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Not really a bug or a feature request, I just need help with something!
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"https://getcomposer.org/versions" file could not be downloaded:
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"Clike" code color scheme from CodeMirror not applied in Tiki
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[ aulawiki 1.6 cannot install in tikiwiki 2.2 ]
An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-mods.php
Url tiki-mods.php?
INSERT INTO tiki_menus VALUES (100,'Workspace menu','Sample workspace menu','d');
Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
Built query was probably:
INSERT INTO tiki_menus VALUES (100,'Workspace menu','Sample workspace menu','d');

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[BUG] Mass search and replace
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Sitemap.xml &pagenum=2 -v- &pagenum=2
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1.9to2.4.css File does not exists referer: tiki-index.php
I recently upgraded from 1.9.9 to 2.4 and I find lots of these errors
in the log file:

[Wed Aug 05 14:28:59 2009] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/tikiwiki/styles/transitions/1.9to2.4.css, referer: http://localhost/tikiwiki/tiki-index.php

Is this installation error or a bug in 2.4?

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"tiki-edit_structure.php" Add Pages To Current Node list truncates at 50 records. Fix included.
The list of tiki pages presented for selection and addition to a structure is truncated at 50 records for no apparent reason and there's no way to add records >50 without running a filter.

I just parroted what I saw in tiki-admin_categories.php for its similar page list and it works.

The diff is below - hope I did that correctly.

*.backup is the original file from the official tiki releast. *.php is the version I modified.
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Commit Timesheet data to the linked Tracker doesn't transfer expected duration values, just the text and values from timers
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13.x: email param from PluginTracker too difficult to get it working as expected for end users
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15.x: Allow running console.php to apply profiles from behind a proxy (to run new R script to check errors when testing the application on all Profiles on several tiki branches)
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How to protect wiki pages
Hi to all,

I want to know if you can create a protected page that only logged in users can see, I know I can turn off the wiki so only logged in users can access it, but is there any way that I can put under restriction only a few pages since they contain some important info that can be shared only by users that have accounts on the wiki.

Many thanks
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group category permissions
for example:
5 users in group home
6 pages in category home

I want all public can view these 6 pages in home category, but only these 5 users can edit pages content ( not the objects in the category, it is the content of the page!! ).
I know I can setup the permissions page by page to the home group, but what I am looking for is category to group relationship, not page to group, don't want to do it page by page, or maybe there is one way to do that, but I don't know yet.

Thank you very much.

Have a good day.

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Is that possible for upgrading from RC4 to release 2.0?
Right now I am on 1.9.11, going to upgrade to RC4, is that possible for upgrading from RC4 to release 2.0?? Or may be I can wait the 2.0 for a while.

BTW, it said that the 2.0 will be released in the second week of August, but right now it became in the August... Don't worry, Thanks for your hard working, we are all look forward the 2.0 :)
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Editing / Saving themes CSS causes "strange" code in some commands.

sorry for my bad English, but I´m from Germany and I´ve got my last lesson at school - nearly 20 years ago...

So I hope that you will understand me, here my problem :

I use Tiki 2.0 RC4 with the "andreas08"-Theme. It works quite good, but this bug (maybe ?) happens when I try to edit and save the Theme-CSS via the Admin-Menu :

Some command lines will be added with a "x" (included by tag-brackets) and the instruction given by this command will be ignored - cause it´s "rubbish" than.
( I can´t show you an example, i tried it, but here the "X" in the brackets not appears after saving this thread. )

This strange "effect" also happens by editing or formatting an text by the wysiwyg-editor, so that the text appears with some "rubbish" code-tiles instead of the formatted styles. (Text-Color, Size, Justify, etc.)

I´m not sure - is it a bug, or is this a failure caused by myself ?

Thanks for any answers or comments an greeting form Germany.

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Image Galleries - Scroll Forward / Backward mission if containing only Subgalleries
I have an Image Gallerie [http://www.hmayer.net/tiki-browse_gallery.php?galleryId=357&offset=12] containing only Subgalleries - but this Gallery does not show the Scroll forward / backward links - I can only navigate by manually entering the offset at the url...
It worked with Tiki 1.9.8 - but since the upgrade it does not work (I have made a few configuration changes - but is this changeable by configuration?
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Image gallery does not store resized picture
I frequently use the image gallery and have an default scale for all pictures.
Since the switch to 2.0 (and a new username) my gallery does not store the thumbnail and scaled size of pictures which results in really slow performance because each time the pictures is resized on the fly.

There are no new files in the directory for the image gallery nor are new rows to the tiki_images_data table.

I do not get any error message.

What could be wrong?
How could I check and fix it?

Any help appreciated.

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TikiWiki 2.0: Categories Page Cannot be Found?
I have a very strange experience today. I tried to access the "Categories" page from three separate browsers: Google Chrome 0.2, Internet Explorer 7, and Firefox 3.0.3. I receive a "cannot be displayed" in all three browsers, even though (a) the relevant file (/tiki-admin_categories.php) is on the server, in the correct location (i.e., the root directory), and (b) has not been changed since I loaded TikiWiki onto the server, so there would not be any custom code that causes interference with the base functionality.

In Firefox, the browser attempts to download the tiki-admin_categories.php file as if it is an external object, eg a PDF.

Can anyone shed some light on how I might go about resolving this issue? It is a very strange one!
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Add capacity to sort file gallery files
The blogs admin area offers an easy way to sort blogs by name rather than id, but the file gallery admin area doesn't. This is important, I think, because if you have lots of files in a given gallery, you may want them to appear in alphabetical order. The id sort method, which seems to be the default, doesn't allow the administrator to build in user-friendly structure for file galleries.

I've put this in as a feature request, but if someone can help me make the change I'm suggesting, I would appreciate the help.

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5x-16.x: tracker comments should allow self-subscribe option for poster, like in forum posts or page comments
5x: tracker comments should allow self-subscribe option for poster, like in forum posts or page comments. Right now, lost of interaction and feedback is lost for users until they learn how to subscribe to tracker items....

That was the same problem in forum posts for years, until some one added that feature to forum posts and wiki comments...
However, it seems that tracker item comments didn't benefit from that enhancement.... and honestly, they deserve it...


* Still a very much desired feature in MANY tiki sites (including *.t.o sites). {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-11-17T09:30:58+00:00"}
* Still a wish...{sign user="xavi" datetime="2014-07-13T10:00:49+00:00"}
* Still a wish (many years later). Sniff ... {sign user="xavi" datetime="2016-06-28T08:55:07+00:00"}
Gorgeus, fixed, Victor! Thanks! (tested in tracker comments, and adapted the profile "Bug_Tracker_15" to allow commenting by registered to easily test/debug this issue also in the future (or in other branches). {sign user="xavi" datetime="2016-10-11T17:21:14+00:00"}
Update: {sign user="xavi" datetime="2016-10-11T17:38:28+00:00"}
* emails are duplicated if the user was also selected in a "user selector" type of field, with notifications on. We should check that no duplication of emails is sent: one as commenter, and another one duplicated as user selected in the "user selector" field with notifications on.
See it reproduced in the show instance:
2 emails have been sent in some cases:
u: admin
p: 12345

* Tracker item commented:
+ http://xavi-9794-3214.show.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=5
* see email corresponding to each user:
+ http://xavi-9794-3214.show.tikiwiki.org/tiki-adminusers.php
* see tracker field definition:
+ http://xavi-9794-3214.show.tikiwiki.org/tiki-admin_tracker_fields.php?trackerId=1
** note last 3 fields, all of them user selector with email notification on.
Update {sign user="xavi" datetime="2016-10-13T10:40:17+00:00"}
In addition, other systems maybe sending a duplicate of the same email message (see https://doc.tiki.org/Watch ), and we'd better add a system to prevent those duplicated emails to be sent.
To be checked for duplicates (and remove them before sending):
# generic (wildcard-like) user watches through the "__My Watches (UI) > Add Watch > Event__"
# Objects
** user watches on objects
** group watches on objects
# Categories
** user watches on categories
** group watches on categories
# Structures
** user watches on structures
** group watches on structures

I'm usure about category watches. Maybe we can leave those messages also, since they are not 100% equivalent to the other notification emails?
Sure, see comments. Issue fixed. {sign user="xavi" datetime="2016-10-14T10:13:36+00:00"}
And duplication of emails was due to some other issue, fixed by kroky6 also (great, thanks!).
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action log + contribution: admin should be able to edit contributors also, besides contribution type
Using tiki 2.1., action log + contribution feature.
Admin cannot re-set the contributors to a wiki edition, for instance.
Admin can re-set the contribution type, but not change the co-authors, and this is needed (in educational scenarios, students select no mates by mistake, and then, there is no way for the admin to re-set the author or co-autors).
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Actions in tracker fields don't post variables
Actions in tracker fields don't post variables
though they post parameters
I used the example
from tikiorg but doesn't pass any new user
If I use the syntax Register,post,tiki-register.php,name=login,pass=pass,passAgain=pass,email=email,register=register
it works but it doesn't register variables but words (login, pass etc.)
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Add "help popup" for all lines/fields/configurable items when using Admin to set up your modules.
When setting preferences in each of the modules that Tiki supports, it would be of HUGE benefit and assistance to be able to click on a HELP ICON and get comments on what the setting or preference means and whether this should be used by you.
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Add filter param to Plugin TrackerStat (to easily display graphical bars of tracker item answer counts from filtered results)
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add param to console.php to process ALL sites from a multitiki installation at once
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add: required fields, add user
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Additional menus in spreadsheet do not operate
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Admin links gone....can't access admin
I upgraded from 1.85 to 1.9.0 without any problems. Things were working fine. Today, however, I logged in to access the admin area, and no admin links from the menu! All gone! What do I need to do to fix this? How can I access the admin area without links?
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Administer Modules Error Message "An error occured in a database query!"
When I go to administer modules I recieve this error.

An error occured in a database query!
File tiki-admin_modules.php
Url tiki-admin_modules.php

You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'SELECT `contentId`, count(*) AS `future` FROM `tiki_programmed_

This problems started after I upgraded to 2.0. I do not know what any of this means and need some direction.
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Advanced Shopping cart: 1st product is registered in Order Trackrer instead that Order Items Tracker
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After Update 1.9.4 -->1.9.7 got PHP-Error when using Categories in File or Picture Galleries
Every Time, i use the Categories-Feature in File-Galleries or when uploading Pictures, it got the following error:

Notice: Undefined offset: 20 in categorize_list.php on line 38

Notice: Undefined index: categId in categorize_list.php on line 44

The Item itself is categorized
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After upgrade from 1.9.7 to 2.4, unable to upload files to file galleries
I did a version upgrade from 1.9.7 to 2.4
I have problems with file galleries.
When I try to upload a file I receive the following error:

__An error occured in a database query!__

File tiki-upload_file.php
Url tiki-upload_file.php
insert into `tiki_files`(`galleryId`,`name`,`description`,`filename`,`filesize`,`filetype`,`data`,`user`,`created`,`hits`,`path`,`hash`,`search_data`,`lastModif`,`lastModifUser`, `comment`, `author`, `lockedby`) values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
(then a lot of values follows)

Built query was probably:

nsert into `tiki_files`(`galleryId`,`name`,`description`,`filename`,`filesize`,`filetype`,`data`,`user`,`created`,`hits`,`path`,`hash`,`search_data`,`lastModif`,`lastModifUser`, `comment`, `author`, `lockedby`) values('21','','','Ten Conf Caballeros Orientales 131.pdf','27400','application/pdf','%PDF-1.4 %�쏢 5 0 obj <</Length 6 0 R/Filter /FlateDecode>> stream k��5$~t���E�sm�S�xn��P�@�T��.\0��9�X��>��ͤ�oÚšp1O&}�+'admin'R���Qb�/O#�,bg�j�ӱ�G�s�y`�RY:����xa#���\0�$O\'R�̨�Ù“tL(e].....binary data continues......,%%EOF ',?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)

Please I thank you for a solution, because I have my site without this functionallity that is very important to my users

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After upgrading to Tiki 4 tiki-galleries.php does not work anymore
I have the following problem:

we wanted to upgrade our old tiki 2.2 to the new tiki 4.0 but there are some problems.

after using tiki-install.php to upgrade the old tiki to the new one the image galleries doesn't work anymore, even though it is activiated in the features menu.

the problem is the following:
every time i want to go to tiki-galleries.php i get the following error:
The following error message was returned:

__The query was:__
__select `sortorder`,`sortdirection` from `tiki_galleries` where `galleryId`=?__


__1. 13__
__2. o__

__The built query was likely:__
__select `sortorder`,`sortdirection` from `tiki_galleries` where `galleryId`='13'__

the problem is as you see there is no error message only the query is displayed.

i tried to install a vanilla 4.0 and created two galleries where each of it has one image in it and it works fine

i compared the database tables tiki_images, tiki_images_data and tiki_galleries and they seem to have the same structure

i tried to copy the tables mentioned above from the upgraded tiki into a clean install and still get the error above

possible problem seems to be with the tiki_image table as it works fine without the images in the image tables - but the error appears only after i copy the image tables into the database

it would be nice if someone could help me / fix this problem as it would take some time to reupload all the images (then probably into the file galleries)

and besides that is there a tool that moves the images from the image gallery to the file gallery for future use?

edit: all the other php files work like tiki-list_gallery.php and tiki-browse_gallery.php
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AJAX: error 0 (rejected) for URL: tiki-ajax_services.php?controller=file&action=upload_multiple
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Allow admin of Preference Screen options by Administrator
In 3.2, one can create a personal page in MyTiki and use an Avatar (I see from the Community it wasn't always available & I appreciate the feature), but I would like an Administrative feature that could turn these off while still allowing users to access their Preference Screen, especially for changing their password and email address.

User pages and avatars could take up a great deal of space if there are a lot of users. I'd like to turn off the ability of users to have user-pages and avatars. If there's a way to do that now, please let me know, because I've looked everywhere for a way to do that (and there's a note not to edit templates unless you really know what you're doing and I somewhat know, but I'm afraid of creating a problem).
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Allow profiles to be found by associated freetag in profiles.t.o through the "Control Panel > Profiles" search box
tracker item
Allow searching by categories and TAGS through the Profiles Control Panel in Tiki
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Apache Crash with error status 3221225477
When logging into my site under various accounts the Apache web server intermittently crashes with the following error in the error log:

[Thu Oct 26 00:20:05 2006] [notice] Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 -- Restarting.
[Thu Oct 26 00:20:05 2006] [notice] Apache/2.0.59 (Win32) SVN/1.3.1 PHP/5.1.6 DAV/2 configured -- resuming normal operations

I have not made any modifications to the TikiWiki code (1.9.6) or changes to my server configuration. Everything was working normally for several months before the error started to appear.

I am able to force a similar crash to occur every time throught the Community -> User List feature (tiki-list_users.tpl). I debugged the template code and found that userlink in the following caused the crash:

{section name=changes loop=$listusers}
<td class="odd"> {$listusers[changes].login|userlink} </td>
<td class="odd"> {$listusers[changes].realName} </td>
{if $feature_score eq 'y'}

Any help?

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Article sort order with only one option?
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Articles with future pub date appear in mobile mode
When I post an article on Tiki with a future publication date, the regular interface correctly keeps it from being visible, but the mobile mode lets it pass through. Is the mobile interface not checking the publication date?

This happens on my 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 install.
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Articles with future pub date appear in mobile mode
When I post an article on Tiki with a future publication date, the regular interface correctly keeps it from being visible, but the mobile mode lets it pass through. Is the mobile interface not checking the publication date?

This happens on my 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 install.

Seems like it's only this way, when logged in as admin.
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Automagically Collapse/Expand columns in wide tables since Bootstrap: Footable jQuery Plugin?
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Backport fixes to Profiles Wizard in 19.x to 18.x LTS
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Better Editor or at least better FADE function.
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broken link using an ssl proxy
tracker item
bug in moving a forum thread
tracker item
Bug or feature in tra() ?
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Button links broken on IIS installation
I have installed TikiWiki 3rc1 on an IIS (Windows Server 2003) installation with PHP 5 and MySQL. This is a root-level installation. For some reason having to change PATH_TRANSLATED to SCRIPT_FILENAME in line 31 of lib/setup/tikisetup.class.php, which if I don't do I get errors relating to directories not existing and the site not loading at all; this is not the purpose of the support request.

Once I make these tweaks, as well as after setting the tweaks identified in tiki-filter-base.php (that is, changing forward slashes to double-backslashes in quotes), I get the site up and running. ***But*** on administration pages, the buttons created by lib/smarty_tiki/function.button.php (such as "CLEAR CACHE" on the Modules admin page) don't seem to work when accessing the site from Safari or Firefox (Internet Explorer works fine for this).

Instead, in Safari, the clicking on the button will load the script name where the domain name is supposed to go; if my site was on http://site.com/somescript.php?something, it would load http://otherscript.php?something. I don't have my machine handy, so I can't get the Firefox results up at the moment, but IIRC they involved the format http://site.com/\/otherscript.php?something (with a backslash and forward-slash inserted).

A Linux installation of TW3 works fine in Safari and Firefox, so my guess is that it's an IIS issue that has something to do with backslashes and root-directory determination, but I'm somewhat clueless here. I've examined lib/smarty_tiki/block.self_link.php and some tweaking there has produced no viable results.

Also note that this goes away when TikiWiki 3 is placed into a non-root directory; it only affects a root installation at /, rather than at a server subdirectory.
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Can't erase or change a recurrent event in a calendar
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cannot login anymore since upgraded from 1.9.11 to 2.0
Since I upgraded from 1.9.11 to 2.0 I first lost the menu, then after change the theme to simple that gets menu back now I cannot login anymore , neither with admin user or normal user. Tell me if you need further info.

Mine website is www.magowiz.net
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Cannot View Tracker item on View Tab
Have an issue which is not consistent across all of my trackers, but appears in those most recent, ie. within last year. Although the View all trackers lists all items, when an individual tracker item is selected, nothing is showing on the view tab, but you can see the information when selecting the edit tab. Example at [http://cytopathnet.org/tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=3|CLIA Forum-CYTOPATHNET ].
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Category Permissions not taken care properly for showing wiki pages
Please help since we have invested much time and effort in this project, believing Tiki could filter rightly wiki pages based on perms, and since I cannot find a workaround.

When not logged in, Some wiki pages are shown, and Some others Not, while they all have exactly the same set up. They all have been categorized only in "Public Content" category which is set to Show wikis to Anonymous users, while Global perms are set to not show them to anonymous.

At this moment we have two identical wiki pages as setup is concerned:
1) http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=La+Funci%C3%B3n+Esencial+y+El+Prop%C3%B3sito+de+Vida
which doesn´t show to Anonymous users (and should do it)


2) http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=Sobre+el+Sitio+SolCentral-org
which shows well.
Note that at the botton of this page, in the listing of pages related to the category "Contenido Público" (which is the translation of "Public content"), the page "The Esential Function And Life's Purpose" (wich is the translation of "La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida") that is the page 1)... Then if you click on it, it will not show presenting you with the login invitation, allthough is shown in the list as categorized "Public Content".

Other extraneous behavior is that when when you use the Plugin Toc to show the structure, only shows Some wikis on some structures, and on some other structures doesn´t show any wiki.
I have used this:~np~{toc structId="26" order=asc shownum=1 type=fancy }~/np~ in the wiki:

Actual estate of config is:

For anonymous:

If Perms on wiki: "La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida"

La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_view Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_view_backlink Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_watch_structure Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_wiki_view_comments Categoría: Public Content

Category Perms of "Public Content" are

for anonymous group perms that are ON:

Can view wiki attachments and download (tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments)
Can view page/pages (tiki_p_view)
View page backlinks (tiki_p_view_backlink)

Global Perms are:

on Wiki:

Can view wiki attachments and download (tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments) is ON for Anonymous
Can view page/pages (tiki_p_view) is OFF for Anonymous
View page backlinks (tiki_p_view_backlink) is ON for Anonymous

Fixes tried:

Have tried the opposite: allowing everything to be shown to Anonymous, and then restrict on pages that should be hidden with a "invisible" category with perms tiki_p_view OFF for anonymous group.

And it didn´t work since - again - for Some wikis worked, and for some others not. Even if they are identical.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.
tracker item
change name of Tracker Tabular
tracker item
Column Heading Display Bug in tiki-view_tracker.php w/ mirrortables ON
This inlcludes more specific information about a previous bug posting:

This bug affects Trackers when mirrortables are turned ON. It occurs with explicit names on or off.

Column headings in trackers disappear in tiki-view_tracker after a few columns when user has non-administrative permissions. This means any privs that are less than tracker-admin. The column headings table is drawn succesfully for a few columns, but then disappears, along with the column names, in the rightmost columns.

tracker item
Version history: Do image comparison in File Gallery
tracker item
Conditional (drill down/nested) categories, with priority and users assigned for a ticketing system
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Config login with ADS on Tikiwiki 1.9.7

I attempted to configure tikiwiki to use PEAR:Auth authentication posted by this link http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Login%20Config.

However, I still get error "invalid username or password". Is there any way I can debug this?

My installed PHP version 4.4.6 with PEAR:Auth installed.
My Apache version 2.0.59 configured with LDAP.

Any suggestion is appreciated.
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Construction error in $lang, $lang_custom ??
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Cookies problem in Tiki 6.1??
1) Column colapsing is not remerbered whenever I change from one page to another.

2) And also have had some problems with their navigators saying "cookies must be on" when they are on, no matter wich browser is being used. This happends as they attemp to login. After many tries the user can login.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.

tracker item
tracker item
Create a conversion script for old rating field to new rating field format so we can get rid of the old one in some next release
tracker item
database error in image galery after migration from 2.3 to 4.1
After migration from 2.3 to 4.1 the following error occurs, if i try to open the image galerys with the link http://www.kfs-hg-test.de/tiki-galleries.php?filter=topgal:

select `sortorder`,`sortdirection` from `tiki_galleries` where `galleryId`='9'

The single pictures are available in the wiki oages as befiorder, but it is not possible to list the galerys.

tracker item
Deeply nested large file galleries slow to a crawl when file browsing
Deeply nested large file galleries slow to a crawl when file browsing. I have a site with roughly 3000 sub-file galleries. The site is quite fast for browsing wiki pages, but the file galleries have slowed to a crawl. A regular page load takes about .2 seconds. To load a typical file gallery takes about 17 seconds. I believe there is a recursive call to a function that is building the directory structure each time you browse to a new folder that is slowing it down, but I'm not really sure about how to fix it.

Perhaps store the tree in the database and only update it when changes are made to the tree?

tracker item
dev.t.o: bug report echo on irc.t.o doesn't display the title of the item (the first isMain field)
tracker item
dev.tw.o search at the header shows system error
(18:30:35) xavi: to reproduce: I did search for "Report" at the top bar search
(18:30:42) xavi: showing this url: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-searchresults.php?highlight=Report&search=Go
(18:30:47) xavi: with this error:
(18:31:14) xavi: [off] You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '? and ttif.`value`=? and ttifOut.`fieldId`=?' at line 2 The query was: select ttifOut.`value` from `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttifOut, `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttif where ttifOut.`itemId`= ttif.`itemId`and ttif.`fieldId`=? and ttif.`value`=? and ttifOut.`fieldId`=?

Update on March 31st 2010, using Last update from SVN (5.0alpha): Friday 26 March, 2010 09:12:40 CET - REV 26326 :

{img src=http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_item_attachment.php?attId=236 desc="http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_item_attachment.php?attId=236"}
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Display Realname instead of login at "Switch user" for admins through module login_box
tracker item
Display Realname instead of login at ActionLog feature
tracker item
doc.tiki.org feature list (which is populated from trackers) is not appearing all the time
tracker item
Does the PW blacklist actually work?
tracker item
embed youtube, google etc
I know that there is a flowplayer plugin but if I want to embed something from youtube or google videos, the code gets broken displayed.

This would be useful for articles and blogs.

I know there's a security reason for breaking the embed code, but still...
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Error in permissions of the file galleries and other objects
When I try to set permissions for galleries or other objects manually, I get an error.

See [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?topics_offset=10&topics_sort_mode=lastPost_desc&forumId=4&comments_parentId=22138|Forum Link] for an other post and a screenshot of the error.

tracker item
Excerpt and wysiwyg doesn't work
Cannot use wysiwyg editor in blog if we want also to use excerpt feature.

If any temporary or fixed solution can be found...

Many many thanks
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Export Spreadsheet as csv with code to produce svg chart includes the svg output tags in the csv cell instead of the tiki syntax to generate the chart
tracker item
expose more validation methods for tracker fields: numeric range, for instance (or positive value, etc)
tracker item
Fatal error on Tiki 15 to 19 upgrade
tracker item
Feature "Mini-Calendar" does not appear in the feature list on Tiki Tracks
The feature "Mini-Calendar" does not appear on tiki-tracks.
tracker item
Feature Workspaces is half broken on 1.10: add resources: ko, ws calendar: ko, ...
Workspaces (from ((doc:Mod AulaWiki)) are half broken on 1.10 since months ago.
Any action which is related to workspce calendar module gives fatal error (blank screen). Adding resources to workspaces also fails:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WorkspaceResourcesLib::get_url_admin_file() in /var/www/tiki110/lib/workspaces/resourceslib.php on line 117

On this url (on an updated site to 1.10svn from May 2nd):

http://edu.tikiwiki.org is also having the same kind of problem, on a less updated 1.10 site.
tracker item
feature_forum_parse doesn't seem to affect anything
tracker item
File galleries broken after 4.3 to 5.x upgrade
Yesterday I upgraded from 4.3 to 5.2, and everytying seemed to go ok (all upgrade operations were executed successfully). However, every time I try to edit or create a file gallery I get the same error message, which seems to be related to a missing field (show_lastDownload) in the tiki_file_galleries table.

I copy below one of such errors. Please, note that, according to the community forums [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=38578&topics_offset=2&topics_sort_mode=lastPost_desc&forumId=6|this issue was already reported for a 4.3 to 5.1 upgrade].

I think that a) somebody should check the upgrade for a possible bug, and if possible b) find a way to solve this issue for sites running tiki 5.x with this feature broken.


The following error message was returned:

Unknown column 'show_lastDownload' in 'field list'

The query was:
insert into `tiki_file_galleries`(`name`, `description`, `created`, `user`, `lastModif`, `maxRows`, `public`, `hits`, `visible`, `show_id`, `show_icon`, `show_name`, `show_description`, `show_created`, `show_hits`, `show_lastDownload`, `max_desc`, `type`, `parentId`, `lockable`, `show_lockedby`, `archives`, `sort_mode`, `show_modified`, `show_creator`, `show_author`, `subgal_conf`, `show_last_user`, `show_comment`, `show_files`, `show_explorer`, `show_path`, `show_slideshow`, `default_view`, `quota`, `image_max_size_x`, `image_max_size_y`, `backlinkPerms`, `show_backlinks`) values (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)


1. mytestfilegallery
3. 1285469672
4. jme
5. 1285469672
6. 25
7. n
8. 0
9. y
10. o
11. y
12. f
13. n
14. y
15. y
16. n
17. 1024
18. default
19. 19
20. n
21. n
22. -1
24. y
25. o
26. o
28. o
29. o
30. y
31. y
32. y
34. list
35. 0
36. 0
37. 0
38. n
39. n

The built query was likely:
insert into `tiki_file_galleries`(`name`, `description`, `created`, `user`, `lastModif`, `maxRows`, `public`, `hits`, `visible`, `show_id`, `show_icon`, `show_name`, `show_description`, `show_created`, `show_hits`, `show_lastDownload`, `max_desc`, `type`, `parentId`, `lockable`, `show_lockedby`, `archives`, `sort_mode`, `show_modified`, `show_creator`, `show_author`, `subgal_conf`, `show_last_user`, `show_comment`, `show_files`, `show_explorer`, `show_path`, `show_slideshow`, `default_view`, `quota`, `image_max_size_x`, `image_max_size_y`, `backlinkPerms`, `show_backlinks`) values ('mytestfilegallery','','1285469672','jme','1285469672','25','n','0','y','o','y','f','n','y','y','n','1024','default','19','n','n','-1',NULL,'y','o','o',NULL,'o','o','y','y','y',NULL,'list','0','0','0','n','n')
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File Gallery entries missing after upgrade to 2.0
I recently upgraded our tiki install to version 2. Most things survived the upgrade, however the most obvious thing that was broken is the file galleries feature.

All links to files previously in the gallery still work correctly, however when I select the option to list galleries, none of the existing galleries are displayed. It just shows "No records found"

Looking in the database, all files and galleries are there.

When i attempt to upload a new file, I am still given the option to select a file gallery (all gallery names are still shown). When I select the appropriate options and confirm the upload I can link to it as usual but it does not appear when I select to browse the gallery.

tracker item
Find an easy way to help tiki users convert their slideshows made with tiki slideshow feature into a pdf of slides (for backup and life-saver when internet issues at presentation time)
tracker item
fix tablesorter with jq mobile (12.x LTS mobile mode)
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fixperms.sh fix doesn't secure the linux server from allowing tikiadmins from installing Tiki Mods
After running "./fixperms.sh fix" on the server side (Debian based, having root perms on server), and using 1.10svn code from mid May 2008, admins of the tiki site can still install mods on the server through the Tiki admini mods interface.
It used to work before (months ago, when I last used that).
our server, afaik, has www-data and www-data as user and group.
We are using a multitiki installation, with tikis under subdirectories.

I'm afraid that admins of the other tikis from the same multitiki are able to remove mods that we are using and need, etc.
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Forum pb with submit and link
I installed the same website on two different server (same source and same sql).
The first is a Unbuntu 9.04 with last Apache, Php, Mysql. Config with a VirtualHost.
The second is Windows Vista SP2 with EasyPhp 3.0. Config with a Directory and Alias.

On the first server (Ubuntu), some links in forum like "reply" are wrong (something like http://www.mysite.com/forumId=...). Also when I send a message the request finish on a blank page.

On the second server I don't have this pb.

A specific component is need for 3.x (maybe present in EasyPhp) ?


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forums in t.o unusable: help!
tracker item
Frame kidnapping
I have a TikliWIki as startup in one of two frames. The other frame has a number of links that are supposed to open in the Tikiframe. But if tiki-index.php has been opened in that frame, subsequent documents opens i new windows (in IE) (as if target=_blank had been used) och new tabs (in FF).
If index.php is the only document that has been opened (when the mysql-connection is broken) everything works, but as soon as I try tiki-index.php, the problem comes back.
tracker item
GanttChart changes in StartIsMilestone and EndIsMilestone don't get saved across editions
tracker item
GanttChart: changes in Assignees don't get saved across editions
tracker item
Hotwords with space between two words
tracker item
How can elements of a (horiz.) menu be aligned vertically?
tracker item
How to force the login process
Hi there,
I would like to know if it is possible to force the tikiwiki login process.

I want the login page for the home page, in order to force the users to log in. I have to modify the tiki-index page ?Do you guys have any hint for doing that?

Any help will be much apreciated.
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How to force the login process
Hi there,
I would like to know if it is possible to force the tikiwiki login process.

I want the login page for the home page, in order to force the users to log in. I have to modify the tiki-index page ?Do you guys have any hint for doing that?

Any help will be much apreciated.
tracker item
How to move carousel to the center of the page?
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html in tiki page
I try to submit a wiki page with html text.
The submit never finish and I have a message :

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'lib/htmlpurifier/HTMLPurifier.auto.php' (include_path='/htdocs/public/www/lib/pear:.:/usr/local/lib/php:/htdocs/public/www/lib/core/lib:/htdocs/public/www/') in /htdocs/public/www/lib/htmlpurifier_tiki/HTMLPurifier.tiki.php on line 19

I don't understand because all php page are ok.

tracker item
I can't add recurrent events to a calendar on remote host, but I can't reproduce in local
I can't add recurrent events in this web site:

Neither me, nor other editors in this web site.
Single items can be added with no problem.

However, I've tried to reproduce the problem in local , and I haven't been able to do so. I can add single events, and recurrence rules without problems.

I can provide the db of the problematic site, to allow further investigation of the settings in that site...

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i18n online translation broken
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IE vs. Firefox views differently
I've just installed TW and am focused on the wiki functions at this point. Wiki pages display correctly in Firefox 3.5.2 but as a thin right hand column on IE 7 or 8. The columns get a bit wider once you login to the wiki in IE but not by much. Admin functions are squished in IE but look fine in Firefox as well.

I can't seem to find this in any FAQs or other support links and would appreciate some help.
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If you use the Spell Check feature without having loaded the dictionary-error message is misleading
The following message occurs if you ask for a spell check without even knowing you need to load the Dictionary file.
Which most new users would NOT know.... Certainly I didn't know...

Can I suggest that the error message be more descriptive and contain a link to SourceForge to down load the dictionary.
Perhaps the error message could be "You are missing the dictionary - please down load from ......" <grin>

Would it be possible to have this downloaded and installed from the MODS in Tiki????

Thank you!
An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-editpage.php
Url tiki-editpage.php?
select `word` from `babl_words_en` where `word`=? or `word`=?
0 Tombstone
1 tombstone
Error Message Table 'tikiwiki.babl_words_en' doesn't exist

Go back

Return to home page
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imap/ldap authentication problem
Installed tikiwiki 1.9 on a CentOS 4.4.
Assigned autenthication to external LDAP server ( Windows AD ) , but the problem
remains even with IMAP.
Login with admin works
Login with external users presents again the login screen ( no "bad password" just the login screen again and again )

I debugged the code and found the both IMAP and LDAP modeles correctly check the user
and at the end of tiki-login.php the "tiki-user-tikiwiki" Cookie is set with the IMAP/LDAP username, but then at start of "tiki-index.php" the $user variable is empty.
A further check states that session_id() at the end of tiki-login.php is different from session_id() at start of tiki-index.php ( and this explains why the value of variables are different ).
10 correct authentication produce 10 different PHPSESS file with correct username but tiki-index.php always load the first one ( without username set ).

This has been reproduced with php-4.3.9-3.22 on a Centos 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4

tracker item
Importing/ Migrating from WordPress
tracker item
14.x: Improve doc about PluginJQ custom syntax adapted to each type of tracker field after upgrade
tracker item
improve doc for tiki devs about the right way to develop permission checks (global, category and local)
tracker item
Incorrect URLs on IIS installs in document root
This bug is tied to [http://example.com|http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1964&trackerId=5&show=view]

I have had various issues navigating my wiki seemingly because $base_url is not getting built correctly, or at all. The first of these issues happens at login where the user puts in a bad username or password. The redirect to the error page fails on Firefox and has a URL with doubled forward slashes after the domain because the $base_url is not getting passed. URLs get built as follows (where 'example.com' is my domain):

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()} http://example.com\/tiki-error.php?error=Invalid+username {CODE}

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()} http://example.com//tiki-error.php?error=Invalid+username {CODE}

This happens with relative URLs all over tikiwiki in my installation, which is a WAMP with virtualHost entries in the httpd.conf to resolve 2 distict domains on the same server.
tracker item
it's too slowly to insert a new item in a tracker which has over 700 items.
our viki installed on linux platform with apache 2.0.58 , mysql 5.0.41, and php 5.2.3.

we has a tracker with 740 items. recently i found, it goes slowly (more than 2 minutes) if i insert or update an item into this tracker. I can't figure out the reason. could someone please give me some advice?
tracker item
8.x & 6LTS: machine translation broken
Machine translation ( http://doc.tiki.org/Machine+Translation ) seems to be broken in Tiki 6 LTS, at least.
No content is translated from the page.

The same site (before upgrading months ago to tiki6) had that feature working.

Is this feature working for anyone on any stable (non deprecated) tiki version?
I've just checked on localhost with 8.x (r38429), and the feature still exists in admin panels. When enabled, and attempted to request to have a wiki page google-translated, a blank page is shown :-/

tracker item
tiki_p_remove_files permission not working in file gallery.
===My Setup===
I have file galleries set up with categories, so each category grants permission for a specific group to view and edit file galleries which are categorized to that group. E.g., I have a "group 1" category which grants the group "group 1" permission to access the "group 1" file gallery.

I have a "group administrator" group which has the "tiki_p_remove_files" permission granted in each category. This gives me one group which I can add to a user to give them permission to remove files from whichever file gallery they have permission to view.

Technically, the group admins have permission to remove files from all sections, every category grants them this permission, but because they cannot see the other sections, this is not an issue.

===My Problem===
Even having the "tiki_p_remove_files" permission, group admins are unable to remove files which they did not upload.

I have "tiki_p_remove_files" set for the "group administrator" group in global permissions but the issue still remains.

To do some testing, I granted registered (thus all groups) "tiki_p_remove_files" in the global permissions, and in the category permissions, but section admins (and normal users) were still only able to delete their own uploaded files.

I have a sym link set to my old tiki version, so I can access it via tiki-url/old. I used to this to determine that this is an existing bug, and not a regression. When adding the "/old" to my url, and going back to Tiki6, group admins were still unable to remove these files. The perms are stored in the db, so this would be a valid way to determine this correct?

This makes me think that the bug has been around for a while, as it was present in Tiki6 as well.

I cleared the tiki cache before each testing of permissions, and also cleared my browser cache (just to be sure) multiple times while testing this as well.

It makes it difficult to assign a single user to be a file gallery manager if I cannot give that user the ability to delete other user's files.
tracker item
return itemId after adding tracker item
after new tracker item is added there should be any variable like itemId or lastItemId that can be used after adding, like:

Action Point was added with itemId = {{lastItemId}}
tracker item
Unable to view tracker rss seed
We just updated our tikiwiki from 6.2 to 8.3 and came across a difficulty when viewing the rss-seed of tracker items. We cloned the database and have not changed anything about permissions, but it seems that only people from a certain group (and admin) can view the rss seed of the tracker while logged in, while others can't. This wasn't previously the case.

We kept the old wiki (6.2) and the tracker rss seed works. See for the example:

The rss tracker in the new wiki doesn't. See:

Both have a different database, but they are identical. Also all the permissions concerning trackers are identical.

Is this a bug or has the functionality of the tracker changed? Tried to search in the tikiwiki and bug-reports but couldn't find anything.

EDIT: Apparently this wasn't working in 6.2 either but we created a workaround for it, which also seem to work for 8.3 (see below).

tracker item
Unable to upload files larger then ~30Mb
Uploading a file larger then around 30Mb results in an endless view of "Uploading file..." while the upload was actually finished. Found a previous ticket about this problem explaining that an invisible error is shown. It is assumed that this error has something to do with settings of upload_max_filesize or other settings in php.ini. See ticketID 4107.

However, this is clearly not the problem here. Especially since our old wiki (6.2) (which uses the same configuration and php) has no problems uploading files. So this sounds more like a bug in tikiwiki 8.3, then an wrong setting in the configuration files. I also checked all of our .htaccess files, which do not overrule the settings of php.ini.

Because the uploads do work in 6.2, but it doesn't in 8.3, I fear it is a bug in the new tikiwiki.

If there are more places that I could check that may cause the problem, please let me know. The upload feature on our wiki is quite important, so I would like to find a solution as soon as possible.


Edit: It seems that when I upload a small file, which gives no problems, and then replace this file with an other file of 50Mb, then there is no problem.

Edit2: It seems that the upload is also dependent on the memory_limit value, but this should not be the case. At least, it wasn't before. When the memory_limit is increased larger files can be uploaded. We had set our memory_limit to 64Mb, which allowed an upload of files around the 30 Mb (probably 32?), so there may be a factor two involved.
tracker item
Review all HTML5 tags and consider support for missing tags like ABBR and ACRONYM

This is already possible via ((doc:PluginTag)) but dedicated plugins could be cleaner/simpler in certain cases
tracker item
LDAP/Active Directory Multiple Domain Support
I am referencing forum post: https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=43682&topics_offset=1

I would like the ability for users in child domains to access the TikiWiki site the same way users in the parent site are able to access it. According to the forum post, "Tiki is not currently capable of authenticating against multiple domains (or multiple LDAP servers)" and "The code could be modified to search, say, the global catalog for the user's DN and then authenticate against the corresponding domain, but this would be custom coding"

I would like an option to specify multiple domains, or a custom code I could use to search the global catalog for the user's DN.

Basically I want all of my users in all of my offices to access the Tiki site. Not just the home office users.
tracker item
Unable to upload files larger than ~8Mb
Uploading a file larger than ~8 Mb leads to the following message: An error occurred while performing the request. With suggested comments: 1. Did you complete the Tiki Installer? 2. Is your database corrupt? Please see how to repair your database 3. Are your database credentials accurate? (username, database name, etc in db/local.php).

With smaller files there is not problem. I tried at two different time, but after 40~45 sec. the error occurs.

My Tikiwiki installation seems to limit file size around 128 MB.

In the file php.ini I set both max_execution_time and max_input_time to 60.

Since nowadays 8Mb for files is common, this bug is really limiting the functionality of file gallery.
tracker item
Not possible to comment a tracker entry - Tiki 8.4
It is not possible to write a comment for a Tracker entry. If you click the "comment" button, there is no editor or anything.

[https://dl.dropbox.com/u/13543865/comment-error-tracker.jpg|Picture of missing editor]

All permissions for tracker comments are granted. No admin and no other user can comment on a Tracker entry. The comment feature is activated and it is possible to comment on wiki-pages.

tracker item
Plugin Help not loading all the plugins available
Some plugins were not loading in the Plugin Help tab.
tracker item
How to search in Author in tiki??
I have a problem with search in tiki.I wish i can search blog,article,forum... belong to author or creator.I'm researching Zend_Search_Lucene.If you have a solution of this problem.Please help me!!!thankful for all.
tracker item
Structure failes to create pages when using long list of page names in option tree field
When creating a list of pages for a new structure with the Tree list. The Tiki stalls out and does not create the pages but dies randomly half way or three quarters of the way through the list. I then created a VM environment to test against that same version 9.1LTS and same symptom.
The problem is not there under 6.3LTS. I can create the structure just fine. Then export the structure and import it into 9.1LTS. Not exactly the workaround I want.

tracker item
zotero citation does not work with long tags
I want to use the zotero plugin.
Referencing citations with the {zotero key=XXX} style works, while with the {zotero tag=XXXX} only works for short tags (e.g. does not work for tags with 15 chars).

To use this feature I created for each entry in Zotero a unique tag with authorYearTitle(1st word).

Is there a limit?
tracker item
Turning Tiki-Calendar off in Features creates scripting loop issue, causing Tiki 10.0 to stop working due to max queries server issue
Recently, I went into Admin and turned off one of the features in Admin at tiki-admin.php?page=features. The feature was Calendar in Global Features. But that brought up a problem that I was able to investigate in my host server's error logs:

PHP Warning: PDO::query(): SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1226 User ... has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 75000) in .../wiki/lib/core/TikiDb/Pdo.php on line 78

PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in .../wiki/db/tiki-db.php on line 152

PHP Warning: PDO::query(): SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1226 User ... has exceeded the 'max_que ...
... /wiki/tiki-lastchanges.php
tracker item
When i Click on Red Delete Button then it is Display Blankpage on Tiki 10.2
I have updgrade Tiki 10.0 to 10.2. i have facing problem with both version.
Problem is when i click on Red Cross Delete button then it will displayed Blank page. but if i select remove option then it is working properly. so i have facing problem with delete button.
tracker item
Video CMS - Unable to upload objects
The bug has already been submitte via SourceForge and posted on the [https://tiki.org/Video+Team|Video Team page]
tracker item
JavaScript spelling
tracker item
LDAP authentication and email field
We are using LDAP authentication at our site and the email field is not being automatically filled in. This means we must manually setup our email for each user for the page change notifications to work.

Note we are connecting to an ActiveDirectory LDAP database which does not like anonymous binds so had to make a patch based on the following suggestion:

tracker item
Link in Task messages sent are broken
Link is broken, and I can´t find any .tpl file to correct it. If you know which one is it please tell...

The text In spanish:

Usted recibió una nueva tarea

Revisar templates de Tareas
desde :cc@solcentral.org
La prioridad es: normal.

Usted debe empezar su trabajo al menos en: 07-03-2011 04:25

Identifíquese y cliquee el enlace siguiente

¡Por favor lea la tarea y trabaje en ella!
tracker item
live.t.o: Add a new param to plugin BigBlueButton so that only recordings longer than X minutes are displayed
tracker item
Login and authentification using Facebook, Google or Email
tracker item
Login form integration?
Hi there,

I want to nkow if it is possible to integrate the tikiwiki login process with another page, I want to create another secure page using the tikiwiki login process, Do you guys have any hint for doing that?

My page will be in php also, I know that I will probably have to do some inclusion but don't which file to include in my code and which function.

Any help will be much apreciated.

tracker item
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
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Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
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Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
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Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
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Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
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Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
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Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools