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Upgrade 4.1->5.0 - Error : x01 : Fatal error on tra.php

As I told about, during upgrading from 4.2 (I am testing from 4.3) many errors occurs. This threated in a global way in id4377.

Here the problem comes from tra.php this generates a __fatal ERROR__

Reason during first tiki-setup __tra.php__ can be called when $tikilib is not yet set then __the function tra_impl crashes__.

It seems that at this stage of installation (managing session prefs) is it, as if getone() should answer false, nothing particular to do :
I have justed added a first level isset on $tikilib

See the joined patched source with comments.

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'Kyiv,' not 'Kiev'
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'View Articles' - page name not translated
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"Change language for this page" in translate this page first step
The page of the first step in translating should be as simple as possible.

Changing the language of the existing page has nothing to do with translating the existing page, and is even contradictory, since deciding translation implies admitting the language of the existing page will not change.

It can even ruin a translation effort, if chosen by mistake.

besides, changing the language of a page should remain exceptional, and be left to editors, not to translators.
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"Translation of this page is incomplete." / "translation in progress"
The phrase "translation in progress" might be confusing for users, who expect to see only text to translate in the field of text to translate.

Plus, it contains code that users might not understand

Plus, it is not part of content, it is a metadata. It should not be in the content field.
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#3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7x
!#3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7x

As I can't access in "edit/delete" mode to #3757, I add this one for complements.

The problem of access to whishlist is reported in : #3767

!!Complements :

!!!To be able to hold [FIX] in language files without direct corrections
The fact to have to commit the full language.php for a language when we have to make a change into an invalid translation has multiple not suitable effects :
*you can't follow changes
*you can't check and think about
*you can't validate

The new changes with array fusion make forbidden the fact to alter the (system) language with custom.php or other

I enhance my proposal with the [FIX]-*-language.php files with are merged and not fused with after all others.

The final aim is to make a merge and automatic rewrite of language.php from the merged array "$lang_$lg" from validated [fix].

!!!To files are naturally sorted (normal - UTF8):
# language.php or [SYSTEM]-*-language.php
# custom.php or [CUSTOM]-*-language.php
# [FIX]-*-language.php

the "*" is a part of the name which has meaning (content) and can be sorted.
particularly non yet translated parts can be separated from main [SYSTEM] and marked.
Progressive and controlled (repartition of job for example) translation can be done.

Best regards


PS : I am particularly sensibles on this because I made each day changes and I think not efficient to commit the full French language each day but a little [FIX] with what+date seems a good solution.
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$prefs.language does not work properly?
This is related to the Custom Site Header section of Look & Feel on our Web site. We put a top navigation bar which is expected to be showin in different languages depending on the visitor's language (look at http://www.daav.cn/cms/tiki-list_file_gallery.php ). The code in Custom Site Header is like this:

<div style=...>
{if $prefs.language eq "cn"}
<li>link1 in Chinese</li>
<li>linkN in Chinese</li>
{elseif $prefs.language eq "fr"}
<li>link1 in French</li>
<li>linkN in French</li>
{elseif $prefs.language eq "de"}
<li>link1 in German</li>
<li>linkN in German</li>
<li>link1 in English</li>
<li>linkN in English</li>

however, it seems the top navigation bar is always shown in Chinese even when I set the default browser language to English only. At that time, our php-based language detector works correctly to identify the user/browser language as English (example: our homepage at http://www.daav.cn/ ) but tikiwiki remains in Chinese unchanged.

Is there anything wrong with the code or it's just because my Windows XP is in Chinese? Then how to get around this in Tikiwiki? What language do you get on the linked page that I included above?

Thanks for any hints.
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Working on Japanese Translations
Japanese translations are incomplete.
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12.x: site lang doesn't change to lang B through i18n admin panel if that admin has selected language A as user preference
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sefurl conflicts with best language
Please see:

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Tanzania missing in country tracker list
Seems like Tanzania keeps falling out of the country list. This was the case some years ago. Might as well add Swahili as a language option if applicable.
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Multilingual Meta Keywords and Meta Description (and increase 255 characters limit)
Please increase the limit and make it multilingual
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workaround to open ticket #2188
This is a workaround for the bug described below. We just had this same problem occur in Tiki Wiki 6.3. Our Architect looked at the code and said the search wasn't recognizing the pages' language. I turned off the multilingual feature that I just turned on last week (May 31, 2011), and our search function worked normally again.

This is a cut and paste of the following open bug I found that describes this problem:

Status open
Rating (1)
Ticket ID 2188
Subject Search function does not work when tiki-searchindex.php is first invoked
Submitted by Geoff Brickell
Priority 9 high
Category Bug: Error
Tiki Version 2.x
Feature Search
Description Using the Search link in the application menu invokes tiki-searchindex.php which does not return any results no matter what you search for.

Having had a 'failed' search you are however now at tiki-searchresults.php and all subsequent searches work fine.

When you use the Search box module you fill in the form and the form 'action' is to run tiki-searchresults.php - and so this works fine.

This was previously logged as id 1696 - but this flagged the problem as a usability problem with the tiki support site rather than a possible coding bug - so have submitted this again.

Lastmod by Geoff Brickell
Created Monday 01 December, 2008 04:40:25 CST
LastModif Monday 01 December, 2008 04:46:34 CST
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5.0RC1 - wiki Editing option "check orthography" ->em error : table "babl_words_fr" missing

Remark : The editing current page seems to crash if to many changes by cut are made (my page lost).

Object :

Change of option "check orthography" lead to system error when you save the page :


La table 'teawik-ld8-50s-new1.babl_words_fr' n'existe pas
The query was :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`=? or `word`=?

Valeurs :

1. Table
2. table

The built query was likely :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`='Table' or `word`='table'

Stacktrace :
* tiki-editpage.php : 0 -> {main}(array ( ))
*tiki-editpage.php : 853 -> spellcheckreplace(array ( ))
*lib\tikilib.php : 1659 -> spellcheckword(array ( ))
* lib\tikilib.php : 1704 -> spellcheck_word(array ( ))
* lib\bablotron.php : 44 -> word_exists(array ( ))
*lib\bablotron.php : 104 -> query(array ( ))
* lib\core\lib\TikiDb\Bridge.php : 29 -> query(array ( ))
*lib\core\lib\TikiDb\Pdo.php : 119 -> handleQueryError(array ( ))
*lib\core\lib\TikiDb.php : 150 -> handle(array ( ))

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5.0RC1 - wiki Editing option "check orthography" ->em error : table "babl_words_fr" missing

After a cut off of adsl line during 3 weeks because of a sinister, I come back (but the speed remain the slowest 300kb/s).

When you set the option check-orthography (french language), when you try to save you get the SYSTEM ERROR :

La table 'teawik-ld8-50s-new1.babl_words_fr' n'existe pas

__The table '<database_name>.babl_words_fr' don't exist__

The query was :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`=? or `word`=?

Valeurs :

1. Table
2. table

The built query was likely :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`='Table' or `word`='table'

Stacktrace :
* <site_dir>\tiki-editpage.php : 0 -> {main}(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\tiki-editpage.php : 853 -> spellcheckreplace(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\tikilib.php : 1659 -> spellcheckword(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\tikilib.php : 1704 -> spellcheck_word(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\bablotron.php : 44 -> word_exists(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\bablotron.php : 104 -> query(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\core\lib\TikiDb\Bridge.php : 29 -> query(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\core\lib\TikiDb\Pdo.php : 119 -> handleQueryError(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\core\lib\TikiDb.php : 150 -> handle(array ( ))
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5.x: wiki "watch" emails come with iso-8859-1 to me even if chosen utf-8 everywhere in settings; other email ok
{CODE(wrap=>1)}[10:28] <xavi> since a few versions ago, I can't get wiki watch emails with a correct encoding for accents, etc.
[10:28] <xavi> smae behavior in many servers (using Tiki 4.x, 5.x... tried with setting utf-8 and iso-8859-1)
[10:29] <xavi> I get most emails all right , email reader (thunderbird, gmail, etc.) can read them properly, but not emails from changes in wiki pages...
[10:30] <xavi> I wonder if this can be some problem with the encoding in some tpl , or that the code for sending emails from changes in wiki pages uses some different method than the rest of email sending... and that other method is not handling charset properly... (just hypothesis)
[10:31] <xavi> asking here first in case someone who already knows the internals of Tiki has some tips...
[10:31] <xavi> to quickly refuse some hypothesis...
[10:32] * xavi fears looking at the code for this and getting lost in php code , zend code, and other gibberish which he can't understand easily....
[10:41] <xavi> ok, at least I know some more information about the problem (charset for wiki watch emails)
[10:42] <xavi> I double checked in one site, and everywhere is set to use utf-8 as encoding (admin general, admin community, and my own user pref settings), but wiki watch emails come with: "content-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1"
[10:43] <xavi> ok, this deserves a bug report...
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updates to lang/hu/language.php
Bugs & Wish list
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Action buttons missing in 3 themes (Coalesce, Strasa, Ohia) when translating wiki pages
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Activating plugins doesn't invalidate cache and thus, plugin help doesn't appear on next page edit
Activating plugins doesn't invalidate cache and thus, the plugin help doesn't appear on next page edit.

To reproduce:
1- edit a wiki page
2- click on the help button
3- scroll down to plugins
4- click on Activate/deactivate plugins which takes you to tiki-admin.php?page=textarea ~~#FF0000:(wrong tab!)~~
5- Click on plugins
6- Activate a plugin
7- Notice that on next edit, the new plugin is not available
7a) a bug in my text, edit Help was in French, so maybe the cache of another user was appearing

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Add Google Translate support
It's easy:
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add language selection list on Installer page
When I start the installation of Tikiwiki, I wondered why it is only in English.

Later I read the documentation and know, I should use


instead of just enter


to start the installer.

But, why make this trick so difficult to be known?
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Adding a topic to articles conflicts with language switching
On this site:

Articles are in English & in French. Users can toggle between each language. However, if I add a topic to an article, it no longer works.
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Article translation doesn't work.

First: Thanks for this great project!

When you try to translate an article (by clicking on the small globe that is near the edit icon), it sends you to the wiki translation page, and content is empty, ie, it doesn't get the article's content to translate, and off course, even if it did so, the interface is not correct for article translation (it should have the same article interface, with heading and stuff).

I hasn't tried latest trunk, but bug is present on 5.1.

I tried to search for a similar bug already open (because of this forum thread: http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=13&comments_parentId=33126), but I found none, thus: I'm opening this open.

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Articles plugin: filter by language
To filter articles by language:

Using the nifty lang & notlang as below gives more flexibility:
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Auto Toc with rtl language
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Autocomplete is broken on multilingual tracker text fields
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BiDi.css bug in RTL language
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Bing Machine Translation does not work
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Blog local perms are not deleted if group name contains spaces or special characters
You create a blog, Assing local perms to a group which name contains an space (or special characters such as é, è, ñ, ç, ...). Then when you attempt to delete the local permission, you don't succed. The url is something like:


And it produces the error message saying somerthing lie "there is not enough information to show this page".
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Buttons for available languages
Presently the scrolling list for the available languages of a wiki page is not visually very enticing. A list of buttons for available languages would visually entice to multilingual browsing, and would mean one click less for the locutor of an available language.

Also the inclusion of "Translate" in that list can be seen as a good idea, but you could also argue that "Translate" must only be a button at the bottom of the page, because after all it is a sort of editing too.

Thus browsing by the top icons, for users with read permission, and editing through the bottom button, for users with edit permission, are better separated.
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Can not change article language - page not found error
As admin I view _article_, then click on the "Multilingual globe". This brings the translation page. At the bottom I select new language and press "Change language" button. All I receive is "Page not found" error.
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Can't change language on homepage
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Cannot change an Article's language from its Translate page
The "Change language for this page" form fails when it's applied to an Article.
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change_language (Users can change site language) is enabled when feature_multilingual is not
If the default install, feature_multilingual is disabled since r11761. Nevertheless, change_language (Users can change site language) is still enabled by default.
Since r17625, controlling change_language is dependent on having feature_multilingual enabled.

This creates confusion, like luciash wondering where change_language was today. It's abnormal you have to enable a feature to disable another feature.
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Character substitutions in page names, search engine, usernames, etc.
Since wiki page names should avoid special characters, we'll need to think about maybe using character substitutions in page names (a instead of à, _ instead of ') and use the description field for the exact format.

Please coordinate here: ((Character substitutions))
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CKEditor contentsLangDirection by page language
The multilingual/translation support is integrated with the WYSIWYG feature in a way that if you are working in an English interface, the text direction in CKEditor remains LTR even when the page being edited is defined as being in Hebrew, which is RTL. I expect that this applies to any other RTL language.

Similarly, it seems to me (though I haven't tested it thoroughly) that a user working in a Hebrew interface would get RTL behaviour in CKEditor even when editing an English page.

I can only assume that use of the English-language interface for editing Arabic pages and Arabic-language interface for English pages is common, as such combinations are certainly common where Hebrew is involved. The forcing of direction according to interface language rather than page language is likely to be a significant annoyance in all such cases.

The ideal solution would be to make the editor direction dependent on the page language's direction, and only according to the user's language if there is no page language set (there is a CKEditor option which does that - see http://docs.cksource.com/ckeditor_api/symbols/CKEDITOR.config.html#.contentsLangDirection)
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Comment into forums of various languages
When Comment Into Forum is activated, pages of whatever language will be commented into the same forum.

This violates the rule according to which you should never see involuntarily the languages you don't understand, which display is pollution for you.

This will compell you to browse through numerous languages you are not interested in in order to find those you can read.
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Community Currencies
Completely multilingual Tiki not just Wiki
I wish the wonderful multilingual features that the Wiki side of
TikiWiki has were available/applied consistently throughout the Tiki package.

So, it works really well to view wiki pages in your own languages,
translate into others and keep these in sync collaboratively.

While you stay in the Wiki side of things.

As soon as you leave to use files, forums and FAQs etc. etc. multilingual is patchy at best.

I'd like to be confident that whatever feature I enable, its possible
for all content in that feature to be truly multilingual.

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console , translation:getstrings with a single language argument create (duplicate) an .old file for all languages
tracker item
Console, translation:getstrings argument basedir not working outside a Tiki (documentation missing ?)
tracker item
Construction error in $lang, $lang_custom ??
tracker item
Country Tanzania and language Swahili
I suggest adding country Tanzania and language Swahili.

Will be happy to supply information needed - and the flag graphic.
tracker item
Create a new language for Tiki, "generic"
tracker item
Create a tool that extracts all text to be displayed
tracker item
Create New Pages Without Asking Page Language
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Custom language translation
Sometimes, we want to change a few language strings from the original Tiki. It could be because of regional or community expressions.

Currently, we need to change language.php and/or the template (tpl) files.

It would be better to have a custom language file which would override default text. (Like we do for tpl files). Therefore upgrades would be smoother.

Even better if we could edit this language file via the GUI.
tracker item
Custom language translations in the database and administered via web interface
This will make upgrades easier as people won't have to worry about overwriting their enhancements,

Multilingual categories need translations and doing by FTP is not fun.

[tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=485] -> This is suboptimal

Support.mozilla.com has need for this as well.

In 3.0, language/*/custom.php can be managed by the web interface.

Next step is to have this in a wiki page
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Custom string translation do not work
The custom translation strings feature does not seem to work.

The recipe for reproducing this bug can be found here:

* Setup: [http://profiles.tikiwiki.org/Multilingual_Wiki#Setting_up_the_site_for_testing]
* Reproducing this particular bug: [http://profiles.tikiwiki.org/Multilingual_Wiki#Testing_custom_translated_strings]
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DB error with new 1.10 install or upgrade over 1.9.9
I was running 1.9.9 on a SLES 10 linux box, and we are running MySQL on Novell Netware, MySQL version 4.0.26a.

I tried an upgrade directly over the top of 1.9.9, and I got that error. So, I tried a Clean install on a new database, and I got the same error.

As a troubleshooting step, I tried creating a blank database with the name that it specifies, but then it just gives the following error message
"Unknown column 'bits.translation_bit_id' in 'field list'".

I suspect the installer script isn't creating this table and fields properly.

This error occurs anytime any Page is clicked on, including the main index page. It is a major roadblock to basic functionality.
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Default site language should be included in choice of user can switch lang
When an admin has chosen a particular language for site default language, and he chooses a set of allowed languages for user to switch to that does not include this lang, the language selectors for users will not include the site language.
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Detect browser language not working when global language is not English
Detect browser language is not working to me (to luciash, in fact, in a site which I admin), in a recently upgraded site from 2.4 to 3.0.

This affects Tiki 3 to 7 and is a regression from Tiki 2.
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Discussion: Should we change from language.php to native .po files?
We have: ((tw:PO convertor for TikiWiki))

Should we change the way we handle language.php?: ((Research about different i18n systems))
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Display of many text after upgrade of a database coded UTF8 defined latin1 as UTF8 code

When you use an existing database (UTF8 coded but charset=latin1 and collate=latin1-swedish-ci) converted by tiki-install 5.0 :

1- the titles and contents are displayed : as pure utf8 is saying the French texts (tables defined charset=latin1) :

A- Titles of any item
"L'échec et ses conséquences" is displayed :
" L'échecs et ses conséquences"

B- Texts of dictionnary (language.php UTF8 encoded) as
"créé à partir d'une structure" (comment the update or creation origin of a document) is too displayed
"créé à partir d'une structure"

C- Contents of Wiki or articles : id

D- Menu options : are well displayed
The text comes from the same file language.php (fr)

E- Tiles of column of tables etc. : well displayed

F- Warning messages ?

Everything behaves like the titles and contents even defined as charset=latin1 are dsiplyed as UTF8 while the others are threated well.
Is it a relation with the fact that "modify" action never displays anything because of the query, I will try to understand.

Everything was displayed well in 4.x versions

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drawings seem not UTF-8 compatible
when I use persian names for pages the "{draw name=foo}" in wiki outputs something like this

<p><a href='#' inhibited_Click="javascript:window.open('tiki-editdrawing.php?page=%D8%A7%D9%87%D8<span style='display:inline;' id='dyn_AF_display'><a class='dynavar' inhibited_Click='javascript:toggle_dynamic_var("AF");' title='Click to edit dynamic variable: AF'>NaV</a></span><span style='display:none;' id='dyn_AF_edit'><input type='text' name='dyn_AF' value='NaV' /><input type="submit" name="_dyn_update" value="Update variables"/></span>D8%A7%D9%81+%D9%88+%D9%85%D8%A7%D9%85%D9%88%D8%B1<span style='display:inline;' id='dyn_DB_display'><a class='dynavar' inhibited_Click='javascript:toggle_dynamic_var("DB");' title='Click to edit dynamic variable: DB'>NaV</a></span><span style='display:none;' id='dyn_DB_edit'><input type='text' name='dyn_DB' value='NaV' /><input type="submit" name="_dyn_update" value="Update variables"/></span>8C%D8<span style='display:inline;' id='dyn_AA+_display'><a class='dynavar' inhibited_Click='javascript:toggle_dynamic_var("AA+");' title='Click to edit dynamic variable: AA+'>NaV</a></span><span style='display:none;' id='dyn_AA+_edit'><input type='text' name='dyn_AA+' value='NaV' /><input type="submit" name="_dyn_update" value="Update variables"/></span>D8%A8%D8%A7%D8%B4%DANaVD8%A7%D9%87&path=/test/tiki&drawing=foo2','','menubar=no,width=252,height=25');"><img border='0' src='img/wiki/foo2.gif' alt='click to edit' /></a>

in the html code which in browser adds this line to the picture of drawing :


and also the link for editing the drawing does not work
tracker item
Duplicate entire structure for translation
For translation, I would like a way to duplicate an entire structure, and have Tiki automatically build the translation relationships between wiki pages.

For example, consider that I have the following structure in English

Structure Name
Page Foo
..Page Bar
..Page Alpha

Now I want to translate the structure to Spanish. I want Tiki to create (automatically):

Structure Name, sp
Page Foo, sp
..Page Bar, sp
..Page Alpha, ap

__AND__ create the translation relationships between the specific pages (for example from "Page Foo" to "Page Foo, sp"

tracker item
Ease contributions of translations for people that don't use SVN
Version 2.0 now offers an ((doc:Interactive Translation)) feature.

Next, we could set-up the web-based, interactive translation feature, and translation commits to main code base could be done regularly from i18.tiki.org to SVN. We would need to find a way to credit the translators in the CVS log.


tracker item
Editing a wiki page: Footnotes and Comment are unclear labels
Footnotes should be "My footnotes"

Comment should be "Edit Summary"

tracker item
Editing a Plugin via plugin helper icon on a translated page looses the translation assigned!
tracker item
Editor & localization Dashboard (help contributors with priorities)
Please see:

This should be not just for localizers but editors in general.

[12:55] lphuberdeau: where can I see the l10n dashboard in action?
[12:55] djst: https://support.mozilla.com/sv-SE/kb/Localization+Dashboard?bl=n
[12:56] djst: lphuberdeau, this page explains the syntax for the plugin https://wiki.mozilla.org/Support/l10nPriorityPRD/Plugin_Usage
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Wysiwyg Editor not loading for users with Chinese as preferred language
tracker item
Error of file type when uploading custom translation
tracker item
This should be optional, like the rest.

But beware of:
[wish1697|permission "minor" seems useless on doc.tw.o: registered can't use it even if granted to them]
tracker item
Flag image broken for some some countries
tracker item
French translation for numbers was added in Tiki 20
tracker item
get_strings.php doesn't collect properly strings with single quotes in some cases
get_strings.php doesn't collect properly strings with single quotes if they have been declared inside tr() or tra() functions with single quotes as well. For example:

tr('You are not permitted to edit someone else\'s post!');

Should go to language.php files as:

// "You are not permitted to edit someone else's post!" => "You are not permitted to edit someone else's post!"

But instead it goes as:

// "You are not permitted to edit someone else\\'s post!" => "You are not permitted to edit someone else\\'s post!"

Even the string above is translated, the translation will never be used by Tiki since the English string in language.php files differs from the original string.
tracker item
get_strings.php populate language.php file with invalid strings
Probably after r15010 get_strings.php is collecting code from Smarty template as strings to be translated like the one below:

~np~"</div>\n\t\t</div>\n\t\t\t\t{/if}\n\t\t\t{/foreach}\n\t</div>\n\t{/tab}{/if}\n\t\n\t{if \$prefs.feature_display_my_to_others eq 'y' and \$infoPublic eq \"y\"}{tab name=\"{tr}User Contribution"~/np~

The regular expression used to parse the source files in search of translatable strings needs to be fixed but it is a bit scary to change it without unit tests. It is too easy to introduce another regression bug fixing this one.
tracker item
http://i18n.tiki.org/Status shows fatal error
tracker item
I can't translate a page
tracker item
I10n: admin pages not displayed properly
Installed a clean TW6.1 for a new multilingual project.
Choosed to limit languages to either german or english.
whenever the language is set to german (english works fine btw.) and i want to go to an admin subpage (like tiki-admin_modules.php, tiki-admin.php works fine) i only get (i guess) the $mid part of the templates - white background with unformatted text and no js or css
tracker item
I10n: create (sub-)page from structure/breadcrumb bar doesn't get into the structure
If you create a page or subpage for a structure with the bar above the displayed page you will asked for a language. after you select the language and enter the text into that page and submit it the page gets created but not put into the structure
tracker item
I10n: Edit a page in a language different than english results into a broken editpagedisplay
as described in the topic

if you are trying to edit a page in a multilingual wiki where you have currently a language other than english selected (i only have german allowed in my tiki) you only see something like this (complete html output):
{CODE(wrap="1",ishtml="0")}<div class="floatright">
<a class="previewBtn" title="Vorschau Ihrer Änderungen." href="/test/tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de"><img src="pics/icons/magnifier.png" alt="Vorschau Ihrer Änderungen." width="16" height="16" style="border: none" class="icon" /></a></div>
<h1><a class="pagetitle" href="/test/tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de">bearbeiten: test_de</a>

<!-- templates/tiki-preview.tpl start -->
<div class="wikipreview" style="display:none;" id="autosave_preview"><div>
<div style="float:right;">
<select name="diff_style" id="preview_diff_style">
<option value="" selected="selected">Vorschau</option>

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tracker item
i18n feature breaks wiki feature when language is changed to german
I tried some other languages, but it seems only to apear with the german translation.

The wiki css breaks if u change to german. most pages work well, but the wiki gets killed
tracker item
i18n forums
I am not sure if this is a formal "feature request" yet. More of a discussion/debate for now...

How should we handle forums in a multilingual site? Is it a lot of development?

*Should we split tiki-forums.php by language?
*What do we do when some users would like to see messages in more than 1 language?
*How do we handle modules which show the most recent messages? In all languages? by choice?

tracker item
i18n online translation broken
tracker item
i18n: "Best language" feature applied to short list of 2 or more preferred languages (user profile)
Say a Tiki site is translated in 18 languages. If I only speak one language, the "best language" works for me. But if I speak 3 languages, I would like to be able to easily see the content in those 3 languages without being shown the rest.

Suggestion: For each use to have an ordered list of preferred languages.

For example, a user selects:
1- French
2- English
3- Spanish

and let's suppose we add a language setting to forums. Please see :[http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=1030|i18n forums]

So, when I list the forums, I want to see those 3 forums, but not the other 15. Without a system like this, it makes it easy for everyone to be tempted to just stay in their main language.

Another example: wiki page translations. If a wiki page is available in 18 languages, just show the user the list from their preferred languages

This would be very useful for wiki structures. Using the next/previous in structure would show page in the user's preferred language, if available. This would be useful for doc.tikiwiki.org and the Mozilla Support site.
tracker item
i18n.t.o unusable: Fatal error Class Table_Plugin not found (plugin fancytable)
tracker item
if use a chinese character in a page's name, can't use (()) to refer to that page.
just like this ((text中文))

it can't be parsed correctly as a page referer.
tracker item
If you use the Spell Check feature without having loaded the dictionary-error message is misleading
The following message occurs if you ask for a spell check without even knowing you need to load the Dictionary file.
Which most new users would NOT know.... Certainly I didn't know...

Can I suggest that the error message be more descriptive and contain a link to SourceForge to down load the dictionary.
Perhaps the error message could be "You are missing the dictionary - please down load from ......" <grin>

Would it be possible to have this downloaded and installed from the MODS in Tiki????

Thank you!
An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-editpage.php
Url tiki-editpage.php?
select `word` from `babl_words_en` where `word`=? or `word`=?
0 Tombstone
1 tombstone
Error Message Table 'tikiwiki.babl_words_en' doesn't exist

Go back

Return to home page
tracker item
Import glossaries
Building terminology from scratch is ok, but there are also numerous opensource glossaries to import, on the web.
tracker item
In multilingual provided clearer guidance to user as to what language is most up to date
Say Joe is English, but he can read French and Spanish. He gets to a page which is out of date, compared to English and French. Right now, he does not get any information tellling him to go to French or Spanish instead, except if one of the updates has been the subject of an urgent translation request.

It would be nice if there was a notice at the top of the page saying something like this:

The English version of this page is only 87% up to date.

Some of the missing information is considerered __critical__ (urgent translation request issued).

Up to date information is available in the following languages: French, Spanish.

To get a machine generated translation of an up to date version from another language, click here (Warning: the quality of the translation may not be good).

Note: Clicking on the Machine translation link would show the out of date English page and the MT into English side by side, so that the user could refer back to the proper (but incomplete) English version if nececssary.
tracker item
Incomprehensible string for translation
tracker item
Insert special characters : move to main template and make localized versions
Special characters is now via a popup. This is bad because the one click javascript insert doesn't work. "Basic" special characters should be integrated in the template.

Could (should?) be contextual to language. Current page? User language(s)? What if use speaks many?

It could also be a drop down-menu like with available languages. Go edit a page on wikipedia to get an idea.

wikipedia's Basic" special characters:

Additional French special characters:

Additional Spanish special characters:

We should let our translators edit this according to their local needs.

tracker item
Installation step 'Configure General Settings' looses i18n language choice
tracker item
Installer does not set language on new install
On a new installation (clean DB), Tiki does not set the site's default language.
tracker item
interactive translation on-use-off results in a 10x slow-down
Toggle interactive translation on.
Translation bar with the check box always makes the page load >10x slower. The page is loaded in 4 sec, but it still does something for 40+ seconds. Thereafter, the translation bar is loaded.
It is quite annoying so one tries to
Toggle interactive translation off.
It does not show that bar anymore. However, you still need to wait for the extra 40 seconds. Highly annoying.

tracker item
Interactive Translation produces WSOD
tracker item
Interactive translation: Use a color to indicate untranslated strings
tracker item
Introduce an upload feature on I18N page
tracker item
Quick Edit module should detect and warn about special characters in page names
Sometimes, we end up with some strange characters in pages names (accents, punctuation, etc). While it generally works, people should keep URLs with simple characters (like in emails) for nice readable URLS.

For example:
((I know this is all wrong, but fear it might be right - Alain Désilets))
tracker item
Side-by-side edit of two languages, with a "translation is in sync" button to save both wiki pages
Full page mode would be quite important

** Need to evaluate usefulness with Alain Désilets
** LP says it's doable (from back-end perspective)

Coordinate with other work on:
tracker item
8.x & 6LTS: machine translation broken
Machine translation ( http://doc.tiki.org/Machine+Translation ) seems to be broken in Tiki 6 LTS, at least.
No content is translated from the page.

The same site (before upgrading months ago to tiki6) had that feature working.

Is this feature working for anyone on any stable (non deprecated) tiki version?
I've just checked on localhost with 8.x (r38429), and the feature still exists in admin panels. When enabled, and attempted to request to have a wiki page google-translated, a blank page is shown :-/

tracker item
Multigual File Descriptions
This item pulled out of Ticket ID 2874 which had several items.

File Galleris should be multilingual including


e.g. description has different content for different languages which is then displayed with the image 'caption' automatically in user's language.

See detyailed discusssion and real world use cases at [http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?page=user&itemId=2874&show=view|linked ticket|_blank].
tracker item
Tiki 6.x to Tiki 8.x upgrade with Latin-1 to UTF-8 conversion
The conversion and upgrade went well except that page names were not converted

So I had to manually rename some pages for these characters:
é -> é
É -> É
à -> à
è -> è

Wiki page attachments were associated the corrected page name. Thus, if I didn't rename the page, attachment wasn't available.
tracker item
Multilingual option in tracker field prevents from filling fields
Create a tracker field, of type Text or Text Area (possibly other types are also buggy).
Hit "Add field and edit advanced options", then check "multilingual".
Save the field.

Afterwards, get to tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=<number> and attempt to "Insert New Item":
All fields with option "multilingual" lack any input field. They can't be filled (even when mandatory). → Problem!

Going back to edit the field and removing "multilingual" option corrects the issue.
tracker item
WYSIWYG: links to wiki pages with accents get corrupted (UTF-8)
How to reproduce:

Using WYSIWYG, edit a page which has a link to a wiki page which has an accented character and the link will change from accentué to accentu�


* Avoid non-English characters (éàç) in page names
tracker item
PATCH: messu-compose hangs on french locale
When attempting to send messages to other tiki users whilst working in french locale, the messu-compose.tpl script hangs.

The problem is due to the different interpretation of commas and semicolons on french and english locales. The call to the quickhint (popup help) feature hardcodes the commas and semicolons, and this frustrates the french locale.
tracker item
Available languages in mode "Restrict supported languages"
By using i18n "Multilingual" with "Restrict supported languages" and module "switch_lang" in "Admin Modules" the module's drop down menu does not show restricted languages properly. The problem depends on chosen active language.

Restricting to Arabic, English and German, the menu offers correctly three options in Arabic and English, but all languages in German.

Adding French and Spanish to the restricted languages, now there are still three options in Arabic and English (should be five), all options in German and Spanish, and the correct five options in French.

There is no possibility to chose all languages when active language is German or Spanish, so this part of the restriction seems to work properly.
tracker item
Using Wiki cache can show the wrong language to other users
Using wiki page cache, it happens that page cache is generated by a user who set his language to Italian. And then, the page is visited by someone who has language to something else, but sees Italian.

Workaround: turn off wiki page cache if you have a multilingual site
tracker item
Features Classification
tracker item
Ja lang wiki text broken (trunk)
Unless I'm missing some new admin change, Japanese wikitext support in trunk is broken. At both a 3.1 site upgraded to trunk, and a fresh install of trunk, Japanese text shows as either garbarge characters or question marks. (I know it's a long way until Tiki 4, but trunk is supposed to stay close to releasable.)
tracker item
JQuery Datepicker/JS Calender do not appear in other languages
As mentioned on subject: jquery datepicker should appear in a translated version with other site languages than english. But it doesn't.

E.g. look at the datepicker on [http://i18n.tiki.org/tiki-calendar.php].

It remains in english even if the site language is changed.
tracker item
jQuery-UI Chosen Select Boxes not working when using RTL language
tracker item
Language code of Simplified/Traditional Chinese are non-popular and caused problem
tracker item
Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal [MOD] [ADD]

!Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal [MOD] [ADD] for Trunk 7x

I was looking to tra.php and __the way to hold the custom languages__ complements.

~~#693:''Note : ''~~
I note the recent change from array_merge($lang, $custom_lang) to $lang+$custom_lang which forbid custom to overload elements of system language using same English keys, the instruction which "merge" the two languages part into $lang staying into custom.php.

!My proposal
To be clearer and for a best security and portability and capability of extensions. I propose (written ready to commit), which is described below, the details are :
!!!System language file name(s)
System language has a file named "system_language.php" or "language.php" for backward compatibility (allowed multiple see above)
!!!custom language files names "pattern"
Custom language has file named custom_language.php or custom.php for backward compatibility. (Others can be used see above)
!!! Allow multiple files language with a pattern for names
Others file for language can be hold if their name is patterned <type>_language.php. <type> is allowed ref #[a-z0-9_]# compatible with php var names.
!!!Names of arrays $lang
The "$lang" variables (arrays) defined by these files are of pattern "$lang_<type>"
!!!Fusion of files
The concatenation (fusion) is now out of these files (custom) and become an element of the function "init_language" which must have this role, role which is then enhanced by the check of the contents and the real build of a $lang
A future option will allow when the routine are used to build or update new language files the "merge_array".
!!!Role of init_language
So, the function "init_language" does the following :
#check for language files (scandir) into language dir with valid patterns
#tries to read (include) each file, if failed to include it is an held exception (for the moment just skip, later send system error with a comment) but not syntax error in language files which can crash)
#checks the isset of arrays (corresponding to files names by pattern)
#will checks the content (available chain key and chain values) php syntax validation on prefs
#adds the arrays into $lang (fusion "+" not merge only on option)
!!the benefits
*This allows that tra (init_language) can check what is done and the content of $lang files and arrays generated.
*This allows to check at the $lang_* file definition load (check+include).
*This allows multiple files when need, particularly test phases.(split the files by nature of texts)
*This solves for the future the ability to introduce with backward compatibility "tikityped" strings to accept or not html tagged chains or others markup depending of the use of the strings (the typical sample is the strings of the name, descriptions, help, labels, warning, option in prefs definitions) but too the user fields content validation (can crash smarty and/or send a blank screen).
*May be it can be decided to associate a type of string depending of the syntax (the language array should have two value for each main key the string and the type).
*I have a separate proposal to define with backward compatibility the <type> of strings into the $lang arrays.
*This is done to make the languages files building and checking easier and have a better reliability in the phase of development of specific applications or when changes are necessary during exploitation.
*this allows to develop (I will) a function to run the same init routines with a request merge_files to generate an upgrade of file languages from more little files with changes todo.
*this allows lighter files and separate translated parts from the others etc.
!!What have been done
*I had just to add some lines (without specific checks for now) only managing the good load of a language file and their name pattern, no still enhancement in checking the contents of strings which needs typed strings.
*no actually change to $tikidomains, can be enhanced

Ready to submit.
What's your opinion ? Do I commit ?
tracker item
Language field for menus (multilingual menus)
Menus items can have

We need an extra option for the language. Using the nifty lang & notlang as below gives more flexibility:

In the URL, it would nice to [tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=948|be able to use variables]


{tr}my translated text{/tr}

There is a table in the database which seems unused.

*{wish id=521}
*{wish id=3030}
tracker item
Language picker should be WYSIWYCA

tracker item
Language problems with mail notifications in tracker
There are some problems with mail notifications in tracker:

- mail sent by tw is in the wrong language and the "from" header field is empty when deleting a tracker item,
- mail sent by tw is (only) in the wrong language when the notification is about a comment or a file attachment
- everything is ok when the notification is about an item changing

{sign user="pascalstjean" datetime="2013-08-25T21:32:40+00:00"}
Problem still seems to exist. Merging this case with Bug #4681
tracker item
Language.php has strange characters codification
__Intro & Environment:__
*Italian language selected
*Tikiwiki 3.1

Many words in our Tikiwiki appears with strange characters instead of accented characters or special ones.

I looked for the /lang/it/language.php and:
*I opened it with the __vim__ on my server
*I opened it with __Notepad++__ on my notebook using various codification (utf8, ansi, UTF8 without BOM, UCS2....)

The result was that the accented words or special char words are always not matching the right codification.

For example, I find
"blog_ranking_top_active_blogs" => "blogs_classifica_blogs_pi�_attivi",
instead of
"blog_ranking_top_active_blogs" => "blogs_classifica_blogs_più_attivi",

I tried also to download the 4.1 version, the zip version and also the tar.gz one.
The result was the same.
tracker item
last_insert_id() is mysql-specific - need to replace with ADODB equivalent
last_insert_id() is used in SQL in a couple of places in TikiWIki. This is a mysql-specific function that breaks functionality when other databases are used.

For TikiWiki CVS HEAD (1.10):

lib/articles/artlib.php:152: $query = "select `subId` from `tiki_submissions` where `subId`=last_insert_id()";

lib/multilingual/multilinguallib.php:28: $query = "insert into `tiki_translated_objects` (`type`,`objId`,`traId`,`lang`) values (?,?,last_insert_id(),?)";

Also present in TikiWiki 1.9.x

Reported by Thrain - thanks.
tracker item
Links to translation(s) in article subpages
In a bilingual English/French site built on Tiki 5.x, i18n was used to create direct article-to-article links between translation versions of the same article.

When viewing a paginated article with an associated translation, selecting the "switch language" link properly loads the appropriate language version of the article ONLY from the first page of the article.

If an article is broken into multiple pages, attempting to switch language fails when "switch language" is selected while viewing a subpage of the article.

Looks to me as if the pagination (&page=x) variable has not been accounted for when dealing with translations of articles.

Please contact me at dkennedy@pondstone.ca if more information is needed.

Thank you!
tracker item
listing file gallery contents broken in Catalan Language since 1.9.8beta???
Mmmm, file gallery contents cannot be viewed if anonymous and language selected is catalan. Example:


Change language to english or any other, and the contents will be shown.

I'm not sure but I would say that this didn't happen before I updated to 1.9.8beta (yesterday)

May be related to that older bug report?:
[http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1204&trackerId=5|Listing a file gal. in CATALAN returns smarty error for admins, and blank page for reg. users]
tracker item
Locale breaks on script tags
See bug 492679 on SUMO for more details:

The problem is that files such as sr-Cyrl are not handled properly in tiki, due to a strtoupper() conversion in the way files in lang/ (language_files/) are handled.
tracker item
Localized Installation with Admin Wizard ends in error 500
tracker item
Locking page removes translate link
Locking a wiki page causes the "Translate" link to not display. As a user (baijianpeng) pointed out, there's no connection between wanting|not wanting original page changes and translations of that page.

Unless I'm missing something, it seems the Translate link should display regardless of whether the page is locked or not.
tracker item
Logic of language selection
The 'best language' logic only applies if no wiki page is specified, i.e. it only applies to the default wiki page.

Suppose that you select a translated version of a wiki page, and then follow a link to another wiki page, which has also been translated (into the same language).

As is stands, you will probably see the original language version of the second wiki page, and not the translated version. On the face of it, this is an error.

You could, of course, fix this behaviour, by modifying the link in the translated version of the first page, so that it referred directly to the translated version of the second page. In this case, you could argue that the current functionality is in fact correct.

I would disagree, because it makes the process of translating wiki pages too difficult. It would mean, that when you translate a single wiki page, you must locate all other wiki pages in that language, which link to the page, and update the links in those pages. Although the backlinks feature would help find the relevant pages, I don't think that you can reasonably expect a translator to perform this task.
tracker item
tracker item
Machine Translation broken: results in empty page
Discovered in Tiki 6.1, demonstrated on info.tiki.org

When selecting a Machine Translation language, the resulting page is empty.

# Go to http://info.tiki.org
# Use the language drop-list to select a Machine Translation.
# Tiki returns the message:
+__This text was automatically translated by Google Translate from the following page: Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware__
+ but there is no page content.
tracker item
Main app menu in side column not translated anymore
tracker item
Make preferences i18n-aware
Some prefs should need to be different per language

Ex: logo, site title, meta-description, meta-keywords, menu

So we may avoid:

tiki-edit_perspective.php (Tiki5) is an efficient way to override global prefs depending on perspective. So now, how to handle similarly for languages?

Please note that some times, we'll have both perspectives and languages.

{wish id=968}

Two solutions:
* Add tra() for site title, meta-description
* Make text areas for things that smarty logic would be useful (ex: menu) __Done in Tiki5__
tracker item
maketoc duplicates TOC headings when using "all languages" feature
tracker item
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

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