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'From: ' header incorrectly set in lib/messu/messulib.php
From: and Reply-To: headers are incorrectly set in lib/messu/messulib.php, generating invalid mails:

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14x Inter-User Messages: 'Reply to all' gets the wrong sender of the message to be replied
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2.3: inter-user messages gives wrong message if users separated by comma, as before. now expects ;
Inter-user mesages from within tiki in tiki 2.3:
if you write to many users at once, you use to write their usernames separated by commas, but now, tiki seems to work only if you separate them with semicolon (;)

If you use commas to separate address in the to or cc fields, you see the wrong message: you have to allow receiving messages from others (or similar). And "no user with that name".

BTW, I had that setting enabled for me, as default on the site, and for all my users.
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"Send me a copy" sends one copy per recipient.
When composing message and sending a message + checking "Send me a copy", 1 copy message/email is sent per recipient.

Only 1 copy should go out.
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accepting friendship request produces notice: undefined variable local_sender_email in messulib.php
I've accepted a friendship request, using 1.9cvs code from a couple of days, and I saw those two lines at the top of the page,

^Notice: Undefined variable: local_sender_email in /home/httpd/tiki19/lib/messu/messulib.php on line 90

Notice: Undefined variable: local_sender_email in /home/httpd/tiki19/lib/messu/messulib.php on line 91

plus the normal output below:
Accepted friendship request from userXXX^


BTW, "friendship network" is missing from categories Feature in this website dev.tw.o! (so that, nowadays, it cannot be selected at bug report time)
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Create a profile from the Social Networking enhancements (luci) usable for Barter networks
As reported in the ((cc)) page, luci joined the team adding a profile to use his enhancements for social networking, so that they can be used in the use case of Barter networks. ( http://intercanvis.net , etc.)
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Default pref allowMsgs set to y but not set to new users
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Easier Inter-user message management for Tiki admins
This setting:
User Messages
here: tiki-admin.php?page=features

And these ones:
Users can opt-out internal messages:
Users accept internal messages by default:
Maximum mailbox size (messages, 0=unlimited):
Maximum mail archive size (messages, 0=unlimited):
Maximum sent box size (messages, 0=unlimited):
here: tiki-admin.php?page=login

Should be added to a new admin tab "Inter-user message":

IMHO, it is OK for options/settings to be in more than one admin panel, if relevant to both.
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Easier setting of Sender Email
As suggested by Nyloth at TikiFest Strasbourg,

1- "Sender Email" could be set by default to no-reply@domain.tld
2- It could be requested as part of the install script.

Many features don't work well until it's set (ex.: Inter-User message, registration with email validation, etc)
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Graphical Indication of Unread Messages
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Project to perform many of the functions of CRM using as many existing Tiki features as possible (dev notes).
Groups forgotten in Broadcast feature
I used to broadcast emails to several groups (editors,
members, etc).

Without any change from my side i can now (cvs a
week ago) only broadcast to registered or all (as set un

Other groups have diseapered.
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http://next.tiki.org/messu-mailbox.php: User popups have clickable buttons in them, but they disappear when we try to click
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if a user doesn't allow receiving messages, no multi-message is sent even if others do allow them
I was attempting to send a single message through tw.o inter-user messaging system to chibaguy, dthacker, luci, marclaporte, mlpvolt, ricks99 (with or without spaces among the names)
All those user names are ok.
I got the message "not valid user" (or similar, translated from another lang), but no message on which user was not valid.
I would have expected the message to be sent to all the other users, and to see the name of the user with problems.

I sent the message to each user, one by one, and realized that the problem was that mlpvolt didn't allow to receive inter-user messages, not that his username was wrong.
A better initial error message would be desirable..., for better user experience of inter-user messaging
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Inter-user messages not filling correctly recipients when replying
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Inter-User messaging fails with realnames: username only written when replying and that fails in current svn
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No username autocompletion
After updating from 6.x to 8.x (fresh install, database upgraded), the username in the "To:"-field is not autocompleted any more when composing a new message.
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PATCH: messu-compose hangs on french locale
When attempting to send messages to other tiki users whilst working in french locale, the messu-compose.tpl script hangs.

The problem is due to the different interpretation of commas and semicolons on french and english locales. The call to the quickhint (popup help) feature hardcodes the commas and semicolons, and this frustrates the french locale.
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keep user information as the user selected on tw.o
I wonder how many times over the last years I've had to select my user profile to be public in my preferences at http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-user_preferences.php

I always change __User information:__ from private to "__public__".
But after some months (and tiki upgrades, maybe?), I find that that settings is at "__private__"

Thus, When I go to send a message to a user, I can't either send the message:

^You have to be able to receive messages in order to send them. Goto your user preferences and enable 'Allow messages from other users'^

Or I can't because that user has that setting as private (I realized that chibaguy now has that same setting, but I wonder whether he chose that or not, like me)

same on other settings that have changed without my content:
Messages per page: 2 (I had 10, at least)
Allow messages from other users: no (I had yes)
Note author when reading his mail: no (I had yes)
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Link to validate email address (for Admins) is broken
The email that is sent to the admin to validate a new account includes a link that is messing a "?"


atest2 < mark@emailaddress.com.au> has requested an account on tikiwikiwebsite.com.au

To validate that account, please follow the link:

best regards,
your Tikiwiki

the link should start with


I've never submitted a bug before, let alone a fix, hopefully I'm providing the info the right way....
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Live Support
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login timeout during "contact us" drops message, no error message
If the session times out during use of the "contact us" form, and the anon user doesn't have perms to use the form, the message is simply dropped and no error message is displayed. (Even if you had the error message, the cache is set wrong, so that you have to retype the message, but that's another bug I posted a few days ago, with a nice link to how Drupal fixed it).
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Mailbox Messages: No pagination
3.0 and 3.1

When the number of messages in the mailbox exceeds the number set to display (regardless of the number set to display) no pagination tool appears so it is impossible to see the rest of the messages.

This is for read or unread messages.

It's happening on my live site, and it is also found in a fresh 3.0 installation under MAMP on my local machine.

It's a show-stopper!

__UPDATE: a clue__

So in Look n Feel=> General Layout

I turned off "Hide pagination when there is only one page"

and went back to the mailbox. Now it's showing

"page 1/1"

So it's not showing pagination tools to see more messages because it has concluded it is already showing them ALL.

So something can't count or can't subtract or has the wrong rule.
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Messages Missing from "Sent Messages"
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messu-mailbox.php shows "Array" where other pages show proper title in browser title bar
Bugs & Wish list
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Missing Next/Prev Links for Inter-User messages
When viewing the list of messages, no matter how many messages have been chosen to display, the system displays at the bottom

Page: 1/1

With no prev/next links

There is no way for users to access the rest of their messages. Sorting works, so they can reverse-sort the date etc... but this is hardly equivalent and anyway once they have more than 2x the display list size, the remaining messages are out of reach entirely.

With any Theme selected.
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New users have can't send messages although "Allow messages from other users" is checked by default
Topic says it:

- newly created user
- send message -> doesn't work, error message
- go to MyPreferences
- don't change anything
- just hit "Change Preferences"
- go send a message -> works
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Permission to be able to force Broadcasting (internal message) to user even if they set their account to receive nothing
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possibility to set mail reply-to to users mail-address
Is there any possibility to set the sender_mail to the users mail-address?

As I understand as newbie the code in messu-compose.php, the sender_mail should be the users mail address, if his mail adress is set public. somehow this doesn't work as I expected. Is my understanding wrong?

I'd like to set this to the users mail address, because many users don't realize that in replying to a mail send by the tiki they don't reach the original sender.
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preview button is missing on tiki messaging and trackers
You can not preview a message written through tiki-messaging system (inter-user messages), prior to its post.

Same on trackers.
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quotation marks not allowed in subject at intra tiki messaging
When subject of a message sent with intra tiki boradcast feature, and containing quotation marks, the message is not sent, nor saved in sent messages, and an error message saying that quotation marks are not allowed in message is shown. But message is lost. :-/
(not kept with back button of browser)

BTW, If message preview was a feature, message wouldn't have been completely lost, I guess: last copy of preview would have been there with back button)
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Regression: 'Users accept internal messages by default' is not applied to new users
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Sending a message from userA through the userB's homepage doesn't keep a record at "Sent Messages" from userA
sending a message from userA through the userB homepage:

doesn't keep a record at "sent" from userA (messu-sent.php)
And it should, because userA sent that message indeed to userB.
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Send direct message via tiki-user_information.php
The ((doc:Inter-User Messages)) system is quite nice.

However, it means:
1- That users have duplicate mailboxes
2- And the recipient can't just click reply

On dev.tikiwiki.org, this is not so nice because people already have an internal tiki mailbox on tikiwiki.org

So, let's think about an additional/modified feature called "direct message" or "direct mail".

This would simulate a regular email. (let's plan ahead that this should be able to send other types of messages (jabber, sms, etc.)

The headers could be:
"from" is Full Name ({$Username}) {senderemail}
"to" is Full Name ({$Username}) {recipientemail}
"bcc" to {senderemail} (So we have a trace of what we sent)

In case some spammers get a hold of it, let's have something like this at the bottom:
This message was sent via {$name of site}

Not sure if this should be done with the ((doc:webmail)) feature, or maybe as an option of ((doc:Inter-User Messages))

See how MediaWiki does it for a good example:
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send message to tracker item creator when that item is automatical. linked from another tracker item
Tracker can be (and are starting to be) used for creating forms of offers and demands in communities... (knowledge banks, time banks, openmoney....)
In our case, from tracker demands there is a field linking (through "item link" field) to tracker offers (a demand in the demands tracker can be for a specific offer already inserted in the the offers tracker).

In this case, it's needed that (optionally) a inter-user message is sent to tracker item creator when that item is automatically linked from another tracker item (from another tracker, in our case).

Other way, it's hard for a user to know if another user has requested some of this offers...

http://moviments.net/intercanvis/trackers (1.10cvs)

http://moviments.net/valldelcorb/trackers (1.9.7)
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Settings from several features can not be accessed (are not visible)
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Stop TW Sending Spoofed E-mails
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tiki-contact.php 1-"from" field 2-copy of the message for the sender 3-Subject used in notification
tiki-contact.php is an "incomplete feature"

To be useful, it would need

A- An optional "from" field for visitor's email (some people leave comments and ask for a reply but they forget to leave their email. A specific field for email would help so people don't forget.

B- An option for the visitor to receive a copy of the message.

C- Subject should be used in title of internal message. Assuming the subject is "Question about forums"

New message arrived from tikiwiki.org

New message arrived from tikiwiki.org (Question about forums)

It is possible to do all this with trackers. So is worth improving this feature or better to document trackers? Related: ((Trackers Examples))
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Wrong Registration-Link
I switched from LDAP Pear:auth to "Tiki-Only" where Users can Register BUT need a confirmation from the admin.
The admin got a Message like this
To Confirm.... klick:
The question mark for PHP-Code is missing so and the Link is invalid. I've to copy the Link and paste the question mark manually
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WYSIWYCA & default settings for inter user messages
When I click a user, I am offered to send him a message. But then I get:

User XYZ can not receive messages
ERROR: No valid users to send the message

1: WYSIWYCA: I should not be offered to send a message if the user has disabled that. (frustrating to write such a message for nothing)

2: tiki-user_preferences.php: "Allow messages from other users" default should be yes

3: tiki-user_preferences.php: "Send me an email for messages with priority equal or greater than:" default should be "3"

3- Users accept internal messages by default: default should be yes -> $allowmsg_by_default

4- Users can opt-out internal messages: default should be yes -> $allowmsg_is_optional

All these should be the default settings (most logical) if a Tiki site admin choose to activate inter user messages.

Easier Inter-user message management for Tiki admins:

Also related:
Should sender email be disclosed when receiver gets notification via email? goals: balance privacy & facilitate communication/collaboration
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