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[ aulawiki 1.6 cannot install in tikiwiki 2.2 ]
An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-mods.php
Url tiki-mods.php?
INSERT INTO tiki_menus VALUES (100,'Workspace menu','Sample workspace menu','d');
Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
Built query was probably:
INSERT INTO tiki_menus VALUES (100,'Workspace menu','Sample workspace menu','d');

tracker item
I've added the following features to my tikiwiki 1-9-5:
1. added max_depth to {toc}
with {toc max_depth=3} I can limit the depth of the toc created. This is convenient if I only want to show the next level of subsections.

2. get a file by name via tiki-download_file
with galleryId=<id>&name=<?> I can retreive a file by name. If there are files with the same name the most recent is taken. This is convenient as I can reference the files by there name, e.g. schedule, an I can easily update it with out changing pages. Dynamic content would also work but I prefere the name as it is more obvious than 'content id=42'

3. get a random picutre from a gallery via show_image
with galleryId=<id> a random picture of the identified gallery is given.
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"tiki-edit_structure.php" Add Pages To Current Node list truncates at 50 records. Fix included.
The list of tiki pages presented for selection and addition to a structure is truncated at 50 records for no apparent reason and there's no way to add records >50 without running a filter.

I just parroted what I saw in tiki-admin_categories.php for its similar page list and it works.

The diff is below - hope I did that correctly.

*.backup is the original file from the official tiki releast. *.php is the version I modified.
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PAM authentication broken
An attempt to log in using PAM (php-auth-pam) gives the following error message:

Notice: Undefined variable: error in /var/www/tikiwiki/tikiwiki-1.9.7/lib/userslib.php on line 554

Warning: Error variable must be passed by reference in /var/www/tikiwiki/tikiwiki-1.9.7/lib/userslib.php on line 554

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/tikiwiki/tikiwiki-1.9.7/lib/userslib.php:554) in /var/www/tikiwiki/tikiwiki-1.9.7/tiki-login.php on line 292

I'm using:
- php5-auth-pam-0.4-9.2 (Debian package)
- tikiwiki-1.9.7 (source)
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Calendar item start/end hour selection is broken in Tikiwiki 2.0 using PHP 4.3.2 or previous - Patch
On TikiWiki 2.0, when adding or editing events in a <span class= "highlight_word_0">calendar</span>, if you're using PHP 4.3.2 or previous, you will only be allowed to choose 0, 1 or 2 as the <span class= "highlight_word_1">start</span>/<span class= "highlight_word_2">end</span> hour, even if the <span class= "highlight_word_0">calendar</span> is configured to offer 0-23 or something along those lines.

This is because of the following line in the file $TW_HOME/lib/smarty_tiki/function.html_select_time.php:

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
$hours = $use_24_hours ? range($hour_min, $hour_max) : range(1, 12);

The range function, as explained [http://php.net/manual-lookup.php?function=range|here (see ChangeLog)], in PHP versions previous to 4.3.2 inclusive, treats numeric strings as strings and not integers which <span class= "highlight_word_2">end</span>s up meaning that "23" is seen as "2", hence producing the problem.
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3.0beta1 patch: automatically extract Admin time/date settings for month/day display
__Now applied in 4.0 so this item is closed__

Current calendar displays always display month/day no matter what the
Admin time/date setting is for display_field_order.

This suggested patch follows on from [tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=2314|item 2314] and modifies tiki-calendar_calmode.tpl and tiki-calendar_weekmode.tpl in 3.0beta1 so that the display is either month/day or day/month dependent on the Admin setting.

The patch also includes the logic changes for an additional check to NOT show the 'add event' icon in the day cell if no calendar 'visible'

Files attached for anyone that wants them as a patch - and for consideration for inclusion in the next 3.0 cycle?
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3.0beta1: Calendar iCal patch for recode issue
__Fixed in 4.0__

My hoster does not install the Recode extension as part of their standard PHP (5.2.6 being used) so when testing the Calendar export function I was getting Fatal errors with "undefined function recode()"

I have therefore changed line 105 in tiki-calendar_export_ical.php to use iconv instead.

I don't really know how common this issue will be ie is iconv always available and recode rarely?? but I've attached the changed code, which I have tested to some degree, for anyone with the same problem and perhaps the developers could decide which is the 'safest' approach.
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Fix for Bug Ticket ID 2184
I have confirmed this bug (2184) in Tiki 6.3 using Chrome and IE7/8.

I am not a javascript guru so this may not be the most eloquent solution, but it works.

To fix, replace the icntoggle function (line 693) in tiki-js.js with the following:
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DB update SQL statement
When upgrade from version 2.2 to 3.9, I received one database error.

The error is related to this statement:

INSERT INTO `tiki_menu_options` (`optionId`, `menuId`, `type`, `name`, `url`, `position`, `section`, `perm`, `groupname`, `userlevel`) VALUES (197,42,'o','Mind Map','tiki-mindmap.php',255,'feature_wiki_mindmap','tiki_p_view','',0)

The SQL statement failed to complete because the optionId 197 already exist.
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Missing translation call in smarty_tiki/modifier.tiki_short_datetime.php
Showing a comment to a blog entry that has been posted the same day, only the time when the comment was posted is displayed. We use the German translation of TikiWiki, but the English "at" in "at 12:34" is display, not the German "um".
After having a look into the code, it seems the translation function is not called in lib/smarty_tiki/tiki_short_datetime.php
tracker item
updates to lang/hu/language.php
Bugs & Wish list
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Active Directory domain users are not recognized by TikiWiki
Domain Users are not recognized by TikiWiki when using IIS and Webserver auth against AD.

substr function in tiki-setup_base.php mistakenly removing first char of the login name during substracting domain part. For example "DOMAIN\username" is truncated "sername".

I've fixed the issue with the patch below.
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Add memcached support, with admin panel
Support.mozilla.com solution


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admin validation - new user account - can't login
new user can register but after admin validate his account user can't login because have no password in database

version: tikiwiki 1.9.9 - sirius
conf: allowRegister=y ; validateRegistration=y ; validateUsers=n
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Allow Copy / Duplicate Calendar event
Our users have requested the facility to "copy" a calendar event.

This would be via the means of a "Copy" button when previewing an event, on clicking the button you would then see the event details and be able to change any of them before clicking "Save".

Where upon a new event will be created with these details.
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Allow pagination inside articles wiki-plugin
It is not possible to use pagination inside the wiki plugin articles. The attached Patch enables this by adding a paginate (y|n) to the parameters.
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Allow redirect plugin to use fragment identifiers (section/anchor ids) (patch included)
The redirect plugin currently lacks the ability to include fragment identifiers, e.g. -+~np~{REDIRECT(page=Foo#some_id)/}~/np~+- does not work; the resulting URL is -+~np~tiki-index.php?page=Foo#some_id&redirectpage=this_page~/np~+- instead of -+~np~tiki-index.php?page=Foo&redirectpage=this_page#some_id.~/np~+-
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another patch on aulawiki.1.6.2 for tikiwiki.2.2 + a new workspaces
These are more patches on aulawiki.1.6.2 posted by xavi

* Versions 1.6.2x are intended just to make aulawiki work on tikiwiki
2.2, the way it worked before.
* Versions 1.6.3x -1.6.4 were transition step.
* Versions 1.6.5x -1.7.x has put back capability to add groups to the
workspace (not only users), and see all child's groups, starting from
the topmost a user can admin, when adding perms to single workspace
This was be done by adding some new functions to workspaceslib.php:

- get_includable_child_workspaces_groups : will get all groups in WS and child workspaces, starting from the uppermost on which one has admin objectperm down, purged by veryfing a list of includable groups to avoid loop inclusion.
- user_can_admin_workspace_or_upper(), an alias of
get_topmost_workspace_Iadmin(): will get up in the workspace path and
return an upmost parent workspace one can admin, thus gives him admin
capability on the ws and children, or false.
And in lib/workspaces/userslib.php, function group_can_include_group() will check if the group we are trying to include can be included.

with these functions a RolePerm with tiki_p_admin_workspace has
view of all child workspaces and their groups down from the
topmost one he can admin, no matter in which of these he is actually
(current workspace), and be able to add groups and assign perms to
groups within all these ones (only) without need of of having
tiki_p_admin_workspaces also on any child ws.

To the intermediate objectperm tiki_p_create_workspace_resour has been given as a gift the possibility to add single users, not groups, to the workspace predefined groups. On the other hand he can grant objectperms to his resources choosing among any group that belongs to his 'workspace-level'(brothers workspaces) + his parent's (dad, see what I am doing!)

This behaviour is easily changeable in the code, as the ability to do things is stated at the top, where (object)permissions on the workspace are tested once and translated into variables used throughout the code.

In practice:
*'tiki_p_admin_workspaces' as an objectperm on a WS (got
from the RolePerms template for that type of Workspace) is de-facto a
local Workspace administrator. He can do everything (create new sub workspaces, add groups, change perms) except define new
workspace types and roles, and he sees only groups starting from the
topmost workspace he can admin to the bottom.
*tiki_p_create_workspace_resour, as objectperm on a WS (got from the
RolePerms template for that type of Workspace), can manage objectperms
of his ws resources (excluded the ws object itself) choosing among
a tree of groups that starts at his parent's level (dad, see what I am doing), includes 'brother workspaces' (on the same level, child of the same parent), down to bottom. He is a ''resource manager''. For adding users/groups to the ws, he can only add single users by typing the name, no groups. But if his ws has an admin group, he could add himself there. So __tipically workspaces either have a ws_admin role OR a ws_resource manager role__. On the other hand, a top, empty (no resources) workspace, with only an ws_admin role, would grant administration to all childs.
* For global tiki_p_admin_workspace nothing changes, although he is now prevented from including groups that include the includer, something that would put the entire site down.

For a user that has the approriate objectperms from the roles template
to the workspace (tiki_p_admin_workspace or, with less possibilities,
tiki_p_create_ws_resour, for the workspace object), everything can be
done starting from the resources module that has extra links to create child ws, add users/groups, and assign perms to resources.

The resouces module will show/hide Buttons and icons next to each
resource accordingly to what can be done by the actual type of user.

Most of the modifications happened in :

- tiki-workspaces_objectpermissions.ptp + templates
- modules/mod-workspaces_users_groups.php + templates
- lib/workspaceslib.php (new functions only)
- lib/users.php (new functions only)

With respect to the connection workspaces-categories, nothing should be changed. All categories related code is still there and used as before.

New permission scheme 1.7.0:
perm allows as allows as
name group perm objectperm
view_ws - -view the ws

create_resour - -create resour onws

admin_ws do all on any ws -add group/user to ws

perm allows as allows as
name group perm objectperm
view_ws - -view the ws

create_resour - (1) -create resour on ws
(de facto admin resour)
-change perms on ws
resources (excluded
the ws itself)
choosing from the
father ws groups and

-add single users(not groups)
to ws predefined groups

admin_ws -do all on any ws(2) -create child workspaces for
any ws from the topmost ws
he has admin rights

-change perms on ws object
itself & resources &
child-ws objects and
resources choosing from
the topmost ws groups
he has admin rights

-add any groups to any ws
choosing from the
topmost ws groups
he has admin rights

-create child workspaces to
any ws from the topmost ws
he has admin rights

(1) this slot is free! Can't we use it to allow the creation of an
'organic workspace' of some predefined type with himself as
tiki_p_create_resour objectperm on it?

(2) as he can add the 'admins' group, and add users to it, he is
defacto a tiki_p_admin.
maybe he should only be able to add 'workspaces groups'? This would
make him different from a tiki_p_admin_groups and tiki_p_admin.
see comments and examples of different possiblties in

(3) see comments and examples of different possiblties in
there's quite a lot I think, especially in the interface, making it
nicer and more intuitive.
-Add confirmation steps for various deletion actions
-Deletion of workspace does not delete its objects (should it?)
-test it really hard
-understand first, and maybe integrate, the working of 'Private Zones'
and 'user Workspace types' (isuserWS and userws filed in table).
Version 1.7.x has been committed to svn trunk.
You can now download the up-to-date version (not in mods format though) from:
The mod in the repository does not provide a working example of these new features, it has the usual Teacher/Student Roles. One has to define roles with 'tiki_p_admin_workspace' and 'tiki_p_create_workspace_resour' to see this in action
tracker item
Article type not maintained on editing
When editing an article the type is reset to the first in the list. This is due to an useless? foreach loop inside tiki-edit_article.php . See the patch attached for a solution.
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Articles Plugin: Allow display of titles only (for side modules)
The following patch provides a version of the ARTICLES wiki plugin, that displays article titles only. To use, people simply specify titleonly=>1 in the options for the ARTICLES command. This is in production use on the [http://www.asperger.asn.au|Asperger Services Australia] website -- just look under ''News'' on the right-hand side of the page.
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Automatically fill in Page Name field when creating new links fck
Some users don't want to understand the difference between "Page Name" and Link when creating an internal link.

This attached patch makes the Page Name field automatically fill in whenever the Link field is changed. The patch was made against tw 4.1.

I think it should be up for debate if both these fields are necessary. Many users of the WYSIWYG feature may be new to the concept of creating links. Less is simpler, and I vote for removing one of these fields.

P.S. Sorry about spamming the mailinglist with this request. Next time I will only submit patch here.
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Automatically fill in Page Name field when creating new links fck
Some users don't want to understand the difference between "Page Name" and Link when creating an internal link.

This attached patch makes the Page Name field automatically fill in whenever the Link field is changed. The patch was made against tw 4.1.

I think it should be up for debate if both these fields are necessary. Many users of the WYSIWYG feature may be new to the concept of creating links. Less is simpler, and I vote for removing one of these fields.

P.S. Sorry about spamming the mailinglist with this request. Next time I will only submit patch here.
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Better layout of the wiki top (.tocnav, .wikitopline, .categbar)
tracker item
BiDi.css bug in RTL language
tracker item
Big avatar in forums, elsewhere
"If a user upload a big avatar (more than 45x45 px) tiki 2.1 not 'avatarize' and show the big image in the forums. This problem may be very uncomfortable when you read a forum topic."

I can confirm that this still occurs on tiki.org and whatever Tiki version it is running presently, specifically with GIF images. -- ssanders
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Calendar patches to provide more logical menu/feature access
Sorry - these patches were committed quite a while ago - just forgot to close the item


I have recently started to use the Calendar function in a new v2.2 site and I found a number of illogical/inconsistent functions that I changed by simply editing the .tpl files. I think some of these are sufficiently useful that I'm submitting them as patches - I'm not really set up to do the whole SVN/developer thing at present.

Here is a summary of the changes/adaptations

__tiki-calendar.tpl__ - original source {* $Id: tiki-calendar.tpl 13045 2008-05-29 07:07:56Z chibaguy $ *}
# logic changed so that Config/Options button is ONLY shown if the user is the admin
# logic changed so that Add Event button is only shown if $displayedcals|@count >0

__tiki-calendar_calmode.tpl__ - original source ?not shown?
# explicit ~np~%d/%m~/np~ used for day/month on each day 'cell' to show European style of date. This is just an interim patch to change the existing 'hard coded' version which shows ~np~%m/%d~/np~. It should be possible to change the logic to extract the right format from the General Admin time/date settings - am still looking at this
# logic changed for additional check to NOT show 'add event' in day cell icon if no calendar 'visible'

__tiki-calendar_nav.tpl__ - original source ?not shown?
# swap ~np~%B %e~/np~ to ~np~%e %B~/np~ in several lines in the "calnavigation" div - again to adopt a European style. Still looking to see how this can automatically extract the right info from the general Admin time/date settings
tracker item
calendar reminder patch
tikiwiki v 4.3 does not have possibility of reminding on events in calendar
tracker item
Cannot change an Article's language from its Translate page
The "Change language for this page" form fails when it's applied to an Article.
tracker item
Cannot update tracker item even if proper rights are granted
We have a registered user X with right tiki_p_modify_tracker_items.
X tries to update a field using the tracker wiki plugin, and fails.
"You do not have permission to modify an item"
Please review my correction proposal. I am rather new with both php and TW.
tracker item
Category did not allow for proper edits.. (Fixed and submitted updates)
guys.. I fixed the probem.. doesn't appear that I can upload anything..

dthacker: thanks for the fix, but our dev's can't see what you changed. Could you please do a diff between your code and current CVS, and comment on the changes? Thanks!

tracker item
CKEditor contentsLangDirection by page language
The multilingual/translation support is integrated with the WYSIWYG feature in a way that if you are working in an English interface, the text direction in CKEditor remains LTR even when the page being edited is defined as being in Hebrew, which is RTL. I expect that this applies to any other RTL language.

Similarly, it seems to me (though I haven't tested it thoroughly) that a user working in a Hebrew interface would get RTL behaviour in CKEditor even when editing an English page.

I can only assume that use of the English-language interface for editing Arabic pages and Arabic-language interface for English pages is common, as such combinations are certainly common where Hebrew is involved. The forcing of direction according to interface language rather than page language is likely to be a significant annoyance in all such cases.

The ideal solution would be to make the editor direction dependent on the page language's direction, and only according to the user's language if there is no page language set (there is a CKEditor option which does that - see http://docs.cksource.com/ckeditor_api/symbols/CKEDITOR.config.html#.contentsLangDirection)
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CODE plugin: Initial trim($data) inappropriate for COBOL, and other indented snippets
Yeah, we're building a COBOL advocacy TikiWiki site. The CODE plugin removes leading indentation. FIXED format COBOL uses a 6 character sequence number, column 7 as a special indicator and actual code starting at column 8. The initial $code = trim($data); is inappropriate for COBOL, and perhaps for other snippets that need to be cut'n'pasted with indentation intact.

I'd almost just go ahead and commit the change, but I'm not experienced enough with the technical details of PHP, and worry that the solution I'm using locally is not an unacceptable performance hit or that using the > v4.1 charlist feature of the trimming functions breaks legacy Tiki installations. I doubt it, but I thought I'd start here and get expert opinions.

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE(colors=>php, title='lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_code.php')}
function wikiplugin_code($data, $params) {
if ( is_array($params) ) {
extract($params, EXTR_SKIP);
$code = trim($data);
$parse_wiki = ( isset($wiki) && $wiki == 1 );

// Detect if GeSHI (Generic Syntax Highlighter) is available

All that is required is changing trim($data); to rtrim(ltrim($data, "\n\r\0\x0B")); so that leading spaces and tabs (tabs, they should be removed ... just because ... but that's not playing nice with others) are left intact.

We're using GeSHi, but this trim occurs regardless.

Thanks for listening,

tracker item
CSS: Themes readiness for 1.9
Bundled themes readiness, see ''New Css Entities'', Fix broken themes ((tw:RecipeRestoreCss))

tracker item
Dynamic list does not work in the tracker plugin when its reference field (normally an item link) is not shown in the form, with patch
Tracker plugin:
Imagine we would like to offer modification of a dynamic list field without offering modification of its reference field. In this case, the dynamic list should fall-back to a simple list with no selectValue calls in the js.
tracker item
Editor & localization Dashboard (help contributors with priorities)
Please see:

This should be not just for localizers but editors in general.

[12:55] lphuberdeau: where can I see the l10n dashboard in action?
[12:55] djst: https://support.mozilla.com/sv-SE/kb/Localization+Dashboard?bl=n
[12:56] djst: lphuberdeau, this page explains the syntax for the plugin https://wiki.mozilla.org/Support/l10nPriorityPRD/Plugin_Usage
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Editor wysiwyg in wiki page doesn’t recognize images,to fix it I change manually {…} With <…>
I have a problem, i dont know how fix it
In tiki4.2 in wiki pages (others doesn’t show this error) editor wysiwyg, does insert an image but it change the code with this code
{…}, (I know cos I saw it , in the html view)
But when I save it doesn’t recognize the image, If I return to the html editor and change the {…} With <…>, it works

Somebody can help me??
tracker item
Email notification don't work except if "watch minor" is checked
Email notification don't work except if "watch minor" is checked
tracker item
embed image out of elFinder
tracker item
Enable overlib CSS styling
As installed, there is no easy way to globally style the overLIB popups. Preferably, there should be css classes defined so that themes can style the popups to match.

This patch (attached) can be used to replace the same file in folder lib/smarty_tiki
tracker item
Formatting of empty Lines in Wiki-Pages is not handled properly
A blank line out of a paragraph should not start a new paragraph (as in 4.2). If feature_wiki_paragraph_formatting_add_br is on, an empty line is created on top of the new paragraph.
It comes from lib/tikilib.php line 6838ff
} elseif (!$in_paragraph && !$contains_block) {
// If not in paragraph, first non-blank line; start a paragraph; if not start of div created by plugins
$data .= "<p>";

in the comment it is stated that the paragraph should only begin at first NON-BLANK line
tracker item
FTP Plugin and big files
Using the [http://doc.tiki.org/PluginFtp&structure=Documentation|FTP Plugin], when you try to download a big file you'll encounter an error like this:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 59506688 bytes) in /home/myUser/public_html/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_ftp.php on line 65

In this case, I had tried to download a 56 MB file with a PHP memory_limit set to 128 MB on my hosting.
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get_plugin_description infinite loop w/ patch
Having a wiki plugin that is not readable by apache in the plugin directory causes an infinite loop when the user attempts to edit a page, because edit page tries to load a list of plugins and descriptions in the help.

tiki-editpage.php calls wikilib.list_plugins(), calls get_plugin_description(), which doesn't check open status after fopen().
tracker item
googlecalendar Wiki Plugin does not install
This has been seen on Tikiwiki 2.0 & 2.2: Trying to install the "googlecalendar" wikiplugin from "Admin mods" fails. A page appears stating "wiki-plugins/googlecalendar/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_googlecalendar.php to impossible to copy".

This appears to be caused by a typo in the Packages/wikiplugins-googlecalendar.info.txt file on the line that states where to copy the plugin file to. There is no space between the source and destination paths and the "lib" directory the plugin should be copied to is missing.
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IE7 problem with the "Show/Hide menu " javascript (patch now attached as a workaround)
With version 2.2 (not checked previous versions) using the "Show/Hide Menus" option to collapse a left or right hand column with IE7 gives page errors and does not execute. Error message says:

Line 409
Char 4
Error: Could not get the display property. Invalid argument.
URL: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php

Function works fine in FF3 and (surprisingly) IE6 but gives exactly the same problem across a number of different tiki sites with IE7, including dev.tikiwiki.org.

The error message (it is assumed) refers to the function flip(foo,style) in lib/tiki-js.js

tracker item
Improper Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit MIME header in Mail
tracker item
Improve the UI of the PluginTracker
tracker item
Improve YSlow scores
Please see: ((YSlow))

Increase ySlow score for all SUMO pages to A
tracker item
Improving PDF TOCs with large wiki documents using mix of TOC and MAKETOC
tracker item
Incorrect URLs on IIS installs in document root
This bug is tied to [http://example.com|http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1964&trackerId=5&show=view]

I have had various issues navigating my wiki seemingly because $base_url is not getting built correctly, or at all. The first of these issues happens at login where the user puts in a bad username or password. The redirect to the error page fails on Firefox and has a URL with doubled forward slashes after the domain because the $base_url is not getting passed. URLs get built as follows (where 'example.com' is my domain):

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()} http://example.com\/tiki-error.php?error=Invalid+username {CODE}

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()} http://example.com//tiki-error.php?error=Invalid+username {CODE}

This happens with relative URLs all over tikiwiki in my installation, which is a WAMP with virtualHost entries in the httpd.conf to resolve 2 distict domains on the same server.
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Big avatar in forums, elsewhere
"If a user upload a big avatar (more than 45x45 px) tiki 2.1 not 'avatarize' and show the big image in the forums. This problem may be very uncomfortable when you read a forum topic."

I can confirm that this still occurs on tiki.org and whatever Tiki version it is running presently, specifically with GIF images. -- ssanders
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Plugin to display the toc of a selected page.
For multipage wikis the display of the "table of content" using __maketoc__ isn't ideal as this statement requires to be placed on every page otherwise it wouldn't be visible for other pages.
Usually this "table of content" is used for quick navigation purposes. Therefore an alternate to the __maketoc__ statement should be provided which should allow to specify the wikipage which shall be outline. Such a statement can then be used in a module nearby the original wikipage.
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Tiki-Log sort by ID broken
in debug mode (eg. when debugging ldap logins) many log entries are created at the same time so sorting by time is not sufficient to get the entries in their real order. Sorting by ID is better then.

Unfortunately sorting by ID leads to an unexpected result.

Looking at the code the problem can be fixed easily: The problem is that two tables are being joined (actionlog and actionlog_conf) and sorting by ID leads to sorting by actionlog_conf.id instead of actionlog.actionID.

Both needs to be fixed - in the SQL query the table for sorting must be added in the sort statement, in the template the columnname must be changed from Id to ActionId.

See patch.

tracker item
Fix dependency of LDAP group sync to external directory
LDAP group synchronisation is dependent on the "corresponding user attribute", a setting which is only needed if an external directory is used for group synchronisation.

The fix is simple - the combination of if-staments just need to be adjusted slightly - see patch.
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Enhancement: Add option to select whether LDAP group synchronisation creates new groups or only sync existing ones
When groups are synchronised with a big LDAP organisation many empty groups may end up in Tikiwiki.

This enhancement / patch adds an option to let the administrator of a tikiwiki instance decide whether during synchronisation of groups only the user assignments to existing groups will be done or if non-existent groups will be created in tikiwiki.

The default behaviour - as of now - is that when a LDAP user logs in all the groups he belongs to will be created in tikiwiki and he is being added as a member of these groups.

This enhancement adds the preference "ldap_create_groups_tiki" which is "y" by default - which corresponds to the current behaviour.

If "ldap_create_groups_tiki" is set to "n" and a LDAP user logs in the group synchronisation process will silently ignore groups that exist in LDAP but not in tikiwiki. Existing groups will be synced, though.
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RSS Feeds on private trackers report "Tiki RSS Feed Error Message: You do not have permission to view this section"
I am pretty new at this, so I am not sure if I posted the bug and patch at the correct place and in the correct form. Please let me know if I should change something. Unfortunately I do not have time at the moment to learn how to commit patches via SVN and am also a bit unsure about my fix, so please take a look and include it in the next release if you think it is correct.

Tiki LTS 6.6, Tracker not publicly accessible (by anonymous users), RSS Feeds enabled, RSS for Trackers and for Individual tracker items enabled, RSS basic Authentication enabled.

If I try to subscribe to the RSS feeds of my tracker (by adding http://tiki.***.***/tiki-tracker_rss.php?trackerId=9 to Outlook) I always get the error "Tiki RSS Feed Error Message: You do not have permission to view this section". Same happens if I log out of Tiki and copy the address in my browser.
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PATCH: messu-compose hangs on french locale
When attempting to send messages to other tiki users whilst working in french locale, the messu-compose.tpl script hangs.

The problem is due to the different interpretation of commas and semicolons on french and english locales. The call to the quickhint (popup help) feature hardcodes the commas and semicolons, and this frustrates the french locale.
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PATCH: wikiplugin_userlist.php handles privileges the opposite way
When using the UserList plugin, the links on the user names leading to their personal information pages, are shown and hidden depending on privileges of the logged in user. Unfortunately, the logic is reverse of what it should be.

Correct logic is: show links for all users that when either A.) You have admin privileges. B.) User listed is yourself. C.) User listed has chosen to make his profile information public.

Current logic is: show links when A.) You have admin privileges. B.) User listed is NOT yourself, AND user listed has chosen NOT to make his information public.
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modifier.sefurl.php does not contain a case that handles calendar urls
Spotted by a user who noted that the URL of a suggested Calendar at the bottom of a wiki page returned an 'invalid URL' error. I tracked the error down to the sefurl modifier in the template not handling calendar URLs properly. The tested correction to modifier.sefurl.php is:
{CODE(caption="add after line 95" wrap="0" colors="php")} case 'calendar':
$href = $sefurl ? "cal$source" : "tiki-calendar.php?calIds[]=$source";
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Newsletter - problem in get_all_subscriber when login name contains uppercases
A user registered himself, and chooses as login a name with uppercases (Stephane).

Two newsletter are created, with different subscriptions:
1) group subscription, including the aforementioned user
2) user self subscribe

When sending newsletter 1, the email is sent to the user.
When sending newsletter 2, the email address of the user is not found in the database and cannot be sent (despite finding the correct number of subscribers)

I traced it to two libraries:
first in ./lib/newsletter/nllib.php, in the function get_all_subscriber, we can see in the first part of the function how the email adresses are collected based on the subscribed groups. The select is mostly direct, and gets the correct information.
Later in the function (line 215 and following), individual users are added to the list of emails. Line 218, the "email" from the table tiki_newsletter_subscriptions (which is the login for registered users) is brought to lower case. (Note: I'm not sure, but it could be that the subscription module also puts the login in lower case in that table...)
Finally, line 232, the function get_user_email uses as parameter this lowercase login name to find out the actual email address.

This function is defined in the library ./lib/userlibs.php on line 5581.
This function compares the login passed as parameter to the login in the users_users table, but with a "binary" comparison, i.e. case sensitive! Removing the binary keyword lets the newsletter module find the correct user, and then its email.
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Plugin Redirect Improvement

i found it annoying that you cannot redirect to an anchor or that if you use sefurl you you will still be redirected to a tiki-index.php site - so i wrote a small bugfix you can find in the attachment.

I don't know how secure it is as i am no security expert but it shouldn't open any wholes as far as i can see.
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Codemirror treats 2 hyphens used for an em-dash as a strikeout
Not working yet
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Permission on Newsletters using Group Permissions

as written to the dev list, I had the problem to restrict access to some newsletters but not to all. I found a solution, but I am not sure, if this breaks nothing else. Here is the problem:

I want to set up some newsletters: One with access from anybody (anonymous users can subscribe and view the archive) and some others with access only for special groups of users.

On global permission page I set 'tiki_p_list_newsletters' and 'tiki_p_subscribe_email' for anonymous users (this permissions are not available on the object permission page).

On the object permission page for the single newsletter (accessible through /tiki-admin_newsletters.php and the key icon of every newsletter) I activate 'tiki_p_subscribe_newsletters' and 'tiki_p_view_newsletter' for the group of users with permissions on this newsletter.

With this settings I would expect, that an anonymous user browsing page tiki-newsletters.php would see the list of newsletters, in this case showing only the public newsletter. But in this case there is an error (You are not logged in). As a privileged user (allowed to see all newsletters) the page is accessible but empty, not showing any newsletter.
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Unable to "unsubscribe" from Newsletter
When clicking the "unsubscribe" link from a newsletter email the customer is immediately taken to the site where they receive a "You are not logged in" error. If the customer were to first log into the site and then click the newsletter "unsubscribe" link in the email it works fine.
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Logout script with home redirect problem
How to reproduce:
1. Allow Group Homepage
2. Set homepage for anonymous group: agr_home
3. Set homepage for registered group: rgr_home
4. make default page agr_home page
5. login -> you ll be redirected to rgr_gome -> thats ok
6. logout -> you ll be redirected to http://yoursitename.com/agr_home (note: not index.php?page=agr_home)
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colon in definition lists
When you are using definition list plugin, if you want to use a colon in the definition, there is no way to do this that I know of because the colon is used to separate the term from the definition. If you have a second colon on the line, the second colon and everything after it is cut off (not displayed).
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Tracker Email field type does not notify on 'watch closed'
Tiki does not send out e-mail notification when tracker items are closed. They do get sent when set to pending.

Found that Tiki 9.x (9.0->9.4) has this issue.

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LDAP authentication should use LDAPv3 (or at least have configurable support for it)
LDAPv2 is obsolete, and the use of LDAPv3 is now standard practice. In fact, the [http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/822.html|latest releases of OpenLDAP don't even support LDAPv2 properly anymore]. However, PHP's ldap_connect() and PEAR::Auth [http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200204/msg00046.html|default to LDAPv2].

The patch to use LDAPv3 is attached. It shouldn't be difficult to make the LDAP protocol version a configurable preference.
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LDAP group syncing bug solved
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lib/userslib fix for PostGres
The string "isUsers" in line 1013, lib/userslib.php, must be enclosed in Backticks, else query will return postgres error when processed (because postgres will interpret the column name as "isuser" instead of "isUser")
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Login page increments pageview stats
Login page increments tiki_pageviews which skews viewing stats, IMHO, especially for sites which require passwords for content viewing, which may be additionally exacerbated if users maintain Tiki's login page as their browsers home page.
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Mail doesn't work for wiki
I configured the mail-in service for the wiki,I tried with wiki-append, wiki,... configuration but the mail-in doesn't work as aspected. The page, if needed, is created but the body is not updated

I tried with outlook 2003 from the local intranet and also from the web interface of GMail.

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Mailman WikiPlugin
With this Wiki-plugin it's very easy to subscribe to Mailman mailinglists. You can determine if you want to put a Name field or only the input for the email address. The plugin might need some polish, esp. in the smarty template but works fine so far.
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Mail-In to Forum does not follow thread when original post has moved
I am using tikiwiki for a project at work, and one of the features we needed was the "mail-in" forum posting. The way we use this is a sales rep will e-mail an issue to a PDL. One of the e-mail addresses in the PDL is the pop account for one of the forums for our site. The site moderator reads the new "post" (e-mail) and decides which forum the discussion belongs in and moves the post to the "correct" forum.

The problem is that once moved, replies via the PDL do not follow the original thread (to the moved forum). The best case is that they end up in the "mail-in" forum location.
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Minify and cache js and css files, with an admin panel to refresh
Productization: Create admin preference to enable/disable minify

Implement Admin panel/setting to flush/rebuild Minify cache

[https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?query_format=advanced&short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&short_desc=minify&product=support.mozilla.com&long_desc_type=substring&long_desc=&bug_file_loc_type=allwordssubstr&bug_file_loc=&status_whiteboard_type=allwordssubstr&status_whiteboard=&keywords_type=allwords&keywords=&emailassigned_to1=1&emailtype1=exact&email1=&emailassigned_to2=1&emailreporter2=1&emailqa_contact2=1&emailtype2=exact&email2=&bugidtype=include&bug_id=&votes=&chfieldfrom=&chfieldto=Now&chfieldvalue=&cmdtype=doit&order=Reuse+same+sort+as+last+time&field0-0-0=noop&type0-0-0=noop&value0-0-0=|All "minify" related]

This cache should also be deletable

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Minor Stats bug in tiki-setup.php
Tiki login page wrongfully increments tiki_pageviews hit count
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Missing translation tag in tiki-upload_file.tpl
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Mod GMAP - File Correction in 4.2
Current mod GMAP does not work in 4.2.

Not sure about other versions
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module forum_last_topics shows wrong forum name with rigth topics
The module forum_last_topics mixes wrong forum names with rigth topic names.
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multiple forumlists
I want to have multiple forums or (forum_lists) in tikiwiki, because, for example, I want my users to contribute exclusively under the gfdl in one forumlist, but may post copyrighted content in another forumlist.

Current situation: From the menu, the users can click on the forums link which leads them to tiki-forums.php. This displays a list of all the forums the user has the right to see listed, with sections.

The idea is to add an extra argument in the url which specifies which forumlist the user wants to see. example: tiki-forums.php?bigforum=gfdlforum and tiki-forums.php?bigforum=copyrightedstuff
A forum can "belong" to only one "bigforum", or forumlist, so this means an extra column in tiki_forums in the db.

Modifications to tiki-forums.php, right after

// This shows a list of forums everybody can use this listing
include_once ("lib/commentslib.php");
$commentslib = new Comments($dbTiki); {CODE}

I put


// Check for bigforum attribute in url, and assigns it to bigforum variable. If not, display an error page. this means tiki-forums.php displays an error page.

if (isset($_REQUEST["bigforum"])) {
$bigforum = $_REQUEST["bigforum"];
} else {
$smarty->assign('errortype', 401);
$smarty->assign('msg', tra("Permission denied you cannot view this page"));

} {CODE}

And in commentslib.php, in the list_forums function, after

{CODE()} if ( $res['forumId'] != '' && $this->user_has_perm_on_object($user, $res['forumId'], 'forum', 'tiki_p_forum_read') ) { {CODE}

I put

{CODE()} if ( $bigforum == $res['bigforum'] ){ {CODE}
with an extra closing } somewhere down the road.

The bigforum attribute must be manually added in the db, but appart from that it works. better integration with the rest of Tiki would be awesome, url rewrite could give something like tiki.org/forums/IDorNAMEoftheBigforum/

All of this is just broken hacking and my first attempt at doing something, so don't be too harsh ;)
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Multiple IE fixes for tiki-js.js and tiki-jquery.js TikiWiki V4.2
Multiple problems exist with TikiWiki tiki-js.js and tiki-jquery.js scripts in relation to editing wiki pages with the Wiki editor. The problems vary by IE version:

* IE requires the 'label' property to be set in 'Option' objects
* IE editing requires use of textRanges
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not possible to ADD new task into user tasks in user-task module
if you enable user-task module and you are on URL with some querty, like http://server/tiki-index.php?page=xxxxx and you try to add new user taks, you will get errror

because the string which is created as action for form submit is wring
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Object accessed as array causes fatal error
Installer fails at the end with the following error:

"Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in
/tiki/lib/core/Search/Indexer.php on line 64"
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One can not put more then one RSS feed on a wiki page
One can not put more then one RSS feed on a wiki page. Following patch fixes that.
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Only let the admin change the admin details
There is a very common use case where a specific Group should be given User admin permission, ie tiki_p_admin_users, so that the setting up of new users can be delegated.

However this permission allows the user with these added permissions to edit the admin details and therefore be in a position to assign new users and themselves to the Admins Group - which has 'security' (in the broadest sense) implications.

Changes that avoid this are needed so that the admin details can only be changed by the admin.

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Out of memory bug in tiki-edit_templates.php

I've just been testing Tiki to see if it will suit my needs. Came across the following bug in tiki-edit_templates.php whenever I tried to edit any templates or CCS.

Whenever I tried to click on the Edit Button for templates I got the following error:

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXX bytes exhausted (tried to allocate XX bytes) in tiki-5.1/lib/init/initlib.php on line 185

System setup

System: FreeBSD 8.1
Web Server: Apache 2.2.16
Php: 5.3.3

Key issue was when looking for templates to list - around line 112 in tiki-edit_templates.php. The code would get stuck in an endless loop trying to get the files a directory that failed to open, exhausting stack size. The following directories would attempt to be opened:

tiki-5.1/templates - opened OK
tiki-5.1/templatesmodules - failed to open causing loop to get stuck.

The templatesmodules directory would fail to open.
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Pages with spaces in their names cannot be accessed from a Wiki dump.
If I have a wiki page SomePage that has a link ((Page With Space)) in it, when I dump the wiki, the generated HTML in SomePage.html doesn't have a correct hyperlink in it to get to Page With Space.html.

The hyperlink contains plus signs instead of spaces (or %20) like Page+With+Space.html, but the target page on disk is called Page With Space.html. Clicking on the link in SomePage.html generates a file not found error.
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Patch for aulawiki.1.6 to run on tikiwiki.2.2
patch for aulawiki.1.6 to run on tikiwiki.2.2
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Patch for Plugin ATTACH bug reported in bug tracker id 2474
As noted in bug tracker id 2474, bullets parameter doesn't create a bulleted list. "All" list is poorly formatted with page links that don't work.
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Patch to allow support for Active Directory authentication via LDAP
Active Directory doesn't allow for anonymous searches of its structure. Instead, an username and password for an account with search access must be given when connecting.
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Patch to bug report 3727
The attached file updates the SQL wiki plugin so that the user has a choice whether the returned data should be Wiki parsed or not instead of just preventing it. Parsing is the default with "noparse=>1" preventing the parsing. There are also two additional features added to the code:
# "raw=>1" will eliminate any headers or formatting.
# "delim=>'|'" will set the data delimiter for columns to being an "or" bar. Any other separator can be used.

These additional features are useful when selecting summary data like "count(*)" and resultant headers are unwanted or when selecting data normally, but wanting to format the output aside from the standard SQL return.

There is a remaining issue with the submitted patch. While I have updated the help array at the top I don't know how to make the new parameters reflected in the GUI help system as seen by the user when accessing the plugin through the help system.

I will update the SQL plugin documentation on the Tiki site if this patch is accepted. Doing so before-hand will only set false expectations for functionality not yet there.

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Patch to staging & approval
Staging & Approval fails if incorrect $edit_minor parameter type is supplied to the function update_page. This is the case in Tiki 6.3

This causes the whole staging & approval mechanism to fail.
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Patch: setup_smarty.php get_filename fails if tikidomain is empty
tikiwiki-5.0.Beta1\setup_smarty.php, line 251, in function get_filename:
$file = '';
may be replaced by
$file = '/';
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Plugin DBReport with mPDF enhancement
tracker item
Plugin to display the toc of a selected page.
For multipage wikis the display of the "table of content" using __maketoc__ isn't ideal as this statement requires to be placed on every page otherwise it wouldn't be visible for other pages.
Usually this "table of content" is used for quick navigation purposes. Therefore an alternate to the __maketoc__ statement should be provided which should allow to specify the wikipage which shall be outline. Such a statement can then be used in a module nearby the original wikipage.
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pretty tracker wiki-parses all fields
Inefficient and it is perhaps also a security leak.
[http://irc.tikiwiki.org/irclogger_log/tikiwiki?date=2010-10-12,Tue&sel=56#l52|irc log]

tracker item
pretty tracker with tpl: get_pretty_fieldIds function fails
tikiwiki-5.0.Beta1\lib\trackers\trackerlib.php, line 3584, in function get_pretty_fieldIds:

$f = $smarty->get_filename($tpl);

may be replaced by

$resource_name = $smarty->get_filename($resource);
$f = $smarty->_read_file($resource_name);
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Preview with on a wiki-page named with german umlauts leads to an error
trying to preview a wiki-page with an name containing german umlauts (e. g. "Grafikdesign - Abschlüsse") leads to the following SQL-Error: Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '='

for (likely) the following query:

SELECT `page_id`, `pageName`, `hits`, `description`, `lastModif`, `comment`, `version`, `version_minor`, `user`, `ip`, `flag`, `points`, `votes`, `wiki_cache`, `cache_timestamp`, `pageRank`, `creator`, `page_size`, `lang`, `lockedby`, `is_html`, `created`, `wysiwyg`, `wiki_authors_style`, `comments_enabled` FROM `tiki_pages` WHERE `pageName`='Grafikdesign - Abschl�sse'

it seems that the request handling of the char-encoding for preview is not propper.
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Publishing TikiWiki Mods causes " Array to string conversion" and an invalid file to be written
I have a fresh install of 1.9.7 and 1.9.8 on both Fedora Core 5 and Solaris 10, each with the latest Apache 2.2 and PHP 5 version. When I try to Publish or Republish any TikiWiki Mods, I get this in my php log (I have debugging symbols turned on).

PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in /opt/wiki/lib/mods/modslib.php on line 151, referer: http://wiki/tiki-mods.php?publishall=1
PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in /opt/wiki/lib/mods/modslib.php on line 152, referer: http://wiki/tiki-mods.php?publishall=1
PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in /opt/wiki/lib/mods/modslib.php on line 153, referer: http://wiki/tiki-mods.php?publishall=1
PHP Warning: implode() [<a href='function.implode'>function.implode</a>]: Bad arguments. in /opt/wiki/lib/mods/modslib.php on line 159, referer: http://wiki/tiki-mods.php?publishall=1

This results in a file beginning with '-rray' being written into mods/Dist and mods/Cache. This file is very hard to remove on these two operating systems, since it keeps tricking the rm command into thinking they are command options even when escaped.

This seems to be the result of an Array being passed as part of the argument to modslib->publish $Items argument. The code assumes that it is a purely an array of strings, and when it is not you generate non-fatal errors that cause this problem
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QUOTE plugin in comments, replyto automatic parameter, missing default attribute
When you use the plugin QUOTE, the user you reply not appear automatically in the Post new message box, and you have to introdude it manually
tracker item
re-test: Another test from Xavi on Nov'09, 13th
testing again....
tracker item
Robots.txt Enhancements
tracker item
RSS for Wiki is malformed (broken in firefox)
I have the latest files for RSS, and the RSS feed is malformed. I fails to load properly in Firefox, and loads in other readers (e.g. Yahoo) but without formatting.

RSS Validator says one error is that there is an extra line before the first <xml... line, which is causing it to be parsed as HTML and not as XML for RSS. See here for an example; http://www.casesofinterest.com/tiki/tiki-wiki_rss.

I have spent a lot of time tracing the calls and I can't figure out why it works fine for blogs, but not for wikis as the code is similar. I hope someone who knows more than I can fix this.
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Sandbox preview/save buttons missing for non-admin users
Couldn't find another bug report for this, although this is an extremely noticeable bug so there should be an existing report.

The wiki sandbox for non-admin users is useless because it doesn't show save/preview buttons.
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Scoring Mods for PostGres installs
lib/tikilib and lib/score/scorelib.php functions send no timestamp argument to tiki_users_score isert queries. This results in query failure because tiki_users_score tstamp column in Tiki 1.9 distrib. contains a 'not null' constraint.


The following PostGres query sets the default timestamp of tiki_users_score alter column tstamp to 'now', which ensures against attempted insertion of NULL values from the tiki codebase:

alter table tiki_users_score alter column tstamp set default now();
tracker item
Screencast support, as used at Support.Mozilla.com (SUMO)
Please see:

[https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?query_format=advanced&short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&short_desc=screencast&product=support.mozilla.com&long_desc_type=substring&long_desc=&bug_file_loc_type=allwordssubstr&bug_file_loc=&status_whiteboard_type=allwordssubstr&status_whiteboard=&keywords_type=allwords&keywords=&emailassigned_to1=1&emailtype1=exact&email1=&emailassigned_to2=1&emailreporter2=1&emailqa_contact2=1&emailtype2=exact&email2=&bugidtype=include&bug_id=&votes=&chfieldfrom=&chfieldto=Now&chfieldvalue=&cmdtype=doit&order=Reuse+same+sort+as+last+time&field0-0-0=noop&type0-0-0=noop&value0-0-0=|SUMO bugs with word screencast]

Related: ((WebDAV)) to ease management of files.
tracker item
Script to generate a key for InterTiki
Written by Laurent Moss
tracker item
Search updates for 3.0beta1 to show correct menus
Whilst the various .tpl files associated with search do a check on the $prefs.feature_XXX when showing the drop down menu for refining the search there is no check on whether the individual user has the privilege to use the feature. Therefore menu options can be shown that are not appropriate.

Also the drop down menus are slightly different for the three different .tpls files

No longer relevant - 15th June 2013
tracker item
SEF URL Search Engine Friendly URL
__A CMS without SEF URL means it is a Bug : Usability__

it's a by setup checkable standart in a high quality CMS
simple weblogs like http://www.s9y.org/ have such a feature

why :
google likes */this_is_a_very_god_page.html
and normaly google didn't index

i think the best webpage is nothing if SEFURL isn't working

the half way is done with the htaccess - ok
the next half way was a mod from http://www.coofercat.com/wiki/TikiURLtInstall

It's working in a root env with 1.9.x and 1.10cvs
that means only if /tmp is writable for the webserver - this is the bug

but online on a vserver this shit happens to me

Warning: mkdir(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp/71) is not within the allowed path(s): (/srv/nww/webx/:/srv/nww/htdocs/phpMyAdmin/:/srv/nww/htdocs/confixx/html/gesperrt/) in /srv/nww/webx/html/wiki/lib/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 1551

Warning: fopen(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp/71/adodb_716f2422695ca15b221f4ce6f146321c.cache) is not within the allowed path(s): (/srv/nww/webx/:/srv/nww/htdocs/phpMyAdmin/:/srv/nww/htdocs/confixx/html/gesperrt/) in /srv/nww/webx/html/wiki/lib/adodb/adodb-csvlib.inc.php on line 298
......this msg repeats about 1000 times
did you know what's going on

I started to debug this problem
but it seams to get bigger and bigger

saved data titles must be renamed
didn't result in
page 2
and so on
tracker item
Segfault under Debian Jessie
tracker item
Select article topic in RSS
Allow to choose in the RSS feed, one topic to show.
tracker item
Slideshows based on structures
tracker item
Social Header Bar Content
tracker item
SQL plugin won't work with empty passwords
strtok does not return empty tokens. If the password is empty in the DSN the parser comes out of order.
tracker item
Survey text entries are not registered correctly
A text entry to a survey question is not registered correctly if the same entry has already been registered to some other question. For example, if there is a survey on ID 1 with a text question and someone has answered "foobar" to that question and then another person takes survey on ID 2 and answers "foobar" to a text question in that survey no entry is registered. The problem can be replicated most easily but creating a survey with multiple text questions and answering for example "test" to all those questions. Only the first "text" is registered and the rest omitted.
tracker item
the link 'remove from this structure' dont appears for any page in 'assing permissions to page'
A link to remove permissions from structure should be visible when editing permissions for a page that is in a structure.
In version, the version that I use, that link don't appears for any page.
I have detected the problem is a programming error in line 14 of file templates/tiki-pagepermissions.tpl. There is a test of variable $isStructure when the correct would be to test $inStructure that is the variable that is assigned in line 89 of file tiki-pagepermissions.php
tracker item
tiki-login mods for SSL to fwd. properly to $groupHome
Proper $groupHome URL is not returned by tiki-ligin.php if running Tiki on SSL
tracker item
Tikiwiki mailin is broken in 1.8.5; patches are simple, and attached
In 1.8.5, the mailin feature doesn't work properly. It may work for some combination of mail systems, but not for others. And it does not properly handle multiple mailed-in messages when a page load is attempted.

Specifically, some combination of mail client and mail server caused the email address extraction to leave a newline on the end, which should be trimmed.

Also, in determining the type of message, a case-sensitive string comparison is done against "text/html", which won't match for upper or mixed-case.

Finally, there's a bug (probably a minor design flaw) in the way the histlib object is created in lib/tikilib.php, such that if the code is executed twice in the same session, it will fail the second time because the $histlib object isn't created.

Last but not least, after parsing the message, if there are no parts found, the loop that attempts to process them assumes that $output->parts exists, which it may not.
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TOC and MAKETOC functionality when using Multiple Print
I am a new Tikiwiki admin/user, and although DELIGHTED with the product, must confess to being disappointed with structures, TOCs and MAKETOCs functionality. See my posting in >Forum >Documentation for details of these issues.

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Tracker plugin cannot update fields without showing all the mandatory radio button fields
If you have a tracker with fields e.g
X text
Y radio buttons, mandatory
Z date
and you would like to offer the user to update X only, or X and Z only, keeping the old value of Y, it won't work. The error message you get is that Y is mandatory.
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Tracker plugin does not set default value (e.g. when modifying or prefilled), with patch
Any dynamic list or other drop-down list will not get its default value, when modifying the item, or when it gets prefilled (or when autosave value is available).
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Trackerlist plugin's exactvalue with field(.,.,.) expression does not work with item links
Tried a field($fieldid,user,$trackerid) expression, and it does not work if the $fieldid is of item link type.
Debug insight:
While field($fieldid,user,$trackerid) results in the unresolved itemid referencing to the item link domain, the
{CODE(colors="php")} $items = $trklib->list_items($trackerId, $tr_offset, $max, $tr_sort_mode, $passfields, $filterfield, $filtervalue, $tr_status, $tr_initial, $exactvalue, $filter, $allfields);
call does not work. Namely, $trklib->list_items(..) works with the resolved item links. Therefore, there is no match.
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trackers filters vanishes when selecting another filter
Hi guys!
This is my first contribution with the tikiwiki community.

Here follows my fixes to the trackers filters that occurs when someone selects a filter and try to select another filter. The input for the filter where alternating between visible or not, causing the bug.

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Trailing backslash at domain in URLs when installed in DocumentRoot
In my installation, on some internal links that are represented in an absolute way, there is a backslash between the domain name and the first slash.

Eg when I try to login on http://mydomain.com/index.php, I get redirected to http://mydomain.com\/tiki-login.php, which the server cannot render.

Clean install of:
MS Windows Server 2003 SE SP2 on x86
Apache 2.2.10
MySQL 5.1.30
PHP 5.2.8
TikiWiki 2.2

Tiki resides directly in the DocumentRoot C:\tiki (as it is a dedicated server).

In tiki-setup.php, there is a line

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()} $tikiroot = dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']); {CODE}

In the documentation of [http://www.php.net/dirname |((dirname))], they state that since PHP 4.3.0, dirname returns unexpected values. The example implies that on Windows dirname('/x') returns '\'.

Therefore, if you install Tiki in the DocumentRoot, _SERVER['PHP_SELF'] will be '/filename.php' and $tikiroot will be '\'.
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translation to portuguese (PT)
poor translation to portuguese (standard)
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Users (without admin perms) are able to create blogs in other user's name
With the 1.10b (and latest svn changes) it is meant for admins to be able to change the creator of the forums.

Unfortunately, all users with permission to create blogs, can now create blogs for any other user - even if they can not post to them.

It seems that the latest file templates/tiki-edit_blog.tpl and .php requires that a value for the creator is passed back from the field Creator. Thus, the field has to be present with a valid content.
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools