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General information

Do not report bugs in wiki format on this page, or on the Dev Mailing List. Please log the issue and tag as 19.x.

Tiki 19.0 was released in November 2018.

Tiki 19 is a Standard Term Support (STS) version and will be supported until Tiki 20.1 is released, as per the Tiki lifecycle policy. Minimum requirement is PHP 7.1 It is possible (50% chance) that Tiki20 or Tiki21LTS will require PHP 7.2, so don't upgrade to Tiki 19 unless you can get PHP 7.2, which may be required for Tiki20 (And support for Tiki 19.x ends once Tiki 20.1 has been released).

Issues that won't be solved in the short term

  • show.tiki.org currently runs on PHP 5.6. No trunk or tiki19 instance can be created. We need volunteers and a strategy for handling this.

To do


Potential major upgrades


Test sites


Tiki test sites

We have a daily test upgrade of most of our *.tiki.org sites. So anyone can check anytime how stable trunk

Tiki.org website we will switch after alpha or beta release (red = not yet. green = switched). Status is free but more like: switched, broken, fixes required, work ok.

Main release schedule

Planned What Completed
Monday September 24th branching of 19.xThursday September 27th
Monday October 1st Upgrade of https://themes.tiki.org Friday October 5th
Thursday October 4th Alpha Thursday October 4th
Monday October 8th Upgrade of https://dev.tiki.org Monday November 5th
Monday October 15th Upgrade of https://doc.tiki.org Tuesday October 16th
Tuesday October 16th Beta Wednesday October 17th
Monday October 22th Upgrade of https://tiki.org Thursday November 15th
Friday October 26th 19.0RC1 Tuesday Oct. 30th
November 19.0 Tuesday November 20th
Monday February 11th Release of 19.1

Public developer's Tikis that have been moved / duplicate using trunk.
Everyone part of the active community should have at least one significative website moved/duplicate using trunk 19.x once the alpha/beta release is done so we can check different configuration and usage

https://abmasoft.com/tiki Upgraded on Tiki19 2018-Oct-02
http://צהרוניקי.com Upgraded on Tiki19 Beta1 release 2018-Oct-18 * Warning about UTF-8 and some tables weren’t converted Fixed
*Plugins required approval (only one on this website)
http://wikisuite.org Planned for September 26th 2018-Oct-03
http://www.bernardsfez.com Completed 2018-03-16 Custom themes adapted to bootstrap4

Bugs & Wishes

Open or Pending blockers and regression

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Open or Pending issues (excluding Feature Requests)

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Closed items




Areas that make testing anything for backports pretty much impossible currently

  • Calendar Item editing
  • Toolbars admin
  • Tracker Tabular Format editing

Tiki 19.1

Dogfood Marathon

Developers are invited to join a dogfood fixing marathon (about 2 hours) on Thursday, January 24th.
Ideally it should be held before the Tiki Online Open Hours session (15UTC) and choosing an early hour will help Gary from Japan (our main Bootstrap4 integrator in Tiki19) to be with us. But it can also be on it and part of our initiative to show the Community activities and encourage participation.


Tiki19.1 Dogfood marathon

24 Jan 19 11:00 GMT-0000
24 Jan 19 12:00 GMT-0000
24 Jan 19 13:00 GMT-0000
24 Jan 19 14:00 GMT-0000
24 Jan 19 15:00 GMT-0000
24 Jan 19 16:00 GMT-0000
Gary Cunningham-Lee