We are planning to add a Continuous Integration system for Tiki. This system will permit an automated test of common issues. And thus, make the release process quite a bit easier. See also: How to improve the release process

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Database schema patches suffix should be _tiki.sql or _tiki.php

Also, if a _tiki.sql was added without a change to tiki.sql, there is likely an issue.
See Database Schema Upgrade

Update vs clean install database check

Compare (at least the structure of) a clean install from tiki.sql with previous (LTS?) version with upgrade patches applied

The colon should be in the tr block

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From: Cloutier, Philippe
Date: Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: [Tikiwiki-cvs/svn] SF.net SVN: tikiwiki:[63536] trunk/templates/search/rebuild.tpl
To: rjsmelo
Cc: CVS/SVN commits information

Thanks for this commit and the other one Ricardo.
The colon should be in the tr block, otherwise, there cannot be a space before the colon in French (and possibly other languages). Note that this cannot increase the number of strings that translators have to translate, because translating "foo:" will use a translation of just "foo" if there is no direct translation of "foo:".

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> Envoyé : 13 août 2017 19:56
> À : tikiwiki-cvs@lists.sourceforge.net
> Cc : rjsmelo@users.sourceforge.net
> Objet : [Tikiwiki-cvs/svn] SF.net SVN: tikiwiki:[63536] trunk/templates/search/rebuild.tpl
> Revision: 63536
>           http://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/63536
> Author:   rjsmelo
> Date:     2017-08-13 23:55:49 +0000 (Sun, 13 Aug 2017)
> Log Message:
> -----------
> [FIX] Add missing translation tags
> Modified Paths:
> --------------
>     trunk/templates/search/rebuild.tpl
> Modified: trunk/templates/search/rebuild.tpl
> ===================================================================
> --- trunk/templates/search/rebuild.tpl        2017-08-12 05:41:04 UTC (rev 63535)
> +++ trunk/templates/search/rebuild.tpl        2017-08-13 23:55:49 UTC (rev 63536)
> @@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
>       {if !empty($search_engine)}
>               <div class="alert alert-info">
> -                     <p>Unified search engine: <b>{$search_engine}</b>{if
> !empty($search_version)}, version <b>{$search_version}</b>{/if}</p>
> +                     <p>{tr}Unified search engine{/tr}: <b>{$search_engine}</b>{if
> !empty($search_version)}, {tr}version{/tr} <b>{$search_version}</b>{/if}</p>
>               </div>
>       {/if}


find . -type f \( ! -regex '.*/\..*' ! -path './vendor*' ! -path './temp*' ! -iname '*.png' ! -iname '*.jpg' ! -iname '*.gif' \) | xargs dos2unix

Adapted from: http://serverfault.com/questions/205499/how-to-do-dos2unix-to-tpl-recursively-in-linux

Above line fixes, BOM encoding, Detect BOM in a Tiki health check and in release process, convert to Unix EOL and fixes other invisible weirdness; without touching externals.

Check the presence of index.php and .htaccess in all relevant directories

But don't touch externals...

Check for empty directories

Check PHP & Smarty Syntax, etc.

For target versions of PHP

  • Also JSLint and some sort of tests for minified javascript (somehow)

Unit Testing Cleanup

Re-indexing Fail Test

The re-indexing touches many parts of the code and is fragile because of this. It presents a unique opportunity to catch errors early.