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Online users (who_is_there) module has gone mad in 2.x :-)
As of now, it says:

28627 online users
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openid login currently not working for me, and it did months ago
I can't login to http://wiki-translation.com (using 1.10svn from june'08) with my openid account

I successfully used that openid account months ago to create a linked tiki account here (xavidp), but it seems that currently it doesn't work. Using the openid box I get the error:

"Authentication error; not a valid OpenID."

Maybe openid is broken? We are using kubrick theme there...
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Page creators are admin of their pages, but unable to remove them
"Page creators are admin of their pages" allows the page creator to lock and unlock, but not remove. This is important because if you are admin of the page you really need to be able to remove it. The intention of this feature is obviously that you should be able to remove, so this appears to be a bug.
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_categorized-Permissions cannot be assigned when upgrading from 1.9 to 1.10 - cache problem
After upgrading from 1.9 to 1.10 the permissions

"tiki_p_view_categorized" and "tiki_p_edit_categorized"

on the page


will not appear in the dropdown just below "Assign permissions".

Consequently, it is not possible to assign this permissions,

This problem disappears after emptying ./temp/cache/ directory.
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'ext' fields not displayed by name
Create a new contact, add an ext field to it, say, 'Work Fax', and set it to something obvious. (ie, 911)

Save record.

When viewing, the name of the field is not displayed, even for the user that entered it.

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'From: ' header incorrectly set in lib/messu/messulib.php
From: and Reply-To: headers are incorrectly set in lib/messu/messulib.php, generating invalid mails:

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"Allow others to post to this blog" should be possible to omit as an option when creating blogs
I use TikiWiki as a platform for teaching at the college level, and one of the main things I do is require that students create and maintain their own blogs -- each student has one blog and should post only to that blog. My suggestion is that although I understand why there's an initial option to "allow others to post to this blog" in the blog create dialogue box, it would be a good idea to leave this option's availability and visibility up to the administrator -- in my situation, this option, if accidentally checked by students, creates confusion at posting time. I don't want students to see this come up as an option when they create their personal blog.
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"contact us by mail" cannot handle internationalized domain names
If a designated contact has a mail address of an international domain name, xn--..., address rendering is not correctly done and the link also does not work.

For example, an international domain name 傾奇者.jp, which is coded into xn--60qx1sez7a.jp, it is rendered as ...@傾奇者.jp, and the mailto link is handed to mail clients on x@テ・ツつセテ・ツ・ツ・ィツ€ツ・jp.
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"internal link" button doesn't work -- "local.php not found"
the button "insert internal link" (on the WYSIWYG-editor) doesn't work.

it opens a new window "local.php not found -- This is normal if you have not run the tiki installer yet".

(but i run the tiki installer)
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"internal link" button doesn't work -- "local.php not found"
the button "insert internal link" (on the WYSIWYG-editor) doesn't work.

it opens a new window "local.php not found — This is normal if you have not run the tiki installer yet".

(but i run the tiki installer)
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"Mandatory category in the categ. tree" nullifies category list in wiki edit page
When I select "Admin > Wiki > Mandatory category in the category tree", the list of categories while editting a wiki page is blank, or it says no category is defined. However, if you click on "admin categories", they are defined indeed.

When you unselect this check box, and clean caches, categ. list is working fine again.

This is not a theme specific issue (reproduced with geo.css, tikineat.css, lesjetesdelencre.css, ...)

update: sylvieg fixed that months ago, I think. (thanks sylvie)
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"Perform action with checked" not working for "Remove"
At any list of pages, tiki-listpages.php for example, after checking some sites and choosing "Remove" at the checkbox "Perform action with selected:" i get redirected to a new site with a list of sites i have checked and a big button saying "Click here to confirm your action".
After clicking that button i again get redirected to to list but the pages have not been removed.

This bug was tested on 2 different wikis running on XAMPP on a W2K3-machine.

Hope you can help.
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"Prevent automatic/robot registration:" interferes with OpenID
Problem noticed here:

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
I'm trying to log in with my OpenID. I don't have a wiki-translation.com account yet.

After validating my OpenID, I'm taken to a Tiki page that prompts me to create a new account on wiki-translation.com to associate with my OpenID. I enter a username and password, but then get the following error:

Wrong registration code

__Duplicate of {wish id=2204}__
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"print all" from home of wiki structure
When you are on a page of a wiki structure, you can click on the print icon, but you will only print that single page.

The icon and option to "__print this page and all the subpages__" (= in the the sub-structure) right from there (without going through all the clicks at "Wiki > multiprint > select structure > print") would be very welcome, since the base feature to rpint the full structure exists.

From the home of the structure, it would print the full structure (as it can be done with one click from a structure within a Workspace through ((doc:AulaWiki)) mod, or through many clicks as usual, as explained above).

If the user is on a subpage of the structure, that button would print that page and all subpages from the same structure.

Does it make sense?
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"Re-validate user by email after unsuccessful logins" email doesn't allow change of password

I think there is a usability bug when the option "Re-validate user by email after unsuccessful logins" is selected.
After x unsuccessful logins, the user gets an email with a link like :


When following this link, the user gets the message: "This feature is disabled". Nothing is clear on what to do next, if one's account is still valid or not, and how to change one's password if forgotten.

Tikiwiki version used: 2.2
Options selected:
* Crypt password method: crypt-md5
* Validate users by emails: yes
* Registered Users can change password : yes
* Re-validate user by email after unsuccessful logins: 3
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"Remove unused pictures" does not work
I have some unused pictures and i would delete them.

At tiki-admin.php?page=wiki the link "Remove unused pictures" ( tiki-admin.php?page=wiki&rmvunusedpic=1 ) does not work.

What can I do?

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"Source" button in wiki page should have its own permission - not depend on tiki_p_view_history
This is a new feature arrived in BRANCH-1-9

1. add feature_print and checks
2. add tiki_p_print and checks

The above problem-description makes no sense... please look at tw#74 for that
Problem rephrased:

The "Source" button is currently dependant on tiki_p_view_history - it should have a perm of its own.
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"Template not registered" error for multiple sorts of tracker page
Using v10 Tarball from 5/1/08 and on a Wiki page have the following:



Displays the tracker fine and the sort defaults to LastModify.

Can click any field name and sort takes place just fine.

HOWEVER, selecting another field, even the same one to change the sort order, results in the error message:

"Template not registered"
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"TermA TermB" searches should be "termA AND termB" not "termA OR termB."
This is the default behavior in search engines like Google

Also reported here: [tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=166]

I have found that, if I want to find something on tw.o sites, I should disregard TW's search feature and use Dogpile to look things up. The TW search capability is so weak that it is almost "a missing feature." At the very least, "TermA TermB" searches should be "termA AND termB" not "termA OR termB." The plus/minus markers are fine if you're in the know, but they don't work well either. Using the category/group filters renders a whole different set of answers; not GOOD answers, just different. Without those filters, unauthorized users see parts of pages they are not supposed to see at all. Not a missing feature, a broken feature.

Gosh, I hate to be so negative.
Source: ((Major Features Missing in TikiWiki))
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"This Gallery is Public:" not documented
Some file galleries were not visible although categorized so they should have been visible. Had to set the "This Gallery is Public:" but this flag is not documented so its behavior is unknown.
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"tiki-edit_structure.php" Add Pages To Current Node list truncates at 50 records.
"tiki-edit_structure.php" Add Pages To Current Node list truncates at 50 records.
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"Use 'explicit' names in the mirror table" checkbox avoids tracker creation
On 1.10 cvs, trakers configured with mirror tables.
When creating a new tracker (the first one), if you click on "Use 'explicit' names in the mirror table" checkbox, then the tracker is not created. When not selecting that box, the tracker is created. Tried several times with simple names without spaces or accents, and it happened the same.
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"User's Time Online" Feature Request
A few video games have a feature that lets you see how long the individual has been logged onto the video game for. It also tracks this per session and totals it up into a sort of "total time spent online" total.

Session Time: 2hrs, 20mins, 13sec.
Total Time: 7days, 9hrs, 20mis.

I think it would be an excellent option to see which of your users spend the most time at your website. What do you think?
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(2.2) Invalid offset in lib/tikilib.php : 6193 (when dealing with cached pages)
This showed up after upgrading from 1.9.11 to 2.2

When accessing Wiki pages with external links (mixed cacheing and nocache), with PHP error reporting on, notified of an invalid offset in tikilib:6193.
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[ aulawiki 1.6 cannot install in tikiwiki 2.2 ]
An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-mods.php
Url tiki-mods.php?
INSERT INTO tiki_menus VALUES (100,'Workspace menu','Sample workspace menu','d');
Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
Built query was probably:
INSERT INTO tiki_menus VALUES (100,'Workspace menu','Sample workspace menu','d');

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This is best explained with an example:

Paragraphs are parsed

just fine here


but now

paragraphs and

line breaks aren't working!

This only happens for tag=ul, not even for tag=ol.

This happens regardless whether wiki paragraph formatting is enabled and regardless of whatever is inside the ~np~{TAG(tag=ul)}~/np~, even ~np~{TAG(tag=li)}~/np~'s.
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Problem 1:
I created a Wiki page containing the following:

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()} {THUMB(id=5)}{THUMB} {CODE}

If I select Preview while in edit mode, the thumbnail is displayed, and placing the mouse cursor over thumbnail displays the fullsize image. After the page is saved and displayed, moving the mouse cursor over the thumbnail does not display the fullsize image.

Problem 2:
I created a Wiki page containing the following:

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()} {THUMB(image=>img/wiki_up/someimage.jpg)}{THUMB}

If I select Preview while in edit mode and move the cursor over the first thumbnail, no fullsize image is displayed. If I move the cursor over the second thumbnail, the fullsize image corresponding to the second thumbnail is displayed. If I then move the cursor back over the first thumbnail, the fullsize image corresponding to the second thumbnail is displayed.
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$exatvalue typo in lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_trackerlist.php,v
I think $exatvalue maybe should be $exactvalue

[r@s tw]# grep -nR exatv *
lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_trackerlist.php:262: $exatvalue = array($exactvalue, $user);

[r@s tw]# head lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_trackerlist.php
// $Id: /cvsroot/tikiwiki/tiki/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_trackerlist.php,v 2008-03-22 12:13:54 sylvieg Exp $

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1.10 "My Tiki" info wrong on public user page due to several issues
Using 1.10 cvs from mid september 2007. Using hec.css theme

At admin > login > Users Defaults, I've set
-=My Tiki=-
My pages V
My galleries
My messages V
My items V

Example of user page viewed by another user or anonymous:

# Wiki pages ("Pàgines del wiki") are wrong: they are not from that user (confirmed, even if you cannot see history on pages on that site)
# "My items" shoud show, at least, some items added by that user:
+ [http://intercanvis.net/tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=3&status=op&sort_mode=lastModif_desc&filtervalue%5B25%5D=&filtervalue%5B43%5D%5B%5D=6&filtervalue%5B43%5D%5B%5D=45&filtervalue%5B43%5D%5B%5D=7&filtervalue%5B43%5D%5B%5D=44&filtervalue%5B43%5D%5B%5D=8&filtervalue%5B43%5D%5B%5D=5&filtervalue%5B43%5D%5B%5D=55&filtervalue%5B26%5D=&filtervalue%5B28%5D=Anna&filtervalue%5B44%5D=y&filterfield=28&filter=Filtra|2 on one tracker]
+ [http://intercanvis.net/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=38&trackerId=2|and one on another tracker]

Forum messages are shown ok.
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1.10 from August 1st: clean install doesn't allow admin to login after pass. change
Using 1.10cvs from August 1st, 2007.
On easyphp-1.8 environment (thus, Window$ XP)

Steps I did:
* updated cvs code
* called tiki-install.php to create a new clean install over an old tiki110cvs databse (assuming it deletes all tables and re-creates them as needed), using basic profile for easy use
* installation says eveything ok, no sql queries failed.
* login to new site as admin/admin
* change password to another string (simple string with only letters, between 6 and 8 chars. in all my attempts)
* after password is changed, error produced:
** I cannot login to the site. Using the right admin/pass., I see the homepage again as anonymous (so I'm not logged in).
** If using a wrong pass, I see the user/pass error message.

Tried reinstalling several times with different passwords, no success.
* the funny thing is that the new admin pass. seems to be recorded ok, since I can re-access the tiki-install.php using that new admin password.
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1.10 RFE: Add Freetags to tracker items
Freetags would be very nice on other Tiki objects, specially Tracker items, in order to make Tiki more 2.0 compliant... (and since trackers are used by users, which not always find their natural cateogries in the pre-fixed categories by an admin system in Tiki (through categories feature)
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1.10: "view extra infomration" link fails in User Prefs screen if user hasn't default group defined
Using 1.10cvs from mid June 2007.

This problem is on at: http://moviments.net/intercanvis

User tracker is on, it's created and working (at registration time everything is ok and working, user sets new data for the user tracker info before ending registration, etc.). Well, at least for Registered users.

This morning I went (as a user with admin privileges) to User Preferences screen > Personal information > Your personal tracker information: "View extra information" (link to [http://www.moviments.net/intercanvis/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?view=+user] ),

but at that link I get this message:

No tracker indicated
Go back
This user belongs to Admins, Editors and Registered groups, but has no one defined as default.
When defined a default group (Registered, the only one with user tracker defined), the link worked.
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1.10: a user cannot edit a tracker item creted by him if user selector is a mandatory field
Using 1.10cvs from mid june 2007

I created a new tracker, with this option activated:
"Item creator can modify his items?
The tracker needs a user field with the option 1"

Then, I added many fields, and one of them, of course, user field with option 1, marked as compulsory.

As registered user, I created a new item. Ok.
I atempted to edit the item, and after cliking on save, I get the message that I need to select a user (or some similar text).
This should'nt happen, since the user field should be selected and prefilled by default either from the previous selection, or from the user id.

That's the server, tracker and item:

I have unselected the compulsory checkbox for this field to make it work (but the bug is still there, if selected to be compulsory)
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1.10: After creating a tracker, user should be directed to tab "trackers", and not "create trackers"
If using tabs, after creating a tracker, the user should be directed to the form of listing trackers ("Trackers" tab), and not remaining at the "Create trackers" tab, as it does right now, since the normal procedure after creating a tracker is either granting it with local perms of just creating fields for that tracker (so that you need to see the "action columnn" in the table at "Trackers" tab.
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1.10: after geolocating traker item (GMaps): "OKOK" label to be removed and user back to trackeritem
Using 1.10 cvs from mid june 2007

To reproduce:
# Create a new tracker with Google map field, plus other fields, on a tiki site created with basic profile for easy use.
# Log in as registered user (not admin)
# Insert an item (as registered).
# Edit the item, to click to "Google map locator" to geolocate the tracker item
# After cliking on the map (so that having coordinates and zoom for this item), you click on "Save clicked point" button
+ After that, you see on top: "OKOK", and the Google Map locator again.
"The OKOK" message should be removed, and I suggest that the user is automatically taken back to the tracker item after clicking on the "Save clicked point" button
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1.10: Calendar shows ok date number on header, but date +1 in cells of the calendar (month view)
Using recent 1.10 (end of november'07):
today December 8th 2007 I've set a new event at a calendar:

If you view this calendar as anonymous you see the correct date in both places:
# Focus: Dissabte 08/Desembre/2007 (08/12/07, Saturday)
# Cel (current and focus) date: 12/08

However, if you login as plain registered user, this same url:

...it takes you to: "Focus: Friday 07/December/2007" (user abel, for instance), which is wrong: it should be 08/Desembre/2007

And if you login as user with admin rights (user Xavi) , the same url shows:
# Focus: Dissabte 08/Desembre/2007 (08/12/07, Saturday)
# __BUT Cel (current and focus) date shows__: 12/07,
+ which is wrong: it should be 08/Desembre/2007
+ (if you click at teh event view, the date is set right: 08/12/07)
Further Update:
This is kind of weird: I had prefference for new users as "site default", and site language was either English or Catalan, amnong the few allowed languages for users.
I checked language of user "abel", and it had "Arabic" (which was not among the pre-selected as available for users).

I changed default language for all users as Catalan, and ensure the only Catalan, Spanish, English and French were allowed. Then, again, tried viewing this date:

with user "usuari", which has language selected to English: date in calendar is shown fine.
# Focus: Dissabte 08/Desembre/2007 (08/12/07, Saturday)
# Cel (current and focus) date: 12/08

However, if I login as user "abel" (with Catalan interface), weird change in date shown is produced:
# Focus: Dissabte 08/Desembre/2007 (08/12/07, Saturday)
# Cel (current and focus) date: 12/07 __1 day less than it should__

I can enable an account there for any admin who want to track/hunt this bug, if needed.
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1.10: Geolocating tracker items (through Google maps) not working anymore, but it was before
Geolocating tracker items (through Google maps) are not working anymore, but they were before.

Using recent 1.10 update (from end of november or so) nowadays.
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1.10: PluginTrackerFilter not finding results (it was in 1.9cvs)
Using 1.10cvs from mid june 2007.
Plugin Tracker Filter doesn't find items (it is working fine for me in 1.9.x sites).

Related to [http://www.moviments.net/intercanvis/tracker2]

If any coder interested in taking care of this bug, send me a message and I'll manage an admin account there for you to look at or play with the configuration of the tracker, plugin, if needed.
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1.10: PluginTrackerList returning incorrect filterfield when using categories
Using 1.10cvs from mid June 2007

I'm using this code in here:

!! 1.1. Oferiments de __Cursos__
{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=>2,fields=>9:12:20:11:19, showtitle=>n, showlinks=>y, showdesc=>n, showinitials=>y, showstatus=>y, status=>opc, max=>20, filterfield=>42, filtervalue=>, exactvalue=>6, goIfOne=>n)}Com????{TRACKERLIST}

!! 1.2. Oferiments d'__Habitatge__
{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=>2,fields=>9:12:20:11:19, showtitle=>n, showlinks=>y, showdesc=>n, showinitials=>y, showstatus=>y, status=>opc, max=>20, filterfield=>42, filtervalue=>45, exactvalue=>45, goIfOne=>n)}Com????{TRACKERLIST}

In the three cases cases I get
"incorrect filterfield"

Which I don't know why, since i follow indications at:

I've tried with many more variants, just in case, with the same result (incorrect filterfield):
{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=>2,fields=>9:12:20:11:19, showtitle=>n, showlinks=>y, showdesc=>n, showinitials=>y, showstatus=>y, status=>opc, max=>20, filterfield=>42, filtervalue=>6, exactvalue=>6, goIfOne=>n)}Com????{TRACKERLIST}

{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=>2,fields=>9:12:20:11:19, showtitle=>n, showlinks=>y, showdesc=>n, showinitials=>y, showstatus=>y, status=>opc, max=>20, filterfield=>42, filtervalue=>6, exactvalue=>, goIfOne=>n)}Com????{TRACKERLIST}

{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=>2,fields=>9:12:20:11:19, showtitle=>n, showlinks=>y, showdesc=>n, showinitials=>y, showstatus=>y, status=>opc, max=>20, filterfield=>42, filtervalue=>*, exactvalue=>6, goIfOne=>n)}Com????{TRACKERLIST}

In this tracker, field 42 is a category (id2), which has some more subcategories inside:

Categ 6 and categ 45 are subcategories of it.

Tracker 2, has many fields, but 2 examples for the "incorrect filterfield" behavior are:

Id posit name type options isMain Multil. Tbl vis Search. Public Hidden Mandat. Desc.
11 edit 30 Cursos category 6 n n n y y n n
16 edit 35 Habitatge category 45 n n n y y n n ~/pp~^

However, if I don't set any filterfield nor exact value, then I can list all items without problem.(but no pre-filtering). Example:
{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=>2,fields=>9:42:12:20:19, showtitle=>n, showlinks=>y, showdesc=>n, showinitials=>y, showstatus=>y, status=>opc, max=>20, filterfield=>42, filtervalue=>, exactvalue=>, goIfOne=>n)}Com????{TRACKERLIST}

Some bug around filterfield param when using categories?
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1.10: previewing forum post doesn't show the form to post qagain by default
When posting to a forum in 1.10cvs (from mid june 2007), if you preview your post, you cannot see by default the html form to edit your content again. If you press on "new topic", the form opens with your content... (but it should be shown by default, as in previous releases)
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1.10: RSS for individual trackers returns: Permission denied you cannot view this section
Using 1.10cvs code from mid june 2007

I created several trackers. Enabled RSS for individual trackers. Created rss modules for two individual trackers (rss 1 and rss 2).
Granted common permissions for anon. (view, ...), and most tracker permissions for Registered group.

Added a call to rss plugin within a wiki page:
{rss id=1}

{rss id=2}

When viewing the page as registered, I see:

Tiki RSS Feed Error Message: Permission denied you cannot view this section

Did I miss any special perm to be granted for registered? A bug?

(I granted all perms from tracker section - to them, or inherited from anonymous - except for tiki_p_admin_tracker)

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1.10: several module plugins in a wiki page show the same title for all of them (from the first)
1.10: several module plugins in a wiki page show the same title for all of them (from the first call in the page)

Using 1.10cvs from mid june 2007
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1.10: tracker field "subscription" should include an option to automat. send message to item autor
Using 1.10cvs from mid June 2007

The tracker field "subscription" should include an option to automatically send a notification message to them item autor (and "watchers" of the item, maybe?)

Because subscription field is very useful also in leting people show interest in whatever you offered or requested in a tracker, and might be an easy way to let users get in contact related to that offer or demand... etc.

Used for production in shot at:


Thanks Guilles for your nice contributions to Tiki code! :-)

An admiror of yor work, as ((tw:Sylvie)) once said... (:wink:)
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1.10: TRACKERFILTER not working for me (Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause')
1.10 (using cvs from Sept 9th, 2007): TRACKERFILTER not working for me (Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause')

To reproduce, try selecting any field for the tracker filter here:

It produces:
An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-index.php
Url tiki-index.php?page=cercador+ofertes
SELECT tti.*, ttif.`value`, ttf.`type`, tti.`lastModif` as `sortvalue` FROM ( `tiki_tracker_items` tti INNER JOIN `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttif ON tti.`itemId` = ttif.`itemId` INNER JOIN `tiki_tracker_fields` ttf ON ttf.`fieldId` = ttif.`fieldId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttif0 ON (ttif0.`itemId` = ttif.`itemId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_objects` tob13 ON (tob13.`itemId` = tti.`itemId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_category_objects` tco13 ON (tob13.`objectId` = tco13.`catObjectId`) WHERE tti.`trackerId` = ? and (`status`=? or `status`=? or `status`=?) AND ttif0.`fieldId`=? AND tob13.`type` = 'tracker 2' AND tco13.`categId` IN ( 0 ,? ) GROUP BY tti.`itemId` ORDER BY `sortvalue` desc
0 2
1 o
2 p
3 c
4 13
Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause'
Builded query was probably:
SELECT tti.*, ttif.`value`, ttf.`type`, tti.`lastModif` as `sortvalue` FROM ( `tiki_tracker_items` tti INNER JOIN `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttif ON tti.`itemId` = ttif.`itemId` INNER JOIN `tiki_tracker_fields` ttf ON ttf.`fieldId` = ttif.`fieldId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttif0 ON (ttif0.`itemId` = ttif.`itemId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_objects` tob13 ON (tob13.`itemId` = tti.`itemId`) INNER JOIN `tiki_category_objects` tco13 ON (tob13.`objectId` = tco13.`catObjectId`) WHERE tti.`trackerId` = '2' and (`status`='o' or `status`='p' or `status`='c') AND ttif0.`fieldId`='13' AND tob13.`type` = 'tracker 2' AND tco13.`categId` IN ( 0 ,'Array' ) GROUP BY tti.`itemId` ORDER BY `sortvalue` desc

It was happening like that with code from months ago, and that's why I've tried today with updated code from cvs HEAD, plus upgrading db using tiki_1.9to1.10.sql script.

Fixed the 10/9/07
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1.10:"Use tracker for more user info." should automatically link username&email from 1st reg. screen
Using 1.10cvs from mid june 2007

I'm using the "Admin > login > Use tracker for more user information"
Created a simple tracker, with some fields, including the "username" field, but not the email, right now, since that was already introduced in the first registration screen.

2 improvements would be needed/very welcome:

(1) Username was not assigned to the item in the user tracker, even if the user had selected a username in the previous screen (first registration screen - tiki-register.php).

(fyi: later on, When I, as a registered user, edited my item afterwards, the username info was well selected automatically).

This user info tracker (tracker id 1) had those fields:
Id position name type options isMain Multilingual Tbl vis Searchable Public Hidden Mandatory Description
1 edit 10 Nom text field 1 y n y y y n y Nom de la... remove down
2 edit 20 Cognoms text field n n y y y n y Cognoms de... remove down
3 edit 30 Usuari user selector 1 y n y y y n y Nom... remove down
4 edit 40 Telèfon text field 1,50,,,50 n n n y y n n Telèfon/s... remove down
5 edit 50 Correu-e email 1 n n n y y n n Correu-e... remove down
6 edit 60 Barri / Població textarea 1,50,10,1000,1000 n n n y y n y Barri i... remove down
7 edit 100 Foto image 80,80,400,400,400 y n y n y n n Fotografia remove down
8 edit 200 Comentaris textarea 1,50,10,1000,1000 n n y n y n n La teva... remove down

At "Admin > login > Displays UserTracker information in user information page. Format: trackerId, fieldId1, fieldId2, …:", these was the field content:


I also tried includind field 3 - the user selector - (i.e.: 1,1,2,3,4,6,7,8), but similar effect: I couldn't see the username shown in the second screen, and It was not set on the tracker (confirmed as admin user)
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1.10cvs: impossible to copy mod files even if perms were reported as ok
using 1.10cvs from Agusut 1st, 2007 at http://uniwiki.aia07.ourproject.org
and using http://mods.tikiwiki.org as repository folder.

After I select to install Mod jpgraph, I get a screen saying this:
Tikiwiki Mods
Mods Configuration Update remote index Rebuild local list

Apache has the right to write in your file tree, which enables the installation, removal or upgrade of packages. When you are done with those operations, think to fix those permissions back to a safe state (by using "./fixperms fix" for example).

* You asked to install these mods:
o [[x] jpgraph (lib)
* The following mods will be installed:
o jpgraph 1.4 (lib)


(corresponding to this url:
http://uniwiki.aia06.ourproject.org/tiki-mods.php?action=install&package=lib-jpgraph )

When I click on install button, I get a blank page saying:
lib/jpgraph/src/index.php to lib/jpgraph/src/index.php impossible to copy
and having this: "http://uniwiki.aia06.ourproject.org/tiki-mods.php?" as the url (it seems to be missing params...)

What's wrong?
tracker item
1.97cvs + 1.10cvs: last_tracker_items yields no results even if they exist
Using 1.9.cvs and 1.10cvs from mid June 2007

Module last_tracker_items reports no results, but there are many tracker items inserted, in several trackers.

Tested here:
http://www.moviments.net/valldelcorb/tiki-index.php?page=prova2 (1.9.7cvs)

http://www.moviments.net/intercanvis/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage (1.10cvs)

Btw, will it be possible to filter tracker item results in last_tracker_items by tracker id, passing it as argument to the module? (that would be great! :-)

UPDATE 9th july 2007:
Sylvieg, it still doesn't work as expected: I updated code from today 9th july 2007 at the 1.9.x site, and then it requested the params. missing (name and trackerID).

I modified the module call like this:
and now it shows an empty list:
http://www.moviments.net/valldelcorb/tiki-index.php?page=prova2 (1.9cvs)

Btw, it's a site with __Trackers with mirror tables__. If it's a config problem, then some lines are needed at:
tracker item
1.9to1.10 sql from cvs (August 1st 2007) still produces "too long key/column length" errors
Upgrading a previous 1.10 site with current cvs code (from August 1st, 2007) I get, while using
tiki_1.9to1.10.sql with -f param from command line:

ERROR 1071 at line 561: Specified key was too long. Max key length is 500
ERROR 1071 at line 585: Specified key was too long. Max key length is 500
ERROR 1074 at line 620: Too big column length for column 'value' (max = 255). Use BLOB instead
ERROR 1074 at line 627: Too big column length for column 'fieldname' (max = 255). Use BLOB instead

Plus some:
ERROR 1064 at line 497: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'user(100),serverId,groupName(100))' at line 1
ERROR 1064 at line 500: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'user(150),pageName(100))' at line 1
ERROR 1064 at line 506: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'user(100),id(100))' at line 1
ERROR 1064 at line 509: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'user(100),event,object(50))' at line 1
ERROR 1064 at line 513: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'user(120),friend(120))' at line 1
ERROR 1064 at line 597: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'user(120))' at line 1
ERROR 1064 at line 638: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'SELECT `fieldId` FROM `tiki_webmail_contacts_fields` WHERE `fie

Sylvieg, if you review this, you can see it your own at ourproject.org server, uniwiki project, updating uniwiki2 database (the one for http://uniwiki.ourproject.org ).
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1.9to2.4.css File does not exists referer: tiki-index.php
I recently upgraded from 1.9.9 to 2.4 and I find lots of these errors
in the log file:

[Wed Aug 05 14:28:59 2009] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/tikiwiki/styles/transitions/1.9to2.4.css, referer: http://localhost/tikiwiki/tiki-index.php

Is this installation error or a bug in 2.4?

tracker item
Import phpBB data
phpBB is a popular open source forum software.
Sometimes, a forum is not enough.
So, the data must be migrated from phpBB to Tiki forums...

If you want to help:
Please post links to similar scripts.
ex.: phpbb to invision board, etc
If/when we do a script, we should do for all major forums.
__From kerrnel22 on 11/20/07:__

I have almost completed an integrated TikiWiki forum migration tool for 1.9.8.x and 1.10. Initial release will be to migrate only Tiki forums from one Tiki install to another. However, hooks are in place, and the intention is there, to work on extending the migration tool to importing of phpBB2 (or any other forum software) into Tiki. If you would like more information, email tiki.kerrnel@kerris.com. I expect a general release of the forum migration tool (for Tiki forums only) into cvs of both branches for beta testing by December 1/07. If all goes well, I'll have something released for phpBB2 migration prior to Dec 31.

tracker item
Tracker templates (import/export tracker definitions/structure)
If Trackers had the "tracker template" feature, it would allow for better pre-made extended features for Tiki at install time.
In tw.o forums, some people requested like: address books (imagine with the same basic fields as Mozilla Thunderbird & Evolution, etc. address books, ... Export from you local program (through csv), and import to your address book in Tiki (through csv).

The same for "Offers & Demands (linked or linkable)", that many people/communities would like to use like "out of the box" feature. I do have that kind of trackers made (basic, but working for production already: http://valldelcorb.org/trackers - http://valldelcorb.org/Comparteix (1.9.x) or http://intercanvis.net (1.10.x) using tracker plugins in a general Wiki page).

Since duplicate tracker is already coded in 1.10, and templates concept already exists in Tiki, Tracker templates would be a nice MUST in the MID and LONG run.

Tracker templates should be selectable at install time (in the new installer devs. are thinking/designing -> ((Install)) ), or at a later stage through Mods, maybe?

tracker item
Login with "Request passcode to register:" fails
Using 1.10cvs from mid june 2007.

Using 2.0 RC2 August 2008

Request passcode to register: fails.

__Example 1:__ (Still broken?) I toggled on "Request passcode to register:" and "Prevent automatic/robot registration:", as well as "user tracker" selected at registration time, and after the registration steps, and filling the user tracker information, I get the message (like): "Codi de registre no vàlid. Necessites saber el codi de registre per donar-te d'alta en aquest lloc web" (catalan)-> Register code not valid. You need to know the register code to register in this web site" (approx)

Tryied three times with different browsers and users names (and double cheking the passcode to register): same effect.

When I toggle off the "Request passcode to register:", then everything works fine.

__Example 2:__ (mlpvolt)
Request password to enter = on
User tracker (for registration) = on
...initial screen of choose name, enter password and email works.
...second screen with user tracker info fails on submit.

tracker item
Add anti-spam protection on tracker forms, for anonymous users
When trackers are used for contact forms, they are sometimes spammed.
update by xavidp (Oct 4th 2008): using Tiki 2.1, feb12.css and trackers with mirror tables, an anonymous can insert a tracker item without filling the antibot captcha.
You can test it live on:

All fields are text except for "correu electrònic a moviments.net" which has to be "e-mail"-type.
tracker item
Tiki Calendar Locations don't sync with database
The locations drop down menu in my Tiki calendar does not sync with the database.
As I'm new to Tikiwiki, how on earth do I fix this short of dropping the table and re-entering the data?
Thanks for your time.
tracker item
sefurl conflicts with best language
Please see:

tracker item
tracker item
tracker item
Comments that must be approved before being posted
Comments can be used on wiki pages, blog posts, etc

There is Spam protection (CATPCHA) but nothing against trolls.

A comment moderation feature would be nice.

tracker item
See file last modification date and last user that modified the file
I need to see the information about the last modification of files on the File Gallery. Date and User.

two more columns are needed in tiki-list_file_gallery.php. Last modified, User. I don't know if more mysql field are required.
tracker item
Anonymous users can create page without permissions after broken sql page shown
An anonymous user without edit permissions can edit create a new page.

To Repeat:
1. Be logged into a user with no edit permisssions
2. Find a red ? link to an uncreated page.
3. Click the link
4. Note you don't have permission to edit/create the page.

5. Log out
6. Click the red ? link as Anonymous
7. Note you can edit the new page
8. Save the page - Note the error:

An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-editpage.php
Url tiki-editpage.php
insert into `tiki_user_watches`(`user`,`event`,`object`,`email`,`type`,`title`,`url`) values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
1 wiki_page_changed
2 LinkToLocPageFigs
4 wiki page
5 LinkToLocPageFigs
6 tiki-index.php?page=LinkToLocPageFigs
Column 'user' cannot be null
Built query was probably:
insert into `tiki_user_watches`(`user`,`event`,`object`,`email`,`type`,`title`,`url`) values(NULL,'wiki_page_changed','LinkToLocPageFigs',NULL,'wiki page','LinkToLocPageFigs','tiki-index.php?page=LinkToLocPageFigs')

9. Take note that though the error happened, the page was created.
tracker item
Using CTRL-Z while editing a page with wysiwyg will break all wiki links on the page
If a user uses CTRL-Z on a page that they are editing to undo a change, they will break all internal wiki links on the page on the next save.
This appears to only happen when editing with firefox.
tracker item
setup.sh does not work as documented on Debian
This script does not work with http servers that run under UNcommon user ID/GID. There is one good http server example in the Debian repos called yaws where the script becomes a problem. yaws runs under user ID/GID yaws/yaws. If one attempts to run setup.sh with a yaws http server, the script does not work.

1.Clicking on "Admin mods" after installation returns this error.
You need to run setup.sh :
./setup.sh $APACHEUSER all
Common Apache users are www-data, apache or nobody

2. Going to the command line and running setup.sh yaws all (because the username/gid is yaws, not the usual) returns no messages when in fact the script has already decided that the user will be www-data because I'm on Debian. About line 27 of the script. if [ -f /etc/debian_version]; ....

There's no message that says how the ownership has been changed after running the script. There's no message saying the user has been chosen for me because I'm on Debian either. In both cases, I'd still have problems because the userID/GID needs to be yaws/yaws in order to make tikiwiki work right.

Perhaps another way to address the problem is to check and see who owns the server process with an lsof -p :portNumber?
tracker item
clearing and removing surveys doesn't change users voting statistics : table tiki_user_votings
When someone clears the statistics on a given survey (or poll), the tiki_survey* tables are cleared accordingly but the statistics of the users vote are left.

It means that when someone wishes to "recycle" an existing survey by clearing the statistics, changes the questions (even adding new ones), then the users who have already answered to old survey cannot vote for the new "recycled" survey as if he/she already answered it.

The problem also exists when a survey or poll is deleted : lines in tiki_user_votings which shows who has voted on what are left which has clearly no consequence since the id should not be reuse.
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Users able to post to all blogs - confirming and extending previously reported bug by others
On clean installs (empty databases) of TW 1.10 and 1.9.11 (also tested and confirmed on the clean 1.9.11 install on opensourcecms.com).
After users (perms tiki_p_create_blogs and tiki_p_blog_post enabled)create a blog they can proceed to post to any other user's blog. More precisely, on the post blog page, a user can select all blogs from the "Blog" field
tracker item
User registration with anti-bot & user tracker for additional information not working
When a new user registered with anti-bot and user tracker for more user information getting error message that registration code is invalid.

Here are steps to reproduce the problem.

1) Setup user information tracker with couple of fields.
2) Go to registration page
3) Enter registration details and click 'register'
4) This will take you to new screen where user tracker information needs to be filled.
5) Once you fill the user tracker information and click 'Save'
6) You will get error message that registration code is invalid
tracker item
edit button does not work in latest 1.10
The edit button (and switch to wysiwyg) link to nowhere (except back to homepage.)

This appears to be an ajax related problem many buttons/links do not work.

verified on my site and 110.tikiwiki.org

edit button links to:

switch to wysiwyg does not work, navigation buttons in list-pages,
tracker item
Tracker pagination fails in AJAX
I have a tracker with 80 items and one with 200 items. Latest code from SVN (updated 6/24).

Pagination fails completely - sometimes page 3 works, sometimes it doesn't. Page 2 fails all the time (that is - no movement)

This is with ajax on: firebug reports POST:

Even thought the param for offset is right, the data returned is always the same page I just sent.

As a result, nothing happens! Is there a way to turn ajax off in trackers only?

Without Ajax, the page changes, and if I manually put the URL in with the right offset, it goes to the right page

More details-
The error appears to be tied to the "insert new item" tab of a linked item.

IE reports an XML error, as does Firefox. The firefox console says this:
Error: not well-formed
Source File: http://www.casesofinterest.com/tiki/tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=8&offset=10
Line: 606, Column: 46
Source Code:
<option value="Technology and the Demand for Skill - An Analysis of Within an

The green arrow points to between the S and k in "Skill". Note the extra space - none appears in the linked field.

Even when I got rid of that item, AJAX pagination fails, but this time without a console error. What happens is that the window doesn't resize, and I get a "windowWidth is not defined" error, and the tabs never form.
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New blogpost using wysiwyg editor adds a lot of empty lines to the beginning.
After creating a new blogpost and saving it, the post shows a lot of empty lines at the beginning of the post.
Looking at the html result, there are about 9 <br/> entries before the actual text.

The branch is downloaded on wednesday, 25th of June 2008 8AM GMT.

A 1.10b1 release of about a month ago did not show this behaviour.

tracker item
HTML Purifier out of date
Tikiwiki HTML Purifier version is 2.1.3.
Current version is 3.1.1 or 2.1.5.

There is risk of security attacks if not updated.
tracker item
page 1/1 handling
page 1/1 can stay (although some could prefer nothing instead), but the "1" below should be removed.
tracker item
Trackers: field type user: Submitted by has changed behavior
Since upgrading dev.tikiwiki.org the "submitted by" is not recorded in bug reports

Can not reproduce the problem. Can you give an url ?
This url http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php is working for me
tracker item
tiki_menues field "icon" missing
Process: TikiWiki 2.0 installation from scratch
In the table definition for tiki_menues the field for 'icon' path is missing.
Which field definition should be used - (VARCHAR(254)- ok?
tracker item
Calendar WYSIWYCA issue with events plugin
1- Go here as anonymous:

2- Click on a link

You are requested to logon even though Anonymous has tiki_p_view_calendar permission

This was working fine in 1.9.11

But now in version 2.0, there are two permissions:

|| Can browse the calendar | tiki_p_view_calendar
Can view events details|tiki_p_view_events||
tracker item
Wiki page draft broken on Firefox 2.0 and IE6
Wiki page draft requires AJAX.

I just tested in 2.0 RC2 and it's completely broken.
It conflicts with ((doc:Lost Edit)) protection

{THUMB(id=48,url=>show_image.php?id=48,original=y, sticky=y)}Major bug with wiki page draft{THUMB}
tracker item
Missing file in RC2 bz2 file
File tiki-mypages missing from bz2 file.
MyTiki Home... My pages results in error.
tracker item
Search for javascript looks for ja&lt;x&gt;vascript
Search for javascript in 2.0 using search box performs search for "j-a-<-x->-s-c-r-i-p-t". Happens on tikiwiki.org.


I have a TikiWiki site which requires being able to search text which includes web terms such as j-a-v-a-s-c-r-i-p-t but can't do such a search.

Someone said on IRC this is due to a protective input filter which is altering dangerous text input.
tracker item
Mirrord tracker does not store field Description
When defining a field in a mirrored Tracker, the Description of the field is not stored. This was in 2.0, and I'm told on IRC that mirrored trackers are not supported. But mirroring is an option in Admin>Trackers.
tracker item
Sheet: Boolean expressions display wrong
In TikiSheet: I'm trying to have 'T' or 'true' shown when two other columns have the same value. But =(H3==K3) when saved shows "true=(H2=". Note the truncation; the truncated stuff shows up in the expression field on the edit screen. Before being saved the cell shows 'true'. Adding a conditional ("?:") expression wrapper did not help.

Also, a spreadsheet could not have rows added to it until a similar expression was removed from the spreadsheet.
tracker item
Installer fails when upgrading a 1.9 tiki
Installer broke (for me) trying to find the group home page when logging in as admin to run the update script.

Somewhere in tiki-login.php - SQL error lost i'm afraid

tracker item
The Aplication menu don´t open when i click over the folder
The aplication menu don´t open when i click the folder.
See at the image in the red circle

{img src= width= height= align= desc= link= }
tracker item
group category permissions
for example:
5 users in group home
6 pages in category home

I want all public can view these 6 pages in home category, but only these 5 users can edit pages content ( not the objects in the category, it is the content of the page!! ).
I know I can setup the permissions page by page to the home group, but what I am looking for is category to group relationship, not page to group, don't want to do it page by page, or maybe there is one way to do that, but I don't know yet.

Thank you very much.

Have a good day.

tracker item
Is that possible for upgrading from RC4 to release 2.0?
Right now I am on 1.9.11, going to upgrade to RC4, is that possible for upgrading from RC4 to release 2.0?? Or may be I can wait the 2.0 for a while.

BTW, it said that the 2.0 will be released in the second week of August, but right now it became in the August... Don't worry, Thanks for your hard working, we are all look forward the 2.0 :)
tracker item
fckeditor bugs in style, images and wiki-links
Once saved, style changes (such as setting the font size or centering text) results in pages displaying like these:

My test starts here. Not much of yle="font-size: larger">interest going on though!
yle="text-align: center">Home Page Test

Clicking to insert an image: dialog is displayed buyt clicking on the Browse server button results in the error "Error creating folder "" (Can't create directory)". Manually entering an image in source view mode (<img src="blah-blah">) and saving results in: img src=/home/lib/fckeditor/editor/blah-blah height=30 width=28 (surrounded by curely brackets)

Both related to parsing the html from the WSYWIG editor?

Clicking "Insert/Edit an internal wiki link" shows the "Insert Internal Link" popup but no content is displayed. The dialog briefly shows a cancel button and then the "wait squares" but nothing more.

Found with clean installs of 2.0RC4 on Windows Server 2003 x32 and also server 2008 x64. PHP 5.2.6 (x32); MySQL 5.0.51b (x32 and x64); Apache 2.2.9 (x32)

(sorry if these aren't sufficiently related and should be in separate bug reports)
tracker item
Editing / Saving themes CSS causes "strange" code in some commands.

sorry for my bad English, but I´m from Germany and I´ve got my last lesson at school - nearly 20 years ago...

So I hope that you will understand me, here my problem :

I use Tiki 2.0 RC4 with the "andreas08"-Theme. It works quite good, but this bug (maybe ?) happens when I try to edit and save the Theme-CSS via the Admin-Menu :

Some command lines will be added with a "x" (included by tag-brackets) and the instruction given by this command will be ignored - cause it´s "rubbish" than.
( I can´t show you an example, i tried it, but here the "X" in the brackets not appears after saving this thread. )

This strange "effect" also happens by editing or formatting an text by the wysiwyg-editor, so that the text appears with some "rubbish" code-tiles instead of the formatted styles. (Text-Color, Size, Justify, etc.)

I´m not sure - is it a bug, or is this a failure caused by myself ?

Thanks for any answers or comments an greeting form Germany.

tracker item
File Directory search indexing space sensitive
Text search on files is not usable in 2.0RC4. Table tiki_files "search data" is empty. Files were uploaded, then I defined MIME types, then reindexed. I clicked on "Reindex all files for search" in Admin>File Galleries but can't tell if anything happened; nothing is in Tiki Logs (I already know there is no code for Debug Console to show what Admin>File Galleries is doing). I defined the MIME filters in http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Search+Admin&bl=n

This apparently sometimes works. In my "trunk" development system I have different text/.doc files uploaded and those were reindexed after I defined the MIME types.

UPDATE: I had trailing spaces in the MIME type names and the filter commands, due to cut-and-paste behavior. I request that trailing spaced be trimmed from the MIME filter input fields.
tracker item
tiki 2.0: db password should be hidden at typing time on upgrade through tiki-install.php
Using the released tiki 2.0: db password should be hidden at typing time on upgrade through tiki-install.php

Right now, password can be seen by others when the admin type it on the screen when first calling to tiki-install.php on an upgrade of running tiki site.
tracker item
articles needs aids to fight spam (e.g. admins see tiki-list_submissions.php at info.tw.o)
I looked today at http://info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-list_submissions.php and there are nearly 300 spam submissions there so far, and no way to delete them in groups. Maybe that's why nobody noticed my prior submission as info.tw.o editor from last month...

(the user need to be in info.tw.o Admin group in order to see the spam list. If your users is just in the info.tw.o_editors group, you'll see nothing but your own submissions if any.)

A text box to select the amount of rows to be listed would be welcome, and multiple checkboxes to select some or all, like with users, etc.

By the way, how can anonymous spammers post submissions to info.tw.o? They can't through http://info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-edit_submission.php (at least, nowadays)... Spam hole somewhere?
tracker item
tikiwiki only can install with default database
When installed from source code, in panorama.freewebhosting247.com, there is only blank screen when:

1) using old 2.0rc4 user modifed "basic profile"
2) clean database with "basic profile"

I only see blank screen.

This is despite using header_simple.tpl and my own empty header.
The error must be in a script after the header but because by default, there is no error shown at all, this is impossible to guess.

When I reinstalled "default profile", it worked. It shows the menu. I can do some maintainance now, including changing passwords, and the admin menu.

tracker item
Several themes lose first character of module text
Several themes are losing module text on the left margin: damian, nomia, simble, smartiki. Affects text-emitting modules such as "last changes" (last item is number 0 instead of 10), related categories, and external RSS feeds. This makes the unmodified themes unusable for some sites.

In damian.css this seems to be caused by the following near the bottom:
/* Lists in modules */
.box-data ol,
.box-data ul {margin-left: -1em;padding-right: 1em;}
tracker item
Image Galleries - Sort by Images Raises Query Error
If you show a list of image galleries and want to sort by images count you get an SQL query error.

Tiki outputs the following SQL Query

^select g.`galleryId`,g.`name`,g.`description`, g.`created`,g.`lastModif`,g.`visible`,g.`theme`,g.`user`, g.`hits`,g.`maxRows`,g.`rowImages`,g.`thumbSizeX`, g.`thumbSizeY`,g.`public`,g.`sortorder`,g.`sortdirection`, g.`galleryimage`,g.`parentgallery`,count(i.`imageId`) as numimages from `tiki_galleries` g, `tiki_images` i where i.`galleryId`=g.`galleryId` and `parentgallery`=? group by g.`galleryId`, g.`name`,g.`description`, g.`created`,g.`lastModif`,g.`visible`,g.`theme`,g.`user`, g.`hits`,g.`maxRows`,g.`rowImages`,g.`thumbSizeX`, g.`thumbSizeY`,g.`public`,g.`sortorder`,g.`sortdirection`, g.`galleryimage`,g.`parentgallery` order by `images` desc^

As you can see - the order by references an invalid column - because in the select list the field is named "numimages" and the order by uses "images".
tracker item
URL mangling in random redirects
Many times, in random places, the www will get knocked off the hostname. I think it mostly occurs when I submit a confirmation to do something. I noticed it again today on: ./tiki-removepage.php when I confirmed the page removal at www.casesofinterest.com, I was returned to casesofinterest.com - kind of annoying, as I wasn't logged in to casesofinterest.com. The www should not be dropped.
tracker item
"Contact us" page is blank following upgrade from 1.9.11 to 2.0 and with new install
Following 2 separate/different upgrades from 1.9.11 to v2.0, in both cases the "Contact us" page is blank when it displays. The linkable page title shows OK at the top of the page but nothing else is displayed.

Both sites worked OK before the upgrade and everything else looks OK.

I've double checked that in both sites "Contact us" and "Contact us anonymously" are still set, plus the contact user is also still set with an e-mail address, but the blank page happens whether I'm logged in or not even when logged in as admin.

I originally posted this to the Features/Usability forum but xavi suggested it may be a bug so have now posted it here.

Have now also shown that this problem occurs with a new/clean install so doesn't seem to be related to the upgrade process.

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Shadowbox broken
When Shadowbox is activated, when an image in a gallery is clicked, instead of displaying using the normal shadowbox method, the image opens in a new window that's otherwise blank. Shadowbox worked in Tiki 2 prelease versions.
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Calendar item start/end hour selection is broken in Tikiwiki 2.0 using PHP 4.3.2 or previous - Patch
On TikiWiki 2.0, when adding or editing events in a <span class= "highlight_word_0">calendar</span>, if you're using PHP 4.3.2 or previous, you will only be allowed to choose 0, 1 or 2 as the <span class= "highlight_word_1">start</span>/<span class= "highlight_word_2">end</span> hour, even if the <span class= "highlight_word_0">calendar</span> is configured to offer 0-23 or something along those lines.

This is because of the following line in the file $TW_HOME/lib/smarty_tiki/function.html_select_time.php:

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
$hours = $use_24_hours ? range($hour_min, $hour_max) : range(1, 12);

The range function, as explained [http://php.net/manual-lookup.php?function=range|here (see ChangeLog)], in PHP versions previous to 4.3.2 inclusive, treats numeric strings as strings and not integers which <span class= "highlight_word_2">end</span>s up meaning that "23" is seen as "2", hence producing the problem.
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table with {toc} does not work...
The following code does not produce a table with one row with an image on the left and a toc on the right:

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
||::{img src=show_image.php?name=valmuer-henrikfalk.png }::|{toc type=fancy }||

The result is two rows with an ugly looking toc.

Worked fine with version 1.9.11

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2.0: still issues with Compulsory fields in trackers as if they were normal
Using Tiki 2.0, and a modified gemsi.css theme style. Trackers with Compulsory fields in trackers are not counted as so. As least, category field marked as compulsory.

I have a tracker with many fields, some of them compulsory, which is used through the TRACKER plugin.

I insert a new item leaving two compulsory fields unchecked:
* a drop down field: "Franja d'edat *" (= age range), and
* a category field: "Com t'has assabentat d'aquest curs? *" (= how did you know about it)

I get only a report of one field missing: the drop down "Franja d'edat *", but not the category one
When I check somethiong at the drop down field, and insert again, I can successfully insert the item, even if the category field was not checked.
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2.3: inter-user messages gives wrong message if users separated by comma, as before. now expects ;
Inter-user mesages from within tiki in tiki 2.3:
if you write to many users at once, you use to write their usernames separated by commas, but now, tiki seems to work only if you separate them with semicolon (;)

If you use commas to separate address in the to or cc fields, you see the wrong message: you have to allow receiving messages from others (or similar). And "no user with that name".

BTW, I had that setting enabled for me, as default on the site, and for all my users.
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Image description text cropped with Shadowbox
When an image is displayed with Shadowbox the description text is shown across the top of the image - but only 1 line is shown so long descriptions are just chopped off. It would be good if as many lines as were needed could be used here.

No longer relevant - item CLOSED
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Users cannot edit files galleries
Users cannot edit files galleries properties.
At tiki-list_file_gallery.php file, the second if statement is open in the wrong place:


312 // Check THIS gallery modification rights
313 if ( $galleryId > 0 ) {
314 if ( ! $user || $gal_info['user'] != $user )
315 $smarty->assign('errortype', 401);{
316 $smarty->assign('msg', tra('Permission denied you cannot edit this gallery'));
317 $smarty->display('error.tpl');
318 die;
319 }
320 }
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Edit CSS broken
Files created with the Edit CSS feature (tiki-edit_css.php) are 0 bytes.
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TikiWiki 2.0: Filtering Search Results
Our site has a lot of child pages that are included by parent pages. When accessed individually, they make much less sense than if they are accessed as part of the parent page that includes them.

Is there a way to restrict the Search functionality of TikiWiki to only return pages that meet a certain criteria? Eg, pages that would be in the format tiki-index.php?page=Title/PageGroup

I have referred to the tiki-admin.php?page=search page but could not find anything that fit the bill.
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Image gallery does not store resized picture
I frequently use the image gallery and have an default scale for all pictures.
Since the switch to 2.0 (and a new username) my gallery does not store the thumbnail and scaled size of pictures which results in really slow performance because each time the pictures is resized on the fly.

There are no new files in the directory for the image gallery nor are new rows to the tiki_images_data table.

I do not get any error message.

What could be wrong?
How could I check and fix it?

Any help appreciated.

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Parsing WikiWords on internal links with '-' in them are parsed incorrectly
Links of the form: ''~40~~40~PageName | Text-With-A-Dash And Spaces~41~~41~''
Parse to give: ''Text-With-A-Dash? And Spaces?''

such that:

Text-With-A-Dash -> page=Text-With-A-Dash
And Spaces -> page=PageName

(aka, there are two links to different pages)

This is inconsistent as: ''~40~~40~PageName | Text-With-Dashes~41~~41~''
parses to: ''Text-With-Dashes?''

The same problem occurs with underscores instead (_)of dashes (-) and using |# making things even worse.

The docs don't mention anything about -,_ being special characters when parsing link descriptions; nor should they be.
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Files Galleries admin screen should allow to displace files like in the Images Galleries screen
Our users keep adding large .ogg files in our files galleries and we have been asked to externalize theses files in a special download directory of the web server. Problem is that the admin screen of the files galleries doesn't have a DISPLACE section. You can set the option for the files to be added in an external directory, and the new ones are indeed placed into it, but the existing files stay in the database.

I have discovered that the *Image* galleries admin screen has this DISPLACE section but it will work only for the image galleries, no way to use it for the non image galleries.
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Tanzania missing in country tracker list
Seems like Tanzania keeps falling out of the country list. This was the case some years ago. Might as well add Swahili as a language option if applicable.
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PluginTrackerList not working?
Consequently gets an error on this plugin using 2.1 on a Windows machine. Error message from a what I am sure is a proper trackerlist reference is:

No field indicated

Close Window

- - - -

Found out this was an issue related to not making the referenced fields public. I would suggest the documentation is clearer on this issue in the trackerlist documentation. Will have a look at the documentation.
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TikiWiki 2.0: Categories Page Cannot be Found?
I have a very strange experience today. I tried to access the "Categories" page from three separate browsers: Google Chrome 0.2, Internet Explorer 7, and Firefox 3.0.3. I receive a "cannot be displayed" in all three browsers, even though (a) the relevant file (/tiki-admin_categories.php) is on the server, in the correct location (i.e., the root directory), and (b) has not been changed since I loaded TikiWiki onto the server, so there would not be any custom code that causes interference with the base functionality.

In Firefox, the browser attempts to download the tiki-admin_categories.php file as if it is an external object, eg a PDF.

Can anyone shed some light on how I might go about resolving this issue? It is a very strange one!
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Error when adding a new user
I have an error when I try to add a new user:

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()} Context:
File tiki-adminusers.php
Url tiki-adminusers.php
insert into `users_users`(`login`, `password`, `email`, `provpass`, `registrationDate`, `hash`, `pass_confirm`, `email_confirm`, `created`, `valid`, `openid_url`, `lastLogin`, `waiting`) values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
0 trenad
2 n.trepanier@rrsss16.gouv.qc.ca
4 1224014104
5 $1$98TWiy55$sm3YVgaZTDG8wTR6O9kvz0
6 1224014104
7 1224014104
8 1224014104
Unknown column 'email_confirm' in 'field list'
Built query was probably:
insert into `users_users`(`login`, `password`, `email`, `provpass`, `registrationDate`, `hash`, `pass_confirm`, `email_confirm`, `created`, `valid`, `openid_url`, `lastLogin`, `waiting`) values('trenad','','n.trepanier@rrsss16.gouv.qc.ca','','1224014104','$1$98TWiy55$sm3YVgaZTDG8wTR6O9kvz0','1224014104','1224014104','1224014104',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL){CODE}

Do you guys have any idea what is happening.
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External wiki links are mistakenly identified as wanted pages in WANTED plugin
External wiki links are mistakenly identified as wanted pages


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Palm Syncing
Tutos uses this one:

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Multilingual Meta Keywords and Meta Description (and increase 255 characters limit)
Please increase the limit and make it multilingual
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3D Browser does not work with the new Java edition 6
The new Java edition 6 released today causes the 3B browser to not work at all

(After Java update did restart of PC and left - somehow it did not restart. After restart all if fine. Sorry
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Search within a category
Categories are amazing for a large site. It makes it easier to manage. Next step is to add an option in search which can be filtered by category.
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Ajax fails with Quicktags admin
Apparently the loadComponent function is not present. I tested ajzxlib->processRequests by changing it to printJavaScript instead of getJavaScript - this had the effect of putting the function loadComponent into the javascript, but it still failed.
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A top-page horizontal login box should be an option in the Site identity feature.
1 click to add a login box instead of using the login module.

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Ability to upload multiple attachments at once onto a WIKI page
Bugs & Wish list
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Account validation by Admin

If admin account validation is enabled, Admin receive mails to confirm users registration.

But, if the admin is logged (with its own account) on tiki when he clicks the confirmation url, the user is not well-registered (provpass is still there in DB).

Whereas if he is not logged on, the registration works well.
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Add "social" relavancy to search results
I would like to see social implications added to Tiki search results. For example, in addition to pure content relevancy, it would be nice if search results took into account things like:
- Page rating
- Free tags
- Bookmarks
- Trackbacks
- Number of views

These could be used in conjunction with pure keyword matching to present users with a (potentially) better match.
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Add a "Create New Calendar" button to tiki-admin_calendars.php
After a new calendar is created, the create calendar form is still populated, and subsequent changes will edit the already created calendar instead of creating a new one. This behavior is not apparent to the user until the edit has taken place.
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add a label like [forum name XXX] in each email from monitorized forum post or thread....
Forums are getting powerful enough to substitute mailing lists on many tiki sites (yahhogroups, etc.). However, notification messages from forums cannot be added easily to local email filters since the subject doesn't contain a label like [[Forum X - site Y] to ease this task.
[Forum X - site Y]

I guess this must be very easy for a coder (just adding some variable to a smarty template? and adding a call to that variable if needed from the related .php or .tpl file - I just get the rough idea... I wish I could do that myself...)
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Add a select box to monitor each own's forum post, comments or tracker submission or wiki page at post time
I've been thinking for ages that this kind of option is REALLY needed, and I thought it should not be much coding effort:

Automonitoring each own's posts, through either:
# Add a select box to monitor each own's forum post or tracker submission at post time, in a "per forum post or tracker item insertion" basis, or
# with a user preference for all forums, or all trackers, blogs, etc..
Still needed...
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Add ability to generate RSS from a specific structure (and maybe category)
The ability to subscribe to a specific structure via RSS feed would be very useful. Currently one can subscribe to an RSS feed related to the entire wiki, but if several groups are using the wiki for different projects or purposes or topics, this may not be at all useful. For example, on the Southern New Hampshire University wiki, we have the online faculty handbook plus a variety of page sets related to different course projects. Most faculty should be alerted of changes to the faculty handbook, which resides in a structure, and some students and faculty may want to track changes to structures involved with specific courses or departments, but few if any users need to be alerted of every change to the wiki as a whole. The ability to generate an RSS feed specific to a structure (and possibly also specific to a category) would be very helpful.
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Add anti-spam protection on contact us, for anonymous users
Spamers are very annoying
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add automatic sequential id to tracker
add automatic sequential id to tracker
get read access to internal id
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools