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Send notification email to forum moderator when a user posts a message which is queued pending moderation
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.phar support is needed for Composer
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"Buttons" in "dropup" should be btn-link only, not btn-default
tracker item
"FutureUI" messages display, no controls available
tracker item
"Other" validation with "Dropdown with Other" field type
tracker item
"SSH2 extension not installed" error on BWL tracker
tracker item
"Value" field being next to "Fields" field inside PluginTracker icon edition window
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(ISO 9001) Versions Validated and then Approved
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[BUG] ISO9001 - {{currentVersionApprover}}, {{currentVersionApproval}} only work on page preview (in page history)
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[Feature] Disable File Archive access
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~ tags not rendering propery
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0 (zero) byte size attachments
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12.x - 14.x: can't export any tracker field from a long tracker: Request-URI Too Large or unknown reason
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12.x - 15.x: Sheet profile Handler doesn't get sheet content added (following lastest available documentation)
tracker item
Commit Timesheet data to the linked Tracker doesn't transfer expected duration values, just the text and values from timers
tracker item
Renaming a group doesn't update the name in the corresponding group watches
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14x Inter-User Messages: 'Reply to all' gets the wrong sender of the message to be replied
tracker item
13.1 and 14.0 installer keeps asking for validating my db credentials
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13.x dev.t.o: Print version of blog post has no CSS assigned
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13.x: email param from PluginTracker too difficult to get it working as expected for end users
tracker item
14.0 has got antibot writing permission problem
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14.x: tab toggle button from PluginTabs not shown or not working
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14.x: Tracker inline editing broken through Plugin TrackerList
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15.x: Tracker: filter items is broken when value=label set (Radio, Dropdowns, ...) + plugin trackerfilter
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2-way sync of userPreference tracker field (between user tracker and preferences) tricky to set up
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9.x - trunk: Can NOT export fields nor synchronize a big tracker
tracker item
Tracker plugin: Action field type does not show up
tracker item
Add 'Deprecated' preference filter (split "experimental")
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Add date display parameters to Plugin LastMod
tracker item
Add filter param to Plugin TrackerStat (to easily display graphical bars of tracker item answer counts from filtered results)
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add history & rollback capabilities to structures
add history & rollback capabilities to structures (record dump somehow when struct. changes, or allow saving structure dump for backup...)
This way, when the structure gets mixed by machine or human error, the structure can be rolled back to the previous state.

This way, we could be more open for registered users to manage http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Documentation (or others) without the risk of failure when nodes get moved to the wrong place (due to some bug in the code). Or due to mistake by benevolent newbies mixing things without bad intention.


UPDATE: Still desired for some LTS version. {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-11-17T09:31:50+00:00"}
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Add json support check in tiki-check.php
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Add link to email to remove from watch lists
tracker item
Add more keywords to "unsuccessful login attempts" options
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add param to console.php to process ALL sites from a multitiki installation at once
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Admin>Login>User defaults or Admin>Groups: Ability to Subscribe new users to specific Tiki objects
It would be lovely to set some new user defaults at
* Admin (home) > Login > User defaults, and/or
* Admin > Groups > (Edit a single group)

The ability to Subscribe/watch/monitor new users in the site or to that specific group, to specific Tiki objects.

Which tiki objects?: I would say, in this order:
# specific forums
# specific blogs
# specific calendars
# specific newsletters (ML: we can already subscribe groups to newsletters)
# specific wiki pages
# specific structures
# specific trackers
# specific categories
# new articles

This is specially useful for new users of the site, where they don't know yet how to subscribe to specific areas, etc. Very needed for educational scenarios, but I can see many other places where new users are a bit lost for some time while they learn how to use the Tiki site.

*[wish988|Forum: Let forum admins/moderators add groups and/or users as watching the forum]
*[tiki-index.php?page=Business%20Plans|Let small business start ups access collaborative sharing where the document being shared is not visible by anyone else]

Anywhere there is a watch eye, it should be possible for an admin to have group members watch this category
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Allow end user to switch codemirror on in tracker field textareas when the site feature allows
tracker item
Ignore - DoublePost
tracker item
Allow using D(yyyymmdd hh:mm) to hardcode dates in Plugin Convene thorugh direct wiki page edition
tracker item
Allow Wildcards in Searches (at least for ElasticSearch)
tracker item
An option to display comments with PluginArticles
tracker item
another test
tracker item
Apply last approved wiki template version and not just last version when revision approval system is set on wiki pages
tracker item
archived wysiwyg Newsletters show raw html
tracker item
Read count undefined for articles created with Tiki 13+
tracker item
Article topic-image not displayed in chrome (45.x)
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attachements to forum posts get lost if the user clicks to preview the post first
Using tw.o forums and 2.0 (afaik):

You add a screenshot attachment to a reply in a forum post, and if you click on "preview" first, (as you would do on wiki pages), the image is lost (no tag is inserted on the forum post to help you link the attachment).

