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Login with "Request passcode to register:" fails
Request passcode to register: fails.

Example 1: (Still broken?) I toggled on "Request passcode to register:" and "Prevent automatic/robot registration:", as well as "user tracker" selected at registration time, and after the registration steps, and filling the user tracker information, I get the message (like): "Register code not valid. You need to know the register code to register in this web site" (approx)

Tried three times with different browsers and users names (and double checking the passcode to register): same effect.

When I toggle off the "Request passcode to register:", then everything works fine.

Example 2:
Request password to enter = on
User tracker (for registration) = on
...initial screen of choose name, enter password and email works.
...second screen with user tracker info fails on submit.

Tested with:
1. Passcode only - Success
2. Passcode & email verification - Success
3. Email verificaton & user tracker - Success
4. Passcode & user tracker - Fail

All I really need is Passcode & user tracker to work together!
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openid login currently not working for me, and it did months ago
I can't login to http://wiki-translation.com (using 1.10svn from june'08) with my openid account

I successfully used that openid account months ago to create a linked tiki account here (xavidp), but it seems that currently it doesn't work. Using the openid box I get the error:

"Authentication error; not a valid OpenID."

Maybe openid is broken? We are using kubrick theme there...
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"I forgot my password" -> 1 click should be enough to reset
Ask for a new password on tikiwiki.org

You will see you have to click two links

1. to reset your password
2. to login with temp password (this link is missing http://)

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"new user registration" has problems (newest TIKIWIKI on newest PHP) - either bug or config aspect
"new user registration" has problems.
Problemss stated for TIKIWIKI tried on newest PHP versions 5.2x (+newest MySAL)
- Fantastico install of also concerned. -

It is either a config error by admin, or a problem of latest stable TIKIWIKI (Oct. 2007) with neweset versions of PHP, or something similar. Various tests + details are described - please visit the links below.

Hopeful to get opinions on this before going on with my tests.

If it is not a software bug, then it would at least probably be an aspect about the ergnomics of instructions. When this problem will be settled and if found of general interest, I will perhaps add the experience to the TIKIWIK docs.

Details are in the FORUM: Architecture/Installation :

There the item:
"Register as a new user" does not excecute - config error? or bug in v. ?" :

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"Re-validate user by email after unsuccessful logins" email doesn't allow change of password

I think there is a usability bug when the option "Re-validate user by email after unsuccessful logins" is selected.
After x unsuccessful logins, the user gets an email with a link like :


When following this link, the user gets the message: "This feature is disabled". Nothing is clear on what to do next, if one's account is still valid or not, and how to change one's password if forgotten.

Tikiwiki version used: 2.2
Options selected:
* Crypt password method: crypt-md5
* Validate users by emails: yes
* Registered Users can change password : yes
* Re-validate user by email after unsuccessful logins: 3
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"Source" button in wiki page should have its own permission - not depend on tiki_p_view_history
This is a new feature arrived in BRANCH-1-9

1. add feature_print and checks
2. add tiki_p_print and checks

The above problem-description makes no sense... please look at tw#74 for that
Problem rephrased:

The "Source" button is currently dependant on tiki_p_view_history - it should have a perm of its own.
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"The page cannot be displayed" message
We had just reconfigured the disk to RAID1 and backed up mysql, tiki, and php on our linux box.

Now, we are getting "Page cannot be displayed" after we edit the homepage and try to save it. It is happening on tiki-editpage.php but it is there. The permissions are 644 apache.

The second thing seen is the forums messages can't be accessed anymore.

Does anybody have experience with these problems? Any suggestions? Perhaps we should re-install all the software.
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/templates/modules/mod-login_box.tpl broken translation
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1.10 from August 1st: clean install doesn't allow admin to login after pass. change
Using 1.10cvs from August 1st, 2007.
On easyphp-1.8 environment (thus, Window$ XP)

Steps I did:
* updated cvs code
* called tiki-install.php to create a new clean install over an old tiki110cvs databse (assuming it deletes all tables and re-creates them as needed), using basic profile for easy use
* installation says eveything ok, no sql queries failed.
* login to new site as admin/admin
* change password to another string (simple string with only letters, between 6 and 8 chars. in all my attempts)
* after password is changed, error produced:
** I cannot login to the site. Using the right admin/pass., I see the homepage again as anonymous (so I'm not logged in).
** If using a wrong pass, I see the user/pass error message.

Tried reinstalling several times with different passwords, no success.
* the funny thing is that the new admin pass. seems to be recorded ok, since I can re-access the tiki-install.php using that new admin password.
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1.10:"Use tracker for more user info." should automatically link username&email from 1st reg. screen
Using 1.10cvs from mid june 2007

I'm using the "Admin > login > Use tracker for more user information"
Created a simple tracker, with some fields, including the "username" field, but not the email, right now, since that was already introduced in the first registration screen.

2 improvements would be needed/very welcome:

(1) Username was not assigned to the item in the user tracker, even if the user had selected a username in the previous screen (first registration screen - tiki-register.php).

(fyi: later on, When I, as a registered user, edited my item afterwards, the username info was well selected automatically).

This user info tracker (tracker id 1) had those fields:
Id position name type options isMain Multilingual Tbl vis Searchable Public Hidden Mandatory Description
1 edit 10 Nom text field 1 y n y y y n y Nom de la... remove down
2 edit 20 Cognoms text field n n y y y n y Cognoms de... remove down
3 edit 30 Usuari user selector 1 y n y y y n y Nom... remove down
4 edit 40 Telèfon text field 1,50,,,50 n n n y y n n Telèfon/s... remove down
5 edit 50 Correu-e email 1 n n n y y n n Correu-e... remove down
6 edit 60 Barri / Població textarea 1,50,10,1000,1000 n n n y y n y Barri i... remove down
7 edit 100 Foto image 80,80,400,400,400 y n y n y n n Fotografia remove down
8 edit 200 Comentaris textarea 1,50,10,1000,1000 n n y n y n n La teva... remove down

At "Admin > login > Displays UserTracker information in user information page. Format: trackerId, fieldId1, fieldId2, …:", these was the field content:


I also tried includind field 3 - the user selector - (i.e.: 1,1,2,3,4,6,7,8), but similar effect: I couldn't see the username shown in the second screen, and It was not set on the tracker (confirmed as admin user)
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Send custom email (by admin to new user or user that has not connected in a while)
I would like a way to invite people to come to a Tiki site after I have added their login. (different of the use where people self-register)

Right now, I simulate a lost password message (which I customize).

Maybe this could become a new feature available to admins when

1- after a successful user creation at tiki-adminusers.php
2- when administering a user account
3- from : tiki-adminusers.php with the batch command to send to many new users.

The system would send an email with a one-click login and be sent to the user tracker

Person who triggers this email alert should be in BCC. (to have a trace). Even better would be to have this logged somewhere but this could be for phase 2.

We could have a new mail template in templates/mail/welcome_message.tpl or in a wiki page (better!)

What do you think?
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PAM authentication broken
An attempt to log in using PAM (php-auth-pam) gives the following error message:

Notice: Undefined variable: error in /var/www/tikiwiki/tikiwiki-1.9.7/lib/userslib.php on line 554

Warning: Error variable must be passed by reference in /var/www/tikiwiki/tikiwiki-1.9.7/lib/userslib.php on line 554

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/tikiwiki/tikiwiki-1.9.7/lib/userslib.php:554) in /var/www/tikiwiki/tikiwiki-1.9.7/tiki-login.php on line 292

I'm using:
- php5-auth-pam-0.4-9.2 (Debian package)
- tikiwiki-1.9.7 (source)
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Login with "Request passcode to register:" fails
Using 1.10cvs from mid june 2007.

Using 2.0 RC2 August 2008

Request passcode to register: fails.

__Example 1:__ (Still broken?) I toggled on "Request passcode to register:" and "Prevent automatic/robot registration:", as well as "user tracker" selected at registration time, and after the registration steps, and filling the user tracker information, I get the message (like): "Codi de registre no vàlid. Necessites saber el codi de registre per donar-te d'alta en aquest lloc web" (catalan)-> Register code not valid. You need to know the register code to register in this web site" (approx)

Tryied three times with different browsers and users names (and double cheking the passcode to register): same effect.

When I toggle off the "Request passcode to register:", then everything works fine.

__Example 2:__ (mlpvolt)
Request password to enter = on
User tracker (for registration) = on
...initial screen of choose name, enter password and email works.
...second screen with user tracker info fails on submit.

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12.x: Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in lib/setup/prefs.php on line 406
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12.x: Multiple Delete+BanIp for spam registrations (like the feature coded already for Comments)
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12.x: Registration from within PluginTracker does not create a new user
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12.x: Send email to let user validate account doesn't send email if user previously created
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13.x: User Tracker can't be chosen in the interface to edit groups
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13.x: User Tracker can't be chosen in the interface to edit groups
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15.x Regression (vs 12.x): You can not see nor manage group expiry information through admin users UI anymore
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15.x: Can not change a user password: Unknown column 'password' in 'field list'
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User registration with anti-bot & user tracker for additional information not working
When a new user registered with anti-bot and user tracker for more user information getting error message that registration code is invalid.

Here are steps to reproduce the problem.

1) Setup user information tracker with couple of fields.
2) Go to registration page
3) Enter registration details and click 'register'
4) This will take you to new screen where user tracker information needs to be filled.
5) Once you fill the user tracker information and click 'Save'
6) You will get error message that registration code is invalid
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TikiWiki 2.0: Difficulty Registering / Adding Users
I have encountered a few snags after upgrading from Tiki 1.9.11 to 2.0

One of the problems is that I am unable to register / add users, because of the following error message:

An error occured in a database query!
Unknown column 'email_confirm' in 'field list'

This happens on
tiki-register.php (registration) and tiki-adminusers.php (batch upload / add)

Is there a fix for this?
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