioned above)
    • FIXED - but the key issue of paragraph/lie feed handling is still to be resolved
    • seems to happen globally in Tiki now for me - it does not close the dialog in wiki mode too
  • cannot resize the width of the edit screen - height resizes OK
    • I am not sure if this is a bug. Using a fixed-width layout, it seems correct that the editor only scales in height.
    • it always used to do this - and on many occasions you need to increase the width of the edit screen to make editing easier
  • There is a "You need apply profile feature_optional" in the admin wysiwyg panel. The profile doesn't seem to work CKEditor4-capture-20130310165329-306-0.png .
    • Profiles are no longer used.

Old bugs

Not sure if regression or old bug

Default home page has issue with PluginDIV


Extra lines appearing in WYSIWYG-HTML


Use of selected text is different in Wiki and WYSIWYG


Paste to WYSIWYG-Wiki becomes undefined


Old feature disappointment

  • Link to tiki-admin_toolbars.php lost is there for wiki toolbar but not WYSIWYG toolbar
    • During the recent webinar, it was suggested to move it to the admin toolbar module

Setting the dependencies

In the Feb-13 webinar, it was suggested to use preferences instead of a profile, to set dependencies.

Settings needed by CkEditor4

feature_wysiwyg: y
feature_wiki_paragraph_formatting: y
feature_wiki_paragraph_formatting_add_br: n Changed was y

  • this needs to be 'y' if you are using the standard wiki editor as well, so some code changes are needed to ignore this pref in the wysiwyg editor - see recent emails: Geoff

wysiwyg_wiki_parsed: y

feature_wiki_allowhtml: y
feature_ajax: y

Needed for wysiwyg_htmltowiki and "visual" plugins
ajax_autosave: y
wysiwyg_toolbar_skin: moono CkEditor4 default skin

On by default but should be switched if not on
wysiwyg_memo: y


The option setting for "Wysiwyg editor" is done 3 places

  • admin\include_wysiwyg.tpl(16):
  • admin\include_wiki.tpl(100):
  • include_textarea.tpl(20):

Current status. Simplify profile. No profile needed

A new profile is listed "Ckeditor 4". However, it doesn't seem to work. It seems planned to be able to trigger this from the admin wysiwyg panel.

No profile is used. The settings are updated and the editor is fixed. No profile needed.

Use preferences

The webinar suggested not using a profile, but preferences. One advantage of this is that it doesn't require internet access to activate the settings

One way to to set the needed preferences is to have "sub panel" for the dependencies.
When "Wysiwyg editor" is selected this subpanel is displayed.
The user should the manually select all sub options. Maybe with a mark all button.

Could look like ... x = checkbox
x Wysiwyg editor
It is highly recommended to also activate the following features and option, when activating the Wysiwyg editor.
(Select All)
x feature_wysiwyg
x feature_wiki_paragraph_formatting
x wysiwyg_wiki_parsed
x feature_wiki_allowhtml

x feature_ajax
x ajax_autosave

(dropdown box) wysiwyg_toolbar_skin: moono (default) or kama

x wysiwyg_ckeditor
x wysiwyg_memo

If all these subfeatures are to be included, it's a little messy to have the "Wysiwyg editor" in 3 places.
So, maybe keep the option in admin\include_wysiwyg.tpl(16).
For the other 2, remove the option, but maybe provide a link to the WYSIWYG admin panel?

Further work

 Experimental branch ckeditor4
The main new feature in CkEditor 4 is the inline editing. A new experimantal branch ckeditor4 is established to integrate the new features.

Integrating inline editing



Jison parser integration

The new Tiki parser needs to be integrated with CKEditor 4.

Optimal default toolbar