However, if you do the same attachment on a post, and click to post it (without previewing it first), the attachment link is shown.

Example at tw.o forums where it recently happened:

according to comment added to this bug report, this issue is still present in branch Tiki5 still (so probably also in trunk)
Unbelievable, bug still present in forum posts in 12.x since 1.x! (with forum replies, there is warning, at least, but not yet with brand new posts in the forum and attachment is lost indeed) {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-11-22T09:45:52+00:00"}

Reproduced here:
u: admin
p: 12345
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Being able to 'lock' and categorise content templates: New Feature request
Content templates very usefully allow complex/rich formats to be pre-established for Wiki pages etc - but if there are a number of users with full 'editor' permissions it would be very useful to be able to put individual Content templates under a 'change control' process where only one individual (and the admin) can change/update it, ===and=== to be able to segment the access to a large number of content templates by an individual Category.

Being able to 'lock' a template in the same way as a Wiki page etc is assumed to be a simple way of achieving the 'lock' request but there may be better ways of achieving the effect.

Adding a Category function may have some more 'interesting' consequences since some thought should be given as to whether the categorisation is inherited by the wiki page/newsletter or whether the template, whilst only being available to a user with the right category permissions, should then just be pasted into the edit screen and the resultant page categorised as required.

update June 2013 - still a very useful Feature Request !
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Blank page on translation
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Bootstrap Sandbox - Default Tiki Theme
tracker item
Bootstrap Sandbox - Amelia Bootswatch Theme
tracker item
Bug in Tiki14Beta? Copy Forum doesn't work
tracker item
Bug when two FILE tooltips side by side
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Calls to plugins inside calls to WYSIWYG plugin with use_html disabled generate no output (invisible)
tracker item
Can't delete a user at tiki-adminusers.php
tracker item
Can't erase or change a recurrent event in a calendar
tracker item
Cannot add a user to groups wit the new popup dialogue
tracker item
Cannot create new tracker
tracker item
Canonical for forum posts (print post and print all)
tracker item
Category does not work as filter field for PluginTrackerFilter
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catorphan plugin only works with wiki pages - but should be extended to other features
The very useful wiki plugin catorphans only works with wiki pages.

The documentation suggests it is sort of set up to deal with different types of uncategorised objects by setting the objects=> parameter to various values ie wiki|article|blog|faq|fgal|forum|igal|newsletter|poll|quizz|survey|tracker.

But looking at the plugin code, the code comments make it clear that the development is not yet complete and only the 'wiki' object has been coded.

The documentation has been updated to make this clear - but extending this plugin to the other features would be very useful now that Categorisation is the major permission/access control mechanism in Tiki

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Chosen picker doesn't work well in jQuery Mobile mode
tracker item
Clicking an external URL opens a new window (or tab)
tracker item
CodeMirror: deduplicate Tiki mode code
tracker item
Country field in Directory Site Admin interface unsorted
tracker item
Create a conversion script for old rating field to new rating field format so we can get rid of the old one in some next release
tracker item
Create a profile for an improved Issue Tracker (with linked trackers) using the latest improvements in 14x
tracker item
Create new wikiplugin PARSE to specify if the content should be parsed or not
tracker item
D3.js support in Tiki
tracker item
Date validation at extra fieds to collect user info at registration not working properly.
tracker item
Detect BOM in a Tiki health check and in release process
tracker item
dev.t.o 14.x: only the last item in the multiple selection combo box is stored for this tracker item
tracker item
Difficult iconset conversion for file gallery listing
tracker item
Displayed timezone field deactivated if set to Site Default even if user preference allowed
tracker item
Plugin parsing breaks when nested more than 7 times
tracker item
doc.t.o 12.x: Spreadsheets displayed with large blank bottom section and rows out of sync with row numbers
tracker item
Dynamic item list select gadget is too narrow
tracker item
Edit popups should be modal (specifically Edit Tracker Item)
tracker item
Editing a comment for a trackeritem does not update the comment using codemirror
tracker item
Wysiwyg Editor not loading for users with Chinese as preferred language
tracker item
elFinder much worse at helping the user to insert the file just uploaded (compared to former interface) in real production sites such as doc.t.o
tracker item
Email notifications: Add another notification remove the first of the same kind.
tracker item
Expose icons to Monitor/Subscribe to Calendars when more than 1
tracker item
Extend Plugin TrackerIf to allow nesting
tracker item
Extra lines added to newletters in html mode
tracker item
Fail to set default value to user defined variable
tracker item
Fatal Error when trying to import a forum
tracker item
Fatal error when using CAPTCHA Questions for comments.
tracker item
Fatal error while accessing Tiki Calendar
tracker item
Feil to create pages with letter æøå
tracker item
File gallery : "Upload New Version" may have no effect
tracker item
File Gallery Template
tracker item
File names should not have tiki
tracker item
Can't add target file gallery to files tracker field
tracker item
Filter error when filterfield contains a field that is a multi-valued item link
tracker item
Find an easy way to help tiki users convert their slideshows made with tiki slideshow feature into a pdf of slides (for backup and life-saver when internet issues at presentation time)
tracker item
forum delete
tracker item
Forum post preview dialog broken
tracker item
Forum rankings broken
tiki-forum_rankings.php is broken since Tiki 4 due to its usage of function forums_ranking_last_topics(), which was removed:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tiki/6.x/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 70


Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tikitrunk/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 72

The method was removed in r20573.
tracker item
forums editor not loaded in t.o mobile (13.x or next.t.o 14.x)
tracker item
GALLERIFFIC plugin in wysiwyg editor
tracker item
Hard-coded icons in js files
tracker item
Hidden anchors/links shown on mouseover of header
tracker item
i18n online translation broken
tracker item
Icons should be on the same line (site icon and icons on HomePage fresh install)
tracker item
image selection for a tracker icon field not updating WHEN USING FIREFOX and the tracker_legacy_insert pref is set on
tracker item
ImgPlugin does not respect alignment after mouseover / mousesticky
tracker item
14.x: Improve doc about PluginJQ custom syntax adapted to each type of tracker field after upgrade
tracker item
Object Link tool broken (hangs forever or does not insert link)
tracker item
Interactive translation: Use a color to indicate untranslated strings
tracker item
[BUG] Interface duplicated when trying to upload file
tracker item
Intertiki - if you change the client server key after initial setting it gives Invalid key error on login
tracker item
IPv6 support in Banning System interface
tracker item
Plugin Lastmod
Plugin Lastmod does not default to current page when page name is not specified.

The documentation for the [http://doc.tiki.org/PluginLastmod|Lastmod Plugin] says if you don't specify the page name, Lastmod defaults to the current page.

From forum [https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=40353&post_reply=1&comments_threshold=0&comments_reply_threadId=43856&comments_offset=0&thread_sort_mode=commentDate_asc&comments_per_page=20&comments_grandParentId=40353&thread_style=commentStyle_threaded#form|thread] posted by user TomJarvis:

I have now tested:
in the HomePage of Tiki versions 2 through 9.

In each version of Tiki, the plugin with the pagename specified worked correctly (other than the '%0' in Tiki 2 mentioned in the documentation).

When Lastmod is coded without specifying the page name, the current date and time are returned in Tiki versions 2 through 6, and nothing at all is returned in Tiki versions 7 through 9.

There appears to be a problem with how the Lastmod plugin get the page name when it is not specified.

This is a bug that could be reported. The workaround is to specify the page name.
tracker item
Tables of Contents (maketoc) can be broken when headings call plugins (such as ANAME and FOOTNOTE)
Calling plugins in headings in pages where maketoc is used can cause breakage. For example, this happens when calling the ANAME or FOOTNOTE plugins.

! Effect on ANAME
Although Tiki generates anchors for all headings automatically, I find using ANAME is a great way of creating manageable and easily memorable Anchors for otherwise unwieldy headings
If a heading within a tiki page is coded as follows
{CODE(caption="1. Tiki Source Code snippet" wrap=1)}
!! Fourth and Even More Forgetful Heading{ANAME()}Quick4{ANAME}
{CODE}then Tiki generates the following HTML code
{CODE(caption="2. Generated HTML snippet" wrap=1)}
<h3 class="showhide_heading" id="Fourth_and_Even_More_Forgetful_Heading"> Fourth and Even More Forgetful Heading<a id="Quick4"></a></h3>
{CODE}which can be exploited by
{CODE(caption="3. Tiki Source Code snippet" wrap=1)}
{ALINK(aname=Quick4)}Link to Fourth Heading by its Quick4 Anchor{ALINK}
{CODE}All the above works flawlessly.

However, add MAKETOC to the page above the source line where ANAME is last used and it breaks the ANAME anchor(s). For this example, the maketoc is restricted to level 2 headings only as ~np~{maketoc levels="2"}~/np~ which makes the generated HTML a little more compact.
Tiki generates the following HTML in response to the inclusion of maketoc
{CODE(caption="Generated HTML for maketoc snippet 3" wrap=1)}
<ul><li><a href='#First_Level_Two_Heading' class='link'> First Level Two Heading</a>
</li><li><a href='#Second_Long_and_Equally_Unmemorable_Heading' class='link'> Second Long and Equally Unmemorable Heading</a>
</li><li><a href='#Third_Painfully_Difficult_Heading' class='link'> Third Painfully Difficult Heading</a>
</li><li><a href='#Fourth_and_Even_More_Forgetful_Heading' class='link'> Fourth and Even More Forgetful Heading<a id="Quick4"></a></a>
</li><li><a href='#Fifth_Long_and_Not_Very_Memorable_Heading' class='link'> Fifth Long and Not Very Memorable Heading</a>
</li></ul></li></ul><!--toc--></div><br />
{CODE}Note how the entry for the Fourth Paragraph has the anchor "Quick4" associated with it. The HTML code generated for the Fourth Paragraph heading remains identical.

The effect of this is that the tiki anchor Quick4 is now incorrectly linked to the TOC entry, being the first instance of HTML ANCHOR within the HTML file.

If the MAKETOC plugin is included below the ANAME, then the ANAME works as intended, since that is the first occurrence of the generated HTML ANCHOR statement.

I have a couple of test pages which illustrate this issue, if they are of any use in your testing.

! Effect on FOOTNOTE
Calling FOOTNOTE returns an HTML A element with an id, so using that same identifier twice causes invalid HTML. Additionally, since browsers favor the first element using the identifier in such cases, the TOC's instance wins if ~np~{maketoc}~/np~ precedes headings, which is not what we want.

! Cause
Plugin calls are executed in parse_first(). (Calls to plugins in "html" format are replaced by alphanumeric fingerprints.) After, parse_data_process_maketoc() is called and expands "~np~{maketoc}~/np~" to headings, so that each plugin call in a heading in the TOC has its result (or fingerprint) twice in the source. (After, replace_preparse() replaces fingerprints with the result of plugin functions (stored during parse_first's execution).)

This issue happens because maketoc therefore causes a plugin call's result to be repeated in the TOC (instead of possibly executed again specifically for TOC-s), which has 2 problems:
* plugins don't expect their output included twice in the page, so some (such as ANAME) may use HTML's id attribute in a manner incompatible with maketoc, causing invalid HTML
* plugins don't expect their output to be included in an HTML A element, so some (such as FOOTNOTE) for example generate links themselves, again causing invalid HTML
tracker item
Project management with PluginTrackerCalendar (fullcalendar resourceviews): annual view + filters needed
The "((doc:PluginTrackerCalendar))" (fullcalendar resourceviews) needs annual view (for project management)

Because real projects last more than just a month... and managers want to see the evolution over time (monthts)

Moreover, we need "filters" for up to 3 tracker fields to control de display of data from the tracker

3 tracker fields because you usually want to review by:
(1) user/s,
(2) dates,
(3) a field related to the project itself (priority, custom field such as project type, etc)

A basic attempt is using plugin custom search, but I don't yet get the right syntax to filter events in the trackercalendar based on the results of the dynamic filter specified by the user.
u: admin
p: 12345
tracker item
Allow for styling of the page name in a link to a non-existent page
Currently in tiki when a link to a non-existent page is made, the page name is not styled or in any way distinguishable in the HTML and a link is only around a following hard-coded question mark. What I would like to see is to change it so that the page name is in fact the link text and the appearance can be styled via CSS. This would allow a particular theme to use the question mark indicator or a Mediawiki-style "red link" or some other styling for these "edit new page" links.
tracker item
Tiki SMARTY Plugin no longer works with 'eval' option
Since Tiki10 the Tiki SMARTY Plugin, using the 'eval' option to simply display a smarty variable, no longer works because the underpinning smarty function.eval.php is no longer part of the Tiki distribution - the SMARTY Plugin code checks for the availability of function.eval.php in either lib/smarty/libs/plugins/ or the lib/smarty_tiki/ folders and gives an error message "Incorrect parameter"  if it is not found. Its removal is probably due to the move Smarty 3  but it is not clear whether there is Smarty 3 version of eval available. The Tiki 9 version of function.eval.php does not work in 10/11/trunk (gives fatal errors) so this doesn't give us a 'quick fix'.  

Solution needed to be able to 'eval' and display any smarty variable type not just strings
tracker item
jsCalendar widget unaware of time zones and recording event to one day earlier than selected (timezone difference of 6h)
tracker item
Last Login date not retrieved on user info mouseover popup
tracker item
ldap auth external groups
tracker item
ldap bind_type is always full in UsersLib::validate_user_ldap()
tracker item
LDAP group syncing bug solved
tracker item
LDAP group syncing is preventing logging into my website
tracker item
LDAP groups not syncing correctly
tracker item


The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools