When tiki.org (and thus suite.tiki.org) is running 11.x, it will be time to test again.

Discussion notes regarding areas and workspaces for Tiki 10

We have some working code in trunk to address this, and it will de deployed to all *.tiki.org sites in October/November 2012.

2012/2013 dev notes

Jonny B investigates...

  • In Tiki 10 onwards we have:
    • Two new fields on the tiki_areas table which can be set from admin/workspace:
      • exclusive (y/n)
        Content "in" this area cannot be seen from other perspectives, and if you go to an object in this area you will be switched into this area
      • share_common (y/n)
        Content in categories not "inside" other exclusive areas can be seen from this area, and if you go to a shared item you stay in this area
    • These will work like category jail and will override object permissions, so will work for anonymous visitors.

  • Still TODO as of Tiki11
    • Areas admin also needs a way of re-ordering multiple perspectives and be able to edit the description.
    • Remove areas_root pref and replace with workspace_root_category
    • One more new tab on Workspaces admin
      • Edit Area
        To allow editing of an area

Previous notes form 2012




suite.tiki.org is a perspective of tiki.org

If I search for https://www.google.com/search?q=tiki+vs+bitweaver

The first two results are:

This is in fact that same page and not good for SEO to show twice the same content.

suite.tiki.org/Tiki+vs+Bitweaver should always redirect 301 to tiki.org/Tiki+vs+Bitweaver (to clean out unwanted entries in Google cache)

Inversely, tiki.org/Tiki+Suite+Use+Cases should redirect to suite.tiki.org/Tiki+Suite+Use+Cases because it's part of the category "Tiki Suite": http://tiki.org/tiki-admin_categories.php?parentId=135

Here is the perspective:

And we have multi-domain:

Perhaps this can be solved with Areas (or a small tweak to them)
=> Torsten: we would need a feature to "batch categorise all content without unassigning existing categories" => "add an extra category to all content" or "add an extra category to all content which is not categorised with categories a,b,c,..."

demo.tiki.org and show.tiki.org point to the same server and can be used to test


On a related note, we have issues with cdn domains... (which appear in google search)

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