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"I forgot my password" email message give bad link!
"I forgot my password" email gives
2. Click the following link to go to the screen where you must enter a
new "permanent" password. Please pick a password only you will know,
and don't share it with anyone else.
http://http://www.mysite.org/tiki-remind_password.php/tiki-change_password.php?user=<omitted by OmniColos>
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"Page" column title missing in tiki-listpages.tpl called from tiki-listpages.php
I found there is a typo on line 58 of tiki-listpages.tpl (Version 1.9.4)
which make the "Page" column title disappear in tiki-listpages.php
The faulty line looks like this:
<td class="heading"><a class="tableheading" href="tiki-listpages.php?offset={$offset}&amp;sort_mode={if $sort_mode eq 'pageName_desc'}pageName_asc{else}pageName_desc{/if}{if $initial}&amp;initial={$initial}{/if}{if $find}&amp;find={$find|escape}{/if}{if $exact_match eq 'y'}&amp;exact_match=on"{/if}>{tr}Page{/tr}</a></td>
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"Source" button in wiki page should have its own permission - not depend on tiki_p_view_history
This is a new feature arrived in BRANCH-1-9

1. add feature_print and checks
2. add tiki_p_print and checks

The above problem-description makes no sense... please look at tw#74 for that
Problem rephrased:

The "Source" button is currently dependant on tiki_p_view_history - it should have a perm of its own.
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"Wiki -> Dump" - just tries to get new.tar and gives ugly error, when dump hasn't been created

In the Menu is an option "Dump" under "Wiki", if you enabled that feature. The link just points to the .tar - what gives a 404 from the Web-server.
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/tiki-view_sheets.php doesn't display the sheet before clicking on "edit"
Formerly the sheet got displayed, when going to /tiki-view_sheets.php - it's not like that any more. I can edit it perfectly, etc. - but it doesn't get shown..
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404 Fullscreen Error
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7x Dev : overlapping cols or right column sent to end of "middle"

Particularly for Chibaguy, to show screenshots about the problem

The col3 ( or right-modules) are most of time send to the end of "middle".

This generally come from a "center" with two lateral column, when the calculated width of the three column is greater than the limited width of the container.

This seems to happen in several cases (mines), I commonly uses fivealive and have tested here "business". I get the same since a little more than one week.

Joined four screen shots from top to down (1920x1200 selection cropped).

You can see :
#The top and the right column not in place
#the middle : an anomaly on the width and all the display of the module action calendar (somebody has tried something while I am working on a lot of commented bugs on calendars 17 bus interacts, I have to merge or replace) . The ### comments are test to check modification at execution on my version.
#Where the col1 is ended and col3 begins
#The col3 end before the main footer

This is what I got with no SVN conflict on this.
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A user can edit ANY forum post
A user with all forum-perms except tiki_p_admin_forum can edit any forum post.
That shouldn't be like that..
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a user is deleted, but his watches to forum are still sent to empty address
A user is subscribed to a forum. Everything works fine (no messages are sent by the server to blank email addresses).

An admin deletes that user.

When a new message is posted to that forum, there is a message sent to a blank address, which is then returned to the server users from which the posts where sent.

It seems as if the forum still tries to send a copy of the post to that user, but has no address to send it to, since the user was deleted.
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Ability to use a structure as a menu {menu structureId=1}
I can't see the reason for the separation between the structures feature and the menu feature - structures are massively easier to create and edit, but only menus can be shown collapsibly. Separation of functions leads to confusion and harder support.
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accepting friendship request produces notice: undefined variable local_sender_email in messulib.php
I've accepted a friendship request, using 1.9cvs code from a couple of days, and I saw those two lines at the top of the page,

^Notice: Undefined variable: local_sender_email in /home/httpd/tiki19/lib/messu/messulib.php on line 90

Notice: Undefined variable: local_sender_email in /home/httpd/tiki19/lib/messu/messulib.php on line 91

plus the normal output below:
Accepted friendship request from userXXX^


BTW, "friendship network" is missing from categories Feature in this website dev.tw.o! (so that, nowadays, it cannot be selected at bug report time)
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Add help link to tiki-admin_actionlog.php
The tiki-admin_actionlog.php page does not have a help icon that links to docs.
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Addons code leftovers cause Fatal errors
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Admin Layout per section should be possible without activating it
Keep it optional - even activating something just to see, how you admin it!

Is there any reason this has to be this way?
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admin validation sends a bad link
In templates/mail/moderate_validation_mail.tpl this line is converted badly by smarty:

Smarty removes the '?' char if it's directly after a '}' (no clue why).
So I always get a bad link like this:

Any solution to this? I tried to use %3F but doesn't work very well...
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After Update 1.9.4 -->1.9.7 got PHP-Error when using Categories in File or Picture Galleries
Every Time, i use the Categories-Feature in File-Galleries or when uploading Pictures, it got the following error:

Notice: Undefined offset: 20 in categorize_list.php on line 38

Notice: Undefined index: categId in categorize_list.php on line 44

The Item itself is categorized
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Allow for rss feeds to use description data instead of title data for items (a la Yahoo Weather)
Yahoo Weather (and, I assume other feeds) rss feed dumps neat html into the description field of the first item rather than the title. I've modified function.rss.php to accomodate this and allow users to continue to use the regular module creation interface. Basically, I added a new parameter "desc" such that if you use {rss id=1 max=1 desc=1} the resulting output will use the description field instead of the title field. Skipped items will still be skipped.

Sorry, but I'm very new to Tikiwiki and may not conform to regular documentation standards...please correct me as neceesary.
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Allow mail templates to be overridden in wiki pages
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Allow smarty templates (.tpl files) for formatting pages created using outputtowiki option of pluginTracker
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Apache Crash with error status 3221225477
When logging into my site under various accounts the Apache web server intermittently crashes with the following error in the error log:

[Thu Oct 26 00:20:05 2006] [notice] Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 -- Restarting.
[Thu Oct 26 00:20:05 2006] [notice] Apache/2.0.59 (Win32) SVN/1.3.1 PHP/5.1.6 DAV/2 configured -- resuming normal operations

I have not made any modifications to the TikiWiki code (1.9.6) or changes to my server configuration. Everything was working normally for several months before the error started to appear.

I am able to force a similar crash to occur every time throught the Community -> User List feature (tiki-list_users.tpl). I debugged the template code and found that userlink in the following caused the crash:

{section name=changes loop=$listusers}
<td class="odd"> {$listusers[changes].login|userlink} </td>
<td class="odd"> {$listusers[changes].realName} </td>
{if $feature_score eq 'y'}

Any help?

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Authoritative status for modified tracker items doesn't work
I understand the option
"Authoritative status for modified items"
like that: When you modify a tracker item, then its status gets set to your selection. Probably best way to do, would be to just set the desired status in the edit field.

Well, nothing happens.

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Banners: having a way to point to a custom tpl or to a wiki page
Suggested on IRC:
(4:39:16 PM) mose: maybe what is missing in banners feature is a way to point to a custom tpl

This would give more flexibility. It would be easy to add Javascript, or very special banners or using variables (language, etc)

If a wiki page, we could easily delegate management and maintain edit history.
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better templates for tracker-mails
The tracker-mails from dev.tw.o are pretty much unreadable..
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bug in tiki_view_forum with respect to tiki_p_admin_form
The attachmentbox in tiki_view_forum/tiki_view_forum_thread can not be displayed if the forum_info is set to att_admin because the right is named as tiki_p_admin_form instead of tiki_p_admin_forum. I added also the moderator because i couldn't find it. Now it looks like this
($forum_info.att eq 'att_admin' and ($tiki_p_admin_forum eq 'y' or $forum_info.moderator == $user))
I think it is line 275 in comments.tpl.
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Create smarty_modifier_slug
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Creator text box missing when creating blog in tiki-edit_blog.php
When a user attempts to create a blog, the Creator text box is missing and the creator value is not stored when the record is committed.
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Cumulative rating doesn't get shown in tiki-view_tracker_item.php
When viewing a tracker item in tiki-view_tracker_item.php, the overall rating doesn't get shown. It worked in my test-installations, but not here on dev.tw.o.
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Display a comment in the html listing where each indvidual template starts and ends
I would like to have the templates include a comment line such as: <!--start template: tiki.tpl--> and a corresponding <!--end template: tiki.tpl-->. As a non-developer performing minor overrides and adaptations to the existing templates, this would greatly improve the time needed to locate the correct template to override for a certain page, as you could just go into the HTML source code and see which templates are involved in generating the page you are looking at.
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Do not display [comment] link, when no perm to post comments and no comments posted yet
for users with tiki_p_wiki_view_comments perm only, it displays the ~np~[comment]~/np~ link on the wiki page bar even when no comments there yet to read, so clicking it does literally nothing...
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Edit templates is disbaled when saving feature settings in 2.4
I enabled Edit Templates in the Look & Feel section. Unchecked the Wysiwyg editor feature in Experimental Features. In the display of what changed, feature_edit_templates disabled is displayed.

for grins I re-enabled Edit Templates in Look & Feel, then went to the features page and clicked apply without making any changes, feature_edit_templates disabled was displayed again.
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enabling Top and bottom bar does nothing
Selecting Top Bar and Bottom Bar doesn't seem to enable either of my templates.

I commented out the if statement in the tiki.tpl:

{*if $feature_top_bar eq 'y'*}
<div id="tiki-top">
{include file="tiki-top_bar.tpl"}

-- and --

{*if $feature_bot_bar eq 'y'*}
<div id="tiki-bot">
{include file="tiki-bot_bar.tpl"}

Now both templates are working.
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File gallery listing returns fatal error (smarty, in tiki-list_file_gallery.tpl line 43)
Using 1.9cvs from a couple of weeks
Attempting to list any file gallery returns:
Fatal error: Smarty error: [in tiki-list_file_gallery.tpl line 43]: syntax error: invalid attribute name: 'galeria' title='Fes' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 1536) in /home/httpd/tiki19/lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

For instance, here:

I'm using Catalan language interface

I've removed that line from the code, and the site is working again.
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Floating top and/or bottom (footer) menu items (and why not left & right too)
We should have some ready-made zones, where template designers can just

It should be possible to populate these zones with Site Identity or in the templates.

Please examples of floating boxes here:

It could also be pull out thingies or horizontal bars
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forum moderator seems to have tiki_p_admin_forum permission=y for tiki-view_forum.php
although they have tiki_p_admin_forum permission=__n__ (on v3.2).
My forum mods gets on tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=<int> the "Edit forum" button, which should be visible to forum admin only.
If they click on the button they get the error messages about missing permissions, so there is no serious problem with it, but it's confusing to see this button.

I've looked over templates/tiki-view_forum.tpl but didn't see anything as explanation for this.
(Btw: the if/else clause from line 15 to 19 doesn't make a sense (for me); it makes the same, never mind the case of the if-clause)
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Group homepage redirection at login time not working on recent HEAD cvs
We have been using group homepage redirection at login time for months on 1.10cvs with no problems. But in the latest couple of months, I would say, some bug might have been introduced since it stopped working recently ago, just after a cvs update.

We've noticed that if we uncheck: "Go to group homepage only if login from default homepage:" (at Admin -> General), then redirection works again (but we loose the right direction when somebody gopes to the tiki site after clicking to a forum post url from their email program on local.

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Hide levels in tiki-assignpermission.php
Levels in tiki-assignpermission.php are confusing to the new tiki admins.

tracker item
Homework Permissions are still in 1.9.1
Homework feature has been kicked out - but the permissions are still in there, when looking at

Admin -> Groups
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HTML syntax error in templates/header.tpl
templates/header.tpl file (2Aug07) has a missing double-quote in one line that impacts the use of phplayers. Page does not render properly in Firefox.

__Line 57 (approx) with double-quote missing:__
<link rel="StyleSheet" href="lib/phplayers/layerstreemenu-hidden.css type="text/css" />

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http://next.tiki.org/user199 page layout is broken
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http://nextthemes.tiki.org/tiki-all_languages.php?page=CSS showing wrong template
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i18n-related smarty error on a brand new 1.9.0 with "enabled for easy use" profile
Hi, I've just started a new Tiki 1.9.0, with new db with profile "Basic enabled for easy use", and after configuring the language in catalan, disabling some basic features, leaving just wiki, categories, etc., and clicked on the l10n Home link at the main applicationmenu, I got this error:
Fatal error: Smarty error: [in tiki-show_page.tpl line 37]: syntax error: invalid attribute name: 'pàgina' title='seguiment' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 1516) in /home/httpd/tiki19/lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1088
Using style: __smartiki.css__, __tikineat.css__, but not on __simple.css__
If I change the language to English, for instance, I have no problems with __tikineat.css__, etc.

Probably, same bug as the one reported at:
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IE eats up extra long Wikipages
Long and extra long wiki pages are not correctly displayed by the IE. Also no scroll bars are shown, so the content vanishes completly on a certain point of the page.
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IE eats up extra long Wikipages and Articles
Long and extra long wiki pages are not correctly displayed by the IE. Also no scroll bars are shown, so the content vanishes completly on a certain point of the page.

Also articles are affected. :-(
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iepngfix checks hundreds of images, and is very slow (2 minute page load video example)
Please see:

So with #sitelogo a img, it takes about 2 minutes to load certain
pages, because it goes through each image.
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Insert special characters : move to main template and make localized versions
Special characters is now via a popup. This is bad because the one click javascript insert doesn't work. "Basic" special characters should be integrated in the template.

Could (should?) be contextual to language. Current page? User language(s)? What if use speaks many?

It could also be a drop down-menu like with available languages. Go edit a page on wikipedia to get an idea.

wikipedia's Basic" special characters:

Additional French special characters:

Additional Spanish special characters:

We should let our translators edit this according to their local needs.

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Tiki-Log sort by ID broken
in debug mode (eg. when debugging ldap logins) many log entries are created at the same time so sorting by time is not sufficient to get the entries in their real order. Sorting by ID is better then.

Unfortunately sorting by ID leads to an unexpected result.

Looking at the code the problem can be fixed easily: The problem is that two tables are being joined (actionlog and actionlog_conf) and sorting by ID leads to sorting by actionlog_conf.id instead of actionlog.actionID.

Both needs to be fixed - in the SQL query the table for sorting must be added in the sort statement, in the template the columnname must be changed from Id to ActionId.

See patch.

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Trackerlist ActionUrl
When using the checkbox option in TrackerList the actionUrl is stated as
$checkbox.action and not as the link you entered.
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Calendar (TW6.7) month view does not render correctly in IE8, shows different calendar months in IE8 than in other major browsers
The calendar in TW6.7 does not render correctly in IE8. It shows two months worth of dates instead of the expected single month when in month view. Week view and day view render correctly in IE8, though.

Also, amazingly, the same install of TW6.7 shows the dates of the month of March when viewed with IE8 and April (the current month) when viewed in IE9 and other major standards compliant browsers.
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modifier.sefurl.php does not contain a case that handles calendar urls
Spotted by a user who noted that the URL of a suggested Calendar at the bottom of a wiki page returned an 'invalid URL' error. I tracked the error down to the sefurl modifier in the template not handling calendar URLs properly. The tested correction to modifier.sefurl.php is:
{CODE(caption="add after line 95" wrap="0" colors="php")} case 'calendar':
$href = $sefurl ? "cal$source" : "tiki-calendar.php?calIds[]=$source";
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userlink does not return a link for the current user if user information pref != 'Public'
The smarty function that generates a user link (lib/smarty_tiki/modifier.userlink.php) will only return an actual link if the user's user_information preference is set to 'public'. In the case where the user link is to the currently logged-in user, however, there is no reason not to display the link even if that preference is set to 'private' as the user should be able to view their own preferences. This is easy to demonstrate; set your user_information preference to private and then look at your name in login module. The name will not be a link to your user preferences.
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Link to validate email address (for Admins) is broken
The email that is sent to the admin to validate a new account includes a link that is messing a "?"


atest2 < mark@emailaddress.com.au> has requested an account on tikiwikiwebsite.com.au

To validate that account, please follow the link:

best regards,
your Tikiwiki

the link should start with


I've never submitted a bug before, let alone a fix, hopefully I'm providing the info the right way....
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Listing a file gal. in CATALAN returns smarty error for admins, and blank page for reg. users
Using 1.9.cvs from 9th july 2007.


When interfqce is in catalan, after uploading a file as registered user (or admin) to a file gallery, a blank page is shown (if not admin user), or this marty error if admin user:

Fatal error: Smarty error: [in tiki-list_file_gallery.tpl line 43]: syntax error: invalid attribute name: 'galeria' title='Fes' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 1547) in /home/httpd/tiki19/lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

However, if interface is set to Spanish or English, for instance, everything works ok.

I've clenaed the cache also, just in case.

Looks like a bug related to tpl and catalan language.php???
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LiveSupport broken in 1.9.3 CVS
LiveSupport seems broken in 1.9.3 CVS.

I can activate it OK via Admin|Features.
When I click on the LiveSupport admin link, I get the admin, I add myself (a regular user) as operator. Then when I try to open a Client window, I get a new popup window with this error:

Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "tiki-live_support_message.tpl" in /usr/www/users/cafsu/networks/lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1088
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Lower memory consumption and/or have a <8 Meg mode

Here is a very famous error: "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted"

And they often cause blank pages. How can we can catch them and render a simple & descriptive error page (not enough memory) instead of a blank page?

__Maybe useful?__
Smarty validation class

Better protection against accidental site breakage with improper use of code in modules + template
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mails not sent (missing carriage return in templates)
See this topic in the forum:


Short: Missing \r before each \n prevents sending of mail with tikiwiki installation on windows server.
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Make advanced mode for file and image upload dialogues a selectable preference
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Make greater use of Galaxia instance names
Galaxia supports assigning a name to a process instance, and stores this value in the galaxia_instances table in the name field. This can be assigned through the API using the setName() method of the Instance class. (It is also assigned from the Javascript popup window which opens when you select a Start activity from the User Activities page)

However, there are many places (for example, User Instances, and Monitor Workitems) where this value is not displayed, only a bare (and meaningless, from a user's perspective) process ID number.

This is a clear usability obstacle.
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Make print icon optional
We now need to fiddle in the templates to remove the print icon. In many cases, a print option is not useful.

Need both a tiki_p style permission and a feature_print style feature for this. Need to document the actual names we used, too.

One tiki-wide setting to deactivate all printable pages all links to these pages (with the little printer icon).

This will also be useful for http://mobile.tikiwiki.org/ Let's try to do before 1.9.1

obs: waiting for cvs to unlock to commit
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Menu & modules contextual to category of currently show item (wiki page, article, tracker, etc)
[wish1887|Modules use should be restrictable with standard permissions]

Read from bottom up:

2008-05-27 00:46:33 Norrin_Rrr mmh
2008-05-27 00:45:57 prozaq you could probably modify that
2008-05-27 00:45:39 prozaq that displays all categories
2008-05-27 00:45:32 prozaq Norrin_Rrr: in 1.10 there is a module called "categories"
2008-05-27 00:41:25 Norrin_Rrr will try it
2008-05-27 00:41:16 Norrin_Rrr the example in the documentation says its for features not sections that s weird
2008-05-27 00:40:51 prozaq oh - yes I think so, but Ive never tried it
2008-05-27 00:40:34 prozaq beg your pardon?
2008-05-27 00:39:45 Norrin_Rrr the section parameter in the menu its to set wich section (wiki/cms/forums) will display the menu ?
2008-05-27 00:38:54 Norrin_Rrr that should be doable
2008-05-27 00:38:19 prozaq so you should be able to copy some of the code from the tiki-browse_categories pages
2008-05-27 00:34:38 Norrin_Rrr yes
2008-05-27 00:34:16 prozaq but isnät that when you are creating a module from scratch?
2008-05-27 00:34:07 Norrin_Rrr i am not sure but there seems a possibility for hacking ?
2008-05-27 00:33:44 Norrin_Rrr "So if you know about Smarty template editing you can use any Smarty tag in your user modules."
2008-05-27 00:33:05 Norrin_Rrr ah okay i am at the module documentation, and its seems there are some conditionals with TW1.10 for modules but unfortunatly none for specific category
2008-05-27 00:32:56 *** franck has left #tikiwikin
2008-05-27 00:29:43 *** kiilo_ has quit IRCn
2008-05-27 00:28:34 Suprano even more if you paste in in a formular :D
2008-05-27 00:28:15 Suprano hmmm copying 4mb text slows down the pc
2008-05-27 00:28:10 Norrin_Rrr and display a menu that gather the various item of this category
2008-05-27 00:27:59 prozaq marclaporte: earlier I posted a bug to the tracker item Bugs & Wish list on dev.tikiwiki.org but how do I post to the "All Bugs" section or the "Release 110 taged bugs" ? section
2008-05-27 00:27:38 Norrin_Rrr yes
2008-05-27 00:27:30 marclaporte the goal would be to show a certain module only if current item (page, etc) is in category X ?
2008-05-27 00:26:07 prozaq eek...
2008-05-27 00:25:45 Norrin_Rrr its seems it works for feature enabled on the site but not for category (?)
2008-05-27 00:25:16 Norrin_Rrr yep i have the doc about the menu under my nose but i don't understand the section parameter
2008-05-27 00:24:39 marclaporte hi prozaq
2008-05-27 00:24:24 prozaq marclaporte: hi
2008-05-27 00:24:19 prozaq but Iäm not sure a specific category would fall under that
2008-05-27 00:23:57 prozaq it seems that you can tell a module which "section" it should appear in
2008-05-27 00:22:37 Norrin_Rrr for now 1.9.9 but 1.10 soon i hope :)
2008-05-27 00:21:20 *** marclaporte has joined #tikiwikin
2008-05-27 00:20:45 prozaq which version are you using norrin?
2008-05-27 00:18:38 Norrin_Rrr i am not sure, a module with a menu would be nice
2008-05-27 00:18:08 prozaq a menu item or a module with menus?
2008-05-27 00:17:29 Norrin_Rrr and hello everybody ;)
2008-05-27 00:16:39 Norrin_Rrr Is it possible to show a menu only when a user reach an item belonging to a given category ?
2008-05-27 00:15:24 *** Norrin_Rrr has joined #tikiwikin

Sylvie has recently added some useful code in BRANCH-1-10 so we can use categories as conditions in templates (.tpl)

[http://dev.tikiwiki.org/Hello+World#To_do_something_specific_in_a_template_ex_tiki_tpl_conditional_to_the_current_item_being_in_a_category_Ex_different_header_picture_|related info in Hello World]
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menu ID=42 doesn't follow enabled/disabled features of Admin section
mnu_application_menu aka db clone menu ID=42 doesn't follow enabled/disabled features of Admin section
tracker item
mod-adsense should show its error in a module-frame
Bugs & Wish list
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Modules style is incorrect CSS class name
Every module is within a div.box that includes the module name,
div class="box login_box"
div class="box My User Module Name"

But I don't think spaces work in CSS, so I'd say this is a bug.

Additionally, it seems this div that frames every module has no tepmplate file (that I could find). If it is hardcoded (i.e. .php), it should be made a template (.tpl).
tracker item
Need a way to NEXT/PREV specific blog posts
When viewing a specific blog post (tiki-view_blog_post.php), users should be able to go to the NEXT / PREVIOUS post in the blog.
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Need to load Administration page twice in order to see all icons.
When you load the administration page for the first time of a session, you cannot see all icons. It's like if the page was truncated.
So you need to load the administration page a second time in order to see all icons.
tracker item
No Plugin-Help when editing forum or trackers
When editing a Wiki-page and clicking on Wiki-Help there is a link to change the Help to Plugin-Help.

This link doesn't appear when editing forum or trackers..
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Option to Insert a new event in calendar when posting a new tiki article of type "event"
In order to avoid duplication of effort, It would be very nice to be able insert a calendar item when editing an article in Tiki.

I imagine that as a new option in article edit form, for any article type or just some type, like "event", or so. You should be able to select the date or dates to insert that info in the calendar feature, select which calendar, etc.

So that calendar and upcoming_events module is updated when a new article is posted with that option selected.
tracker item
Out of memory bug in tiki-edit_templates.php

I've just been testing Tiki to see if it will suit my needs. Came across the following bug in tiki-edit_templates.php whenever I tried to edit any templates or CCS.

Whenever I tried to click on the Edit Button for templates I got the following error:

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXX bytes exhausted (tried to allocate XX bytes) in tiki-5.1/lib/init/initlib.php on line 185

System setup

System: FreeBSD 8.1
Web Server: Apache 2.2.16
Php: 5.3.3

Key issue was when looking for templates to list - around line 112 in tiki-edit_templates.php. The code would get stuck in an endless loop trying to get the files a directory that failed to open, exhausting stack size. The following directories would attempt to be opened:

tiki-5.1/templates - opened OK
tiki-5.1/templatesmodules - failed to open causing loop to get stuck.

The templatesmodules directory would fail to open.
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Patch: setup_smarty.php get_filename fails if tikidomain is empty
tikiwiki-5.0.Beta1\setup_smarty.php, line 251, in function get_filename:
$file = '';
may be replaced by
$file = '/';
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phplayers horiz menu buggy when using twist.css theme style
on 1.9.cvs

Horizontal phplayer menu is behaving weird when adding new options, etc. (sections level 0 and options inside dissapearing + separators rare)
Menú and menú items below, in utf-8 encoding.

INSERT INTO `tiki_menu_options` (`optionId`, `menuId`, `type`, `name`, `url`, `position`, `section`, `perm`, `groupname`) VALUES
(171, 43, 'r', 'Comissions', 'Comissions', 10, '', '', ''),
(172, 43, 'o', 'Secretaria', 'Comissió+de+Secretaria', 20, '', '', ''),
(173, 43, 'o', 'Turisme', 'Comissió+de+Turisme', 30, '', '', ''),
(174, 43, 'o', 'Dinamització social', 'Comissió+de+Dinamització+social', 40, '', '', ''),
(175, 43, 'o', 'Medi ambient', 'Comissió+de+Medi+ambient', 50, '', '', ''),
(191, 43, 's', 'Enllaços', 'tiki-directory_browse.php', 300, '', '', ''),
(177, 43, 'o', 'Login', 'tiki-login_scr.php', 1010, '', '', 'Anonymous'),
(178, 43, 'o', 'Logout', 'tiki-logout.php', 1010, '', '', 'Registered'),
(179, 43, 's', 'Activitats', '', 200, '', '', ''),
(180, 43, '1', '2007', '', 210, '', '', ''),
(181, 43, '2', 'Artístiques i artesanals', 'Activitats+artístiques+i+artesanals', 220, '', '', ''),
(182, 43, 'o', 'Comerç Just', 'Activitats+artístiques+i+artesanals+de+Comerç+Just', 230, '', '', ''),
(190, 43, '-', '', '', 1001, '', '', ''),
(185, 43, '1', '2006', '', 250, '', '', ''),
(186, 43, 'o', '<img src="img/rss.png" alt="Sindicació de notícies per Agregadors RSS" title="Sindicació de notícies per Agregadors RSS" border="0" />', 'Notícies+per+RSS', 1008, '', '', ''),
(189, 43, '-', '', '', 1000, '', '', ''),
(192, 43, 's', 'Home', 'index.php', 5, '', '', ''),
(193, 43, 'o', 'Presentació', 'Presentació', 7, '', '', ''),
(194, 43, 'o', 'Història de l''associació', 'Història+de+l´associació', 400, '', '', ''),
(195, 43, '-', '', '', 1002, '', '', ''),
(196, 43, '-', '', '', 1003, '', '', ''),
(197, 43, '-', '', '', 1004, '', '', ''),
(198, 43, '-', '', '', 1005, '', '', ''),
(199, 43, '-', '', '', 1009, '', '', ''),
(200, 43, 'o', 'Historia2', 'Historia2', 410, '', '', ''),
(201, 43, 'o', 'Presentació de les activitats', 'Presentació+de+les+activitats', 205, '', '', ''),
(202, 43, '-', '', '', 60, '', '', '');

INSERT INTO `tiki_menus` (`menuId`, `name`, `description`, `type`) VALUES
(43, 'Menú horitzontal capçalera', 'Menú horitzontal per la capçalera de la web', 'd');

If interested in analyzing any more in the server where it happened, please, request me an admin account at:

so that you can reproduce the buggy behavior.
I'm afraid of adding new items or sections since they break the present layout of phplayer menus if it is set as horitzontal.
when previewed as vertical, it's always shown ok, at it should.

I was using twist.css theme style.
April 4th: the problem seems to dissapear if using tikineat style instead of twist.css theme style. See the screenshots of the same menu with each theme style.
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Phplayers menu gives error and dies when user has no access to a page
If a user has no access to a feature or a wiki page, normally the login page is shown. However, if the site has a phpLayers menu (E.g. {phplayers id=43 type=horiz} in Site Identity features - Custom Code - Content ), the phpLayers menu fails and dies. The user only sees a blank page with the message "LayersMenu Error: setMenuStructureString: empty string. Halted".
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Print Template uses wrong content
When printing a wiki page, the print template shows the name of the wiki instead of the name of the page in the title <h1>...</h1> tag. This only occurs in print mode, normal works fine... The HTML title tag is rendered correctly, with the name of the wiki AND the name of the page...
tracker item
Print version of tracker lists
Trackers are really good for lists. Sometimes, we want to print these lists...
tracker item
problem with single quotes in some translated text
I face an smarty compiler problem. Only happen when I use the translated text to language Catala. I have tracked the code to this point: tiki-show-page.tpl:
<a href="tiki-index.php?page={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;watch_event=wiki_page_changed&amp;watch_object={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;watch_action=add">{html_image file='img/icons/icon_watch.png' border='0' alt='{tr}monitor this page{/tr}' title='{tr}monitor this page{/tr}'}</a>

The problem is that "monitor this page" is translated in Catala to " seguiment d'aquesta pà gina", with a single quote inside (wery used in Catala). It seems that the alt tag has single quotes, the translated text also has single quotes and this is what make the smarty compiler to fail. When I remove the single quote from the translated text all works again.

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Quizzes Setting "Shuffle Questions does not work"
On the Create/Admin Quizzes page, when the setting "Shuffle Questions" is checked, the questions are not shuffled when the user takes the quiz.
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Rendering of default2 theme faulty on IE6
When displaying a page in default2, the icon band on top of the page (the one containing the print icon, amongst others) is slightly pushed to the right, which cuts off icons or dropdown lists (for backlinks, for example). see attached jpg.

The behaviour does not show in FireFox.

We are using TikiWiki for a lot of people with IE, and are getting complaints... Can you help?
tracker item
RSS aggregated over all Trackers
Tiki offers all RSS Feeds for individual and all items of a feature. Like:

RSS Feed for all Blogs
RSS Feed for individual Blogs

This is not the case for Trackers as far as I can see - at least from Admin -> RSS
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SEF URL Search Engine Friendly URL
__A CMS without SEF URL means it is a Bug : Usability__

it's a by setup checkable standart in a high quality CMS
simple weblogs like http://www.s9y.org/ have such a feature

why :
google likes */this_is_a_very_god_page.html
and normaly google didn't index

i think the best webpage is nothing if SEFURL isn't working

the half way is done with the htaccess - ok
the next half way was a mod from http://www.coofercat.com/wiki/TikiURLtInstall

It's working in a root env with 1.9.x and 1.10cvs
that means only if /tmp is writable for the webserver - this is the bug

but online on a vserver this shit happens to me

Warning: mkdir(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp/71) is not within the allowed path(s): (/srv/nww/webx/:/srv/nww/htdocs/phpMyAdmin/:/srv/nww/htdocs/confixx/html/gesperrt/) in /srv/nww/webx/html/wiki/lib/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 1551

Warning: fopen(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp/71/adodb_716f2422695ca15b221f4ce6f146321c.cache) is not within the allowed path(s): (/srv/nww/webx/:/srv/nww/htdocs/phpMyAdmin/:/srv/nww/htdocs/confixx/html/gesperrt/) in /srv/nww/webx/html/wiki/lib/adodb/adodb-csvlib.inc.php on line 298
......this msg repeats about 1000 times
did you know what's going on

I started to debug this problem
but it seams to get bigger and bigger

saved data titles must be renamed
didn't result in
page 2
and so on
tracker item
Show number of comments/atts when viewing Tracker item
I think it would be cool to have the counts in the tabs like ( 1 Comments ) ( 0 Attachments ).
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since_last_visit_new module links to new users in not WYSIWYCA
New users are linking to:


It should be:


for users that don't have tiki_p_admin_users
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Site Identity menu bar admin needs textarea for input
The Site menu bar in Site Identity can be turned on (checkbox), but there's no textarea to input the code to be used for the menu bar. (Nothing is displayed at two of my 1.9.7 sites, anyway.)

When set, the template should use {eval var=$sitenav_code} and I guess this should be stored in the tiki_preferences table. But there's no way to input it. Seems like tiki-admin.php?page=siteid needs a textarea similar to the one for custom code content for Site nav code (PHP Layers menu tag, etc.)

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smarty {debug} function gives PHP error "E_USER_WARNING"
inserting {debug} at the beginning of a template results in the following issue:

PHP (5.2.0-8+etch15) ERROR (E_USER_WARNING):
File: Smarty.class.php
Line: 1092
Type: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "file:lib/smarty/libs/debug.tpl"

that happend in every template i tested
checked the directory and filepermissions for that path, but the Permissions are ok
serching the web resultet that it culd be a missing include for smaty, but im not that far into smarty to fix it on my own
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Smarty {help} broken when using DESC attribute
tracker item
Smarty cache is not automatically updated after a modification of language.php

After translation of language.php, it does not seems reflect the translation work.

When I reload a related page, sometimes reflect and sometimes does not reflect.

I am not sure but I guess tikiwiki has some cache page.
If so, how to clear the cache?

Or more straight, how to reflect language.php immediately?

Please give me a hint.

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Smarty tabset showing tabs for tabs that are inside permission checks
When a tabset contains tabs that are surrounded by permission checks such that none of the contents will show because the user has not the perm, the tab still shows (because the tabset collects the existence of tabs without checking perms).

This is very ugly to have tabs that users won't see anything in them.
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smarty template cache path exceeding maximum lenght
The ID generated by get_user_cache_id is used to create a new directory in templates_c/ . This ID is generated by concatenating all the groups a user is in.
When a user is in many groups the ID exceeds the maximum filename length of my system (FreeBSD 4.11).
tracker item
Smarty Template indicator: add a note for tiki.tpl and error.tpl after the doctype
[https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/34340/|This change] was made because IE7 & IE8 has trouble with a page which starts with "<!-- TPL:". However, for a new developer, it's useful to know about tiki.tpl and error.tpl

Suggested layout:

{CODE()}<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- TPL: tiki.tpl is used as the global page container -->
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
<!-- TPL: header.tpl --><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />{CODE}

{CODE()}<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- TPL: error.tpl is used as the global page container -->
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
<!-- TPL: header.tpl --><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />{CODE}
tracker item
Smarty update from 3.1.14 to 3.1.15 with patch or wait for 3.1.16
tracker item
smarty_security and tiki_cdn cause Icons missing when using own content delivery network
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smarty_tiki/block.wikiplugin.php is called twice upon a {wikiplugin _name="blah" ...}..{/wikiplugin} in a tpl
{wikiplugin _name="blah" ...}..{/wikiplugin} is called twice from smarty! After each } you get a call.
data is what is between the } and {

Read more here: [http://irc.tiki.org/irclogger_log/tikiwiki?date=2011-01-17,Mon&sel=257#l253|http://irc.tiki.org/irclogger_log/tikiwiki?date=2011-01-17,Mon&sel=257#l253]
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smarty_tiki/modifier.duration*.php are not internationalized
lib/smarty_tiki/modifier.duration.php and lib/smarty_tiki/modifier.duration_short.php are both using hardcoded strings for display of time units (seconds,days,etc).
tracker item
stray div in tiki-searchindex.tpl
1.9.7 - validation error due to a stray opening div tag in tiki-searchindex.tpl.
tracker item
Subject field empty after reply to a forum post...
Subject field empty after a reply to a post...

* a topic is posted "aaa"
* the subject for the reply to at the bottom is "Re: aaa"
* a reply is posted to the topic
* the subject for the reply to at the bottom is EMPTY, whilst it should be "Re: Re: aaa"
* click on the topic or post link once again, then the subject for the reply to at the bottom is "Re: Re: aaa"
tracker item
Survey description shouldn't look like a question in tiki-take_survey.php

nothing more to say...
tracker item
Syntax error reported by tiki-calendar.php (but simple text added): event not inserted
Using latest 1.9.cvs (from 13th june 2007), and simple.css and tpl's.

Maybe related to these other bug reports by me a momoent ago with Calendars:
[http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1136&show=view&offset=0&reloff=2&status=op&trackerId=5&sort_mode=created_desc|bug 1]
[http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1138&show=view&offset=0&reloff=0&status=op&trackerId=5&sort_mode=created_desc|bug 2]

I attempted to create a simple event at this newly created calendar ("Comisión Web", see previous bug reports). I get a red message saying ~~red:Syntax error~~ (in Spanish, due to lang interface in Spanish).

See screenshot attached (if I can), after posting this bug report.
That's the text I introduced:
Prueba de item: retocar estilo de tema de la web (a partir de simple.css)
Update: when using tikineat.css and tpl's, or smartiki.css and tpl's, for instance, everything works fine, as expected.
tracker item
templates_c cleaning is too aggressive and deletes system files
Why does this get deleted:

cvs update: warning: templates_c/.cvsignore was lost
U templates_c/.cvsignore
cvs update: warning: templates_c/.htaccess was lost
U templates_c/.htaccess
cvs update: warning: templates_c/README was lost
U templates_c/README
cvs update: warning: templates_c/index.php was lost
U templates_c/index.php

2009-04-17 It's better for branches/3.0 but it still happens somethinges. (ex.: in temp) Need to be able to duplicate and solve.

2009-04-19 Should be ok now.
tracker item
templates_c is not included in .zip file
In 1.9, templates_c existed with some administrative files (templates_c/index.php, etc.):

Since we moved to SVN, in time for 2.0, this was "lost"

This causes that people that install TikiWiki via FTP, from zip file, --need to manually create this folder (useless annoyance)-- Actually, it was created by tiki-install.php but I see no reason not bundle this folder.

People that use sh setup.sh to install are OK because this script creates this directory (and others?)

tracker item
The general administration page has a variable name collision ("style" in the submit button)
I was unable to change the general preferences in the general administration form.

The reason is a naming collision between the cookie variable "style" and the name of the "Change Styles only" submit button. The consequence is that the code for changing style is run every time (because the "style" variable is always set).

The associative array $_REQUEST consist of the contents of $_GET, $_POST, and $_COOKIE.
tracker item
The sandbox page should not be included in the listing of recently modified pages.
mod-last_modif_pages should not list the sandbox page.
Users could confuse it for real content.
tracker item
tiki-admin_survey_questions.php could need some better interface - especially for multiple choice

Try it, you'll see yourself.. perhaps some ideas to come..
tracker item
tiki-browse_categories.php: Template Error: setRoot: . is not a directory.

First a warning: I am new here... and new to linux...

I installed tikiwiki and while configuring the categories and user rights I got the Message

Template Error: setRoot: . is not a directory.

It happend calling the page


and it happens with all users I configured, even the adminuser.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,


tracker item
tiki-calendar.php preview doesn't show item-title
Insert a new item into the calendar and click preview - the preview only shows the description of the calendar item - it should show the title also.
tracker item
tiki-edit_templates.php making bad composition of url to save a tpl to a local-theme directory
Bug for a site (e.g. drecerca) on a multitiki site (e.g. moviments.net). Using a 1.9.7cvs from a month ago (early may07, I guess)

Attempting to edit the tiki-top_bar.tpl smarty template from the web interface: http://www.moviments.net/drecerca/tiki-edit_templates.php

I got this message, when clicking on the "__save only in the theme: drecerca__" button:

Warning: mkdir(templates//drecerca/styles/drecerca) [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in /home/httpd/tiki19/tiki-edit_templates.php on line 61

You do not have permission to write the template: templates//drecerca/styles/drecerca/tiki-top_bar.tpl

And right place where it should attempt to save the file is:


Is this a configuration problem or just a bug?
If it's a configuration problem, the should be a tip or warning somewhere explaining how to avoid this error...
tracker item
tiki-list_articles.tpl: current type selected in find not selected in drop-down box
Revision 1.34 CVS HEAD 1.9.5

"if $type" in below should be "if $find_type"

Line 38: <option value="{$types[t].type|escape}" {if $type eq $types[t].type}selected="selected"{/if}>{tr}{$types[t].type}{/tr}</option>

tracker item
tiki-listpages.php: Layout of the page is broken with Tablesorter enabled
tracker item
tiki-mods_admin.php is broken.
As admin, I go to Admin -> Admin mods and select Mods Configuration.

If I Save the Tikiwiki Mods Configuration, I get an error "Notice: this variable may not be empty: username

This prevents me from changing the mods repository.
tracker item
tiki-send_newsletters.php results in 501 Method Not Implemented
The following text in a newsletter results on "send newsletter" in:

501 Method Not Implemented
to /index.html not supported.
Invalid method in request

Oddly, when the message is split into part, each part will go through.

> > > Rick Labs wrote:
> > >> 2. I would like to get you introduced to
> Christian Schuhegger
> > over at the
> > >> OJTS. He is running a pure Java Project. While
> the guy is
> > brilliant I'm
> > >> not
> > >> positive he has much real world experience with
> investment system
> > >> backtesting and all the ways you can "torture"
> historical
> > investment data
> > >> to
> > >> "make it tell you what you want to hear".
> However, Christian is a VERY
> > >> quick
> > >> learner! I'll bet you would both benefit by the
> association.
> > >
> > > I am the founder of the OpenJavaTradingSystem
> project on sourceforge:
> > > http://ojts.sourceforge.net/
> > >
> > > As stated on the website of the project:
> > > "The project's aim is to provide a self
> contained pure Java (platform
> > > independent) common infrastructure for
> developers of trading systems."
> > > Which means that the aim is not to produce a
> finished end user
> > application
> > > but to factor out all the common and boring
> subparts that you need to
> > > write a trading system and to define "standard"
> interfaces for the
> > > subparts.
> > >
> > >>>robotrader or any part of it in those pages,
> please feel free to do so.
> > >
> > > I've just had a quick look at your robotrader
> project and I see for
> > > example that you have implemented fetching data
> over yahoo. The
> > gathering
> > > of data from "data providers" I would consider
> such a common and boring
> > > subpart of every trading system project.
> Therefore I would like
> > to see it
> > > implemented in a library (e.g. OJTS) with well
> defined
> > interfaces so that
> > > you can plug in other "data providers" easily.
> > >
> > > I would also like to point you to the
> humaitrader project:
> > > https://humaitrader.dev.java.net/
> > > which in my opinion looks very promising. I've
> contacted the author
> > > already but I habe the feeling he is not very
> interested in
> > sharing parts
> > > of his implementation.
> > >
> > > The sad thing in humaitrader aswell is that
> common functionality is
> > > implemented again and again!
> > >
> > > I would like OJTS to be in the trading system
> community something like
> > > OSKit is for the operating system researchers:
> > > http://www.cs.utah.edu/flux/oskit/
> > > "... the OSKit lets them concentrate on the real
> issues ... instead of
> > > spending six months or years groveling inside
> ugly code ..."
> > >
> > > For the beginning I would like to create common
> interfaces and
> > > implementations for the following parts:
> > > # the gathering of raw data over the internet
> > > # the recognition of trading signals /
> algorithms in general
> > > - here for example ta-lib could be plugged in
> > > # a visualisation module
> > > - why does everybody have to reinvent the
> visualisation? is
> > writing this
> > > part of the code so intellectually inspiring :)
> > > # plugging in scripting languages
> > > - beanshell
> > > - abcl lisp
> > > - sisc scheme
> > >
> > > Up to now I've worked alone on OJTS, but with
> Rick's talent to bring
> > > people together perhaps some of us could start
> OJTS (or at
> > least its idea)
> > > from scratch again. It would be nice to throw
> our collected experience
> > > into a bin and come up with a really good
> foundation library
> > for trading
> > > system.
> > >
> > > Have a nice week-end,
> > > --
> > > Christian Schuhegger
> > > http://www.el-chef.de/
> >
> >
> >

tracker item
TikiSheet table won't dispaly in Wiki page
I have created a table filled with contents using TikiSheet. Check that view and admin sheet permission is set. When I create a link in a wiki page pointing to this table, the page did not display the table but only a Edit Table link. I am using 1.9.0. However, when I tried that on the tikiwiki.org site it works fine.

Need to know why it did not work on the 1.9.0.

Pretty similar issue is tw#380 - marked as duplicate - text of it is here:
/tiki-view_sheets.php doesn't display the sheet before clicking on "edit"
Formerly the sheet got displayed, when going to /tiki-view_sheets.php - it's not like that any more. I can edit it perfectly, etc. - but it doesn't get shown..

Thanks to kwow for pointing that out:
It does seems like you have also opened a similar[http://dev.tikiwiki.org//tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=380&show=view&offset=0&reloff=45&status=op&trackerId=5&sort_mode=f_41_desc|bug ticket].

The clickable "edit" link in your bug ticket is exactly the link I an refeering to. Do you think it is worthwhile to combine the same tracker item as one as they are refeering to the same problem we are facing."
tracker item
To show Links with no Permission for anonym - turns external Sitemap creation in a disasterarea 302
The Problem
i.e. the structure tee ist partial accessible for anonymous -
but in the Page view /tiki-index.php?page=xyz all the substrucktures are clickable but they are not accessible (permission of the subtree gives a 302 for the visitor - so he must go back ...

a robot like google creates so much traffic becose he want follow this dead links

so i thought this is solvable by a sitemap
but Tiki has no intern tool for a sitemap like some other cms.
so i started with a online sitemapgenerator - but disasterarea 302 permission
next sitemap-gen.py from sourceforge but the same disasterarea 302 permission
but much bigger becourse it generates from the apache accesslog.

So next i thought about this mess!OK Why create a link if it is not clickable for anonym
yes thats the first solution to give the thing a straight line

looks like a big bugfamily

<lq_013> before a few day's i started with working on a sitemap for tiki
<lq_013> first Idea with using a external tool end up in a disaster
<lq_013> this courced by permission on some struktures
<lq_013> next disasterpart is the rewrite seo engine wich produces some pages 4 times
<lq_013> each accessible in an other way
<lq_013> the sitemaptool from sourcefrge which makes analyse of the access.log produces much more shit
<lq_013> some things can be restricted in a config file but thats no god Idea
<lq_013> so my suggestion to solve some of this sitemap disasters is to cancel all a href=... where annonymous can't click to
<lq_013> this is more then recommented becourse all visitors and searchengines follow this links and get a 302
<lq_013> with redirekt to login or whatever
tracker item
tracker field marked as "hidden" makes last field to dissapear from insert data form
When you declare a field as hidden in a tracker, then the last field of the list of fields in that tracker is not shown at insertion time.

More hidden fields, more fields at the end that "dissapear" from insertion form...
tracker item
Tracker fields textarea content wiki parsing doesn't work the same as wiki page content parsing
tracker item
Tracker filter by category doesn't work
It works nicely for text fields. It would be very useful for categories too.

Probably related: categories don't appear in plugin trackerlist
tracker item
Tracker should have possibility to be marked as duplicate
Bugs & Wish list
tracker item
Tracker standard fields(ItemId - Created - LastMod) behave too different from custom fields
Trackers standard fields are afaik
- ItemId
- Created
- LastMod

You can't acces/modify/use those. But it would be necessary for example to:
- use the ItemId in the Item Link field
- make a default sort by creation date
- much more surely ;)
tracker item
Typo in tiki-plugin_poll.tpl
File is delivered as below, thus causing the rest of the page after the embedded poll to be bolded.

<div class="box">
<div class="box-title">
<strong>{$poll_title}<strong><br />
<div class="box-data">
{include file=tiki-poll.tpl}

tracker item
ugly look of admin home
Administration home does look really ugly with hidden disabled sections now
tracker item
Universal Wiki Edit Button
Please see:

*[wish1781|Support for the Wiki creole markup (syntax)]

In testing now on:

tracker item
User registration validation link in email is broken -missing "p" in tiki-login_validate.ph
in templates/mail/moderate_validation_mail.tpl this line is converted badly by smarty:



tiki-login_validate.php has a missing "p"

this result in bad link for user registration validation
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Userpage doesn't accept lang-suffix
No nearer clarification - just heard about it.
I can well believe it though - not digged into code.
But it's not consistent! And not good over all.
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools