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"Hide namespace indicator in structure path" Doesnt work in "Structures drill down menu"
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"Open page as structure" seems to be broken
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"print all" from home of wiki structure
When you are on a page of a wiki structure, you can click on the print icon, but you will only print that single page.

The icon and option to "__print this page and all the subpages__" (= in the the sub-structure) right from there (without going through all the clicks at "Wiki > multiprint > select structure > print") would be very welcome, since the base feature to rpint the full structure exists.

From the home of the structure, it would print the full structure (as it can be done with one click from a structure within a Workspace through ((doc:AulaWiki)) mod, or through many clicks as usual, as explained above).

If the user is on a subpage of the structure, that button would print that page and all subpages from the same structure.

Does it make sense?
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"tiki-edit_structure.php" Add Pages To Current Node list truncates at 50 records.
"tiki-edit_structure.php" Add Pages To Current Node list truncates at 50 records.
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"tiki-edit_structure.php" Add Pages To Current Node list truncates at 50 records. Fix included.
The list of tiki pages presented for selection and addition to a structure is truncated at 50 records for no apparent reason and there's no way to add records >50 without running a filter.

I just parroted what I saw in tiki-admin_categories.php for its similar page list and it works.

The diff is below - hope I did that correctly.

*.backup is the original file from the official tiki releast. *.php is the version I modified.
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Add existing pages to structures at page edition time through the structures header box
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14.x: Print Structures doesn't print page titles just their numbers from toc
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18.x Structure reports inappropriate error if page already exists
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18.x Structures can create bad pages names
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3.0 bug: problem with categorize.tpl affects number of categories shown and use in Structures
The new 3.0 release of categorize.tpl doesn't show all the available categories to a user when a hierarchy of categories is used if the user is not in the 'top' category.

There are also problems with the use of categorisation in the Structures admin screen where categorisation of all the wiki pages in the Structure does not show the changes after submitting the request - although the changes are made.

No longer relevant
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User must have global permission tiki_p_edit for adding a new page in categorized structure also he has it in the categorie.
I defined a structure Helpdesk FAQ and a categorie Helpdesk.
Now I give a group Helpdeskadmin the permission tiki_p_edit (and a lot of others).

If a helpdeskadmin trys to add a page with the button on the top of the wikipage with over the toc, the message "You do not have permission to edit this page." appears.

The problem seems to be the following permission test in tiki-editpage.php:

// Permissions
$tikilib->get_perm_object($page, 'wiki page', $info, true);
if ($tiki_p_edit !== 'y') {
$smarty->assign('errortype', 401);
$smarty->assign('msg', tra("You do not have permission to edit this page."));

If I give the permission tiki_p_edit to the group, the helpdeskadmin comes to the wysiwyg-edit-page, also he gets a message like the page must have a categorie. I didn't analyzed that yet.
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Ability to use a structure as a menu {menu structureId=1}
I can't see the reason for the separation between the structures feature and the menu feature - structures are massively easier to create and edit, but only menus can be shown collapsibly. Separation of functions leads to confusion and harder support.
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Add ability to generate RSS from a specific structure (and maybe category)
The ability to subscribe to a specific structure via RSS feed would be very useful. Currently one can subscribe to an RSS feed related to the entire wiki, but if several groups are using the wiki for different projects or purposes or topics, this may not be at all useful. For example, on the Southern New Hampshire University wiki, we have the online faculty handbook plus a variety of page sets related to different course projects. Most faculty should be alerted of changes to the faculty handbook, which resides in a structure, and some students and faculty may want to track changes to structures involved with specific courses or departments, but few if any users need to be alerted of every change to the wiki as a whole. The ability to generate an RSS feed specific to a structure (and possibly also specific to a category) would be very helpful.
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add history & rollback capabilities to structures
add history & rollback capabilities to structures (record dump somehow when struct. changes, or allow saving structure dump for backup...)
This way, when the structure gets mixed by machine or human error, the structure can be rolled back to the previous state.

This way, we could be more open for registered users to manage http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Documentation (or others) without the risk of failure when nodes get moved to the wrong place (due to some bug in the code). Or due to mistake by benevolent newbies mixing things without bad intention.


UPDATE: Still desired for some LTS version. {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-11-17T09:31:50+00:00"}
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add page to structure button regression
Bugs & Wish list
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add to structure: if page exists, update instead of refusal
This is annoying because you have to go via the admin structure instead of the simple add interface.

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adding a new page to a structure from an existing page
Adding a page by putting its name in the box at the top of a page in a structure no longer adds the page to the structure. It only creates the page.
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Admin option to force newly created pages to be part of the structure they were created from
Guys, I have to set up a company wiki, which is completely structured from top to bottom. So I noticed a very annoying thing about tiki.

Currently if you want to create a page, that is destined to be part of a structure, you have to create it using the navigation bar and set the option "as child".

But what if a user creates a new page from within a structred wiki page? I.E. If he simply sets up a new link to an non existing site. The new page is created as an orphan which is definitely a "no go" for a completely structured wiki. Pages like this have to be manually assigned to a structure by the admin.

So I request an option, that __forces pages created from within a page in a structure to be automatically part of the same structure__.

I guess even in pages like doc.tw.org this would be very helpful.
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admin user doesn't have permission to edit structures by default
After a clean install of r15460 w/ a new database, using the default enabled profile, i enabled structures via the wiki admin area.

Even though I was admin, I coulden't create / edit structures until I gave myself permission in the privileges settings.

The admin user should probably have most permissions by default, unless there is a particular reason to exclude a permission.

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admin user doesn't have permission to edit structures by default
After a clean install of r15460 w/ a new database, using the default enabled profile, i enabled structures via the wiki admin area.

Even though I was admin, I coulden't create / edit structures until I gave myself permission in the privileges settings.

The admin user should probably have most permissions by default, unless there is a particular reason to exclude a permission.

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Admin>Login>User defaults or Admin>Groups: Ability to Subscribe new users to specific Tiki objects
It would be lovely to set some new user defaults at
* Admin (home) > Login > User defaults, and/or
* Admin > Groups > (Edit a single group)

The ability to Subscribe/watch/monitor new users in the site or to that specific group, to specific Tiki objects.

Which tiki objects?: I would say, in this order:
# specific forums
# specific blogs
# specific calendars
# specific newsletters (ML: we can already subscribe groups to newsletters)
# specific wiki pages
# specific structures
# specific trackers
# specific categories
# new articles

This is specially useful for new users of the site, where they don't know yet how to subscribe to specific areas, etc. Very needed for educational scenarios, but I can see many other places where new users are a bit lost for some time while they learn how to use the Tiki site.

*[wish988|Forum: Let forum admins/moderators add groups and/or users as watching the forum]
*[tiki-index.php?page=Business%20Plans|Let small business start ups access collaborative sharing where the document being shared is not visible by anyone else]

Anywhere there is a watch eye, it should be possible for an admin to have group members watch this category
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Chinese in last item of a structure won't be translated after switch site language
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Better user notification when removing item from Wiki Structure
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can't create new structure, because structlib has problem
When trying to add a new page to an existing structure or create a new structure, I got the following error:

Field 'structure_id' doesn't have a default value

I check mySQL DB tiki_structure table, find the field 'structure_id' is not NULL,I check structlib.php,I find structlib.php not set the value of 'structure_id',only set 'parent_id',I guess that struclib.php have wrong.
structure is important feature ,wish to solve this problem

__''kerrnel22:''__ Unable to reproduce this in CVS ...are you running CVS or release package 1.9.x? Also unable to reproduce in 1.10.0b1 CVS ...same question, are you running CVS or release package 1.10.0b1? If you are running the package in either, then it may be that the bug has been fixed in a patch to the CVS tree and you may need to wait for the next beta release.

re ''kerrnel22:'',i edit structlib.php line 202 :"$query = 'insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`) values(?,?,?,?)';",to "$query = 'insert into `tiki_structures`(`structure_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`) values(?,?,?,?)'; ,then out tiki can run,and can create a new structure.
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can't create new structure, because structlib has problem (reopen bug #1649)
Have had this issue since and it's still there in all subsequent versions even though the previous bug report detailing the same issue (#1649) says it's fixed.

The posted solution may work - although the Comments section of that bug report details a differing fix.
Would be good to get this fixed in the codebase rather than manually adding a fix to each new release.

If you need further info from me - please email nickallentbwa-at-gmail.com

When I try to add a page to a structure, I get this error:
An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-edit_structure.php
Url tiki-edit_structure.php
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`) values(?,?,?,?)
0 407
1 116
3 1
Field 'structure_id' doesn't have a default value
Built query was probably:
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`) values('407','116','','1')

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Can't delete an item from a Structure directly after adding it
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Cannot add new page to Structure
When trying to add a new page to an existing structure I got the following error:

Field 'structure_id' doesn't have a default value

I could correct this very simply by going into the MySQL administrator and changing that column to have a default value of 0. I guess this is just that the DB set up SQL is incorrect and needs to have default value added to that column. I used the update SQL from 1.8 to 1.9 to create this tikiwiki so I guess that is the SQL that would need to be changed. I have not tested the new clean DB install of 1.9.

Cheers Mike
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Cannot save a change in a structure
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Category Permissions not taken care properly for showing wiki pages
Please help since we have invested much time and effort in this project, believing Tiki could filter rightly wiki pages based on perms, and since I cannot find a workaround.

When not logged in, Some wiki pages are shown, and Some others Not, while they all have exactly the same set up. They all have been categorized only in "Public Content" category which is set to Show wikis to Anonymous users, while Global perms are set to not show them to anonymous.

At this moment we have two identical wiki pages as setup is concerned:
1) http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=La+Funci%C3%B3n+Esencial+y+El+Prop%C3%B3sito+de+Vida
which doesn´t show to Anonymous users (and should do it)


2) http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=Sobre+el+Sitio+SolCentral-org
which shows well.
Note that at the botton of this page, in the listing of pages related to the category "Contenido Público" (which is the translation of "Public content"), the page "The Esential Function And Life's Purpose" (wich is the translation of "La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida") that is the page 1)... Then if you click on it, it will not show presenting you with the login invitation, allthough is shown in the list as categorized "Public Content".

Other extraneous behavior is that when when you use the Plugin Toc to show the structure, only shows Some wikis on some structures, and on some other structures doesn´t show any wiki.
I have used this:~np~{toc structId="26" order=asc shownum=1 type=fancy }~/np~ in the wiki:

Actual estate of config is:

For anonymous:

If Perms on wiki: "La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida"

La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_view Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_view_backlink Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_watch_structure Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_wiki_view_comments Categoría: Public Content

Category Perms of "Public Content" are

for anonymous group perms that are ON:

Can view wiki attachments and download (tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments)
Can view page/pages (tiki_p_view)
View page backlinks (tiki_p_view_backlink)

Global Perms are:

on Wiki:

Can view wiki attachments and download (tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments) is ON for Anonymous
Can view page/pages (tiki_p_view) is OFF for Anonymous
View page backlinks (tiki_p_view_backlink) is ON for Anonymous

Fixes tried:

Have tried the opposite: allowing everything to be shown to Anonymous, and then restrict on pages that should be hidden with a "invisible" category with perms tiki_p_view OFF for anonymous group.

And it didn´t work since - again - for Some wikis worked, and for some others not. Even if they are identical.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.
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Conflict of Stasa Theme color selection and Edit Structure page
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Current page in structures breadcrumb should not be a link
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Default namespace doesn`t work if page created in structure navigation bar
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Display in the toc "only" all sub level entry within a structure
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doc.t.o 12.x: print structure stops after a few pages only & tabs do not work (notabs should be automagically implied)
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doc.t.o 12.x: Printing a structure to PDF produces a PDF with "Your access to this page has expired"
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doc.tiki.org: Print goes to HomePage instead of specific wiki page when using page_ref_id from structures
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Drop Down Spoilers
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Duplicate entire structure for translation
For translation, I would like a way to duplicate an entire structure, and have Tiki automatically build the translation relationships between wiki pages.

For example, consider that I have the following structure in English

Structure Name
Page Foo
..Page Bar
..Page Alpha

Now I want to translate the structure to Spanish. I want Tiki to create (automatically):

Structure Name, sp
Page Foo, sp
..Page Bar, sp
..Page Alpha, ap

__AND__ create the translation relationships between the specific pages (for example from "Page Foo" to "Page Foo, sp"

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Duplication of wiki content on save - maketoc related?
Everytime I use the maketoc inside a wiki page on a fresh tikiwiki 3.2 install the whole page content is duplicated every time I hit "save". Even if I delete all the content but one version and hit save the whole PREVIOUS page is duplicated again. Like I hit save: two times the page content. I delete all but one time the content, I hit save: three times the page content. I delete all but one time ... save ... four times the page content.
Only removing the maketoc makes it possible to get rid of the problem. But meanwhile the wiki content has become a bit more (30-40 pages) and the same problem happens more and more often without having any maketoc included when the page is becoming bigger.
That was done with Opera browser on a page with 4 h1 headings but I doubt it is a browser problem. :)
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Edit Structure Breakes when Jquery UI disabled
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I10n: create (sub-)page from structure/breadcrumb bar doesn't get into the structure
If you create a page or subpage for a structure with the bar above the displayed page you will asked for a language. after you select the language and enter the text into that page and submit it the page gets created but not put into the structure
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i18n feature breaks wiki feature when language is changed to german
I tried some other languages, but it seems only to apear with the german translation.

The wiki css breaks if u change to german. most pages work well, but the wiki gets killed
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i18n: "Best language" feature applied to short list of 2 or more preferred languages (user profile)
Say a Tiki site is translated in 18 languages. If I only speak one language, the "best language" works for me. But if I speak 3 languages, I would like to be able to easily see the content in those 3 languages without being shown the rest.

