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14.x Regression
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"No tabs" isn't working.
tracker item
[] Leads to an Ajax Error in Wysiwyg Mode
tracker item
0 (zero) byte size attachments
tracker item
12.x - 14.x: can't export any tracker field from a long tracker: Request-URI Too Large or unknown reason
tracker item
12.x - 14.x: PluginColorBox produces nothing
tracker item
14.x: Comments can't be posted nor edited when codemirror is switched on (or 'disabled but switchable')
tracker item
Add existing pages to structures at page edition time through the structures header box
tracker item
13.x-14.x: can't add new arguments to the 'wishes' plugin alias edited in dev.t.o
tracker item
codemirror not switchable for new comments (but just for comment edition) even if preference correctly set
tracker item
13.x+ (& dev.t.o): wrong bg color in convene plugin in some theme styles
tracker item
14.x & 12.x LTS: Screencast (jCapture) needs a new valid certificate (as of September 2015 at least)
tracker item
14.x regresion: menu icons broken
tracker item
14.x: codemirror (amb mayeb other js?) stops working when pref tiki minify late js files is enabled
tracker item
14.x & 15.x & doc.t.o: export sheet as CSV produces 'Array, Array, Array....'
tracker item
14.x: Export Slideshow to PDF produces Fatal Error
tracker item
14.x: Plugin AppFrame doesn't get the central column expanded to use full width anymore
tracker item
14.x: Print Structures doesn't print page titles just their numbers from toc
tracker item
Share doesn't include the token unless subscribe notification is checked
tracker item
14.x: Tracker inline editing broken through Plugin TrackerList
tracker item
14.x: tracker items can't be inserted: 'No template available for n - view'
tracker item
14.x: TrackerCalendar displays all items of one day overlayed at the top of the column
tracker item
14.x: wrong comments count displayed (maybe it shows # of edits, and not # of comments?)
tracker item
Accessibility: 14.x pop-up menus impossible for blind user, 12.x was usable
tracker item
Add Field and Edit Advanced Option not working
tracker item
Admin/Assign module interface broken
tracker item
Automagically Collapse/Expand columns in wide tables since Bootstrap: Footable jQuery Plugin?
tracker item
Broken images in Newsletters in 12.x (images sent with relative links)
tracker item
Broken Link on tiki.org/Versions
tracker item
Calls to plugins inside calls to WYSIWYG plugin with use_html disabled generate no output (invisible)
tracker item
Can't get login popup to *.t.o sites from android smartphone
tracker item
Can't post a reply on tiki.org forums! (wysiwyg textarea never shows up)
tracker item
Cannot add a comment to a wiki page, if the wikipage uses a namespace
tracker item
Cannot add a user to groups wit the new popup dialogue
tracker item
Cannot create new tracker
tracker item
Category does not work as filter field for PluginTrackerFilter
tracker item
Chosen selector is too wide in some browsers
tracker item
CKEditor fails to load when Javascript is minified
tracker item
Content of text area fields can not be shown as parsed any more when displayed through PluginTrackerList
tracker item
Deprecated (in HTML5) anchor name attribute is being used in blogs
tracker item
dev.t.o 13.x: add some scrollbar at the top of wide tables in Bootstrapped themes, since they look as with less content for new users or unexperienced visitors
tracker item
dev.t.o 14.x: only the last item in the multiple selection combo box is stored for this tracker item
tracker item
Conflict between tablesorter and .table-responsive sometimes causes Firefox layout problem.
tracker item
File gallery : "Upload New Version" may have no effect
tracker item
GALLERIFFIC plugin in wysiwyg editor
tracker item
Icons are not being assigned properly due to recent commits
tracker item
Icons should be on the same line (site icon and icons on HomePage fresh install)
tracker item
Image Mouseover Non Functioning tiki14 and tiki15
tracker item
Image plugin gives the image a class that's a number. This is invalid.
tracker item
image selection for a tracker icon field not updating WHEN USING FIREFOX and the tracker_legacy_insert pref is set on
tracker item
img plugin, inline editing impossible to change the image id on a wiki page
tracker item
14.x: Improve doc about PluginJQ custom syntax adapted to each type of tracker field after upgrade
tracker item
Intertiki broken for Tiki 14+ as master
tracker item
jquery validation displays the error message below the wrong field in 14.x if using pretty tracker
tracker item
jquery validation failing for tracker field 'date and time' after upgrade from 12.x to 14.x
tracker item
jquery validation regexp in numeric tracker field fails after upgrade from 12.x to 14.x
tracker item
L & F Admin: Theme option selector showing even for themes with no options
tracker item
Last double quotes (") of a plugin is changed to right double quotation mark (R21) on Safari
tracker item
Last Login date not retrieved on user info mouseover popup
tracker item
LDAP groups not syncing correctly
tracker item
Listpages plugin does not sort on columns on 14.x
tracker item
Location Field covers date time field picker
tracker item
Minify JS broken if JS CDN in use
tracker item
Missing alt-text for several navagation links
tracker item
Module "articles" not filtering for language lang=XX
tracker item
New calendar items can't have times starting in the AM, and ending in the PM
tracker item
Organic Group Addon gone in current 14.x compared to what doc.t.o says about it
tracker item
Page comments fail when page name contains a comma
tracker item
PDF do not work when exporting restricted pages
tracker item
perspective does not use alternative "Wiki home"
tracker item
Plugin Annotation
tracker item
Plugin img don’t reset properly if image source is changed (inline editing)
tracker item
PluginAnnotation missplaces boxes in Tiki14
tracker item
PluginTrackerStat stopped showing results if data come from categories
tracker item
Profile Random_Header_Images (for 14.x) doesn't fit in the surrounding box
tracker item
provide a clicable link to login to dev.t.o from a smartphone out of the menu icon at the top right corner
tracker item
Regression in 14.1 (PluginMouseover)
tracker item
Settings from several features can not be accessed (are not visible)
tracker item
Share access rights when using Share or Tell a friend fails in both cases with SEFURL enabled
tracker item
Sheets do not place charts properly (almost hidden, in doc.t.o sheet intended for documentation)
tracker item
Since 14.x: smarty_modifier_escape() fatal error
tracker item
since last visit module using bootstrap tabs: add different bg color to active vs non active tabs
tracker item
since last visit module using bootstrap tabs: make icons bigger (for human fingers in smartphones)
tracker item
Sort on Rating field broken on tracker5 at dev.t.o
Sort on rating at this tracker is broken.
To reproduce:
* Login here: http://dev.tiki.org/tracker5 (as user xavi, plain registered user)
* click on rating column (to sort items on their rating): it apparently works, even if it shows first the ones with the lowest rating.
* click again on rating column (attemping to sort the items with highest rating first), and still items with 0 in the rating are showed first.

url (only with open items, to reduce potential factors interfering): http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=5&sort_mode=f_152_desc&status=o

^ __Note__:
Please note that this is using the maintained (non deprecated) rating tracker field (field 152, type "Rating"). If you are an admin, you will see still 2 fields as rating, but one, the former and unmantained (field 62, "Old Rating - Stars (system) visible by Admins only"), is hidden from registered users (it's kept there in dev.t.o in case some devs makes an script to convert the data from the old tracker field into the values for the new tracker field in all tracker items of the same tracker).

I tag this wish a regression since I remember that this worked in past, years ago, but unfortuntely I can't say in which specific version.

I consider this isse to be somewhat important since tiki are being used more and more to allow communities to gather user feedback to prioritize issues, actions, strategies, proposals, etc., in a genuine "wisdowm of crowds" way, and this issue prevents using tiki for this goal, which is a pity when you are using Tiki in the same community for many other community needs... See http://doc.tiki.org/E-democracy

Maybe related to [item1446|item 1146: Trackers: Need to be able sort as numerical instead of text]?
tracker item
Spreadsheets testing for Tiki16
tracker item
Superfish menu arrows are missing
tracker item
svn update FAILS to update on show.t.o instance linked to dev.t.o bug tracker item
tracker item
Switching theme via URL doesn't seem to work
tracker item
Table heading text changed when used for sort mode anchor
tracker item
Tablesorter with server=y (for high volume of data) fails to sort tracker items
tracker item
Tiki 13.x / 14.x : forum post list is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too large. (and column for language forum post should be optional)
tracker item
tiki-pagehistory.php URLS are long & ugly (but we need diff urls working)
tracker item
tracker export: fatal error when a "Dynamic Items List" field is in the tracker
tracker item
Tracker item history misses to show changes in some cases
tracker item
Tracker: Popup list details (Item tooltip) can no longer be configured - fields do not show up
tracker item
Trackerfield ItemLink - Unified search permission issue
tracker item
Trackers do not allow to select categories - Testcase available
tracker item
U.S. flag not showing in user information
tracker item
UI of Feature External Wikis in 14.x shows 2 extra unrelated fields
tracker item
Unable to delete or reload image to Image tracker field
tracker item
Unable to insert a wiki plugin
tracker item
Unable to upload/select files for tracker item (field type = Files)
tracker item
Update PluginVersions to Bootstrap classes (missing tabbed-like display)
tracker item
URL tracker field that contains something.xyz do not convert to links
tracker item
TrackerCalendar doesn show items with any Uppercase in resource tracker field (Was: Usability fixes for Plugin TrackerCalendar (FullCalendarResourceViews) )
tracker item
User cannot access their profile by clicking on their name (above logout)
tracker item
User's Homepage preferences
tracker item
Users can't see in the form to fill in the user tracker record at registration time
tracker item
When printing an item from a tracker, that item misses the content
tracker item
When using trackerfilter with sqlsearch option it does not work as expected
tracker item
Wiki Dump menu item causes "Error - Page not found: dump/new.tar"
tracker item
wiki parsed menu labels display html with bootstrap menus
tracker item
Wiki syntax parsing in HTML plugin broken
tracker item
Z-index issue in tiki-calendar.php
tracker item


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