{* --- IMPORTANT: If you edit this (or any other TPL file) file via the Tiki built-in TPL editor (tiki-edit_templates.php), all the javascript will be stripped. This will cause problems. (Ex.: menus stop collapsing/expanding). You should only modify header.tpl via a text editor through console, or ssh, or FTP edit commands. And only if you know what you are doing ;-) You are most likely wanting to modify the top of your Tiki site. Please consider using Site Identity feature or modifying tiki-top_bar.tpl which you can do safely via the web-based interface. --- *} {* Empty header to replace original header.tpl in tikiwiki directory ./templates. Make sure you save the original header.tpl first. Rename this file to header.tpl *} {* Modified by Othman Ahmad. Version date 4th August, 2008. Use at your own risk. *}