Suggestion: For each use to have an ordered list of preferred languages.

For example, a user selects:
1- French
2- English
3- Spanish

and let's suppose we add a language setting to forums. Please see :[http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=1030|i18n forums]

So, when I list the forums, I want to see those 3 forums, but not the other 15. Without a system like this, it makes it easy for everyone to be tempted to just stay in their main language.

Another example: wiki page translations. If a wiki page is available in 18 languages, just show the user the list from their preferred languages

This would be very useful for wiki structures. Using the next/previous in structure would show page in the user's preferred language, if available. This would be useful for doc.tikiwiki.org and the Mozilla Support site.
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improvements to the printing process of a full structure like the one in doc.tw.o/Documentation
^ Related to http://dev.tikiwiki.org/bug1184 . Opened a new one since those comments below are updated of a new trial I made today - Jan. 7th, 2009^
Issues detected while dogfooding "__minimum-clicks for pdf from doc.tw.o/Documentation structure__". An opportunity to improve the current features for production.
Related links:

Printed to html using SeaMonkey browser 1.1.12 and to pdf CUPS/pdf printer, both under Ubuntu 8.04 GNU/Linux
page numbers refer to a pdf produced today out of there:

* Autonumbering of headings is shown on the table of contents, but not on the pages themselves (using the default theme in doc.tw.o, based on thenews.css I guess). I would say that this worked for me a month ago on a 2.1 site using feb12.css with another (shorter) structure of wiki pages ( http://www.iesbarcelona.org/ESSO350/tikiwiki-2.1/tiki-index.php?page=2008+Fall+-+Final+Paper ).

* page 39: .htaccess from dynamic content is not shown in the full page. Can this be modified at printing time so that the full content is shown on the page?

* page 41: a CODE block longer than a single sheet of paper is cut at the end of the page, not showing the rest of the content. Can this be modified at printing time so that the full content is shown on the page?

* Some pages didn't have the title manually displayed. Those ones doesn't show the title of the page (as section of the full pdf)... Maybe the best workaround is to add a setting for the user to select whether he/she wants adding all page names as titles to the pages, or not. For our case, maybe it's easier to remove extra title (easy to identify when you have too title too similar one after the other) than having to figure out where a new page starts... (see plugins pages...). Example: page 127: PluginJS is shown, fine, but not PluginLang, PluginListpages? Plugin Manager?, on the following pages...

* copyright license is needed at the end?

* It would be nice to allow at structure-printing time to select which version among the ones allowed by the PLUGIN VERSIONS (where applicable), had to be selected for printing. Right now, it might be useful for people looking for an updated documentation for their 1.9.x, so that all plugin versions were pre-set to display the content from 1.9.x. Moreover, after April (only some months to go for that) we will have the same issue with people looking for 3.x documentation, or just 2.x. Well, this is just to raise this point for the following months, so that, the better for us for producing our own documentation, the better for other communities producing their documentation using Tiki and coping with their versions also... (Firefox, for instance?)

* when the content is copied and pasted to OpenOffice (using OOo 2.x and 3.x), there are images or tables which are wider than the page size.

* Is it possible to have page breaks added before headings of level X (and let the user select a page break just before a heading level 1, and 2, for instance).
Update on Dec 7th, 2012 (Tiki9.x LTS):
* RFE still valid....
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Improving PDF TOCs with large wiki documents using mix of TOC and MAKETOC
tracker item
info box for wiki
tracker item
Inheritance of category when creating a child page in a structure
Categories have assosiated privileges. Tiki would be more secure if categories where inherited when a new child page is created in a structure.
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Integrate with Joomla! CMS
When I first met Tikiwiki, I was looking for only a wiki program. The translating for page (multilingual) feature of Tikiwiki made me to choose it.

But I always wonder: does Tikiwiki really need to have so many features ?

We all know that multi-features software is more complicated for developers as well as users than single-feature software. For example, Tikiwiki has a forum built-in, do you think this forum is better than phpBB3 ? Tikiwiki also has an article feature, do you think this feature is better than Joomla! CMS ?

At present, I have a website built with Joomla, I want to add a new wiki section, but Joomla has no wiki component. In fact, I think we should combine these best softwares together, not re-create the wheel. Joomla doesn't need to build a new wiki component if we can integrate Tikiwiki with it. In fact, this integration only needs at least one function: synchronize the users so they can login in to Tikiwiki without register twice.

I should inform you that Joomla! will be the most popular CMS soon, so I hope the Tikiwiki team take some time to consider this integration suggestion.

tracker item
Ip logging in many table too short for IPv6
In tables
tiki_comments, tiki_history, tiki_pages, tiki_tags tiki_user_voting
the column IP is too short (varchar 15) for IPv6 logging

In tables
tiki_actionlog, tiki_download, tiki_logs the column IP is very big (too big ?) varing from 39 to 200 char . In tiki_download the IP cloumn is in UPPERCASE (may be problem with some Mysql installation)

In tables
the IP is split in three columns . so we can't bann an IPv6
tracker item
tracker item
Plugin to display the toc of a selected page.
For multipage wikis the display of the "table of content" using __maketoc__ isn't ideal as this statement requires to be placed on every page otherwise it wouldn't be visible for other pages.
Usually this "table of content" is used for quick navigation purposes. Therefore an alternate to the __maketoc__ statement should be provided which should allow to specify the wikipage which shall be outline. Such a statement can then be used in a module nearby the original wikipage.
tracker item
The add element of structure panel his behind C2 and c3 can't be accessed (8.1, 8.3) - twist style

!!!This problems concerns quite all table and forms (in tables or not) with fixedwidth themes.
This is the reason while it appear in so many functions.

!!!As for most of tables in many functions, with "twist" (no other style tested) the tables of the middle (C2) either overlap C3 or are behind C3 and sometimes C2. They just have a little part outside the 990px large (in twist as the width is written into css it can't be changed by prefs).

__~~#F00:The corresponding functions are then completely unusable.

Here I write this for the example elementary function "add an element to a structure" givin in screenshots joined documents

Three scrennshots proposed are :
#What a user see
#The limit of the div as shown by firebug
#The whole div zone hidden
tracker item
Structure failes to create pages when using long list of page names in option tree field
When creating a list of pages for a new structure with the Tree list. The Tiki stalls out and does not create the pages but dies randomly half way or three quarters of the way through the list. I then created a VM environment to test against that same version 9.1LTS and same symptom.
The problem is not there under 6.3LTS. I can create the structure just fine. Then export the structure and import it into 9.1LTS. Not exactly the workaround I want.

tracker item
Tiki exchange of document with others marked up languages and project management
For future versions 11 ? 12 ?


There are several main marked up languages that we know well.

I think that it will be useful to be able to exchange (import, export) documents with other selected marked up languages.

!!I particularly think to two categories :

!!!1- The task and documents managers used by development tools : Eclipse-Mylin Aptana environment and Bugzilla

Remark :
About this category, I redact documents using textile to describe the developments integrated into projects and bugzilla.
This because I have near fifty elementary project developed since 4.0, stabilized at 8.3 and that I am preparing for 10.x. (They remain for most of them available and someones must be adapted - galleries particularly)

!!!2- The wikies
The problem is to exchange data with users of main wiki.

The need is to use the large capabilities of tikiwiki to hold projects management and documentation. But as it is not specialized it cannot be directly used.

!!There are several ways, this is completely opened :
1- Be compatible i/O with textile which is very closed from basic tiki marked up language. This for basic articles.
2- Develop a plugin using tikiwiki as marked up language for Mylin
3- Look farther with a full XSL XSL-Fo (note that with eclipse all marked up supported languages can be exported as XSL-

!!On the way, proposal
1- First : list of major marked up languages for wiki and task managers
2- Links import export existing from one to another
3- Choose the optimum
Aim :
- Prepare use of tikiwiki in project management
- Be compatible with environments as Eclipse to with other project management tools

- Tiki provides a lot of coherent and very useful tools to manage the content of projects (documents and detailed task management, studies) and groupware life and management which is the core of project management (the classical tools for planning are only in my mind a little part). __But it cannot be connected with specialized existing tools and information systems in various businesses. The problem and aim is to prune efficiently tikiwiki into these organizations.
tracker item
Lack of default, when a page belongs to multiple structures
Using Tiki 6.x (proposals) and Tiki 7 (trunk)

I have a wiki page that belongs to multiple structures.

I have the "open page as structure" option enabled.

If I open the page directly, Tiki does not know which structure to use, so it opens the page __with no__ structure.

This means that the generated TOC is empty. The only way the end-user knows that the page is __supposed__ to be in a structure is by selecting a specific item from the __Structure__ drop list.

But the end-user may not have any understanding of what a "wiki structure" actually is.

There should be a way to set the default structure for a page.
tracker item
Make Wiki structures an optional feature
Many people use the wiki without structures. It should be optional, like the rest.
tracker item
maketoc needs backlinks from headings to TOC, heading formatting options, outline numbering, etc.
A small collection of related issues with maketoc:

^{maketoc} -=Maketoc issues=-^
!!! ''TOC and heading type sizes''
* This is an issue that seems to crop up repeatedly on tw.o. Users would like to be able to easily control type size of both the TOC itself and headings created by maketoc. Type size for both seems to be theme-dependent now, with many themes using very large type size for headings, some with a type size for TOC entries that is too small for users with only slight vision loss. It would be a Good Thing if TOC and heading type sizes could easily be set globally, per object type, and by category, with switches available to vary those settings on a per page or object basis.
!!! TOC and heading character attributes
* It would help reduce inconsisistencies in TOC and heading character attributes (as in this tracker item) if the attributes could be set globally, per object type, and by category, with TOC switches available to vary those settings on a per page or object basis. However, the ability to manipulate emphasis within a single TOC/heading entry should be retained, so that for example, a single word could be italicized in a TOC/heading entry.
!!! Vertical linespacing between headings and text
* Under some themes, vertical linespacing between text and headings is too much for taste, or as in the theme affecting this tracker item, too small for taste. This is another setting that should be unleashed from the themes and made easily selectable by a Tiki admin through global, category, and object type settings, with switches for per page or object variation.
!!! ''Backlinks from headings.''
* Links from the TOC to headings are now 1-way. For larger pages, maketoc would be much more user friendly for those viewing pages if clicking on a heading would take you back to the TOC.
!!! Outline numbering.
* TOC formatting and heading formatting would be friendlier to the eye if both could be assigned numbering schemes such as 1., 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.2 or I., A., 1., a., II, etc. Settings might be implemented as described for ''TOC and heading formatting.'' If developed, this might be implemented for lists as well.
!!! Headings indentation.
* Many power users in the word processing and outliners worlds expect headings to inherit the indentations of the corresponding TOC entry. This would help break up the visual clutter that happens when many headings are close together vertically as a result of short text elements separating them, as in this tracker item (but it is far worse when there are subtopics and corresponding subheadings). Settings might be implemented as described for ''TOC and heading formatting.''
!!! Text indentation
* Many people used to word processors' outlining or stand-alone outliners expect text to be left-indented one tab more than its heading. Relevant settings might be implemented as described for ''TOC and heading formatting.''
!!! Associated features
* Display current settings in editor, change current settings from editor. Make changes to settings made from the editor apply only to the object being edited, so that users do not accidentally apply per object settings to other objects. Admins should have option to disable deviations from admin-set settings.
* maketoc is commonly used in conjunction with list features. Any changes to maketoc should not unintentionally impact the list feature and ''vice versa.''
* Need to ensure that all enhancements suggested render correctly when Tiki objects are exported as PDF.
!!! Future options
* Future options might be kept open by maintaining compatability between Tiki objects containing maketoc elements and various formats used by outliners such as OPML, XOXO, OML, or OpenDocument XML. (See corresponding Wikipedia articles.) E.g., it might be feasible at some point to directly export an outline file to Tiki where it is imported as a wiki or blog page and ''vice versa.''
tracker item
maketoc generates "super Table of Contents" with too many headings in Multiprint
__The message below was edited.__ {sign user="Chealer9" datetime="2018-06-08T15:57:21+00:00"}

We are running into an issue of maketoc appending onto itself if more than one maketoc appear per page. for starters, our server is TikiWiki 3.2, Windows Server 2003, apache 2.2.13, mysql 5.1.39, php 5.3.0, Multiwiki setup.

We are seeing this in ((doc:Multiprint)). What I am seeing is that if I have Tikipage A with a ~np~{maketoc}~/np~ at the VERY top and headings 1, 2, 3 and Tikipage B with a ~np~{maketoc}~/np~ at the VERY top and headings 4, 5. When I Multiprint using the Pages selector (both Tikipage A and B) there will be 2 TOCs displayed in the resulting print page. The first TOC will show 1,2,3 and further down the page will be 1,2,3,4,5 (when I expected only 4,5). We are trying to Mulitprint hundreds of pages (and most have their own maketoc) so the very last TOC takes up 15 pages itself (after accumulating TOCS over 100s of wiki pages). Big problem for us as our nurses need to have a hardcopy/offline copy on hand in case our systems go down.

So it is the parsing of the maketoc that is causing the appending of subsequent TOCs. I found a bug by "larryg" where he tries to fix a similar issue (cf {wish id=2781} and [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?topics_offset=1&forumId=2&comments_parentId=34791]) but his fix did not work for me. I think that he is on the right track. Does anyone know of a fix? Has anyone experienced this? Is it fixed in 4.x?

Thanks in advance,

tracker item
Menu levels are not working
tracker item
Menu top item that have sub item are not clickable anymore
tracker item
Missing 'save' button when editing a structure
tracker item
Mobile support for INCLUDE, Structures?
I'm creating a Tiki site with several small reusable bits of content (as Wiki pages). Cell phone users are my primary audience, so I'm relying on HAWHAW and HAWIKI. I'd like to use INCLUDE module or structures to reuse the content. Tiki handles it fine, but my mobile tiki doesn't support either INCLUDES or Structures. The INCLUDE lines pass right thru unparsed.

1. Is there an easy way for me to get INCLUDE to work?
2. Is it planned for support in a later release?
3. Are there plans for support for Structures?

Thanks for HAWHAW, it's great!

tracker item
Module Switch Language changes language of multilingual structure
If you change the language via the switch language module it also changes the language of a multilingual structure to the same language, even though the option 'Changing the page language also changes the site language' is NOT set.

If you want to translate the page into another language it would be helpful to have those two seperate and don't have to switch language for the menu, and then you have to switch the language of the structure again - thats one step too many if 'Changing the page language also changes the site language' is NOT set.
tracker item
Moving a node in structure to another structure does not change structure ID of the moved node's children.
tracker item
moving nodes in structures moves to wrong places in some cases: weird behavior in tiki 2.3
Moving nodes in structures moves to wrong places in some cases (!): weird behavior in tiki 2.3.

If someone wants to track this bug down, I can provide a db backup of the site where this can be reproduced.
tracker item
mpdf: Print Structure -> issues with {lastmod}, {PageTitle} not shown in footer/header
tracker item
Multilingual structures do not allow users to change language using the drop down box.
I'm a bit surprised that this hasn't been picked up by other international users as it seems to be quite broken to me, so maybe I'm missing something.

Multilingual structures only work for detected browser language and for registered user preference. If you try and change the page language using the language drop down box it browses to the new url, but the delivered page does not change.

I think this is classed a bug, as it renders the language dropdown box useless.

It also makes it impossible to edit translations as whenver you visit a page to translate it reverts to the page that is in your default language.

Edit: I've just realised this only happens when open page as structure" (feature_wiki_open_as_structure) is on. That setting is very useful however...

Edit: Even then, the language of the root page in the structure cannot be changed. Unless feature_sync_language is enabled and you go to a sub page, change the language and then go back to the root.
tracker item
Multiprint of structures ignores page aliases
When a structure is printed using multiple print, then the page aliases are ignored.
The TOC shows numbering and aliases correctly.
But the page within the print output shows numbering and page name instead of alias.

This is not only inconsistent, but a major problem:

All pages in TikiWiki must have a unique name. So, in case you need to create similar structures multiple times, you'd need to define some prefix for the page names to keep them unique.
This results in rather ugly page names.

A section "Client Overview" is mandatory in the structure.

The structure is created for some module "Module A" and some module "Module B".
You'd now prefix the pages, resulting in page names "ModA_client_overview" and "ModB_client_overview". That works okay, no problem, you can simple create aliases "Client Overview" for the pages.

The TOC then prints "1.1 Client Overview". That's correct.

But why does "1.1 ModA_client_overview" appear in the printout of the page instead?!
tracker item
Namespace seperator brakes in wiki structures
tracker item
need "structure" permissions separation to have "edit structure" and "create" structure
tracker item
new pos numbers shown on structure nav for old pages may be non-contiguous on upgrade to 1.10
In 1.10, the page position is shown on the structure nav for page. It works perfectly for new pages, because of the fix applied in http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=889

However, structure pages created in 1.9 may have pos in db that remains non-contiguous. It will be better to have a way to clean this up.
tracker item
No "structures" category in this tracker.
This tracker has no category for bugs related to the structures option of tikiwiki.
tracker item
Odd feedback messages when creating a page in a structure
tracker item
pages already included in a structure cannot be added to another structure through the breadcumbs module.
tracker item
pages already included in a structure cannot be added to another structure through the breadcumbs module.
tracker item
PDF generation for structures creates badly named file
In 1.9.2, the ability to create PDF files from structures is fixed (which is great). All files in the structure are now automatically added to the include list when the PDF icon is clicked while in an active structure.

However, the resulting file is badly named. For example, in a structure consisting of:

test structure [view |edit]

* 1 numbers [x] [view |edit]
o 1.1 one [x] [view |edit]
o 1.2 two [x] [view |edit]
* 2 colors [x] [view |edit]
o 2.1 blue [x] [view |edit]
o 2.2 green [x] [view |edit]


the resulting PDF file is named "green" rather than "test_structure.pdf" or "test structure.pdf". Not only is this generally confusing (naming the pdf file for the last page in the structure is pretty counter-intuitive), but the lack of the PDF extension prevents the browser from automatically opening the file. I was able to force the file to open with Acrobat Reader 5.0 for Macintosh on OSX 1.3, but only after setting the file filter to "all files." Many less experienced users would have stalled before this.

The PDF generation should default to the name of the structure plus the ".pdf" extension, and probably should also allow this file name to be manually changed before the PDF is generated.
tracker item
permission for list page, strucuture and multiple print
Dear all,
I have a problem that at least started for version 2.0 RC4 and 2.0 final. In fact those are 3 problems, but I believe linked to the same issues

* I created a group "editors" which has more permissions than registrer.
* I gave the requested permission to the group, which "works well"

but those features does not work

List pages -> return no page
multiple print -> shows no strucuture and no page
Structure -> does not show strucuture.

For all of them the feature works if logged as admin.

I see no missing permission that sounds like related.

Any idea ?

Many thanks in advance!

See also http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?topics_offset=1&forumId=4&comments_parentId=29889
tracker item
Permission inheritance (default category) are not checked prior creating a wiki page
tracker item
php option "...&bl" does not work with "structure"
I have a set of translations:

page_id=14 - EN - is an element of a structure "A"
page_id=15 - DE - is an element of a structure "B"
page_id=16 - FR - is not an element of any structure

wiki option "Open page as structure:" is enabled...

When I try to use reference like this:

the reference works as it would be following:
"tiki-index.php?page_id=14". (it does not open pages in languages DE & FR)

When I try to use reference like this:
Everything works excellent!!!

the same thing with wiki-syntax references.
tracker item
pluginSharethis breaks maps
tracker item
problems when adding a structure to a structure
If one has a structure (s1) that is restricted (in terms of extening) to ordinary users and a second structure (s2) that can be extended by everyone, everything works as expected. if one links s2 into s1 by adding the page to s1 ordinary users are unable to add pages to s2 using the navigationbar when navigating from s1 to s2 although they can if they use the structure admin panel tiki-index.php page= s2&structure=s2&page_ref_id=2

i've been recognizing this in tiki 4.1 in 4.0 this was not a problem at all (as far as i remember)
tracker item
Profile handler for wiki structures
tracker item
A new page in a wiki structure doesn't inherit categ perms from structure parent but only object perms (unexpected for intranet type of sections of wiki structures)
tracker item
Remove requirement of global tiki_p_view wiki pages in order to allow to manage one local structure
tracker item
Show Instance to show all bugs I find for 13 when it makes sense to show in the same instance
tracker item
Site Map for visitors and search engines (Sitemap Protocol)
Should the site map be generated from the wiki structure? from the menu?

tracker item
Sorting Alpha not working at Tiki.org page
tracker item
Structure creation fails
Tring to create a structure results in the error:
An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-admin_structures.php
Url tiki-admin_structures.php
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`) values(?,?,?,?)
0 0
1 2
2 Test Structure
3 1
Field 'structure_id' doesn't have a default value
Built query was probably:
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`) values('0','2','Test Structure','1')

If the process is repeated the error thrown is different: 1 page not added (Exists)

Found with clean installs of 2.0RC4 on Windows Server 2003 x32 and also server 2008 x64. PHP 5.2.6 (x32); MySQL 5.0.51b (x32 and x64); Apache 2.2.9 (x32)
tracker item
Structure does not save changes on 15.5 LTS
tracker item
Structure headers have disappeared
As of 7.x 34239, the structure navigation header on pages belonging to structures has disappeared on my jqui theme.

It's ''possible ''but unlikely that this is a result of a module adjustment.

I need this fixed soonest as the usability of my documentation wiki is severely impacted.

See, for example http://screencast.com/t/HVO7JiOpp3e1

tracker item
Structure inserted in page is not displayed unless you specify it
tracker item
Structure numbering differs on Wiki pages
Structure numbering at the top of the Wiki pages differs to how it should display and is shown , for example, in the Structure modify page.
Xavi asked me to submit this as a bug.
tracker item
Structure order in wikipage messed up
the structure will not be sorted correctly in a wiki page while it is sorted as it should be in the structure

i tried to change the pos row in the database directly, but that doesn't helped

after expecting the db for these items i think i might know where the problem is - it is sorted by the page_ref_id instead of pos field

example (where pos is the position in database and the should be sort order) :

|| Page Name | pos | page_ref_id | pos in wikipage
Concept | 1 | 49 | 2
Exhibition | 2 | 75 | 4
Facilities | 3 | 24 | 1
Portal | 4 | 89 | 6
Handbook | 5 | 68 | 4
Resources | 6 | 55 | 3 ||

as you can see it is sorted after the page_Ref_id instead of pos in a wikipage

edit: on the other hand in another tiki there is no such problem as described above
tracker item
Structure orphans as a wiki plugin and in tiki-admin_structures.php

We want doc.tw.o to generate nice printed documnentation.

It's too difficult to detect which pages are not in a structure.

A new page may be created but not assigned to a structure and be lost, and not appear in the printer version.

It's ok that some pages are not in structures (notes, redirects, etc) though.

tiki-edit_structure.php -> list at the bottom should only show me pages that are not in current structure, otherwise, I can add the pages at two places in the structure.(feature or bug?) This could useful to move pages though because current system is too cumbersome for large structures like the one on doc.tikiwiki.org

Perhaps, the structure if should appear in list pages. So by sorting, we could find all orphan pages...
tracker item
Structure TOC with bullets and numbers
tracker item
Structure tree creation error
tracker item
structures and printing improvements for doc.tw.o and any documentation project based on Tiki
Documentation of Tiki (doc.tw.o) needs some help, as well as any other tiki site aiming to produce structured documentatation to be exported as "printer-ready" (.pdf, .odt, ...)

!!- (1). Original idea, as posted in devel list (but improved, and made it easier, below, in (2) )
I include here a copy of the [http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=467565F1.9080905%40ub.edu&forum_name=tikiwiki-devel|original post at tiki-devel list]:

[Tikiwiki-devel] New documentation file: Tiki198alpha.pdf
From: Xavier de Pedro Puente <xavier.depedro@ub...> - 2007-06-17 16:44


There are some issues that, it solved from coders, they would make
easier to produce next documents like the pdf ones:

(1) Page Title is not automatically shown on wiki pages on the server,
and thus, manual header1 was added everywhere (Almost). But when
printing to html, page title is duplicated. => if Show Page Title option
is disabled under "Admin > Wiki", Page title should not be added
automatically at print-to-html time.

(2) to produce the same structure (same level structure of headings) as
in table of contents http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Documentation , some hack
(optional) would be very welcome so that heading 1 in doc.tw.o pages is
not printed as heading 1 in through the multiprint, but as header 2, at
least. (optional).
This is, for instance, what is produced when printing a full structure
from a Workspace - AulaWiki Mod - : a coder could grab the code from
AulaWiki Mod as a reference....
In there, the description of the page is set as the Page title (header
2, I think), and the page title is included below for completeness (in
lower font, and with version number next to it)...


(3) Numbering of headings: somehow, in Workspaces this is handled
internally, and the user/documenter doesn't need to bother with manual
numbering: it's produced also at print time.

Example of print structure differences between Tiki's multi-print and
Workspaces print structure:

Print to html "Aula-Wiki Tutorial" from here:

or from here:

Well, as you could imagine, some changes to the code to make the work of
documenters a bit easier would be very wellcome also... :-)



!! (2) Update July 20th: Easier solution
Easier solution: Get levels for first heading in each wiki page of the structure not from the content of the page.

^__Example__: a page may start with a "! Title of page" (first level heading), and after that, "!! Subtitle of page" (2nd level heading), ...

Imagine that this page corresponded to "2.3.1 Module whatever" as the level in the table of contents of such structure.

The solution would be then that "!Title of page" (in that page "2.3.1 Module whatever"), when sent to (or fetched by) tiki-print_pages.php as a whole structure, was converted to "!!! Title of page"; and "!! Subtitle of page", should be converted to "!!!! Subtitle of page"..., and this way sequentially for all the title headings on each page from the structure...

The procedure below should become a 1-click from wiki (structures) to[http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Tiki19beta.pdf|PDF]. Please see:[http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Printing+the+Documentation|How to produce the .pdf out of the .odt]


Dec 13 2008. Update:
Previous problem is fixed. However, I notice that automatic numbering with heading within a page (!!#, !!!#, ...), should be also considered in the global autonumbering.

Plus width of wide images and tables would be better if not that wide when exported to html (maybe an option), for the case when you plan to import it to OpenOFfice, and they are too wide to the document. Should this be another RFE or bug report?

update on Jan. 7th, 2009:
See the other bug report: autonumbering didn't work for me with doc.tw.o/Documentation, even if it did a month ago on another site/structure

Related (and newer) bug report/RFE:
tracker item
Structures do not work with Staging
When the system is set up to use staging & approval and the Structures are turned on, pages/topics created using the Add Page feature included with Structures get created with a staging name. The structure fails/disappears when the page is approved (fails in that the structure loses the staging name and does NOT substitute in the page without the staging name).
tracker item
Structures don't get SEF links when SEF is enabled
If you turn on SEF all your links will be converted to SEF-links so far with the exception of the links the bradcrumb bar of the structure.

Tested on tiki 3.5
tracker item
Structures section at object permissions table not shown
tracker item
Structures: inconsistent numbering in wiki page vs in structure view
http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Structure&structure=Documentation -> structurs is 8.48

Yet, here: http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Documentation&structure=Documentation , it is 4.31

I don't understand the 8.48

Should be 4.31, no?

See related chat log:
tracker item
Suggest : Pages consultation from a pages selection, "return to list"

Referring to 5.3, when the a selection of page have been made into listpages, after the access to a page there is no else way to go back to the list with is filters than re-run listpage and set again the filter, browse the list often to view and modify the following element.

This is a great lost of operating time.

i suggest, as for the structure, to implement a button which returns to the list and into at the previous position.

Programmatically this needs to :
# - send to page-edit the parameter of the listpage we just have left
# - by the button run again listpages with options :
## - filter
## - current position into the list

This problems is accurate because of the new category features.
when the access rights to a "family of pages" are not the same, the good way is not to use a structure (not designed for this indeed) which access by category is applied to all structure elements, but the category or element access by groups or both.

For my own I use structured categories to access lists of pages. This is the right use, but this list can't at this time be use to browse the selected list.
tracker item
Summaries styles associated to levels in all hierarchical lists
!Summaries styles associated to levels in all hierarchical lists

When a hierarchy (summaries particularly) is displayed there is no style associated with the level.

Generally in all documents a different style is associated with level independently of the indentation.

!!the aim, a better readability.

This is en enhancement of style, but it is a very precise detail and a problem of esthetic's independently of the aim, a better readability.

So it should be optional and easy to modify into the style. Asssociated with the style not with the layout.css.

!!What's done
Efficient in my application since 5.3
Easy to enhance for 6.x and more 7.x

*tpl (two ones)

__Remark : __can be done independently, after the change into tpl, take effect when classes are defined into css
__Optionally :__ size of text by level and by default set in layout, colors or changes in text sizes or text styles into styles.
__Note:__ the name of the style is built automatically with a pattern, used for text and number (if option used), then the developer of style.css can easily add and/or find them for modification


tracker item
Bugs & Wish list
tracker item
the link 'remove from this structure' dont appears for any page in 'assing permissions to page'
A link to remove permissions from structure should be visible when editing permissions for a page that is in a structure.
In version, the version that I use, that link don't appears for any page.
I have detected the problem is a programming error in line 14 of file templates/tiki-pagepermissions.tpl. There is a test of variable $isStructure when the correct would be to test $inStructure that is the variable that is assigned in line 89 of file tiki-pagepermissions.php
tracker item
tiki_p_admin_wiki isn't being checked when adding a page to a structure
When giving a group the permission


it is not enough to add a page to a structure. The corresponding input field on tiki-index.php just doesn't appear.
tracker item
tiki-edit_structure.php broken in pre-13 / trunk
tracker item
tiki-print_pages.php should allow to choose tikiversion for all pages, if PluginVersion is used
tiki-print_pages.php should allow to set the parameter tikiversion at printing time, if Plugin Versions is being used. Example: doc.tw.o of twforsmarties: print documentation for veersion 1.9.x, 2.x or 3.x.


Right now, if I want to print the full structure of the documentation, I can't chose version (so that the default is shown)

marclaporte: and the same idea should apply to language. Show me doc in my language, if there is none, fall back to available language.
tracker item
Bugs & Wish list
tracker item
Tikiwiki and Wikipedia Citation Template (XML documentation data)
Various tools are able to built a structured documentation form internet exploration.
A good example is ZOTERO.
The product can get urls, html pages content, manage a hierarchical structure, set marks etc...
The product is able to export XML files with various basic patterns :
1. Zotero RDF
3. RIS
4. Refer/BibIX
5. Unqualified Dublin Core RDF
6. WikiPedia Citation templates
7. BibTeX

These structured informations can be imported to a wiki structure.
he interest of Zotero RDF (but I had not the time to the Unqualified Dublin Core RDF have the advantage of containing the structure definition the link to external url and if the html page has been captured the component html page with the elementary component has images.
This model his the closest of wiki structures.

Too the Wikipedia Citation templates is close but from the url refs;

I have not found where are the text and synthesis objectives for "import" and data shared (XML files as RDF Zotero structures), and multiwiki, in 4.x and 5.x

I am interested in participating to these developments.

Best regards to everybody
tracker item
Tikiwiki Book
Implement something like the special page [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Book|Wikipedia Book] to generate some revenue from community assets
tracker item
To show Links with no Permission for anonym - turns external Sitemap creation in a disasterarea 302
The Problem
i.e. the structure tee ist partial accessible for anonymous -
but in the Page view /tiki-index.php?page=xyz all the substrucktures are clickable but they are not accessible (permission of the subtree gives a 302 for the visitor - so he must go back ...

a robot like google creates so much traffic becose he want follow this dead links

so i thought this is solvable by a sitemap
but Tiki has no intern tool for a sitemap like some other cms.
so i started with a online sitemapgenerator - but disasterarea 302 permission
next sitemap-gen.py from sourceforge but the same disasterarea 302 permission
but much bigger becourse it generates from the apache accesslog.

So next i thought about this mess!OK Why create a link if it is not clickable for anonym
yes thats the first solution to give the thing a straight line

looks like a big bugfamily

<lq_013> before a few day's i started with working on a sitemap for tiki
<lq_013> first Idea with using a external tool end up in a disaster
<lq_013> this courced by permission on some struktures
<lq_013> next disasterpart is the rewrite seo engine wich produces some pages 4 times
<lq_013> each accessible in an other way
<lq_013> the sitemaptool from sourcefrge which makes analyse of the access.log produces much more shit
<lq_013> some things can be restricted in a config file but thats no god Idea
<lq_013> so my suggestion to solve some of this sitemap disasters is to cancel all a href=... where annonymous can't click to
<lq_013> this is more then recommented becourse all visitors and searchengines follow this links and get a 302
<lq_013> with redirekt to login or whatever
tracker item
TOC and MAKETOC functionality when using Multiple Print
I am a new Tikiwiki admin/user, and although DELIGHTED with the product, must confess to being disappointed with structures, TOCs and MAKETOCs functionality. See my posting in >Forum >Documentation for details of these issues.

tracker item
toc plugin lists all the downstream pages in a Structure even if some are not permitted to user
Using Structures to assemble Wiki pages into a book is a very powerful way to manage sets of pages in a holistic manner.

A common usage requirement however is to be able to restrict access to some selected pages within a Structure, which works fine from an access control point of view, BUT when the toc function is used ALL the pages will be listed within the Structure no matter what Category permissions the individual user has. This means that users have visibility of some pages that they cannot access - which may be very undesirable!! and conflicts with the WYSIWYCA principle.

It would be extremely useful to be able to filter the resultant list from the toc function, to just the pages/links that the individual user's categorisation permission allow them to see. In this way the categorised pages would not be visible at all in the same way as they are treated in many other functions e.g. List pages etc.

Still does this in 3.0b4

tracker item
toc shows or not depending on URL params
tracker item
Translation Drop Down not Available in Wiki Structures and other language anomalies
I will report 2 bugs as they appear to be related:

1. If I create a structure in english, create a wiki-top-of-structure, then i translate it in spanish... when spanish users browse the wiki they will see the translated page in spanish but with English title.
see it on http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=Sobre+Sol+Central

2. Also Tiki will not let the user to change from Spanish to English (if accessing with a Spanish configured browser), since the drop down list of languages appears disabled. These happends with many other wikis created in structures.

General Settings:

Tiki 6.0 fresh install.

Settings in Multilingual:

Detect browser language ON
Show pages in user's preferred language ON
Requires User Preferences Screen (OK)
Users can change site language ON
Display available translations ON
Multilingual structures ON
Requires Structures (OK)
Requires Multilingual (OK)

Settings in Structures:

Open page as structure OFF
tracker item
Hotwords parsed/expanded with built-in macro {toc}, breaking HTML and links
Hotword processing needs to be turned off for the text expansion of the built-in macro __toc__: {CODE()}{toc}{CODE}

If a page name in a structure has spaces, and a defined __hotword__ appears as a name in the page, then the __toc__ expansion is corrupted by the __hotword__ processing. For example, if the page name in a structure is __xxx yyy zzz ddd__ and __zzz__ is a defined __hotword__, then the resulting link out of the __toc__ expansion is the equivalent of: {CODE()}((xxx yyy zzz ddd|xxx yyy)) ((zzz)) ddd{CODE}
Note how the trailing portion of the page name is not linked at all now.

This may apply to expanding the built-in macro __maketoc__, especially when aliases are shown, as well.

Verified on the opensourcecms.org installation as requested.
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Unable to create a new page within a strcture (or as a child)
Verified using Tiki 6.1:

I attempted to create a new page within a structure, by using the structure navigation bar (add page). Tiki creates the page, but does not place it within the structure. Using the "add as child" option makes no difference.

This worked correctly in 5.3
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Unkown language applied to wiki pages created from structureds
When creating a new structure, Tiki will automaticlly create the strucutre's wiki pages. However, Tiki does not assign a language to the page. Tiki defaults to __Unknown__. This means that the user must still manually open/edit __every__ created page to set the language properly.

It would be nice if Tiki used the ''__site's default language__'' instead of Unknown
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User with permission tiki_p_edit in a certain categorie is not allowed to add a page in a structure assigned to that structure.
I defined a category Helpdesk and assigned it to a structure Helpdesk FAQ.
Also i defined a group Helpdeskadmin, which useres should be able to add new pages to the structure.
Now if a helpdeskadmin try to Add a page to the structure (with the button on the top of the wikipage with the toc), he must have global permission tiki_p_edit, not only for that categorie.

My analysis:

In tiki-editpage.php there are to permission tests:


// Permissions
$tikilib->get_perm_object($page, 'wiki page', $info, true);
if ($tiki_p_edit !== 'y') {
$smarty->assign('errortype', 401);
$smarty->assign('msg', tra("You do not have permission to edit this page."));


//Is new page to be inserted into structure?
if (isset($_REQUEST["current_page_id"])) {
$structure_info = $structlib->s_get_structure_info($_REQUEST['current_page_id']);
if ( ($tiki_p_edit != 'y' && !$tikilib->user_has_perm_on_object($user,$structure_info["pageName"],'wiki page','tiki_p_edit')) || (($tiki_p_edit_structures != 'y' && !$tikilib->user_has_perm_on_object($user,$structure_info["pageName"],'wiki page','tiki_p_edit_structures')) ) ) {
$smarty->assign('errortype', 401);
$smarty->assign('msg', tra("You do not have permission to edit this page."));

The first one is the problem becaus it asks only for globel permission, i think.
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Watch structures from wiki pages - permission denied
When on a wiki page on my tiki, I have the options available to watch the specific page or to "Monitor the sub-structure". When clicking on the latter, I am redirected to a permission denied page and the watch for the sub-structure is not set.

Even admin is being denied the permission to set a sub-structure watch on a wiki page.

Setting a watch on a sub-structure inside the structure-admin menu works fine for any permitted, though.

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When moving a part of a structure to a new structure the structure_id will not be updated
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Wiki page name Alias

__Pretty Much Resolved by the wiki ALIAS function__ - so closed.

Redirect plugin
*is not included by default in TikiWiki because it could be used for bad things
*creates redundancy (in search results, page listings, etc) - maybe redirected pages should not appear in list?

Renamed pages
*do not automatically redirect - creates broken links.

!!Proposed solution:

!!!renamed pages
*When a page is renamed the user must choose "hard or soft redirect" perhaps better known as "redirect or refer from old page?"
**hard redirect places redirect plugin on pagename-old to pagename-new.
**soft redirect puts something at top of page like
^This page has been renamed: pagename^

!!!Add synonyms/aliases to a page

suggestion (mlp): adding aliases to a page should automatically create pages with hard or soft redirects to pagename. Note that the adding of alias pages must not destroy data if page already exists.

dev.tikiwiki.org/Bug tracker

would be aliases. It would avoid the pollution we have here: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-orphan_pages.php


Each wiki page should be able to put one or many aliases. These aliases would work in search. All the aliases should have an important weight in the internal search engine.

We could use this instead of renaming pages. Also, when we do rename a page, we could have an option to have the old page name to be an alias of the new one. Thus, better for external search engines.

Theses aliases could even be used as meta tag for this page.

Putting aliases to non wiki pages (ex.: tiki-forums.php) would make ((doc:structures)) more useful. Now, using structures for site navigation only makes sense if you only have wiki pages. And who ''only'' wants to have wiki pages with all the great features offered by TikiWiki? :-)

It also help to use cleaner page links in sentences. If my Wiki page is called Install, I have to do the following now:

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
For more information about ((Install|Installation))

With aliases, I could do:
{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
For more information about ((Installation))

Page aliases - and hard redirects - should permit to set status "Moved Permanently" for robots to send traffic to main page.

What would we do with page renames? (which correct links in wiki pages). Needs some thought. We don't want some unwanted changing of text in existing wiki pages.

Do we need?
Redirect to internal or external http is ok because a special permission is needed to use. -> tiki_p_wiki_alias . In security admin, warm that giving tiki_p_wiki_alias to untrusted people is a security risk.

[wish1119|Better handling of page renaming]
[wish1610|Redirect plugin : should permit to set status "Moved Permanently"]
[wish1292|Plural WikiWords when using ((WikiWord))]
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Wiki Structures: TikiLib::create_page: Cannot create page "Foo", it already exists.)
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