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`session_protected` feature is broken if HTTPS termination happens outside of PHP's reach
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'Kyiv,' not 'Kiev'
tracker item
"Error: Malformed search query" without anything else causes support issues. Add an actionable error message.
tracker item
"Server Fitness" (tiki-check.php) Never Opens
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Sitemap.xml &pagenum=2 -v- &pagenum=2
tracker item
18.x Structure reports inappropriate error if page already exists
tracker item
18.x Structures can create bad pages names
tracker item
18.x svn: Data too long for column 'log' at row 1
tracker item
18.x Wiki page history offers to remove page revisions
tracker item
WSOD / 500 error on trying to save a page edit
tracker item
A file was attached to "XYZ" email notification lacks information who did that
tracker item
Add a grid / masonry display for the profiles in the Profiles Wizard with filters
tracker item
"Update Empty" doesn’t do anything in the auto-increment fields
tracker item
Add checkbox to tag forum thread as [SOLVED] and allow filtering and reporting based on that also
tracker item
add: required fields, add user
tracker item
Adding related item in related-to field does not display in the email notification
tracker item
Please add tag management tools
tracker item
Admin page not found error is too geeky
tracker item
Admin Toolbars does not reflect saved changes on the toolbars while editing a page
tracker item
Advanced Rating syntax: Empty date tracker-field shows data through Mathematical calculation tracker field
tracker item
Advanced Shopping cart: 1st product is registered in Order Trackrer instead that Order Items Tracker
tracker item
Allow replacing hardcoded call to maketoc in page with the one produced by mpdf
tracker item
Allow searching by categories and TAGS through the Profiles Control Panel in Tiki
tracker item
Allow viewing user favorites
tracker item
Anonymous visitors can't view wiki page history on tiki.org
tracker item
Any attempt to edit an "Item Link" tracker field turns it in to a "Relations" tracker field
tracker item
Applying Personal Blog and Profile fails
tracker item
Assign Category in Tracker Fails
tracker item
Auto Toc with rtl language
tracker item
Autocomplete is broken on multilingual tracker text fields
tracker item
Automatic table of contents (auto-TOC) shows calls to FOOTNOTE plugin as regular text without link
tracker item
Backport fixes to Profiles Wizard in 19.x to 18.x LTS
tracker item
Bad alert box on Edit this assigned module: menu
tracker item
bad rendering of Featured Site Configurations
tracker item
Banner parameters to display or not display a banner on a page are broken
tracker item
Banners on a col (left col) spill over the main content
tracker item
Better access for wikiplugin on the wiki editor
tracker item
Missing update in SEFURL REGEX table (in file tiki.sql); maybe more
tracker item
Browsing files from tracker field type file should show chosen gallery
tracker item
Calendar event (Community event) not visible for anonymous
tracker item
Calendar sticky popup not working
tracker item
Calls to plugins inside calls to WYSIWYG plugin with use_html disabled generate no output (invisible)
tracker item
Profile application via wizard or Suggested Profiles quietly fails on Tiki 17+
tracker item
Can't change language on homepage
tracker item
Can't remove the last related item from Relations fields
tracker item
Can’t name a page "Sandbox"
tracker item
Cannot upload images to file galleries on tiki.org anymore
tracker item
CAS LOGIN: Autologin not functioning
tracker item
Category not overriding global permissions
tracker item
Certain comments partially hidden (Google Chrome)
tracker item
change name of Tracker Tabular
tracker item
Changing (modernizing) Tiki smileys (we should support Emoji)
tracker item
PluginTogether should replace the url associated with the Edit page button so that co-editors are automagically offered to go to the session with collaborative edition instead of the warning of edition conflict
tracker item
Code Plugin with WYSIWYG editor
tracker item
Compare the rendered HTML of two files
tracker item
console import:tracker ignores "Import updates" setting
tracker item
In Tiki 18.x with PHP 7.2: Console ListExecute: PHP Deprecated idn_to_ascii(): INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003
tracker item
Tiki.org crashes
tracker item
Control Panel/Maps Missing Controls
tracker item
convene plugin auto-locking
tracker item
Copy’ing a wiki page show tags permissions error (wrongly)
tracker item
Country user preference keeps resetting to Other
tracker item
Creating new article for tiki.org/news while being switched in the "info" perspective does not get saved but switches to default perspective instead
tracker item
Current page in structures breadcrumb should not be a link
tracker item
Database sessions: Session temporarily lost during update (critical race condition in write)
tracker item
Database update errors on new trunk
tracker item
Default category of group isn't assigned
tracker item
Demo Page Does Not Include Tiki18
tracker item
dev.t.o 13.x: add some scrollbar at the top of wide tables in Bootstrapped themes, since they look as with less content for new users or unexperienced visitors
tracker item
dev.t.o: Some edits to tracker items are silently LOST! (feature_jquery_validation)
tracker item
Successful edit of a wiki page sends the user to homepage
tracker item
Calling REMARKSBOX adds unwanted entry to Table of Contents (Auto-TOC)
tracker item
display a single chart with plugin sheet fails (with mode simple=y or n)
tracker item
Drag & Drop zone for uploading an image changed to text field ?
tracker item
Edit Wiki page with "Full Wysiwyg editor" keeps loading in 18.3
tracker item
Editing bug report item does not save
tracker item
Editing a Plugin via plugin helper icon on a translated page looses the translation assigned!
tracker item
Error [] operator not supported for string in Plugin Tracker with itemId in URL
tracker item
Error 500 on https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-admin.php?page=packages
tracker item
Error in updating Tiki 18 to last version
tracker item
Error trying to open a folder of the file gallery on dev.t.o
tracker item
Error when using the actions item "PDF"
tracker item
External Wiki Non-Functional
tracker item
FADE plugin call content is not printed unless user reveals it
tracker item
Failed registration attempt with user tracker and pretty tracker should not create new user
tracker item
Fatal error trying to upgrade to Tiki 18 ("Call to a member function urldecode() on null")
tracker item
Failure to get geolocation from searching an address either manually typing address through tracker field location ui or in the backend with params to get address from other tracker field
tracker item
Fancytable datafunction fault in ver 18, okay in ver 15
tracker item
Fatal error calling TRACKERITEMFIELD with inexistent tracker item
tracker item
FATAL ERROR while upgrading
tracker item
Feedback library used in AJAX services displays errors at random times
tracker item
File Galleries (File upload failed: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0)
tracker item
File Galleries - Reupload file from disk
tracker item
File Galleries - Listings - ID
tracker item
File Galleries - Setting: Default view is not throughout
tracker item
File galleries are locked by default
tracker item
File Gallery Template
tracker item
File icons resized in print
tracker item
Files uploaded get corrupted in some installs storing files in database
tracker item
Finishing a WYSIWYG edit using WYSIWYG plugin (may) leave(s) page locked with Session storage location set to Database
tracker item
Fixing show
tracker item
Footnote conflicts when FOOTNOTEAREA called twice
tracker item
FOOTNOTEAREA: Some footnote numbers displayed on their own line
tracker item
Validate email address on user email field in User Admin
tracker item
Forum pagination is broken when there is more than one page for a thread on tiki.org
tracker item
Forum plugin show things that the forum doesn’t (t.o)
tracker item
forums in t.o unusable: help!
tracker item
Forums: "Posts can be rated" results in "Request URI too long" error when enabled and user tries to rate
tracker item
Group members are not displayed
tracker item
H5P Content Creation Bug
tracker item
H5P directory is not writable: storage/public/h5p + missleading success and error messages combined
tracker item
Plugin H5P Wiki Page Editor
tracker item
Hotwords with space between two words
tracker item
H5P Collage Flies out of Constrained Area in Cached Wiki Page
tracker item
HTML in Articles not parsed even when the checkbox is enabled
tracker item
HTML quietly ignored in calls to QUOTE plugin
tracker item
Images Do Not Display at Uniform Sizes
tracker item
IMG plugin scaling ignored with percentages in width or height parameters
tracker item
Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'healed' at row 1 when adding a Tiki Scheduler task (in mysql strict mode)
tracker item
Incorrect permission check to delete freetags from objects in
tracker item
Inter-user messages not filling correctly recipients when replying
tracker item
InterTiki user replication stopped working?
tracker item
Tables of Contents (maketoc) can be broken when headings call plugins (such as ANAME and FOOTNOTE)
Calling plugins in headings in pages where maketoc is used can cause breakage. For example, this happens when calling the ANAME or FOOTNOTE plugins.

! Effect on ANAME
Although Tiki generates anchors for all headings automatically, I find using ANAME is a great way of creating manageable and easily memorable Anchors for otherwise unwieldy headings
If a heading within a tiki page is coded as follows
{CODE(caption="1. Tiki Source Code snippet" wrap=1)}
!! Fourth and Even More Forgetful Heading{ANAME()}Quick4{ANAME}
{CODE}then Tiki generates the following HTML code
{CODE(caption="2. Generated HTML snippet" wrap=1)}
<h3 class="showhide_heading" id="Fourth_and_Even_More_Forgetful_Heading"> Fourth and Even More Forgetful Heading<a id="Quick4"></a></h3>
{CODE}which can be exploited by
{CODE(caption="3. Tiki Source Code snippet" wrap=1)}
{ALINK(aname=Quick4)}Link to Fourth Heading by its Quick4 Anchor{ALINK}
{CODE}All the above works flawlessly.

However, add MAKETOC to the page above the source line where ANAME is last used and it breaks the ANAME anchor(s). For this example, the maketoc is restricted to level 2 headings only as ~np~{maketoc levels="2"}~/np~ which makes the generated HTML a little more compact.
Tiki generates the following HTML in response to the inclusion of maketoc
{CODE(caption="Generated HTML for maketoc snippet 3" wrap=1)}
<ul><li><a href='#First_Level_Two_Heading' class='link'> First Level Two Heading</a>
</li><li><a href='#Second_Long_and_Equally_Unmemorable_Heading' class='link'> Second Long and Equally Unmemorable Heading</a>
</li><li><a href='#Third_Painfully_Difficult_Heading' class='link'> Third Painfully Difficult Heading</a>
</li><li><a href='#Fourth_and_Even_More_Forgetful_Heading' class='link'> Fourth and Even More Forgetful Heading<a id="Quick4"></a></a>
</li><li><a href='#Fifth_Long_and_Not_Very_Memorable_Heading' class='link'> Fifth Long and Not Very Memorable Heading</a>
</li></ul></li></ul><!--toc--></div><br />
{CODE}Note how the entry for the Fourth Paragraph has the anchor "Quick4" associated with it. The HTML code generated for the Fourth Paragraph heading remains identical.

The effect of this is that the tiki anchor Quick4 is now incorrectly linked to the TOC entry, being the first instance of HTML ANCHOR within the HTML file.

If the MAKETOC plugin is included below the ANAME, then the ANAME works as intended, since that is the first occurrence of the generated HTML ANCHOR statement.

I have a couple of test pages which illustrate this issue, if they are of any use in your testing.

! Effect on FOOTNOTE
Calling FOOTNOTE returns an HTML A element with an id, so using that same identifier twice causes invalid HTML. Additionally, since browsers favor the first element using the identifier in such cases, the TOC's instance wins if ~np~{maketoc}~/np~ precedes headings, which is not what we want.

! Cause
Plugin calls are executed in parse_first(). (Calls to plugins in "html" format are replaced by alphanumeric fingerprints.) After, parse_data_process_maketoc() is called and expands "~np~{maketoc}~/np~" to headings, so that each plugin call in a heading in the TOC has its result (or fingerprint) twice in the source. (After, replace_preparse() replaces fingerprints with the result of plugin functions (stored during parse_first's execution).)

This issue happens because maketoc therefore causes a plugin call's result to be repeated in the TOC (instead of possibly executed again specifically for TOC-s), which has 2 problems:
* plugins don't expect their output included twice in the page, so some (such as ANAME) may use HTML's id attribute in a manner incompatible with maketoc, causing invalid HTML
* plugins don't expect their output to be included in an HTML A element, so some (such as FOOTNOTE) for example generate links themselves, again causing invalid HTML
tracker item
Feature request: Smart table of contents (ToC) display (depending on content size)
General idea i mentioned in the irc-channel and which earned at least some positive feedback from @ohertel.

Please add some kind of preference(s) allowing Tiki to determine automatically whether a table of contents should display in a given page.

If enabled it would automatically display a TOC in all articles/pages having at least ''x'' main-sections. This would avoid wasting space for superfluous ToC-s, or editors wasting time controlling TOC-s.

* Intelligent ToC is enabled and set to 3
* I do create a new article which has only a small amount of text/content and is using only 2 main sections (i.e. !SectionA & !SectionB) -> results in an article with no ToC
* If i do change the article now and add i.e. 1 new Sections (resulting in having 3 aka !Sections1, !Sections2, Sections3 including an automatically generated TOC

tracker item
ItemList fails on a multilingual text field
tracker item


The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
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BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
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Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Dynamic Content
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External Authentication
Featured links
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